ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction Heading for the Big Screen

July 22, 2008

Zombies of Mass Destruction

Earlier this year Red 5 Comics had their property "Afterburn" picked up for a big-screen adaptation, interestingly, with Tobey Maguire set to produce. Today, Hollywood Reporter tells us that the burgeoning comic producer got its "ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction" comic picked up by production company Benderspink (The Ruins, The Ring films). Not bad for a company that appears to presently have roughly six comic book properties under its name. Red 5 Comics was actually founded by a contributor to fellow movie site, Scott Chitwood, along with Paul Ens, former director LucasFilm's Excited for another new fresh take on zombies?

"ZMD" was just released last month and is authored by Underworld supporting actor and series creator, Kevin Grevioux. Who knew the Lycan could write? Grevioux is set to reprise his role in the forthcoming Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. As for what he has hatched in this comic book series, the story goes like this:

Air-dropped into the deadliest hot zones, the walking dead indiscriminately infect every last warring insurgent -- on either side of the conflict. Specifically engineered to be photosensitive, once enemy infection becomes complete by dawn, both the originals and newly created zombies dissolve as a means to control widespread and accidental zombification. This allows live soldiers to enter and safely occupy the now-combatant-free territory. However, this plan takes a deadly turn when one of the U.S. zombies, dubbed -- Zombie Zero -- fails to dissolve at the expected time, and begins to wreak havoc in the Middle East by creating others like him. This leads the U.S. military brass to send in a special operative to quietly take out Zombie Zero and his minions before their existence becomes known to the rest of the world.

Not a bad storyline at all, if you ask me. I'm a huge zombie fan and can totally get in to this idea of weaponizing the undead. But I have to wonder, do they give the zombies parachutes? Looks like I have another title to pick up this weekend at my local comic book store. You can head to the official blog for the movie to find out more here: Is this a good addition to the zombie genre? Are you equally surprised by Grevious talents and Red 5's success so far?

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  • Wolfhound
    Meh. I'm still waiting for "World War Z". It's been HOW long since the rights were bought and still nothing concrete?
  • dave13
    I've heard of ZMD but I haven't read it. what i'm more surprised by is hte fact that comics that are barely on the market or not even on the market yet have sold their movie rights. So, Hollywood will continue to not think and just buy ideas from my local Barnes & Noble, and the indie films and foriegn films will be left to come up with actual original ideas (or as original as any idea can be debated to be). If only the latter two got real distribution more often. sigh. And why can't we have a movie warzone other than the Middle East? This is getting old. Now I know how the 40s/50s must have felt with all the Germany based films (and yet I love those! hmm, okay, I admit to beign a hypocrite).
  • Matt Suhu
    yeah, World War Z should be a good movie adaptation. with this ZMD, i'm just wondering how a middle-eastern setting will work with zombies. part of the success of zombies is the post-apocalyptic like chaos and destruction of american society. if this film is set in the middle-east, or in some middle-eastern city, is an american audience really going to care?
  • Sinner
    I don't care for the majority of these films but I am a sucker for a quality zombie flick. It's rare that we would have much to look forward to within this genre & now we have 3 & counting. Quarantine, World War Z & (now) this. Can't complain.
  • Curtis
    I enjoy zombie movies so this peaks my interest, sounds like a kool premise but im going to have to wait for some footage.
  • dave13
    Quarantine? QUARANTINE? fool. I just watched [rec] after seeing the trailer for Quarantine, and it was a very good horror/thriller. just the right amount of scare, and the right amount of hope for the main characters. go find a copy of [rec] and watch that with its subtitles. there's no way the american version will be better.
  • Sinner
    Rec? REC? Puto fool. I'll just wait for Quarantine. Thanks anyway you bossy motherfu*@er.
  • Carlos
    2 words. WORLD WAR Z :l WHERE IS IT!?
  • Neal
    28 Months Later Can't Wait.
  • Shawn
    ZMD is already copywritten and is already a produced movie from typecast features...check IMDB




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