Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2009: Forget Thursday, It's Friday!

July 25, 2009

Bob Stencil

Hey friends its your friend Bob $tencil. So I apologize for not having something more substantial that covers Thursday… oh wait a minute, no I don't. Thursday was the worst day I have ever spent at Comic-Con and I owe it all to that awful movie "Twilight Saga Colon New Moon." I say that we just forget the whole thing happened and call it even. Friday was a much better day. Rather than waiting in lines with Twilight moms and pubescent girls, I was finally able to get down to brass tacks with the celebrities I had the fortune of bumping into including Mila Kunis, Jackie Earl Haley, Robert Downey Jr, and Megan Fox. Check it out!

Of course, you can find all the latest Bob Stencil videos at during Comic-Con 2009. We hope to bring you more exciting footage each and every day so stay tuned for more updates! Ever since he finished flying planes, Bob has been crooning, MCing, and playing and teaching poker in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Reno. Every year he travels to the San Diego Comic-Con to chat with old friends, hit on celebrities, and spread the word on moustache love. This year he's upping the ante and bringing the best interviews you've ever seen. Keep up with the coverage as we bring it to you live from San Diego!

Fly High My Friends,

Bob Stencil

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  • Sean
  • zach s
    i love how everyone applauds and goes crazy for him at the press conference. he is a comic con icon!!!
  • Corey
    'Alright that was day one, Twilight. Fuck it'.
  • Syphous
    Downey Jr. was on top of that shit, eh?
  • The dude in the Barnaby Jones costume is awesome! Where's Killface when you need him? Time to dole out some ironic "doom"! lol
  • adam
    There's actually a clip of him speaking to the twilight kids, but he asks a question about Rob and Kristen's chemistry "which was band" and kristin freaked out saying something like "are you kidding me". Does anyone know if he was kicked out after that?
  • a
    HAHAHAHA I wish stencil did more than just comic con
  • Yoji
    Wow all those questions were genius. I can't wait for the next videos.
  • Stencil is the best part about comic con updates.
  • Sho
    it was wayy funnier when no one knew who he was, and he just dicked with ppl
  • I disagree with #10. Seeing how the celebrities react to Bob, when the crowd audibly shows their support for him is priceless. So why not post the first ComiCon video? The walkout is hilarious!
  • Yonix
    This totally made my evening! I especially liked Josh Brolin's and Mila Kunis' reaction to Bob's appearance and question(s). I'm glad to see that Bob also has such a disgust for Twilight. Damn, I still can't get over the fact how much that movie really sucked. And I also agree with #7, Bob $tencil's talents reach far beyond Comic-Con. I think he needs to think about doing something with the Oscars. That should really kick things up a notch, and make the Oscars worth watching again! Bob $tencil is the man!
  • Movie Fan
    Stencil is now very much recognised around Comic Con so it seems. lol The humour was great, especially on the Jackie Earle Haley and Robert Downey Jr. questions.
  • Ajax
    I at least wanted to see if he went to Tron 2 or Avatar. DAMN YOU TWILIGHT! You made him forget about Thursday!
  • How about...... Forget you!!!!
  • James
    @13 Haley really pulled through on it. Comedic gold.
  • jman571
    Wow I decided to check out the Bob Stencil post for the first time, and I was not dissapointed. This guy is hilarious.
  • tom
    can someone explain the cameron diaz part? what panel was she at?
  • #18 I suppose it was "The Box". Watch the trailer and you'll understand why his question was hillarious! xD I almost felt sorry for Miss Diaz. Can anyone understand what the green alien babe tells or asks him just before he returns "Have we met before?" ?
  • link1983
    @18 'the box'
  • KARUB1989
    I think the funniest part was with Cameron Diaz!!!!!!!!!!! Q: WHAT WAS THE CHALLENGING PART OF PLAYING THIS FILM! A:............................................................. I:*** that's so funny.
  • Johnny
    he would make all those celebrities minds wonder about those questions deep in thought
  • He seems a lot funnier than I remember from last year.
  • Best video Yet!!!!! Bob's got some aces up his sleeve!!!!
  • MgbPeregrine
    Terrific. Tx FSN - best Comicon coverage there is!!!
  • lianaaa
    when he was asked cameron diaz the question it was about the crappy accent she has in the film right? and can someone explain what was in his ear too?
  • Blackmagic
    @26 Think Something about Mary
  • Jon Purkis
    I gave Bob some stick for his last lot of videos, but he's totally back, this video was awesome, loving you at Comic Con, keep up the great work!
  • Kevin
    Bob should go to the Anime Expo next year lol.
  • jono
    i love 2 go drinking with him a fucking legend
  • san diego
    you make us proud stencil...nice work now throw down some makers and get weird
  • lol Way to go flirting with Megan Fox. You tha man.




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