Brandon Routh is Superman No More, But Does it Matter?

July 3, 2009

Brandon Routh as Superman

Early this morning I was sent a link to an article on the Brazilian movie site Omelete where they had a few new quotes from Brandon Routh who they caught up with on the set of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. We've heard plenty of unconfirmed details about the status of Superman inside of Warner Brothers, but not all of it was accurate. Routh (via a rough translation) says that he knows nothing about what's currently going on and, most importantly, that his contract to play Superman has since expired. "But if they call me again, back to the character without thinking twice [sic]!" But does it really matter though?

Okay, before I continue, let me first say that I did actually think Routh was the best modern day Superman they could find and he did the best he could with the role. I really liked his performance and would've been happy seeing him return for sequels. But as we all know, Warner Brothers just doesn't know what the heck to do with the Superman franchise -- well, they know that Bryan Singer killed it and they're not continuing on with anything he did (sadly). So what I mean to say is that it doesn't really matter that Brandon Routh's contract is no longer in effect because that's just part of the logical progression of the franchise anyway.

While this is purely speculation on my part, I do think Warner Brothers is eventually looking to completely reboot this from scratch someday in the future. And that means getting rid of Brandon Routh and either getting someone new or doing something different altogether - like using a CGI Superman and just getting an actor to play Clark Kent. When and if this ever does continue, who else could play a good Superman?

