Brand New French Dragonball Evolution Trailer

February 3, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Dragonball Evolution Trailer

One movie we haven't really heard from in a while is Dragonball Evolution, probably for good reason. But then again, the more I see of this, the more I wonder if I'm wrong in thinking that it looks so bad, and curious whether it indeed might just be a fun movie. Maybe it'll turn out better for people who aren't big fans of the original anime? Either way, today we've got a new French trailer for Dragonball Evolution courtesy of ComingSoon that shows a few new scenes and overall is just flashier than anything before. This trailer alone doesn't exactly push me in one way or another, but it is just cool to watch. Enjoy!

Watch the French trailer for Dragonball Evolution:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/dragonball-french-trailer.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/dragonball-french-trailer.jpg 420 236]

Dragonball Evolution is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing Dragonball Evolution in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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  • Skamps
    This movie does not look as bad as everyone has been making it out to be. Its not really an adaptation of the anime but thats alright with me, and yes i am a big big fan. I think people should just take it as is and let it be fun and cool!
  • Ironmonging
    Energetic Japanese singing in the background? Ah, crap, they've got me now. This is just gonna be fun to watch, so if that's not what you want, just stay away.
  • Ironmonging
    As a matter of fact that song MAKES this trailer and I cannot wait to watch this.
  • Boris
    Respect to all those that are fans and who are psyched to see this, but I am not one of those people. This still looks to me like a fan-made ripoff.
  • MajinKrillin
    1st poster this is an Adaption of Dragonball, it Has Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi searching for the Dragonballs with Evil Lord piccolo trying to take over the world and Goku turning into Ozzaru while Shenron coming out of the Dragonballs and granting wishes ..... if thats not Dragonball then I apparently been watching the wrong show all these years.
  • josh
    I cant wait for its release in April
  • MajinKrillin
    Also this clip just showed you a sneak of Ozzaru who looks bad ass! Everyone does this when a movie first being made they hate it Transformers, Batman ect then when it finally releases you still have the small number of haters then the majority of people who truly enjoyed the movie! BTW this movie looks Amazing its going to be a fun ride watching this and I cannot wait!
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    We need Red Buttons to translate. He is French.
  • Matt Suhu
    sounds hilarious in french
  • Craig
    New Japanese Footage of upcoming Dragonball:Evolution Trailer! "New footage of Dragonball: Evolution from Japan is now online! It features a lot of new exciting scenes." Source: http://dbthemovie.com/ Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lwmp1M5TitU&eur
  • Scott McHenry
    Yeah Alex I agree with you. The more I see the better it looks. I'm still very disappointed that piccolo is a bad guy but this looks pretty darn entertaining from the footage shown above. I think I'll stop being so hard on it and just enjoy it.
    This trailer sucks big time, they raped DB.
  • florian
    april 1 wow
  • fanboy d
    it looks like a nineties tv show. like power rangers or lois and clark...
  • Still looks a bit like Mortal Kombat, I'll give it a few years for a re-boot, or maybe not. This isn't a cinema movie, it's scifi channel material.
  • jesse
    why is the kamehameha one handed? movie is gonna suck
  • ebbie
    The production values look like Power Rangers and other crappy children's shows.
  • to 16
    16: The Kame Hame Ha isn't one handed you moron it's a different shot. They aren't gonna spoil it. There's a much better trailer on http://dbthemovie.com that should shut most of you up. Why Alex decided to post an old trailer when a new one is out is beyond me.
  • MJC
    Shenron looks epic in japanese tv spot!
  • Bummer
    This still looks horrible, whether you're a fan or not.
  • Ajax
    This keeps on looking better and better, yet I am still not convinced. And Goku's "Kame Hame Ha" sounds extremely weak.
  • Cindarr
    Yosh! another movie in the list of Worst movie of 2009.
  • Timothy
    um no, this looks bad. And, hate to say it, but it's FOX. haha
  • Jaf
    Way I see it only two things can come out of this film: satisfaction or laughs (even if you hate it) It's a win-win
  • megalan
    new japanese footage here: http://www.dragonballcinema.com/
  • max
    I became a DB fan by watching it in french 😉 I still think DB should be in french and its odd to hear it in English/Japanese. The only thing about this trailer is that... Its a bit sad that the same voices from the series arent in this trailer! :( They could have tried to get ahold of those voices for the version francais. Oh well i will be seeing it in English anyways x) It looks really bad the movie, but im sure its gonna be entertaining.. Or AT LEAST fun to see... I will probably be even going to see this if it hits the theaters in Finland, which i doubt to be honest. It doesnt look like the DB movie i always thought would have looked cool on the big screen though.
  • SteveWl
  • dan link
    so when are we going to see cute little justins butt in that porno movie he's making??
  • Dusty
    NOPE>.. still gives me the feeling of the craptastic "Go Go Power Rangers"...... But of course I will still go see it and pad someone's pockets to make another craptastic movie down the road...... GRRRRR.... who knows, maybe there is something I am missing, but just can't get the wire work and effects from the trailer to stop reminding me of PR
  • zetsu
    the birds are sexy,still not sure about the film.
  • ERivas
    I went from not being interested at all to being interested...It does look like it will be fun...My expectations are low, as they should be, but I am still thinking I will catch this thing in the theater. #11 - Why would you be sad that piccolo is a bad guy? He original was a bad guy, just like Vegeta was a bad guy and Majin buu was a bad guy and they all end up being allies and even friends....
  • I agree with Jaf(24), LOL!
  • dave13
    this trailer makes it look a little better... but its still going to stink to high heavens.
  • I can't tell this and streetfighter apart
  • MajinKrillin
    It's funny reading the comments people who have something negative to say, say things like this "Goku doing a 1 handed Kamehameha this movie is going to suck" Answer: That is clearly not him doing a Kamehameha that is a different shot all together there not going to ruin the most epic part of the movie in the trailer you fool! "Why is Piccolo a bad guy" Ummm because Piccolo in DRAGONBALL was a bad guy please watch the show this is NOT Dragonball Z!!!! Why do people always hate on movies before they come out, Transformers was being hated on big time, Batman was being hated on then look what happened everyone is in love with the movie now! Dragonball will be the same thing will it have the same amount of success no but will it still get a huge blockbuster opening weekend oh for sure yes! I for one think this movie is going to be amazing because I actually follow the show and can tell you this movie is based on Dragonball! 1) Dragon balls 2) Shenron (Dragon) 3) Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi and Piccolo (Yes I know Krillin is not there and that sadness me too but life goes on) 4) Capsules (Capsle Corp) 5) Ki Blasts and Powering Up 6) OZZARU 7) GOING ON AN ADVENTURE Hmmm all that above is what makes Dragonball and they so far from what I seen in the Trailers have displayed the above in them signifying this is most definitely Dragonball!
  • samuel
    so the eye at the begining of the trailer is the ozzaru becuz i am still missing it and i agree wit Ironmonging the hip japanese music sorta sells me on the movie now hope its in the american verison
  • Kamus
    LOL epic megafail
  • Kail
    This looks like a fun movie
  • Lauren
    I love the french voice for Piccolo.
  • Silver
    personally I think this trailer looks worse maybe i need to rewatch the first...
  • clipse
    I'am a huge DBZ fan, and to see this makes me so sad,and angry at the same time. How can you guys F**** up the best anime series of all time, what a flop! I can tell you this Watchmen is going to be better than this piece of S*****.
  • nothingatall
    This movie was horrible, hands down, it made Street fighter look way better. Horrible...no more comment cause I'fm freaken pissed off




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