Action-Heavy Trailer Debut for John Luessenhop's Takers

September 10, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Takers Trailer

To offset that bad taste in your mouth from that poster this morning, Screen Gems has debuted the official trailer for Takers, the bank robbery action-thriller starring an eclectic cast of wanna-be action stars (who may or may not actually be good actors). I usually like a good heist movie, but this looks like a big dumb action flick, with way too much cheesy dialogue. It almost looks like a combination of The Italian Job and Fast & Furious, and not necessarily in a good way. I'm not entirely sure, I'll let you decide if this is worth watching, just because it's hard to really tell right now. So anyway, check out the trailer for Takers below!

Watch the official trailer for John Luessenhop's Takers:

You can also watch the Takers trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Revolves around a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between heists.

Takers is directed by John Luessenhop, of only the prison drama Lockdown previously. The screenplay was co-written by Luessenhop, Peter Allen (Book of Swords), and newcomers Gabriel Casseus and Avery Duff. Screen Gems will be bringing Takers to theaters everywhere on February 19th, 2010, early next year.

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  • sean
    same 'ol, same 'ol.
  • crumb
    meh. probably not even worth the bandwidth to pirate it, let alone the ticket price.
  • 600RR
    Haters just because there is rappers in the movie does not mean it won't be a fun action movie. (acting will suck so what.)
  • wrongturn687
    Alright first off let me just say that I'm just as on the fence about this movie as you guys and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I mean you got overated pop stars and respected veteran actors mixed into a run of the mill action movie doesn't really equal success if you ask me. However it's pretty obvious that this movie based on the trailer is being aimed at the Fast&Furious loving audeince and not for us critical moviebuffs. As sad as this may sound I actually enjoy all those cheesey run of the mill action films like F&F which is probably why my reaction to this trailer is that it doens't look that bad and is cetaintly somewhat of a great improvement over that crappy poster, but like I said before I'm still not really looking forward to this at all. I think we should just leave this movie for the general audeinces to eat up becuase that's who it's going for.
  • Bobble Head Version of the poster <<click the heads. - This had the fateful words "off the charts". Instant fail.
  • SS
    It's actually not that bad. It kind of left me wondering though what it's all about. It looks too much like a "bunch of friends doing cool stuff" movie. Somehow I think a more compelling movie could have been made about HOW this group came together, or.. how they will come apart if "Everybody is After Something".
  • SS
    But from a photography, compositing, visual effects standpoint. Good job all around. If I were a director looking for an action movie crew, the guys behind the scenes did a good job.
  • Xerxex
    Walker NO! Drop out NOW!
  • Bauzer
  • jh
    seeing this opening weekend
  • RobertoDinamite
    what's goin on? i didn't see chris brown beating any girls. this is bullshit.
  • bracomadar
    They're robbing banks in California. "I'm sorry sir, but we don't have money here. I have some IOUs if you'd like." FAIL! :)
  • Kris
    So is this movie already done? T.I is in jail right now till like late next year. They should have taken Chris Brown out for Jamie Fox and T.I for maybe Don Cheadle/Harold Perrineau? This will be an alright movie it won't suck and it won't be amazing. Paul and and the other 2 will make it decent. I'll watch it on Demand or HBO or whatever...maybe Rent depends. Though Chris Brown was a horrible idea.
  • ryan Browne
    can you say italian job?
  • luden
    Holy Crap, Matt Dilon sounds EXACTLY like Johnny Drama. And Chris Brown? really?..........reaaally?
  • PimpSlapStick
    Wow this does look like crap and Chris Brown being in it is pretty much gonna tank this film.
  • topher
    um they stole the dropping an armored car through the street from the italian job. thats all i have to say.
  • AllmightyKeim
    WOW, Chris Brown, TI. WOW! Both people who are or should be in jail. Awesome. Umm I will wait to watch this on HBO or Showtime when I am on my deathbed if I have nothing else to do.
  • truth
    This movie is a Year an 5 months ago. It's been made and finished. I love how people diss films but that film ends up being box offices success.
  • one
    hollywood is truly out of good ideas....
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Alex said Fast in the Furious and not in a good way. Is there a good way? Simple action, but not worth money. maybe some time on HBO or something. I even managed to watch Running Scared once.
  • LW
    Huh... quite the uhh... quite the sausage fest.
  • DoomCanoe
    I've seen this same movie thousands of times before pass
  • T
    If you are going to rip off a movie (Heat) at least you can do is change a few things
  • Sabes
    Fail. Certain members of the cast just make me cringe when watching this.
  • Nick S.
  • seanathan