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  • Jojo
    Like you say, this isn't shocking news. Everybody could see the reboot coming. It's just getting confirmed now. As for your question on a good Superman, I like Tom Welling of course. He's got a very assertive bearing and just looks like a superhero. I've also seen some really good pics of Henry Cavill, but haven't seen him in a role yet, so can't judge his screen presence. But he seems very promising. James Caviezel has the presence to pull off Superman, but might be a little too old and would have to hit the gym hard. But Superman should be a little mature anyway and he's not way way old. The same thing goes for Jon Hamm, but he's really short and that bothers me. Some other actors I could name have good faces, but are way too short. I think it's very important that the Superman actor have an imposing bearing and height. Plus if the JLA movie ever happens, you want Superman to have the right height over the rest.
  • Oranges
    I think I might be the only one that enjoyed the movie.
  • Pottermania
    Hated the movie but didn't blame the actors. It had a terrible script and terrible editing and directing. The actors had to say the lines they were given. It wasn't their fault that the director chose to make everything look gray and dingy, or the bizarre kid storyline and costume choices. Spacey should have been an epic choice for Lex Luthor. Instead he was completely undercut by a goofy scheme and direction that forced him to play it hammy instead of menacing. Goofy Lex should have died with the Donner films. None of that was Spacey's fault.
  • Brown Sam
    I agree that Tom Welling would be a good choice! I think people discount him just because he is on the TV show..but he's a great actor and believable with the role. I have no love for what Bryan Singer did to superman returns or Routh's performance. He showed no real acting skill...but i put more of the blame on can he have done decent X-men movies and then fouled up Superman Returns so bad? I hope they hurry and start a reboot or sequel. We need Chris Nolan or Jon Favreau to do superman, or hell after Singer id even take a Mc G version. Hint for the next director: Fans actually like fight scenes, and seeing Superman use more of his powers against an actual villain
  • F.C.
    i did like Brandon Routh's performing in the movie! The movie was a little stupid and Routh was the best thing about it. I don't like Smallville at all because... well... it gets boring and old. But "Superman Returns" was good and was a lot better than many other superhero movies. Routh had the presence of a superhero and also the geek and even though he was unknown when he was cast in the movie, he pulled the role out very well and made a name for himself. So if they are going to reboot the movie, they should look out for more plot details and look for a good plot in the comicbooks. They can maybe add a little Justice League twist (minus Batman from the crew) and add the heroes we all love such as the Flash, the Green Arrow and the Wonder Woman other than making another movie exclusively for Superman and wreck the franchise all over again. BTW: Did anyone see the Straight-To-DVD (more likely straight to trash) movie "The Cell 2"?? I just watched the trailer of it on youtube and not only it resembles any part of the original movie, it wrecks the movie Tarsem placed as a visually stunning movie.
  • JussHaten
    Superman was garbage! The story line was sofT and how bout some action. What a waste of a talent. Kevin Spacey should have been the perfect Lex Luther, Routh was good enough. I remember going to the movies and looking over at my cousin was snoring after the first hour. I thought this movie just needed a solid villian/bad guy. An intriguing Bad Guy always makes a great movie.
  • don esco
    I do agree tom welling would be a good fit, but he was offered it originally and even christopher reeves asked him to do it but he did want to ... so will probably not see him as superman on the big screen....I would like to see them get someone who is huge like in the comics, not slender like the original movies...The wichowski (not how you spell it) should direct it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ok
    The most important thing about the next Superman actor is that he looks Superman-ly without looking like Christopher Reeve. Chris was the ultimate. He is what everybody thinks of when they think of Superman. Nobody can top that. If you force the audience to compare the new actor to Chris, the look-a-like will get destroyed. He'll never measure up to the fondness people have in their hearts of Chris. So you have to cast the new Superman in a different direction. He's still got to have the strong jawline and be a big muscular guy, with black hair, and all the rest. But he can't look too much like Chris and be constantly reminding the audience of what they are not getting.
  • CK
    Brandon Routh WAS NoT the problem in the movie. the problem was the script and the supporting cast. CAST - when you look at movies like the batman franchise and the supporting cast the movies had ( freeman , caine , oldman , etc ) then you understand why is the movie is so good. when you look at the superman movie and his supporting cast you see kate bosworth , James Marsden and f****** Kumar ( except Kevin Spacey who did his best but didn't nailed it ) . SCRIPT - when you see the movie and superman don't punch anything then you know you have a problem . the best nemesis of superman today is doomsday the only one who ever killed him , he should be the main villain and lex is somewhere in the background . the climax would be the epic and final battle of SuperMan Vs. DoomsDay !!!!!!!!!!
  • Paulasuarus
    Welling is ok for a tv superman but not good enough for movies. Routh was good in the role. I actually LOVED superman returns and welcomes the modern day fx as well as the style and architecture/costumes that Singer used in the movie to give it the 1930s vibe but in a contemporary world. I think that making any superman after the four previous films was always going to be tough. Those films where a lifetime ago and not everybody was going to love Returns. I think they should keep Routh and Spacey (AND the new costume) if possible and work on something big and bold, with heaps on action. I mean, I know it wont happen but this needs to be the Dark Knight flying through the air faster than a speeding bullet. TDK set the bar and thats what they have to work up to. Not in a dark way. but the script, the acting, the visuals and sound.
  • sean
    They should have made a Smallville launched movie in the first place. It would have cost less and had the best Lex Luthor and even Tom Welling. And they wouldn't have had to retell the origin for the 100th time. TOO LATE NOW! Now they have to start all over. They could have ended Smallville at season 5 and moved it to the big screen. BUT NOPE. They chose to waste a sh!t load of money instead. Now nobody is happy. Not the people who actually wanted a sequel and not the people who liked the Smallville cast. And now we get to start all over with the origin again.
  • really?
    What do you mean Bryan Singer killed the franchise? The film was critical success and made $391 million worldwide... So just because some people didn't like it doesn't mean it was a failure or that the franchise was "killed." Get your shit straight.
  • SlashBeast
    Brandon Routh brought nothing special to the film. He was chosen for his resemblance to Christopher Reeves, not because of his acting ability, notice how he had so few lines in the movie. Brandon Routh wasn't playing Superman, he was playing Christopher Reeves playing Superman. I say, scrap EVERYTHING connected with that bore-fest known as Superman Returns and start from scratch.
  • Hunter
    Jon Hamm as Kingdom Come Superman! Let's all forget Superman Returns even happened. Oops. I think most people already have. Jon Hamm as Kingdom Come Superman! Bring it!
  • Jazz
