Another Boring Trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween II - Updated!

June 22, 2009

Halloween II Trailer

The Weinstein Company has debuted the second full trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween II and it looks just as bland, boring, and unexciting as the first trailer. I don't know what exactly went wrong, but this just looks terrible. Beyond the fact that they keep going back and forth on the title (is it H2, Halloween II, H2: Halloween 2, or what?), it looks like Zombie had some trouble coming up with a story that wasn't just a repeat of the first movie. Maybe I'm just not a big fan of Michael Myers like others out there. Whatever the case, I'm no longer planning to see this, even though I saw Rob Zombie's remake back in 2007. Are you?

Update: We replaced this with a longer version from Yahoo. You can watch the old one on YouTube.

Watch the second trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween II:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the second trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween II in High Definition on Yahoo

Rob Zombie's Halloween II picks up at the exact moment the first movie stopped and follows Michael Myers' (Tyler Mane) murderous rampage through the eyes of Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton).

Halloween II is again both written and directed by musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie, of House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and 2007's Halloween previously. This sequel is the continuation of a "reboot" of John Carpenter's original Halloween series that lasted for eight films until Halloween: Resurrection in 2002. The Weinstein Company is bringing Halloween II to theaters on August 28th this upcoming fall.

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  • Drunkimus
    Fuck Rob Zombie
  • Bahumbug
    Um... 1. What are all of those other demonic people doing? 2. So Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) somehow survived his head being squished?
  • nelson
    doesn't look any worse than f13 or TCM films dont see a problem
  • KenDoll
    Wow talk about biased title there, while I don't care for the Rob Zombie Halloween movies (I thought his first was alright). What's the point in adding "Boring" to the initial title? If you want to air out your opinion on the series just make a new section on this site where you rant about shit you dislike while providing your frequent readers with unbiased news reports and trailers. I've noticed the opposite is usually being done around here, I try to ignore and read anyway but sometimes it's too obvious.
  • tankmaster
    When r they just gonna kill this off?!?
  • SuicidalOptimist
    ... At least in this trailer they didn't show his stupid dead mom telling him "Go kill some babeh's Michael, it will make you feel fancy in your pants!!1!!1!!1!!!1ONE" I actually like the Zombie's remake. I think it was cool to see his fucked up childhood, how he got his mask and all that shenanigans. The only thing that I didn't like about this movie so far was his ghostly mom, that's just retarded. Hopefully this trailer means they cut that bullshit out. If I am not mistaken, Zombie didn't mean to make an exact copy of Michael's story, only modernize; he wanted to show us his on take of the story. That's cool with me. But he really needs to stop jacking off to his own wife in his movies. >.<
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Ahem, meant to say "I actually liked Zombie's remake". Typing is haaarrrrd.
  • Don't compare Marcus Nispel's work to Rob's crap!
  • nelson
    #4 i agree Alex why did you bother posting this then lol if you hated it so much lol
  • AJ
    Why is everybody complaining so much. Give the movie a chance then if it's not good smash on it. I (if the only one on this site) liked the first one. I thougt it was a different look on a classic. Way better than f13 or any recent horrors. You never know he did it w/ The Devil's Rejects.
  • Blue Silver
    Looks more of the same. Doesn't look like Zombie brought anything new to the franchise! I smell a brief theatrical run and a Halloween DVD release!
  • Servin'it2ya
    Your comment about what name its going to be is irrelevant. obviously its called halloween 2 and H2 for short. common sense isnt so common. i think youre quite biased. if youre not a fan of michael myers dont write the article. some of the sequences seem like House of 1000 Corpses style. to me it seems in the first one Rob tried to work inside the John Carpenter story while putting his own spin on it. Now the gloves are off and its all Zombies imagination from here. of course the mom/ghost thing seems a little cheesy and ripped from Friday the 13th, but it makes sense when you see what kind of influence his mom had on him in the first one. (the only one he wouldnt harm was his mom) last of all, Nispel's work? its not like he's Aronofsky. did you see Pathfinder? c'mon man.
