Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be in Stallone's The Expendables!

February 17, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It looks like this will be the year Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his Hollywood comeback! Well, not exactly, but besides his rumored CGI appearance in Terminator Salvation, AICN has just learned that Arnold will be appearing in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables. They have a pretty trustworthy source - Stallone himself - so I don't we have to be worried that this is a rumor. Their source let them know that they've convinced Arnold to show up as himself, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, because Sly's character Barney Ross and Arnold "have some history back when the Gov was shooting Conan the Barbarian."

This casting news is almost ironic because every time I've written about The Expendables previously, I've joked that the cast would be perfect if Arnold or Jean Claude Van Damme joined. It was a joke because, as we know, Arnold retired from acting when he became the Governor. And JCVD, well, we heard about him. So now when it turns out that Stallone has convinced Arnold to appear, not only is that pretty damn impressive, but it's almost like a dream come true. Though we sadly won't see him doing any fighting. Word is Arnold will only be shooting for one day. Ben Kingsley has also been replaced by Eric Roberts.

They were also told that Stallone is tweaking the script in order to "nail the right tonal balance of humor, action and emotional reality." Which is good news considering the backlash from Van Damme's quotes last week. I've still got high hopes that this is going to be a frickin' badass action movie in the end!

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  • Film Adventurer Paul
    I could make some joke here about the real "Expendables" being the 20,000 government workers getting laid off here in California, where Arnold is governor. But I won't. Because Arnie clearly has his priorities in order.
  • Blue Silver
    AH-Nuld is joing this cast, as well as Eric Roberts? Wow! This film will rock and roll!!
  • shutupmrburton
    loved the latest rambo...pretty pumped for this
  • Al
    number 1, lay offs are happening everywhere buddy. movies are hot right now, and in a movie like this, more star probably equals more money. money is good for economy. so thats not what concerns me. what concerns me is he made the promise that he would not be in any films while serving in office. can't tolerate those who go back on their word.
  • Patrick Bateman
  • Mike
    hey Al, Arnold has done some cameos while governor in a movie with tom arnold etc.....he'll only be filming this for 1 day...I doubt it will affect anything..
  • Al
    i know it wont effect anything....thats kinda what i was getting at. what i am disappointed in is his going against his word. it doesnt matter to me if it causes harm (which i know it wont) or not. if the dude lies, hes a liar, and that never sits well with me.
  • Cody
    im going to say what i said in every topic about the expendables....THIS BETTER BE RATED R GODDAMN IT
  • I remember Cecil.
  • Scott McHenry
    Great! it's good to know that another badass will appear. And maybe with the script revisions and hopefully more prodding by Stallone JCVD will join the cast. But I highly doubt it. It's so sad cuz JCVD in his prime could kick all of the other cast members asses. But this movie is still going to kick ass with or without him
  • Spider
    Great smokin' cast! It would have been freakin' awesome to have JCVD in the flick too. I think that there's always a reason why things happen. I relish the thought of Sly making this a franchise and maybe seeing JCVD in the sequel....but, that's looking a bit far ahead!!! 😉
  • i thought his last cameo was in the jackie chan movie, around the world in 80 days, or was it with rock in welcome to the jungle/rundown?
  • The Doctor
    How did you graduate High School when this is how you write?
  • tct
    Eric Roberts!! *shakes head*
  • Actors are 'liars for hire', that's how they make good politicians. This film sounds terrible. Old steroid junkies...
  • Fearl3ss
    Arnie and Sly should have made a film back in the days whats the point in it now. In the titles its going to have all the big names that will make money just like Sly wanted. That's why JCVD opted out in the first place. To make things better, why doesn't Arnie play for president, that way he will have more involvement in the movie.
  • dacfan
    Where the hell is chuck norris at?
  • Hey Dafcan, I think Chuck Norris would be too powerful for this film, and the other actors would be intimidated by his explosive presence!
  • b
    Bucks down Arnold will get shit for this and will then donate his paltry take back into Sacremento.
  • Toucmyinfection
    AAAHAHA!! Aw man Im SO! watchin this movie now...CANT WAIT!! xD
  • Frank
    I see all of our bad asses are represented but where the hell are the one dimensional goofy sidekicks. Like Poppi from Cobra, Brien Benben in I Come In Peace, Tommy in Snatch, Estelle Getty in Stop or my, nevermind
  • moldybread
    I wouldnt wipe my ass with an Arnold talent whatsoever and the f*&^ing hack has ruined the lives of thousands of hard working Californians....f*** him and any film that has him in it....jmo...
  • Ken Masters
    CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!! Arnie WILL NOT be in "The Expendables" both sides have commented on this within the past 24hours.
  • Ryu
    #23 OI Ken, wat the hell u doin here, u meant to b practicing for our forthcoming movie, street fighter legends
  • Bhyphenlow
    @21 Frank, I'm totally with you . . . I'm hoping for at least one comic sidekick (a la 80s action films). I would also like to see Chuck Norris, but I don't think he'll join. Another name missing from the list: Bruce Willis. Not as much of a fighter as some of the others, but hard core in his own way.
  • Ivan Dimitrov
    If it's true ( Van Damme claims that Stallone was just interested in pitching money and action, not story. ) . then what the fuck Vandamme is doing for the last 10 years ? if it is not for money ,then where is the fucking story in his movies!
  • If you search for a site full of Expendables videos & pictures can suggest you this one: EXPENDABLES. What a casting !!! Jason Statham and Stallone together WOW !!




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