Brand New Japanese Trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012

August 26, 2009
Source: Official Website

2012 Trailer

Don't you just love Roland Emmerich? Nothing like watching death and destruction on a massive, global scale. Sony has debuted a Japanese trailer for 2012 on its official website that can also be seen below. It's a bit of a change from the first full-length trailer for 2012 with a bit of new footage and a different editing style, but it still looks exciting, epic, and - as only Roland Emmerich can deliver - absolutely ridiculous. I'm inherently excited for this, even if it is stupid that their car or airplane is being chased by an earthquake or volcano, but that's what makes this pure escapist fun. Maybe it's just me, but I'm looking forward to this!

Watch the Japanese trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012:

[flv: 596 250]

An academic researcher leads a group of people in a fight to counteract the apocalyptic events that were predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar. Cast includes John Cusack, Amanda Peet, & Chiwetel Ejiofor.

2012 is directed and co-written by epic German filmmaker Roland Emmerich, of films like Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, and 10,000 B.C. previosuly. It was also co-written by Harald Kloser, of The Thirteenth Floor, The Day After Tomorrow, Alien vs Predator, and 10,000 B.C. as well. Sony Pictures is bringing 2012 to theaters everywhere on November 13th this year!

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  • J Taylor
    This movie looks terrible. Roland Emmerich has been out of it for a long time. The last film I liked by him was Independence Day. Not to mention it is brought to us by the writer who gave us the abortions Day After Tomorrow, AvP, and 10,000 BC. This movie is full of fail.
  • Terence
    Yes, what you call exciting, epic, and absolutely ridiculous... I'd call, someone needs to get a new schtick. (Points to Roland Emmerich)
    omg looks so awesome cant wait to see it on the big screen!
  • Emmerich should just put out trailers because they're always fantastic and attention grabbing, but I think he should leave the storytelling to the professionals.
  • JoJo
    Emmerich is much better than michael bay. Michael bay can only do chase scenes while Emmerich can do huge scale disaster movies. This guy would do much better job with transformers.
  • one
    Alex thinks that any movie has some form of merit to it, when in fact...most today DO NOT. Emmerich is not a filmmaker...and this looks like more crap wrapped in CG.
  • BVDR
    I love how ever since Obama's election it has been culturally accepted and necessary to have a black guy be the president in every movie.
  • Bryan
    I'm sure this movie was in mid-production by the time Obama was elected...
  • OCP
    #7 you're are moron, TVs and movies have had a few black president long before Obama. Deep Impact, 24, The Man....Get your head out of your ass
  • OCP
    you're a moron :)
  • We've had black presidents in movies long before Obama. See Deep Impact for an example.
  • alan
    this looks absoloutely ridiculus in a good and bady way i dont care what any one says who would not wanna watch a huge scale disaster movie in theaters im there
  • Scagginsvolley
    Fuck it. I'll go see this piece of shit. I'll just smoke a lot of dope before hand and be wowed at what they can do with computers these days. Certainly won't be going to see a riveting story. Such is Roland Emmerich.
  • if this movie becomes true do I have a chance to sue Sony? :) I think this movie will rock more than Avatar
  • big r
    #13 You're hilarious! That was f*kin funny bro.
  • Darrin
    GRAPHICS, CGI, GREEN SCREENS (AWWWWSUM). the first trailer made me think that there would be some half a$$ bad acting in this movie. This trailer gives me hope that it might turn out to be a all around good film .........
  • TTEX
    Actually looks kinda epic. Roland has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.
  • Cody
    O come on guys stop being so fucking serious about it. Honestly were you expecting a riveting script with oscar-worthy acting? No its all eye candy just like #13 said smoke alotta weed before you go and aww at the world being this looks like the first Emmerich movie since the patriot that might actually have some heart or substance to it. Maybe we will actually care about the characters this time. Like seriously though get off the hate train and enjoy it for what it is. What Alex called it "pure escapist fun".