  • Efrain
    this looks great. i dont know what your talking about Alex. ive pretty much agreed with all of your opinions concerning movies, but this movie has definitely convinced me to go see it.
  • zach
    yeah alex i bet you couldnt even make a movie better than his first halloween he earned more money than you ever will in the next 10 years sad huh? dont bash it if you dont want this 😛 anyways besides the part go kill for me micheal i think it will be superb
  • Cameron
    Boooooo....The first one sucked hardcore!! The second one doesn't look any better
  • brayon
    i dont give a chet wat guys think i just want michael in my bed in doggystyle
  • Stacia
    I just want to, this is Alex's movie blog. You are reading HIS opinions. He can say whatever the fuck he wants and be as biased as he wants as long as he's still running the damn site. You want unbiased, un-opinionated postings? go somewhere else...I just think it's very funny that every time Alex posts something that is a little opinionated everyone flips a bitch at him, but keep coming to his site...I'm thinking people just come here to fling shit at you now, Alex. That's too bad, cuz you run a nice site. anyway, I never saw the first one and don't plan on it...nor do I plan on seeing this. I'm pretty much done with american horror, foreign countries just do it, I'm not talking about Japan, cuz they don't do it better. 😛 this just looks boring, and wont be scary...just bloody and disgusting.
  • Cody
    Yeah what 17 said just because theres blood and limbs doesnt make it horror...actually it just makes it plain crap, like Rob Zombie. BTW newsflash for people all the Halloween movies sucked it was just the degree of suckiness that it gets reviewed on in my OPINION.
  • w00t!!!
    It's not a blog, that's the problem. Still, I hate Rob Zombie. His music and movies are something that never should have happened. I'm just wondering how long before little brother comes along and makes something worse.
  • NadaNuff
    What did the van hit in the beginning of the trailer?
  • Richard
    I wont be able to judge it until I see it, because some parts were pretty boring and some looked kinda creepy. I watched House of 1000 Corpses last night on blu-ray and damn I love that movie and Devils Rejects, I actually liked Halloween so I wont dismiss this one so easily, but yeah it looks like the least interesting movie to date.
  • vetchris54
    The lack of music (or rather the choppy music) in this trailer really make it seem incomplete and not finished. That being said, it still looks boring.
  • DoomCanoe
    haha I hope this thread gets more Alex bashing then the "Old Dogs" post. that was hilarious... and this trailer blows, ill still see the movie I'm just not going to pay for it because Rob Zombie truly doesn't deserve my money. and I'm with #2 i remember Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) getting fucking owned. If not killed then mentally handicapped for sure.
  • Darrin
    i will rent it like last time
  • Fingo
    The first one was probably one of the most boring horror movies I'd ever seen. Just terrible. However, I enjoyed house of 1000 corpses.
  • @12- Yeah I saw Pathfinder. I liked it. Even though the story sucked. What I ment was his style of shooting.
  • BONO
    Halloween favorite movie of all time. Carpenter forever! Zombie -- House of 1000 corpses -- really enjoyed it. Then he made the same movie 3 more times except he threw Michael Myers into the redneck family. Same actors, same dialogue. HORRIBLE. I'm a filmmaker too. Remakes are usually awful because the person making them seems to miss what made them great in the first place. What is Halloween and Michael Myers my favorite? 1.) He was pure evil for no reason that needed explanation 2.) Felt like it could happen. 3.) Cared about characters, especially Laurie and Loomis! If he remade JAWS --- he would show the shark 90% of the movie. Jaws would probably have a redneck son too. Zombie's Psycho -- He'd show 1000 stabs to the chest and make sure we see the killer the whole time in the frame. Suspense comes from not seeing. Not knowing. Michael Myers should be in the shadows. Not walking around like he's the lead in a rom com. And Loomis (who yes did die in the first one!) would never think Myers is DEAD! Never! Ever! Ever! Zombie -- all he had to do was copy plot for part 2. How hard is that?
  • DCompose