    wow, how far has hayden christiansen fallen that he gets billed below t.i. AND chris brown?? and #4- what actor in this is a "respected" veteran? i pray to jeebus you're not talking about hayden or paul walker. and if you mean matt dillon, his career is spotted with mediocrity at best. loved factotum and really dug him in crash (and one night at mccool's is a dirty secret fave of mine), but outside of that, he's made about 30 or 40 painfully bad movies. let's just be honest, you like blowing stuff up a tad more than the next guy, and that's what pumps you up about this. p.s. does this qualify as a heat ripoff, or even an italian job rip? it looks more like they tried to rip off ocean's eleven, but could only remember the wardrobe.
  • Kalladin
    are you going to learn something? are you going to be inspired? will you understand yourself better? will you feel like the dialogue is something 'to get through'? are the action sequences going to set a new standard within the industry? will the acting pull you into the story? will you identify with the movie's humanity? did one of the 'actors' fuck it all up? TRUTH
  • DoomCanoe
    #28....uhh....what the fuck are you babbling about? PS. TRUTH
  • Southpaw
    Looks like the hiphop-version of Point Break to me. Let's just hope it's just as good, not counting on it though...
  • K
    Crap, Crap and more Crap! Geez a movie about robbing banks... I don't think that has ever been done before!? At least try and put an original spin on it. Don't steal scenes from other movies, literally! Their hasn't been a great bank heist flick since The Bank Job/The Italian Job. Chris Brown??? Really thou? WTF!? Only in hollywood can you smack a lady around and still have a career. What a joke!
  • FTW!
    Jesus, all this mediocre cast needs is Nic Cage and 50-Cent. Seriously Chris Brown? At least we know he doesn't mind violence.
  • Dan
    Its Heat and Italian Job without any actors at the level required to pull it off. The action will look good but the story and characters will lack connection with the audience. Lots of 10-16 year olds will love this movie.
  • PinkSushi
    agree with #2 i-m pretty sure they steal half a story from the italian job. and wtf is wrong then nic cage !!! #32 ? his fking awesome.
  • Trey
    Im gonna go see
  • name
    Chris Brown. LOL.
  • JL
    i stopped after 57 seconds in. the slow-mo group walking shot is played out.
  • Antioch
    "Action-heavy trailer" <-- Really? Dude, there is nothing in that trailer that I haven't seen done 10X better in a different heist movie. They even stole that truck going underground after blowing up the road thing from The Italian Job. Hopefully the movie makes so little money that they stop putting any of those actors (except Matt Dillon) in future movies.
  • Lar
    That's is the oddest cast I've seen lately. xD
  • tazz
    i hope you guys know this was filmed before Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna.
  • Yousaf Khan
    How did they not even give billing to Idris Elba? Total disrespect.
    I am tired of movies like these with all these DAMN Coloreds in it. We need to get rid of all these lazy monkeys and get this country back to the way it used to be, a WHITE AMERICA
  • indyjack
    why did idris elba get sucked into this crap?........what a shame
  • N
    Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, T.I.? Yeah, all star cast.
  • mace
    #42 fuck you JDAMON you racist bitch
  • Batman
    Darth Vader with a bat...nice!
  • Kalladin
    #42 i agree we should get rid of one colored person. remember when you got a tan once?
  • JDAMON I thought America was for everyone, not just the land thieves.
  • kbrave
    Two words why this movie will suck. HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN. Haven't been able to watch anything he's been in since the vomitous job he did in Star Wars.
  • Robbie
    This shit is all wannabe stuff.. Hayden Christensen is like the worst actor alive.
  • Lar
    #50, correction: He's the second. That honor goes to Channing Tatum
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    You know this movie is going to debut at #1. I'd bet on it. Not because it's good but because the majority of the movie viewing audience doesn't give a damn about what they're seeing. They're going to see that cast (especially females) and see a fast paced trailer with thumping music and be all in. If there is a going to be a redeeming quality about this film it's that this will be an action flick a lot of girls are going to be willing to see. Since that's the case....lets hope it's a sleeper hit. Otherwise you'll have to weight the pro's and cons of seeing a crappy action flick or another romantic comedy cliche' starring Sandra Bullock.
  • the AGNOSTIC
    Ill wait in hell for you jdamon! asshole! I have been on this site for over a year, and your the first real asshole that has been on here!
  • Kenchi
    Closed it as soon as they showed T.I. I know it's stupid to judge a movie like that but I've been failed too many times from these movies where rappers are in them. I rather not take my chances.
  • Crystal
    This trailer was almost as painful as that horrible New Moon trailer...
  • daniel
    Im not even going to watch the trailer. These comments are all I need to here.
  • I will illegally download this movie for the only purpose of deleting it immediately after wards, without watching it.
  • jason k
    #7 SPOT ON good fellow
  • SkaOreo
    #3 Thanks for showing that you're the perfect audience for this movie. Complete idiots.
  • kirch
    i wish idris elba would be in better movies he kicks ass
  • Ellz
    Was that Charles Minor? 😀
  • i agree we should get rid of one colored person.
  • tory
    whats the song near the end it starts at 2:00
  • sMITHY
    i hope chris brown dies in this movie but i will never know
  • Im not gonna watch this




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