Awesome Trailer for Russian Flying Car Film Black Lightning

October 19, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth

Black Lightning Trailer

Wow this looks frickin' awesome! Black Lightning is a Russian film produced by Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov. We last wrote about it back in March when we featured some of the early concept art for the film, which is about an old school flying Volga. Timur apparently said at one point that this is the "Russian response [to] Transformers and Batman," which means this should be very interesting to see. Since then they've released a few teaser trailers and now, thanks to Quiet Earth, the first full-length trailer has arrived, unfortunately still in Russian. But damn does it look great, especially for a Russian feature. Check it out!

Watch the Russian trailer for Timur Bekmambetov's Black Lightning:

The story of a Moscow University student who becomes the owner of a flying car. Not only will he be able to avoid traffic, but he unexpectedly finds himself the city's defender, mysterious fighter against evil.

Black Lightning is co-directed by first-time Russian directors Dmitriy Kiselev and Alexandr Voitinsky, who are both friends of Timur Bekmambetov and who have worked with him previously. Apparently this was made for roughly $8 million dollars, which is twice what they spent to make Timur's Day Watch and Night Watch. Black Lightning will hit theaters in Russia on December 31st, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. We're not sure when it'll be coming to the US, but stay tuned for updates on Black Lightning as they arrive.

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  • darrin
    reminds me of spiderman
  • Applier
    i.e. Black Lightning - upcoming crap!!!
  • I looked ... made a very, very strong impression
  • qweqwu
    what the fuck is this piece of shit someone kill me nowwww
  • ConnachtFan
    "looks good especially for a russian feature"....moron.
  • klaus_komix
    Yeah it looks good, but is it going to keep me interested for a hour and a half? I mean he fights crime with a flying car. I'll wait to see what is being said before I make my decision to see it or not. "We don't need roads where were going."
  • hale
    Looks good and yeah it does remind me of spiderman for some reason. Ill watch anything that Timur his movies
  • May not be the greatest film ever, but damn if that doesn't look like a lot of fun. I'd probably see it in theaters - grab a super-deluxe-humongous tub o' popcorn, large Coke, and shut my brain off for a while and have a blast.
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Wow, i actually liked that trailer. And more flying robots, hah oh well at least itll be better than transformers!
  • dom
    ouch that was nasty - the person editing this tripe needs to take a break. Is this a kids movie?
  • Ben
    Talk about effective use of budget. Looks fun, should be better than most the big-budget crap Hollywood has produced this year.
  • K
    Wow... that just looks BAD!!!
  • whomever
    It wasn't bad.
  • Scagginsvolley
    Those sneaky fucking Russians.
  • thawhitepiccolo
    whoever idea this was should kill themselves
  • hahahaha
    In Soviet Russia flying car drives you.
  • ha1rball
    yeah ummmm guarantee that if this movie was made in America you would have wrote don't watch this trailer and that it looks like shit! Its from another country so you think it looks cool, I know you Alex!!
  • zibo fricka
    I think it looks kinda neat. I'd know more if I understood Russian. It does have a charm to it.
  • Janny
    i will also say it reminded me of spiderman.... it looks like its worth a watch... a popcorn flick but at least if its russian it should be fresher than what hollywood is pumping out (ie. GI Joe, spiderman 3 etc)
  • Link1983
    this looks terrible. I'll skip this entirely
  • John Doe
    Damn you #16! LOL
  • Sven
    This looks like speed racer with wings.
  • xianmeltonx
    It'll end up being remade by some americans.
  • Ryan
    If this theme ends up well received by audiences, some director should think about doing a sequel to "The Rocketeer".
  • Madnezz344
    someone ended up drinking too much fukin Vodka for them to make this shit
  • Angry Chief
    @4 you are an enormous prick. Other than that, for everyone else. We should look at this with a broadened perspective. Some might not accept a serious film about flying cars, BUT, at least it's new material and it's something to watch. I like the fact that it is just an idea someone had and now, as odd as the thought was, it is a major motion picture. And hell yes, quoting Back to the Future.
  • TTEX
    Russians should stick to what they're good at: arms dealing and child prostitution.
  • Kevin
    Looks awful.
  • Michael Field
    8 million?! Why am I not moving to Russia to make movies? It may look like crap to some, but it still looks better than the Transformer movies.
  • esophus
    lolololololololololololo....fuck it I'll watch it!!!
  • xerxex
    original yes, but there is such a thing as original crap, but in the end I'll see it.
  • Dreckent
    Looked like some sort of Spiderman parody at the beginning but by the end of the trailer it seems like they are going for a Rocketeer kind of film. Still youll have to be a little bit drunk to enjoy it...
  • AJ
    back to the future did it
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Ahhhh Russian movie with epic yet strange I've missed you...I do love flying cars that act like batman and have quirks like a if it could only go back in time....;)
  • Jackal
    Mwokay..... This just Spiderman's story, but why flying cars... They might be ashamed.
  • DoomCanoe
    um... this is Spider-Man replace Peter Parker with the main dude, and the car with his powers, Grandpa Osborn, and Mary Jane are obvious. even the trailers are the same... no joke watch the trailer for Spider-Man 1 and this side by side.
  • yojoe
    i love the trailer and i also think its something new, might be a good superhero flick without a person with powers and yeah it reminds me of spiderman but you cant reinvent the wheel
  • Cineprog
    Reminds me of Back to the future. not a bad Attempt.
  • Fox
    Ya sneaky russians... A shy, low middle-class guy like Peter Parker... check! The girl next door with rich boyfriends, like Mary Jane... check! The honest (and soon too die) dad, like uncle Ben... check! I'm sold! \o/
  • David Banner
    I get the feeling Russia will be what New Zealand was for the CGI industry a decade ago..... Nice nods to Transformers, Spder-Man and classic superhero movies :)
  • JeepFu
  • Yousaf Khan
    Lol this is exactly like Spider-Man mixed with Transformers.
  • Luminaire
    So I just saw the trailer for the remake of The Pacifier, now I'm watching a remake for Spiderman? I mean, I was thinking it looked like it when he screamed for his dad, and him flying around in the city couldn't remind me of the fight between him and the Green Goblin any more. If they're not remaking movies with the same names, why not just change the actors and script slightly and give it a new name? Going to the movies sucks these days...
  • Rivas.en
    Does anyone get the "Spider-Man" vibe from this..Forget Transformers and really feels like this trailer is conveying some of the same images and moments as seen in the First Spider man movie..Either way, should be a fun ride...yes, Pun intended.
  • Rivas.en
    hahaha..I did not read any of the comment before posting my Glad I was not the only one to see the Spiderman vibe.
  • Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large
    Re: Copyright Infringements That's a good way to lose everything you have... It also shows a great lack of respect for film makers. Nice job!
  • ??????




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