    Cause he didn't copy the plot for the first.
  • tommyturner
    So does this mean the whole "Mommy Thing" has been removed from the film? The one thing I think that can be said for Rob Zombie is that he cares about the original Carpenter/Halloween legacy. He never wanted to do a shot for shot remake. Whether you like what he did or not, he developed the Michael Myers character much more than the original did. In some ways, the remake wanted you to empathize with the Myers character, which is a little creepy. Make that a lot creepy. He made the movie "grittier", which is basically the way I see every horror movie remade today. I saw the original in the theater and NOTHING will ever come close to scaring me the way that movie did (except for any Whoopi Goldberg movie), but I don't think Rob Zombie's vision was that horrible especially when compared to many of the other horror remakes that have come out.
  • Kris
    Name 1 scary movie that was actually good this year...this will be the best scary movie of this year, bank it. And guys do you have bitch and wine so much, Jesus it's just movie if you don't like then don't post...Might as well waist your life go to youtube look up Jonas brothers video and talk shit about it...Honestly think about it's pretty pathetic how you guys trash so many movies.
  • Ben
    How was that boring? Sure its a cliche horror trailer but it certainly looks streets ahead of the first. Lets just hope the film doesn't drag out like the first and its short, sharp and gorey.
  • RUDY
    I'm a fan of both friday the 13 and halloween series. i thought the reboot of friday the 13 was horrible. the kills were bland and the back story and motive were lacking. rob did, what the first story did'nt. give u a reason why michael was what he was.
  • Caleb
    I like rob's interpretation of Myers and I also love Carpenter's. Is it impossible for you guys to like both versions? I love everything Zombie's done with the character and I hope he continues to make more for the Series. I love Halloween and I hope it keeps living on
  • update can not wait ...I love Halloween
  • Big Buck
    Jason would kick Micheal Myers ass.
  • cine_phil
    Doesn't really look special to me.
  • quez
    i loved the first movie it was great and there were nice looking girls 2! i hope it the same 4 this movie!!!!! so im definetly goin 2 c this!
  • john vanderslice
    Ilike it i dont know what it is but i dig it. but if it is anything like friday the 13th then fuck it to hell those tits are stupendous goddamn nothing i mean nothing could be worst than that ughhhhh....
  • sea
    weird al as the security guard? lol
  • Lot of haters on here...I love Rob Zombies movies and thougth the did an excellent job the the Halloween remake. I think this looks great and will be there opening night. It is FAR better than all the pg-13 "horror" movies that have come out lately like "The Unborn" or "The Uninvited" or any of the Japanese remakes like the Grudge films. At least Rob Zombie is bringing back real, hardcore R rated horror to the theaters again....who else is doing that these days?
  • AJ
    At least some people understand what I said from post 10. And Stacie, #17, are u like his mom or girlfriend? It's gonna be okay sweetie. Everybody has opinions, why else would he make a comment section. LOL at U!
  • splinter
    I agree #40 for all you old school grandpa's if you want to see the same old story and character with no meaning other than killing go watch you original. I am working towards a career in this industry and from my understanding, we are tired of the idea of a character with no true meaning or moral value to why he does what he does. we need something more. Rob Zombie has begun to bring the Micheal myers character i reason to do what he is doing and to him he believes it is whats right. He established this in the first movie. So when it comes down to it this new industry is taking those rough concepts and making them better!! ( with its exceptions). So hate all you want i believe this movie will do well.
  • blackheart
    dude u don like rob.... so what but u dont have to bash him and the movie ur opinion meens shit to many people they'll go see the movie no matter what u shouldnt be a critic... u have to be openminded and understand that what u may not like and isnt in ur interest may be to others.... so stop writing stupid remarks when u post a title
  • neonblue120
    you people sicken me
  • Deiter
