A Few New Avatar Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Empire

April 24, 2009
Source: MarketSaw

A Few New Avatar Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Empire

Everyone should already know that anytime anything from James Camerons' Avatar shows up, I've got to post it. The latest issue of Empire magazine features a few new behind-the-scenes shots of Cameron in action. Our friends over at MarketSaw have scanned a few of the photos, however, we're just going to show you the two of them full-size and won't include any of the cropped background elements. The MarketSaw guys actually Photshopped out some of the screens and characters in the background, but that's a bit crazy, and you can't really see anything anyway (but you can look if you want). Check out the two scans below.

James Cameron working on Avatar

James Cameron working on Avatar

In the top photo, Cameron "could observe the actors [left monitor] in a rough version of the final CG environment [right monitor]." With this kind of groundbreaking technology, "the actor can be any character they can imagine and the director can create any world, any time and any space," Cameron says. "We've eliminated the animation from animation." Additionally, while we know that Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg fell in love with his technology when Cameron showed it to them, it was also revealed that both J.J. Abrams and Guillermo del Toro were invited to check it out. Stay tuned for more on Avatar.

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  • John I cannot wait for this movie!
  • Timothy
    I know you can't really tell, but the blown up images from the screen look pretty good from something being generated from ON THE SET.
  • Maybe in this very shot, yea, but that's the same rig were they do actually have the CGI image displayed on-screen when necessary...
  • Darrin
    yo, we don't have imax 3D down in trinidad, i still cant wait for this movie
  • cine_phil
    And the middle monitor then shows.... ? Well I hope that the final product will be as good as they say, sounds at least very promising! But it would be really nice if they'd release some phootage soon which doesn't show 'just' behind the scene shots...
  • cine_phil
    Oh I meant footage...
  • JimD
    Can one just buy stock in James Cameron.
  • Farris
    When do you think we will actually get to see stills, videos, trailers, anything?
  • sigh, want to see actual footage not cameras and shit
  • Lazarus
    In all set photos...and all hype on a photo realistic 3D movie can kill a movie...Fanboys will tear it apart if nothing comes out soon to give us a sense of the work being done....
  • woody
    YES!!!! AWESOME!! CANNOT WAIT!! still waiting on footage trailer attached to Wolverine? teaser poster?
  • Zachy
    Unfortunately it has been confirmed that there is not an Avatar trailer attached to wolverine. I know, im excited as much as everyone else.
  • jelipe
    cant wait for 12-18-09.ill be there on opening day.
  • joe
    just can"t wait for this any longer the buzz gets higher and higher at every day and for those people who call 3d a gigmick i hope after watching this movie they change their mindsets.I hope he really delivers with this movie and it will tell us if 3d is here to stay or it is a gigmick like everybody says so. IT"S live action movie will be waiting for it to see on imax 3d it will be first action movie in 3d this year other than animated flicks so just curious to watch it on 3d imax screen
  • d1rEct
    I still can't believe that Sam Worthington has the lead role in this movie, can't wait for this movie.
  • T9000
    Worthington was actually recommended to McG by James Cameron. Cameron loves him. Was very impressed by his talent and professionalism.
  • John J
    Do you know what's gonna kill this movie? All the bland, rubbish 3D movies that's gonna open between now & December. Your average cinema goer isn't going to know about the techno acheivements of Avatar & Cameron, just is it going to be another shit 3D? And I'm afraid this is going to happen.
  • big r
    Im with #9
  • Bizzaro
    #9 is right. I think we have waited long enough Mr. Cameron. Show us some real footage and not just behind the camera shit. Alex I have no idea as to why you would even post this man. I know you love movies and so do I, but I want the real deal man. Either way this film should return Cameron to doing what he does best. Kick Ass Sci-fi Action films.
  • Ajax
    Am I the only one tired with only set shots of giant cameras? I want to see some footage before I get excited.
  • ray
    only time will tell with this one!
  • Tana
    which avatar is this? the airbender one? im alil confused lol
  • Big O
    Estoy en las mismas, ┬┐The Airbender?




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