Ben Stiller Drops Hints About an Early Zoolander 2 Plot

May 19, 2009
Source: ScreenRush


A lot of people like to dismiss Ben Stiller's classic comedy Zoolander, but I think it's one of the actor's funniest movies. It's certainly the most reminiscent of his early 90's sketch comedy show. And it's definitely got the greatest scene filmed at a gas station ever (and there've been a lot of great gas station scenes throughout cinema). So me and about three other fans are looking forward to Zoolander 2, which Stiller has been teasing us with for many, many years (the original came out in 2001). Finally, in an interview with ScreenRush, he revealed some (un)likely plot details on the sequel, which still sounds a long way off.

Seemingly offering up ideas from the top of his head, he said the sequel would be set ten years later, with a graying and bearded Derek Zoolander coping with the fact that he's no longer a professional model. Maybe he'll be running a modeling school, Stiller added with uncertainty (in addition to the The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to do Other Stuff Good Too, I hope). The only other characters he said would return were his son, Derek Jr., who'd now be about 10 or 11, and Hansel, the rival/fellow model played in the original by Owen Wilson. Sound like a sequel you'd want to see?

As a fan, I'd only want a Zoolander sequel if Will Ferrell, Jerry Stiller and Billy Zane were back as Mugatu, Maury Ballstein and Billy Zane, respectively. I actually wouldn't mind if Wilson didn't reprise his role, and I would be really grateful if Stiller could leave his real and fictional wife, Christine Taylor, out of this one.

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  • Cmurder
    "What is this? A center for ants!" "Cool story Hansel!" of the greatest films to quote of all time! I'd love to see another one. "Merman!!....Merman!!"
  • Janny
    i loved zoolander... i can't believe it went straight to DVD as it was brilliant and on of the best comedies in recent times i don't know what they would do with zoolander 2 though
  • Jim
    i agree. i loved zoolander for its stupid humor but i'm constantly ridiculed by friends for liking it. but in my defense, it's hilarious.
  • L
    #2 Saw it in the theater
  • Fisherr
    To me this movie was a total meh.
  • Matt Suhu
    who doesn't like zoolander?
  • ocp
    zoolander is one of my fav comedies of all time
  • Fuelbot
    That plot is extremely simple and kind of perfect. Zoolander dealing with aging, his one true nemesis? Genius.
  • Marcus
    Wow, NOT have Christine Taylor? Whats wrong with you man?
  • Redstrine
    I ,along with #4, too saw it in the theatres, #2. That being said....i dont think a sequel would really be that great. Because i enjoyed the first one so much.
  • Mark
    ben stiller was here in the uk on friday night with with Jonathan Ross n talked about zoolander sequal and little fockers .. he sed some thing different to what was posted, i dont know if he was joking or something ... take a look forward to 1:20 to see them talking about it
  • moldybread
    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING??? A SEQUEL TO A STEAMING PILE OF MANURE LIKE ZOOLANDER??? I simply cant believe it.....the is no God...
  • D
    I've seen this movie a good 20 something times. If they made another one, it might be the best movie of the year. No matter what else comes out.
  • Last Son
    Zoolander was f**king funny as hell, and is considered by most to be a cult comedy. Sequals don't always work, but I did think Meet The Fockers was funnier than Meet The Parents. Maybe this has potential to be really good. After seeing Stiller's latest directing effort Tropic Thunder I am completely sold on this!!!
  • giraffic
    This is probably one of my favorite comedies of all time! I'm iffy about Zoolander 2. If it's some dumb crap about how his little baby son at the end of the movie becomes a male model, I'm definitely passing. Yeah, I'm not really creative HAHA
  • Scott
    ??? Uhh... This movie is considered a classic amongst everyone I know. This is the first I've heard this movie being mentioned as crap or crappy B.O. returns. I'm surprised they didnt make a sequel right away.
  • JimD
    Personally I'm a bit tired of anything Ben Stiller.
  • werdnafaz
    But why male models?
  • clippersman
    Are you kidding Derek, I just told you!
  • bozoconnors
    Wow!! A sequel I could look forward to without that nagging "it's gonna suck" feeling!!! This is brilliant. The first one was brilliant and friggin' hilarious. Can't lose. Genius Ben. GET TO WORK!!
  • SuicidalOptimist
    "I'm not an ambi-turner. It's a problem I had since I was a baby. ... I can't turn left." xD Omg, a sequel would be fantastic. Zoolander was so fabulously outlandish, I want more!
  • DoomCanoe
    ah hahahaha good news good news
  • jman571
    YES! ZOOLANDER! This movie is one of my favorites, and there's so many memorable lines. If this wants to be a success, Stiller has to pull all the original actors back to make it good.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    One of the WORST movies of all time! Top Ten!.....If we are not saved soon, Stiller will doom us all!
  • Movieraider321
    I honestly enjoyed Zoolander when I saw it one night. I remember me and a bunch of friends sitting around saying "hey it's 12 o clock what do we wanna do? Go see zoolander?" not knowing anything about it at the time I thought it would be great to see. Honestly though a sequel I am a bit skeptical about and I would actually only want to see it if Wilson and Stiller were back at it. Everyone else is really unecessary.




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