Worth Watching - Sept 21: First Deadgirl Teaser Trailer

September 21, 2008

Deadgirl Trailer

The first short teaser trailer for Deadgirl, that controversial indie horror film, has been discovered and added below for your viewing pleasure. This was that crazy film I saw up in Toronto that I called "fucked up" in my review. Before you watch this trailer you need to know that it is NSFW - there is some brief nudity. So why watch this then? Well, I'll admit that I was quite impressed by this trailer and the euphoric turn it takes halfway through. Remarkably, this movie isn't all that bad, it's actually pretty damn good. It's got a sick and twisted concept, as you'll see, but it's actually well done. So without further ado, take a look at the teaser and hopefully a few of you will be interested in actually seeing it.

Watch the teaser trailer for Deadgirl:

[flv: 502 212]

For more info, head to the official website:

Deadgirl is co-directed by Marcel Sarmiento (Heavy Petting, It's Better to Be Wanted for Murder Than Not to Be Wanted at All) and Gadi Harel (Nights Like These, Operation Midnight Climax). The script was written by actor Trent Haaga, of Raving Maniacs and other horror films previously. Deadgirl first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this year but doesn't have an official US distributor just yet. Hopefully this will pick one up soon and hit theaters sometime in 2009. Interested?

Deadgirl Poster

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  • David R
    I'm not sure I get what it's about
  • Soooo A gun goes off?...
  • vegeta
    I'd love to watch this trailer, but now I'm kind of wondering if I should...
  • Curtis
    what a pair of creeper, ill most likely check this out if i ever see it around, i like a good change in movies.
  • Kyle A. Koyote
    One of the more intriguing horror movie trailers/concepts I have seen in awhile. I usually hate horror movies but this one seems very promising to me. BTW it is NSFW but as far as the nudity, it is a brief shot of a breast. It isn't like full frontal or anything.
  • Ali
    I'm assuming the 2 guys keep the dead girl's body so that they can fuck her when ever they want, a la necrophylia. Am I right?
  • tommyturner
    Is it just me, or is the poster supposed to make us think of something else besides lips...mouth lips that is... Just curious. Anyone with me or am I just overly analyzing this?
  • Im with Ali
    Right on man!!! ha ha!! And hey Tommy, did I know you as a kid? Do you have sisters named Tammy and Trisha and did you use to steal keys and call everyone a "mutha fucka jackass shit in your pants!!"??
  • Im with Ali
    And... I think what is going on is that the one dude gets jealous because the other dude and the dead girl are having sex while he's not around so he gets mad and shoots that dude and kills him so now he's got two dead people to have sex with.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    I have a feeling if this movie doesn't eventually reveal more in it's trailers about what this movie is actually about that it's going to piss a lot of people off when it's actually released. I think people who go to see movies without actually knowing what they're about are idiots, but there are a lot of idiots who are going to see this movie thinking it's some freaky teen horror flick and they're going to be...grossly offended. It's an overly disturbing topic for a movie really. I wouldn't be surprised if this never see's a mass release worth noting.
  • tommyturner
    No you didn't know me, you "mutha fucka jackass shit in your pants".
  • IK
    This is an awful trailer.
  • Maxxie
    I saw alot of two guys being angry...a gun shot...and a breast. Not much to go on there...I missed the part about a dead girl...?
  • rum balls
    This might be controversial on the surface, but does anybody remember the movie "Teeth" with the girl with "vagina dentata"? Neither do I. Still, the concept reminds me of a horror concept like "Shallow Grave," where it's the people hiding something bad they did that turn into the monsters. I'm wondering if the dead girl coming back for revenge is just a cheap dream sequence within the narrative.
  • Diego
    That trailer was crap. It started off promising and the second half of it was just time-filler. And it's so annoying when they always put in trailers something "popping at you" on the screen with a loud noise. Yeah we get it, it's supposed to make us jump out of our seats, but it just looks dumb and repetitive.
  • zoso76
  • Luminaire
    Looked like a home-made trailer by a sixth grader. Despite the terrible trailer though, I'm still interested in the film to see if it's actually anything different.
  • dave13
    not sure about the movie, but i love the poster. clever.
  • open-minded, thought raping, some what voyerism, and eerily completely something no one would do, I'm totally in!
  • freestyLes
    i think crackheads wrote and directed this movie.
  • Looks great. I'm in as well.
  • Brianna
    I think this could be a good movie. I think they just need a better trailer. Maybe one that makes a little bit more sense. It's kinda of confusing.
  • max
    Sounds as "fucked up" as "The Martyrs". :/




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