    Rob Zombie is a horrible director. All of his movies are total garbage. Halloween 2007 was a bastardization of John Carpenter's original and all of the Zombie fans need to suck it. He humanized Michael into a white trash kid and destroyed the mystique of Carpenter's character. Remember CARPENTER MADE MICHAEL NOT ZOMBIE RETARDS!!!!!! All I could do was yell at the screen from the moment that stupid kid playing Michael starting talking. We should never hear Michael talk or have any clue as to why he's the monster he is.
  • Ike
    I think it looks like a fun scary movie. I like both versions of Halloween. I didnt like Carpenters Halloween 2. I think this one will be better than the original Halloween 2
  • Kitty
    I'm a fan of Zombie, and I honestly was not excited about the 1st one, let alone the 2nd. He's very creative, he can come up with his own moves, which he has proven that he can. However, as a horror movie fan, I appreciated his take on the 1st Halloween. I like how he "told" us the mask came about....of course it will never be the first, but I liked his artistic take on it. I think the 2nd one looks better than I imagined. I like the Halloween series, of course, I like totally stupid horror movies. But if I could tell him anything, it would be this: Make your own movies. Give us more House of 1000 Corpses. I love that you wanted to make it your own, now stop! You don't need to rehack somebody elses story when I know you have plenty of your own!
  • Kitty
    and, also, anyone who is tired of seeing Sheri Moon Zombie, get use to it! She's a hot piece of arse, and I'm glad he fits her in any chance he can get!
  • Cris
    Listen here douche Rob Zombie has done a amazing job remaking these movies i love the originals don't get me wrong but for some of the remakes of movies i've seen over these past few years this series he has come up with has been the best so far and if i wanted anyone to remake a horror movie for the modern time we live in he would be number 1 on my list to refer
  • Cris
    and for anyone who is interested that last message was directed at Drunkimus
  • joel
    I am not a huge fan of the newer halloween movies, but because i beleive Michael Myers to be the scariest "slaher Film" character of all time i am sure i will be at the movies ready to watch. In my opinion Rob Zombies Halloween was not scary however i do like Rob Zombie bringing in a reason for Michaels urge to kill which i beleive eludes from the essential fright that you feel in the originals. And for whoever said that these movies are remakes i believe you to be completely ignorant because if anything these movies are a reimagening.
  • joel
    Deiter, you have very good points regarding Michaels "Mystique" which i do agree with however because these movies are not remakes but rather a reimagening i ask you to be a little more open minded because Rob Zombie has produced some very entertaining works of art. Although his films are not scary they bring a new age psychotic twistedness that resembles the old zombie and midnight horror genre from the 60's.
  • sam
    halloween 2 should of been the sickest movie ever since this is the second time around but so far it doesnt seem he went the way it was meant to go but his visuals are great for just a guy in a plastic mask myers scares the sht out of me
  • mslivewire007
    I think the remake was good. It could have been worse like the friday the 13th remake.. At lease he changes the story a little.
  • Menainc
    For u bum people out there who think this just another slasher film wit no meaning wnat so ever it is but this slasher film does hav a meanin to it as does tha first 1 that mr.zombie made in 07. Tha true meanin of this movie shows a man who is tha sadistic serial killer that we all fear not onli that but the story that in the begining of the 1st one is perfect. Not to mention the fact that almost every single serial killer in history had a real fukd up child hood. Also remember in the first one how Danny Trejo was basicaly there all of micheals life rite and was nice to him at least thats what tha movie showed nun tha less micheal stil kils him. This is a real important part because what rob zombie was tryin to show is that once real evil takes the mind n soul of someone they care for NOONE. Also notice how micheal yels in anger as he kills his victims only in the 1st n 2nd halloween by zombie shows the true anger n hate only evil can put in someone. Being bullied as a child n havin a strippin mom, a fukin drunk, verbaly and physicaly abusive step father and sister who didnt care to much about micheal was the icing on the cake. All this shit put togother is what makes a real fuckin evil serial killer. The fact that he cant be killed though is just classic micheal myers n is indeed dumb stil though this is about as close as u can get to the birth of a real serial killer good job Mr.Zombie




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