Actress Brittany Murphy Has Tragically Died at Age 32 Today

December 20, 2009
Source: TMZ

Brittany Murphy

Multiple sites, including TMZ, are now reporting that actress Brittany Murphy, seen most recently in Across the Hall, died this morning at the age of 32 in Los Angeles. The reports indicate that she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived. No other information is known about her death, besides that it occurred at the home of her husband Simon Monjack this morning at around 8AM. This is incredibly tragic especially considering she was still a young budding actress with quite a bit of potential. While she wasn't the most popular actress, she will certainly be remember for her many great appearances in many films.

Murphy began her acting career at the age of 14 starring on "Drexell's Class". She has appeared in films like Clueless, Drive, Falling Sky, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Girl Interrupted, Cherry Falls, Don't Say a Word, Riding in Cars with Boys, 8 Mile, Uptown Girls, Little Black Book, Robert Rodriguez's Sin City, The Dead Girl, and Happy Feet. She already finished shooting roles in four new upcoming films: a horror film called Abandoned, another thriller called Something Wicked, Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables, and a comedy called Shrinking Charlotte. We'll keep you updated on all four as we hear more. Rest in peace, Ms. Murphy.

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  • Nick
    tragic... RIP
  • Shane
    She was fantastic in Sin City, and was pretty funny in her comic roles. RIP.
  • Keith
  • Al
    didnt see this one coming
  • Ryan
    To young. How sad. =( RIP. Please don't link TMZ, though. Its a horrible site that exploits celebrity's. Out of respect for her of course. RIP
  • Zachy
    Thats tragic. God bless. RIP.
  • Dan the Fan
    That gives me chills down my spine. There's nothing normal about this whatsoever. I'll say it now, Hollywood has claimed another. So sad, rest in peace.
  • Truly tragic. Cannot believe it.
  • Joe
    "Multiple sites, including TMZ, are now reporting" Umm..TMZ was the site that broke the story.
  • LC
    this is tragic and sad. she is so young for something like that to happen to her. may she rest in peace.
  • RocknRolla
    That freakin sucks
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    fucking hell, rip britney she was fucking young,thanks for your role in sin city it's one of my favorite films.
    im so sad .....RIP brett
    britt RIP
  • Ace
    RIP Brittany @4 : nominated for stupidest comment. gratz!
  • she was a charming and lovable actress, warm and so full of life. She will be missed.
  • Dreckent
    Hope her family is ok...
  • Scottish
    Not that surprising tbh, she never looked too healthy. Look at the difference between her recently and how she looks in clueless. I know that sounds mean but just shedding some light. RIP
  • Buggy166
    she was a coke addict (not the cola). not surprising.
  • movie mike
    Thats very sad. RIP
  • she was truley a lively part of any film she did hard to ignore and hard not to love rest in peace
  • germs
    This is terrible. She always seemed like a really friendly person. Rest in peace.
  • Said
    😮 ..................................................................................................................................... WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • toucmyinfection
    Oh noo.... :'( She was actually one of my fav actresses too.. truly a tragic day, she was amazing in Sin City and hilarious in Just Married... I wish her family well... RIP Ms. Britanny Murphy.
  • Frightened Inmate #2
    Terrible News! She was very good in Girl Interrupted, Sin City and Drop Dead Gorgeous.
  • Quanah
    How horrible.
  • Mark.E
    R.I.P Brittney Murphy!!! really sad news
  • Christa
    I am shocked by this tragic news, Brittany was an admirable actress, with lots of potential. I am at a loss for words. I wish her family well. Too young to die, it is sad to see the awful toll stardom takes on some, it makes you wonder, if it is all very worth it.
  • Christa
    I am shocked by this tragic news, Brittany was an admirable actress, with lots of potential. I am at a loss for words. I wish her family well. Too young to die, it is sad to see the awful toll stardom takes on some, it makes you wonder, if it is all very worth it. R.I.P
  • janet
    always sad when someone young passes away. hope she's at peace.
  • SkyNet
    You know drugs are involved, so yea.
  • devils 2
    la ça fait mal !! repose en paix brittany !!
  • Spider
    SHOCKING! I send my deepest condolences to her husband and family! I am sooooo sad! RIP Brit. :(
  • JP
    I always thought of her as the absolute cutest actress in hollywood. Many women can be gorgeous but she carried with her a very rare cuteness and spunk that made her a standout. I'm very sad to here this news.
  • crumb
    why do people give a fuck when drug addicts die?
  • Aaron
    Man, I just saw "Just Married" the other day, man, this was a shock. What a beautiful woman and a beautiful talent, how tragic, :(, R.I.P. BTW, I absolutely loved her in 8 Mile!!!
  • moviefan111
    Damn, This girl was pretty awesome to watch. Cute,bubbly,spunky,smart. It would be a shame if her death was due to drugs. RIP
  • Nithin
    Sad to hear this. RIP.
  • Madnezz344
    another one bites the dust, but how at 32? and a heart attack? shocking #35 true, she might have ODed
  • ryderup
    #35 - why not? But I don't really give a fuck when idiots, like yourself, post shit on the internet.
  • Richard
    I really loved Brittany Murphy as an actress, her quirkiness and great smile and laugh really drew me to her as a fan. I have a signed Sin City print from her that I have framed with some other Sin City stuff (cards and poker chips) that I've had displayed on my wall for a few years, RIP beautiful lady.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    She was always fantastic when she played fucked up, broken and damaged characters like in The Dead Girl, Girl Interrupted and Sin City. She was also the only reason Don't Say A Word was watchable. Such an adorable face, I loved her eyes and her smile. Too bad she had a taste for drugs. =/ How sad.
  • That's pretty sad, 32 is way too young for anyone to die.
  • NadaNuff
    Cute girl, good actress, way too young. Sad. I just recently bought The Ramen Girl and loved it. Pick it up and remember her.
  • SkyNet
    drug od, confirmed.
  • Garth Marenghi
    Her breakthrough performance in the brilliant Girl, Interrupted was amazing, and she didn't really get a chance to fulfill that potential. Such sad, sad news.
  • The One
    Never was a really big fan of hers but loved her Faster Pussycat song... who knew she could sing that well... RIP
  • Cody
    Hey #35 No one will be at your funeral cause from the looks of it your just a worthless POS asshole...Honestly why say something like that you consciousless fuckbag burn in hell. I mean she may have been an addict but thats no excuse for Douchbagism. But RIP did not see this freakin tragic.
  • xerxex
    this news is awful, I always thought Murphy was an extremely gifted actress, R.I.P.
  • hannah
    thats so sad not 2 mention its so close to Christmas :'(
  • crumb
    #48, she may be dead but that's no excuse to be a drug addict. people who OD on drugs have chosen their death and therefore require no sympathy. they're where they want to be. now go fuck yourself. regards, crumb.
  • RoyMunson
    why so tragic? another fame whore junkie got chewed up and spit out by hollywood. good riddance.
  • sally
    my condolences for her family and fans such a good person who we lost r.i.p we love you :..(




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