Awesome Concept Art for Max Brooks' World War Z Movie

January 28, 2009
Source: io9

Awesome Concept Art for Max Brooks' World War Z Movie

Even with Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster attached to direct, I don't really know how anyone could not be excited for World War Z, the epic worldwide zombie invasion movie currently in development. In addition to Forster, "Babylon 5" creator J. Michael Straczynski penned the screenplay, which we outlined in a previous article. To top all of that off, io9 has uncovered some early concept art for the film from artist Daniel LuVisi. The full painting is titled "The Battle Of Yonkers" and is wonderfully detailed, as you can see below. If the film looks anything like this, then we're in for one hell of a treat.

Either click on the photo below or head over to io9 to see a larger version or see close ups of the more detailed parts of the painting. There's no better way to put it then to say that this looks awesome.

World War Z Concept Art

World War Z is an adaptation of Max Brooks' book of the same name that comprises numerous stories told by survivors of "World War Z", or rather, our war with the zombies. As Straczynski describes, "the fictional concept of the book is that its written by someone with the UN." So for the film, they decided to "show the book being written. We follow this guy all over the world as he goes on these interviews, and he has his own personal story as well. You're cutting between the past and the present, how he got to this point." The book is brilliant and this adaptation is sounding (and looking) better and better by the minute.