  • vguy
    it sounds like #13 was enjoying it for that reason Cody, "pure escapist fun"; just with a little help.
  • machinist's hand
    Looks alright. Nothing spectacular. Perhaps I'll be sitting next to #13. Might make it more.....hmmm. How shall I say it? Explosively!? Sounds good.
  • Happy
    We are all going to DIE!
  • jvj590 the AGNOSTIC
    LOL, Did the Mayan calendar account for Leap Year? What if it didn't???? OMG im scared.
  • Jimbone
    1&2 are retards, this movie looks awwwesoooom! ENTERTAIN ME!!!!! Go Roland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Apo2Var
  • CDZ
    Ya'll forgot The 5th Element when it comes to black presidents, & who could forget President Camacho in Idiocracy. Not a new concept folks.
  • marty
    #7 - you're a twat!!!
  • Paulks Thought's
    I miss the way movies used to be made. Now it's all about shock and disaster just to get the $9 out of our pockets, and not about impressing us.
  • Vold
    Looks like a great fun movie. Roland always puts out good movies not necessarily intellectually stimulating movies but always entertaining movies.
  • Oh Emmerich!! You wacky nutjob! First he destroyed half the world with aliens (look out! The aliens are coming!!)...then with a lame godzilla (look out! Godzilla is coming!) Then, it was the weather that killed everbody in The Day After Tomorrow (look out! The is coming!!) And now, what causes the end of the world? A calendar year...RUN!!!! 2012 is coming!!! Hilarious! I love how the vatican gets smashed.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I like the visuals a lot. It makes me say "WOAH!", but I hope everyone dies in the end. Anything else would not make sense. Plus, I like movies without happing endings. 'splosions, byaar!
  • Syphous
  • D6
    Looks like crap.
  • Cody
    Yeah agreed everyone must die or this movie will blow nuts...even though it might anyway.
  • dougo162
    A CG retred in any language. D-
  • This looks amazing!
  • Zees
    It amazes me to see all those people here bashing CG effects. What's wrong with CG effects? Were you expecting Emmerich to destroy real cities and monuments, to kill millions of people, build real humongous transportation ship? I wonder if you people would have lived in the era when they did special effects using card board and modeling paste, would still be complaing such as "Oh F**** another cardboard/modeling paste fest, PASS!". Give me a break! You all tend to forget that technology is in constant evolution mode. Maybe you should all put your "I-TAKE-EVERYTHING-FOR-GRANTED" BS aside, and respect the efforts that people put in doing what they love to do. Also, don't forget that movies are there for entertaining us before everything, and we should respect every "message", whatever it could be, that encourage movie makers to release them.
  • Syphous
    Zees, it's not that he's using CG, it's that he's using CG rather than good acting, good story, and an interesting/original premise.
  • smacky63
  • kidgamer
    $275 million domestic box office $525 million worldwide I'm in.
  • AprilCoolsDay
    This is disaster porn! Do you expect good plots from porn? No. BTW black president? that same old cliche. How about an Asian president, or an atheist president, or gay president? Anyway, I hope Roland Emmerich help to design the destruction scenes of the next X files movie.
  • Erik Smash
    Why John Cusack ?
  • Dinodan101
    Anyone have any ideas as to the music in the trailer (which looks awesome)? Cheers.
  • titulitus
    lol even tho all you haters say that "oh this movie looks like its going to blow" your still going to see it and you are going to help this movie rake in millions upon millions lol so who cares what you think
  • Vold
    This movie looks awesome
  • takaris
    Black people have been president in movies well before Obama got in office. Where have you been? Living under a rock perhaps?
  • Somni
    You guys suck. This movie looks awesome I can't wait to see all our accomplishments, civilization, and stuff be destroyed! who cares about the plot? or characters or if it's cheesy, cities are freakin being destroyed!!! Cities are sinking underwater!!! cities are cracking open and dismantling!!! Get a life and enjoy it people!




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