Worth Watching - Oct 8: Russia's Action Hero in Man of East

October 8, 2008
Source: Twitch

Russia's Action Superstar in Man of East

This is one of those fun little trailers for a movie you'll probably never see. It's for a Russian film called Man of East aka Invincible aka Nepobedimyy aka badass Russian action hero movie. This is essentially a film about Russia's version of James Bond or even John McClane - some guy named Vladimir Yepifantsev who is a huge Russian action star. I don't even really know what to say about the story in this, because it's all in Russian, but I just know that I suggest everyone check it out, as it's pretty badass. And if you're bored by the first half, don't worry, the last half picks up quite a damn bit - cars, guns, sunglasses, and all!

Watch the foreign trailer for Man of East:

Man of East is both written and directed by Oleg Pogodin, of a few previous Russian films, including The Red One: Triumph. Man of East will hit theaters in Russia starting on October 23rd, but it doesn't have a US distributor and won't be showing up over here for quite a while. The poster is featured below.

Man of East Poster

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  • This looks to be Funny but kickass. Kinda Transporter feel to it. The poster looks awesome. I would love to see this make it to the states.
  • Damon
    HAHAHA This looks funny, especially when he grabs that guy's cojones, love the russian language, I wonder what the body count for this movie would be?
  • peloquin
    It sucks that you get me all amped up for these fantastic foreign films and then I'm never able to see most of them...I'll keep my eyes out for this though...
  • almighty, do you think it has a transporter feel because it has a near identical poster? 😀
  • Zach
    The style, music, and tongue-in-cheek wit made me feel like I was watching a Russian Guy Ritchie direct the latest Quantum of Solace trailers.
  • Darrin
    this looks quite good
  • tzarinna
    I must see this. :)
  • dave13
    that looks hilarious. love the putting sunglasses back on the guy he's handcuffing. and even though i can't understand the language, you can just tell that this guy is badass.
  • Dusty
    did anyone else noticed that he was doing the sideways shooting around EVERYTHING??? hahaha.. looks fun.. I am game with a subtitled version in the states
  • Kontra
    Vladimir Yepifantsev used to be a really cool dude. In the post-USSR era he had a late night TV show called "Drema" - they would play music videos by Aphex Twin, Laibach, Diamanda Dalas and like and in between the vlips they'd read and reenact some really messed up stories often written by him, really messed up dark humor with a lot of fake blood - Dario Argento style stuff. They would record the show in one of the Moscow's strip clubs and have strippers dance in the backglound to some messed up industrial music or even Kraftwerk. He would also read out loud some children books in the same setting. Super weird show - really good - they got shut down after a half a year or so. Then he started to direct some theater plays. Really brutal. He made his version of Macbeth (if my memory serves me right). Got famous for epatage on stage. Like this video he made - thats a spoof on Tide commercials: And now he wants money and fame (dont we all) - and star in this kind of crap. I bet he loves it.
  • miracle disease
    the poster is almost 90% the transporter poster... except for the car he drives, he's more mcclain than bond... for the action, i'll take a peek on this one.
  • Kate
    do you guys want me to translate the trailer for ya? this is a comedy, i wanna see it 100% you should also check out Admiral Kolchak movie Alex posted before
  • Kate
    trailer translation: guy running... voice behind the camera: /THIS IS THE PREY/ cut to our hero (H): voice behind the camera: /THIS IS THE HUNTER/ guy crying: - What are you doing, vandal?! Do you know just how much this house costs? H - I don't have any idea. I ve got one-room apartment. voice behind the camera: /RATHER POOR/ H driving, talking on the phone: - I have to get back my good name and reputation. - I've had 2 failures this year. voice behind the camera: /UNLUCKY/ in the restaurant: guy talking to H: - If I tell you that saving the country has nothing to do with that, you're not going to believe me anyway. H hitting the guy: - You're f**king with the wrong man! H talking to a man in glasses: - If you're going to run from me again, motherfucker, i'm going to rip you from your ass up to you head. voice behind the camera: /VILOENT/ in the bathroom: H - What's wrong? woman - Let me in to warm up... H - Why should I? voice behind the camera: /SUSPICIOUS/ talking to some guy: G - Hey...what was your offering you a bargain, if you let me go - I pay you. H - I've got a WONDERFUL salary. voice behind the camera: /INCORRUPTIBLE/ shooting... /INVINCIBLE/ Talking to a man in glasses: H: - F**king runner! M: - What do you have against us, runners? H: - NOTHING, except having to chase you! /HUNT FOR TYCOONS HAS BEGUN/
  • Kate
    Oh, Alex, and you gotta check out this movie, im waiting for it: it's with Habenskiy its about a writer of detective stories, who has a writing crisis, - he meets a killer and a killer so=uggests him to try to be in his place and kill someone - another HUGE russian actor Vladimir Mashkov plays the killer...I don't know any details yet...




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