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  • Wow, that's pretty itnense concept art there. Looks like it is heading in the right direction.
  • Brad
    "I don't really know how anyone could not be excited for World War Z" ...I do. Because it's a zombie movie. Zombie films suck.
  • Rob G
    I'm excited... I loved the book
  • Toucmyinfection
    aw man his movies gonna be INSANE The book was just amazing, and Im so relieved that the Battle of Yonkers is gonna be in the movie 😀
    Not thrilled about the director. How about a director whose visual style will actually allow us to see what's going on in the movie?!
  • jman571
    *zombiegasm* Omg, once a trailer comes out for this, I'm not going to be able to handle it. I'll be able to only watch 5 sec. snippets of it every few days. Any more and I'll get a seizure from too much awesomeness.
  • B-Han
    I am reading this book right now, and it is fucking amazing...and just this alone makes me ecstatic about seeing this film.
  • CSpuppydog
    This is seriously going to be the most epic movie of all time.
  • JL
    Just finished the book yesterday, and I was enthralled the whole time. Not only is it a good concept to pile on the zombie sub-genre, but it is excellent writing no matter how you feel about zombies. Reading this, for me, was better than watching a movie, because of course you get to insert your own imagery when reading. What marvels me about Brooks is that he didn't just write this to give you some run of the mill zombie experience, but rather it seems like the zombies were just a vehicle for socio-political commentary. If Marc Forster can get his fuckin' shit together, this will be the one to beat for the bragging rights to best zombie movie ever. I hope they make this more of a series or trilogy instead of making it a one-shot deal. There is just such a massive scope in the book that can't be told in one feature length film. And to #2 Brad the fag, If you don't like zombie films, why the hell are you commenting on this message board, dumbass. Zombie films aren't usually first rate cinema, but you shouldn't watch one with that expectation anyway. Just have fun and stop trying to ruin the fucking show for everyone else... and suck one.
  • Andy
    concept art looks great, but i wonder how it'll translate to film and i wasn't too TOO fond of Forster's quantum of solace... but this does look interesting
  • Silver
    did you just say zombie films suck. that automatically makes your opinion null and void :)
  • Cody
    O my god, that looks so fucking epic/sick....but yeah I hope forster changes his filming style a bit cause like that concept art you have to see wtf is actually happening on screen with a zombie movie.
  • avi
    i think Marc Foster will do a great job world war z! He hasn't made any bad movies yet,so i trust him! ps it will be no cloverfield! :)
  • somebody
    Guys, you need to read the io9 article more closely. It's not art from the movie. It's art produced by someone not involved with the movie, who created it as an audition pice to try and get on the movie. It's not based on the script or in any way reflective of the movie.
  • The concept art might looks good but when you combine the current fad of Zombie attacks shown in 'shaky cam' with lightning editing with Marc Foster, who's QOS action scenes were a confusing mess of shaky cam means that although it might be a good story the screen will never be still enough for anyone to actually see anything.
  • D.A.M
    @15 Periods are your friends.
  • Justin
    Yeah you guys, seriously read the article. Don't put words in his mouth and make HIM look bad. You don't want to ruin the chance of getting this guy on the movie. great piece though.
  • bourneidentity
    I'm not a fan of Zombie movies but this does look and sound badass. But to make this movie good they are gonna have to get some decent actors involved. None of these B movie actors like in all those other cheesy movies. They are gonna need to get a whale to pull this off and I think it can be done.
  • If they keep it in a serious tone we could be looking forward to a bad ass flick. I enjoy zombie flicks and with the 28 days/weeks later along with the remake of Dawn of the Dead we got good examples of this genre being done right gets good results.
  • -Peter-
    I can NOT WAIT for this movie. I loved the book alot.
  • Ernest Effort
    As far as horror genre goes, and with the world in the crapper, zombie movies have never been more timely or pivotal. As far as Marc Forster, people should consider that he's been involved with 3 Oscar nominated pictures and won Oscars for 2 of them (Monster's Ball and finding Neverland). When was last time an Academy award winning director was handed the reigns of a zombie flick? I think the movie will be amazing... B.T.W. I think #9's comments about #2 are "dead" on (little zombie humor there). #2 get off our friggin' message board you f@#kin' hack.
  • Richard
  • Richard
    well put #9
  • Twinkx
    "I don't really know how anyone could not be excited for World War Z, the epic worldwide zombie invasion movie currently in development. In addition to Forster, "Babylon 5" creator J. Michael Straczynski penned the screenplay"... You just answered your own question there... Twinkx
  • Dan Walimaa
    Zombie films don't suck...They Bite! A little Zombie humor there for ya.
  • mike
    the book was amazing iv never had a movie or book b4 this that make me think a mass zombie infection could happen, and i dont think they could make the movie w/o yonkers that would be like heresy.So is this gonna be an animated movie like some Resident Evil degen shit
  • yo mamma
    this is goina be the shiz
  • Richard
    There were no soldiers on the rooftops at the battle of Yonkers. That's why it was an EPIC FAIL.
  • Richard
  • By the sounds of the synopsys this should have lots of character development. Not some 2 hour shooting gallery, B grade horror flick; with cardboard cut-out chars.
  • Zombiechick
    concept art looks great but WTF? is up with the soldiers on the pretty sure that the battle of yonkers didnt have them up there...hence the reason it was a failure...i know its just concept art but i hope they think about that when their makin the movie...
  • phillip
    I just want to see one zombie survivor of the fuel- air bomb.
  • garreth
    hey what's up i'm aware of the fact that this post is from over 3 months ago, but i have some interesting news. a swiss friend of mine is currently assisting marc forster at his paramaount pictures studio set in los angeles. looking at the pictures, this could easily be the shooting of world war z. check it out here: cheers garreth
  • lisa
    wow that's excellent news! but do you really think it's the shooting for world war z? looks more like an autobiography. well, just my opinion i guess. anyway, the blog looks very interesting. thanks for that hint.
  • garreth
    hey i'm not sure there. other people even guessed about a possible coming out...
  • Tom
    Im so excited about the movie. The concept art kinda looks like left 4 dead from valve™
  • taylor
    looks almost like YONKERS
  • taylor
    but the soilders were all on ground, in tank, humvees, not buildings. but the arts still pretty amazing
  • Tyson
    I just finished the book today. I have NEVER enjoyed a book so thoroughly in all my 36 years. Great artwork! My only criticism (and its not an artistic one) is that the "real" battle of Yonkers had no rooftop rifle teams- the soldier telling the story of Yonkers bemoans that fact repeatedly. Did i mention how incredibly good that book was?
  • EN




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