Another New Trailer: Butler & Aniston in The Bounty Hunter

December 17, 2009
Source: Yahoo

The Bounty Hunter Trailer

I don't know why, but I have a feeling Jennifer Aniston is going to play the ex-girlfriend in every romantic comedy from now until whenever her career ends (hopefully soon). With that said, here's the first trailer for The Bounty Hunter, a new romantic comedy action adventure whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it that also stars Gerard Butler as a bounty hunter who comes to arrest Aniston (oh what a concept!). I'm not going to say this looks terrible, I just think it looks very typical, too much like every other romantic comedy action movie that Hollywood puts out. If you're into this kind of stuff, enjoy, and if not, try and enjoy it anyway.

Watch the first trailer for The Bounty Hunter:

You can also watch the The Bounty Hunter trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The film centers on a bounty hunter (Gerard Butler) hired to retrieve his ex-wife, who has skipped bail.

The Bounty Hunter is directed by Chicago-born filmmaker Andy Tennant, of It Takes Two, Fools Rush In, Ever After, Anna and the King, Sweet Home Alabama, Hitch, and Fool's Gold previously. The screenplay was written by Sarah Thorp, of only See Jane Run, Twisted, and Cornelius previously. This also stars Jason Sudeikis, Dorian Missick, Joel Marsh Garland & Christine Baranski. Sony is bringing The Bounty Hunter to theaters everywhere starting on March 19th, 2010 next spring. So see you then? Or will you skip this?

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  • Matt
  • kayle
  • boo
    looks alright!
  • beavis
    i didn't expect much from a jennifer anniston movie trailer...............and i got even less than that. epic fail. does anyone think she can act?
  • jeff
    it must be nice to pick up a hefty paycheck for simply mailing in a mediocre acting performance in a mediocre (and that's being generous considering the awful trailer) film. oh, jen aniston. what happened? yikes.
  • Nyce
    I'm sure this would be "watchable" if I had a traumatic brain injury.
  • Damian
    Looks funny...will be watching that for sure
  • Stan
    Christ... why is you blokes in the States find joy, mirth, and hilarity in shooting flesh-tearing bullets at each other in comedies... films such as Pineapple Express was half decent until the normalish protagonists started locking and loading... Violent death? Just not funny in the least....
  • Wow.....those two really can't act.
  • Cody
    I actually admire Butler as an actor but eeesh that was hard to watch I stopped it at 50 secs even. Also #8 we dont think its funny therefore why most of us are giving negative comments...and the action in pineapple express wasnt meant to be funny and it was actually a fitting and crucial part of the story. Besides Red getting shot twice and living that was just plain dumb.
  • After watching that trailer, I took a kitten, put it in a plastic bag filled with bricks and threw it in an icy river. That was terrible. But I'll watch when it comes on tv.
  • Matthew Hansen
    I'm sorry but this just looks terrible!
  • Scagginsvolley
    Gerard Butler is a disappointment.
  • ebbie
    Jennifer Aniston looks like a man with a wig and Gerard Butler has been so unappealing lately. Talk about a horrible combination.
  • Will
    Painful. Truly painful. Broke my leg in two places the other day... that hurt worse.
  • DoomCanoe
    I just saw Avatar this looks like pure piss Poor Gerard Butler sooo many bad carrier moves lately. Guess that's show business
  • Jaffa Kree!!!
    This guy is rapidly approaching his use by date, and burnout, already. Slow down boy, you are approaching irrellevence already.
  • arjones
    Is this a comedy? I thought it was a drama because I was crying and holding my pillow tight.
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    I hope Gerald Butler kills Jennifer Aniston in this movie. Then maybe I'll download it.
  • Harry The Spammer
    No, it's a porno, where you are crying and biting your pillow....
  • clippers350
    Gerard Butler better hope they start filming Rock N Rolla 2 fast cause his last few movies went down faster then Marie Osmond at a buffet. Yikes!
  • Cineprog
    Nothing to make your Boat Float.
  • Sam I Am Not
    They are doing R&R2, to be called "The Real Rock and Rolla" Let's see, Vinnie Jones? Jason Statham? every other Eastender chav. How about Sam FUCKING Worthington? He's an Aussie chav and is in everything FUCKING else anyway so why not?
  • Fiorella
    Most of you say stupid things!, First if Jennifer Aniston is a good actress, not because Gerald Buthler conosco not much but if she is. We expected to see sex in the movie? Consider also that does not depend on the actors but the producers and writers!, She is an actress who has much to give, and the stupid who said that Jennifer Aniston looks like a hairy man is a jealous, Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman and we all know, I've seen in person and I can assure you it is a beauty inside and out! For all the criticism, the only thing I say is that they learn from it ..... Bitches !!!!!!!!
  • film
    @24 you are very sick the movie is pure crap needs to go straight to DVD aniston looks so old especially the neck area she does look like a man in drag
  • giraffic
    ... it's different... :T
  • pj
    @24 oh dear fiorella you really live in your own little world dont you kido!
  • pj
    this movie tastes like garlic martini with a slice of cheez
  • winnie
    People are really amazing...just because you can't act you decide to shoot down others who looks hilarious and I will definately be watching and no I am not a Jen fan neither an angelina jolie...I watch both of their movies and they both are good at what they do....Angelina does dark roles and Jennifer does funny roles...
  • burnedmyrrh
    Look, sometimes trailers are not that good! I think she did this movie during a not so great summer of her life and somehow it showed her tiredness. But SHE'S NOT UGLY. God, whoever wrote that was NASTY! And he is SEXY NO MATTER WHAT! So, I don't care...I'll be watching this movie and deciding for myself! That's for sure!
  • That movie looks like only a RE-TARD would watch it
  • ian melton
    for Jason Sudeikis, I will put myself through this sacrilege.
  • Tori
    okay Jennifer Aniston is a damn good actress you peopel are just jealous of her beauty and talent. just because none of you will ever amount to anything in your sad pathetic lifes does not mean you have to insult someone who actualy makes something of herself. she has more talent than ne of you have brains. and Gerard Butler is also talented! and damn sexy if i might add. This movie looks to be one good movie if you dont like it okay whatever you dont have to say nasty ass shit about two of the best actors in the damn movie industry. seriously you peopel really anoy the hell out of me all you want is a online fight. get over your jealousy its not attractive at all---- oh and please do not email me i really dont want to hear you bitch about my opinion so just say whatever bad mouthing your gonna say here because im for sure not coming back to this page i wouldnt even put my email in but apparently its required. so do not email me..
  • golden fox
    Gerard should stick to singing, instead of hooking up with every single female lead he can in these terrible movies! Whatever happened to the standard of acting and movie making?! And Jen should just let it go all ready, no one's buying the ex-girlfriend/wife/lover thing anymore




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