Awesome Early Teaser Trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass

November 11, 2009
Source: MySpace

Kick-Ass Teaser Trailer

Wow, did not expect to see this until Friday! The first teaser trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass, his beautifully violent adaptation of Mark Millar's comic series, has arrived online officially via MySpace. Holy f*ckin' hell this looks so awesome. I've been a fan of the comic series since it hit and I've been excited for this movie since it was first announced. I knew that Vaughn would deliver! I think this may revive Nic Cage's career and it will definitely put both Aaron Johnson (as Kick-Ass) and Chloe Moretz (as Hit Girl) on the map. If you've seen nothing from this movie yet, you're in for one hell of a treat, I promise you that. Enjoy!

Watch the teaser trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass:

You can also watch the Kick-Ass teaser trailer in High Definition on MySpace

Kick-Ass is both written and directed by British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake and Stardust previously. The screenplay was co-written by Vaughn and his writing partner Jane Goldman, of Stardust as well. The story is an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic of the same name that is currently in the middle of its first series. Kick-Ass was funded entirely by Matthew Vaughn and his own private investors and sold once finished to Lionsgate earlier this year. They've currently set an April 16th, 2010 release date for the film, although I hope they change that, because that's a terrible opening day. So how does that look? Badass?

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  • Jerry
    This looks kinda funny, I might check it out.
  • Patrick
    Looking good!
  • Jerry
    Whoa! I'm second as well! Mad crazy! Yeah, I like the beginning especially.
  • Xerxex
    Oh man I'm trying to hide the boner I just got! maybe that was a little much.
  • OCP
    Mystery Men 2.0
  • steve kidd
    i don't see it on the official site. can you be more specific?
  • Jesse Gouldsbury
    cool trailer but the costumes are looking a little sillier in this then they did in the stills. Big Daddy still looks cool even though is is way different from the comic-book. maybe it's just the floating head introduction thing that bothers me. I do like how they didn't say Nick Cage;s name in the trailer though, that i admire.
  • Sabes
    I like that, haha.
  • charlie
    kick ass more like bad ass!!!!
  • Areus
    This is looking way better than I was imagining in my head.
  • Fuelbot
    This makes me wish they'd done a bunch of "failed hero" vignettes. That would be awesome.
  • Jake Sully
    Looks AMAZING!! really, really cool stuff, can't wait
  • Greedo
    McLovin as Red Mist Decent trailer, but I thought the beginning went on a little too long. If this is in the movie, it kinda ruins a good, unexpected joke. Because you will see it a million times before the movie is released.
  • mrmr
    i agree with #5. but hopefully... better.
  • Evo
    Like what I'm seeing!
  • Evo
    I just hope Nic Cage doesn't ruin it....
  • leinergroove
    Cool!! WAY better than I expected!! The instant when that kid hits the cab is just HILARIOUS!!! Besides, Mathew Vaughn is a great storyteller/producer, Layer Cake is one of my all time favorites. Now, I will expect more and more of this new movie, I may look into the comic!
  • soooo, is the count down just going to continue on? I guess this is just a teaser and the MySpace one will be a full on trailer? Can't wait!
  • Madnezz344
    sweet :) lol Mc Lovin is back hahaa
  • Garrett
    honestly this is perfect
  • Ben
    The R rated Mystery Men... I'm there!!!!
  • Looks like it'll be good. How anyone can say the intro with the guy falling of the building is too long just melts my mind, I suppose it should have started with an explosion...
  • Spider
    This looks, well......Kick-Ass. I always knew Mathew Vaughn had it in him to do the comic book genre justice. This flick will surely boost the careers of everyone involved. Equally as impressive is the fact that this flick is distributed by Lionsgate, which could really use a hit. I'm sure they're on to something here! I'll be checkin' this flick out! :)
  • Scotty97
    I'm dancing around right now like Homer Simpson when he's flapping his hands and shouting "Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god". I can't wait for this. I love the comic, and this trailer looks like a damn near perfect interpretation so far.
  • jake the snake
    need more convincing
  • Deepak
    Kick-ass is gonna kick some BAD-ASS..!!!!
  • Frank N. Stein
    "Some Aremenian guy with a history of mental problems????" ROFL<<<<<<<
  • Josh
    This is definately not PG-13 and if it's true to the source material easily earns an R. The teaser does show the comic side of it, but the comic is truly kick-ass and violent as hell. From what I see here I'm definately gonna see it.
  • coswell
    Looks great, but "Nic Cage" and "From the director of Stardust" makes me want to scream.
  • F.C.
    holy shit!!!!! it's totally badass!!! i loved Chloe Moretz in (500) Days of Summer and she looks amazing here!! I can't wait for this!
  • beavis
    looks great! "hit girl is AWESOME !
  • [A]
    We need more Hit Girl!
  • greasy tones
    lord of the rings meets silence of the lambs sweet!
  • ME
    wow why was this put at the top? it looks no better than OK right now....i wonder
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    this movie is going to be so fucking cool.
  • splinter
    new age mystery men, count me in
  • that guy
    Yeah, Mystery Men 2, only a lot funnier and much much better.
  • smacky
    OCP! hilarious.... that guy.... probably not
  • Marty Martin
    I don't think this trailer does the film justice at all after seeing the first trailer. BUT I am sooo stoked nonetheless.
  • Jay
    This is NOT Mystery Men....Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember a scene in Mystery Men where a bad guy's throat was slashed and blood gushed across the room! The Kick Ass comic is a brilliant blend of comedy and R-rated violence. Mystery Men was just a comedy these two movies are not the same...there will be no "Waffler" in this movie. This trailer also pulls a good trick by playing up the comedy and not the violence...that could be awesome! Imagine a family taking their kids to this because they think it is a Zombieland type hero movie and then they see Hit Girl disembowel a bad guy! I want to be in that audience.
  • Marty Martin
    Alex, did you ever release the first trailer online from Comicon? That one was far better than this.
  • Dan
    Looks like shit!
  • Gavin
    Haha yes finally it is out I can't wait
  • beavis
    hey, #40......hit-girl disembowels a guy in this? hit-girl just keeps getting more awesome all the time! and dan at #42......what exactly causes you to hate it so much?
  • Name Required
    sons' and daughter of the mystery men? :) looks like it...
  • sean
    I don't know what's worse; the fact that someone actually thought this bullshit up or that there are (grown) people who are excited to see this...
  • mike
    how can they get a swear word in the tittle?
  • kerry
    This is such a fresh twist on super hero movies- Im already a fan. The myspace trailer is up and running-
  • beavis
    gosh sean!(#46), thanks setting us all straight with your words of wisdom - END SARCASM
  • xerxex
    I love how Red Mist pulls the gun awesome.
  • Cody
    This looks freaking awesome.
  • Hugh
    Looks completely lame. Very disappointing.
  • beavis
    hey, xerxex........yea, that's sweet! and isn't that the guy who played "McLovin" playing red mist?
  • xerxex
    Hey, Beavis yeah its "McLovin" or he's knowen by his lesser name Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and its a great casting move!
  • Adrw
    is this movie rated R
  • A5J4DX
    haha cool cant wait to check it out
  • The Goodfella
    He said why do all super heros have to have super powers. I didnt think Batman & Ironman did????? Looks funny and cool tho




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