Beautiful Must Watch TV Spot for Where the Wild Things Are

September 27, 2009
Source: TheMovieBox

Where the Wild Things Are TV Spot

Okay, I promised I wouldn't run anything else from Where the Wild Things Are, but this is just too beautiful to pass up. Warner Brothers has created a handful of absolutely fantastic TV spots for Where the Wild Things Are. In fact, they're so downright brilliant, that I have a feeling Wild Things may be a huge hit with both kids and adults because of them. That's a blind bet right now, but if everyone is seeing these, I wouldn't be surprised. And if you're looking for the song used in this (or any of the TV spots), it's one of the original tracks on the official soundtrack (which will be available on iTunes in a few days). Anyway, enjoy!

If you haven't seen them yet, please watch the newest trailer and the wonderful featurette from Comic-Con.

Where the Wild Things Are is directed by visionary filmmaker Spike Jonze, of great films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation previously as well as numerous famous music videos as well. The screenplay was co-written by Spike Jonze and author Dave Eggers, a former Salon.com editor who also wrote Sam Mendes' Away We Go from this year. This is based on Maurice Sendak's beloved children's book of the same name. Warner Brothers will finally bringing Where the Wild Things Are to theaters everywhere in October 16th.

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  • Caitie
    Awesome T.V. spot, can't wait, I'm so there opening night! 😀
  • beavis
    uh, no. when i was a kid (in late 70s - early 80s), i loved reading (and still do) but i never heard of this series of books. the movie looks like you need to have some sentimental attachment to the books in order to like it. i don't see this movie as anything special at all. in fact, it looks kind of like "schmarmy cheese" to me with the sole point of it being to take the book readers down memory lane. i'm sure i don't get it because i don't have a connection to the books. based on trailers and tv spots i find this to be uninteresting.
  • jhon
    2# you are insane
  • Rorschach90
    #2 I feel the same way. This looks decent at best, but you have people literally flipping out over the footage. One guy at Collider said he almost cried while watching the footage at Comic Con. How pathetic
  • carol
    #2 and #4 seriously you will love this film. I've been working on it for about 8 months and saw a cut and im telling you its an amazing film.
  • Hunter Reed
    #2 and #4, you are both wrong. The correct answer was there will be a free trade agreement and it will take place in one year. NEXT ISSUE! Gordon Brown, is he in or is he out? Patty Patty Buch Buch
  • Kalladin
    i like that music. it's introspective, complex and sets a very earnest tone for the movie. it's pretty cool when a movie can make the viewer, no matter what their age, reflect on who they used to be, find comfort in who they are and find the courage and excitement to discover who they will become. that's what this TV spot says this movie could be to me. to the haters of what i just said: yes i could be seeing exactly what i want to see. and no, i don't work for the studio lol.
  • shadow
    Not watching these, trying to save as much as I can now for the actual release.
  • Jehosophat
    Because trailers are supposed to tell you everything about a movie from beginning to end, right? I won't attack # 2 & 4, I'll just tell them that the book's a quick, very visually interesting read & if you can picture reading it as a kid - you'd be hard pressed not to be excited by how faithfully it appears Jonze has captured the spirit of the book. I know I am. Besides, this is a tv-spot. It's 30 seconds of hype. The 'information' part is for you to research, if you're not already a part of the growing audience.
  • #2 and #4 are morons i never read the book and i can already tell waht this movie is going to be about, and if its message doesn't move you then continue on with your monogamous and not self-reflection and awareness. stay a drone for all i care, and think what you want.
  • Terence S
    Well, as far as the song goes, it's alright but I dig the spots that play the good old classic Arcade Fire music, much better in my book.
  • Sister Jasmine Noxema Tapioca
    I've never read the book and e v e r y s i n g l e t r a i l e r that I see for this film chokes me up. It just looks so fucking beautiful. This is the only film I'm looking forward to for the next six months or so. Can't wait to see this in the theatre! I'll be the guy behind you sobbing uncontrollably.
  • Mark Drennan
    This trailer didn't do anything for me honestly, but the prior full length did and Im very much looking forward to the movie.




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