    tom welling should not even play Superman in the reboot his only good for smallville plus if he played in the Superman Reboot they will have to bring in all the stupid smallville story in the movie. Brandon Routh was alright as Superman but he was just a Christopher Reeve look-a-like that sort of put people off. the reboot should have a new cast and director and it should have loads of action. the reboot should have Superman vs a villain with superpowers plus have Lex an minor character and have him have Lexcorps. Christopher Reeve son Matthew Reeve said the Superman Reboot should "Just Be Original". heres what Matthew Reeve said: "Many fans agree that there were a lot of things wrong with "Superman Returns" — but the filmmakers did manage to find an actor with an uncanny resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve. Was casting Brandon Routh a good thing? Does that honor Reeve’s memory? Not necessarily, said Reeve’s son Matthew, during a recent fundraising event to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. "As far as we’re concerned, there’s only ever going to be one Superman," Matthew laughed. So instead of worrying whether they should keep Routh or try to cast yet another actor who looks like Christopher Reeve in the upcoming reboot, Matthew suggested that Warner Bros. focus more on the story this next time around. "There were lots of plot lines established, and it was very faithful to the original Donner films and sequels. I’d be curious to know how some of those plot lines in the last one will be continued or abandoned. If you look at 'The Dark Knight,' that was a phenomenal movie, and hopefully they can do something as good with the next version of this one." Matthew’s advice, then, was this: "There are lots of fans of the comics and the films my dad did and the new one, and you can never please everyone. So just be original and creative and exciting, and I’m sure it will be successful." " source:
  • luke
    @really? Bryan Singer did killed the franchise yes it made money but thats it the film was boring and bad.
  • Fuelbot
    No more skinny Superman. I want to see Superman, Alex Ross-style.
  • germs
    Superman Returns was not a new superman movie, but more of a remake of the Reeve versions. Routh was good, but it was obvious he didn't have much to work with. They wanted a Reeve impression and he did his best. Every time I hear him discuss Superman you can tell he really cares about the character, and I really wish he had a shot to do something special with it. This whole back and forth with the S.M. franchise is very disheartening, because it really should be one of the easier projects to get going. They need to go the Iron Man route - hire someone who has some knowledge in the mythos and respect for the fans, but at the same time the balls to go ahead and make the movie they want to.
  • They need to do this as a prequel on the planet Krypton...that's the only way it will work. The fights in Superman are always so lame because he's a fucking god who no one stands a chance against. If they put the story on Earth again it will be bad no matter who plays Kalel, but on Krypton everyone's on the same level so the battles might actually be intrigueing (but very expensive).
  • N.
    They should start it all from scratch and invovle brainy-ack (might be spelled wrong) in my opinon brainy-ack is the best super-man villian there is and in the comics and tv shows he was involved in the story right of the bat even when they showed kypton, lex luther is pathetic thats why sperman-returns didnt work we had already seen lex before we needed a new villian to see on the big screem there is only so much you can do with lex luther, but brainy-ack is fun and just a peere evil villian there are so many different plots you can do with brainy-ack, he can have robots or little evil alien friends or write before krypton blows up invovle brainy-ack in some way have him be involved in krypton being blown up maybe he caused the explosion but nobody knew he did, just go crazy with it, the super-man movies can be just as good as the new bat-man movies all you have to do is start with something fresh and new WB is makeing this out to be harder than it is just get a good writer involved a good director even if i had the time i would be happy to write a good script for a new super-man movie and i would do it for FREE I have always wanted to write a super-man script nothing would stop me from writeing a great script and i would change the super-man movies to A movies instead of B i am serously the best choice WB has but they wont pick me becuase im a nobody.............
  • subcelsious5g
    Keanu Reeves should play superman , he did good with neo flyin around , hell maybe they should bring in the wachowskis too and while their at it bring back ZOD ! Singer sux , I love the x-men but i thought the last stand was the best one.
  • eric
    no no he was a great superman just given THE MOST TERRIBLE DIRECTOR AND WRITERS to work with
  • somwerbtwnblungrn
    Why not take another route. The Red Son story is nice & just like the Batman route, connect it as much as possible to the present reality. A totally different Superman for the new generation. Take the route of the Batman franchise, it got darker & more adult oriented after the horrendous run of Joel Schumacher. There is still an "origins" story but in a more twisted & dark manner, a great "what if" plot. Both Routh & Spacey (good actors with a bad script) can then redeemed themselves. I vote for Quentin Tarantino as the new director (its a weird choice, but maybe he could give it some insanity 😉 ) Just a piece of my mind
  • Al
  • Xerxex
    I liked Superman Returns but if they decide to do a complete reboot and ignore Routh I'd be okay.
    Won't miss him...............
  • Brian Barajas
    i loved superman returns, i loved everything about it, screw all you guys
  • zubzwank
    They need to do something. How about more action, like a fight with Doomsday in Times Square (a la K-villains in SupermanII)? Maybe a new actor, Routh wasn't that bad, but he was too close to CR.
  • AllmightyKeim
    WTF! A CGI Superman? Why would you want to see that? What is wrong with you? Alex how do you have this site still up with thoughts like that. You are starting to bored me again and I may stop comming to t his site. A fucking CGI Superman. DipShit.
  • Too bad. I really liked Routh and Superman Returns. Whatever happened to second chances? The only thing bad about Returns was the script.
  • Peter
    ^^ Might as well say it's Welling's second chance or that after so many years, he deserves the spot. So, that's a dead end argument. Meanwhile, Golden Globe and Screen Actor's Guild winner Jon Hamm ain't getting any younger, so step on it WB!
  • Peter
    Jon Hamm. He's like an updated George Reeves! Just look. That is old school Supes right there.
  • Lendo
    "Jon Hamm as Kingdom Come Superman" Fantastic idea, Kingdom Come would be an incredible movie if done correctly.
  • Spider
    The new "Superman" flick was pretty good. I admit it was a rehash of the original and it could have used more action! I still think that Routh was a good, reasonable, updated "Superman"; he even looked like the late Christopher Reeve! WB should definitely bring him back and seriously consider Mark Millar's version (the pitch was pretty kick- ass)!
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    #28: Im with you. I liked Superman Returns too and i find myself the only one out of my friends. I loved Kevin Spacey as Luther (even if it was mundane), and Routh was great in terms of looking the part. I dont care what you all say, i love that flick.
  • Cindy
    Henry Cavill will star in Gods of War, so we'll get a chance to see how he would be in a big superhero type role. Although Tom Welling is still my favorite, I'm very interested in Cavill and Gods of War. Routh felt very remote and I couldn't warm to him. I don't know if it was bad acting or bad directing or what. I have much more hope for Cavill from the small bits I've seen of him so far.
  • Cindy
    Sorry, the movie is called War of Gods not the other way around. There is no way to edit the previous post, but the title got scrambled around. The short plot summary is "Greek warrior Theseus battles against imprisoned Titans." Other things make it sound a bit like 300, with the mythological fights. It sounds like a cool movie and very good test of Cavill in a heroic role.
  • jay-z
    vin diesel. just think of it. only he can pull off a movie like that
  • Tommy Villarreal
    I think that the problem of the movie is the script, not the actors. The new movie of Superman needs a strong script and a new director. Michael Bay?.........
  • Mark.E
    routh did do good with what he had ...he was one of the best parts of the movie!! i really dunno who we could see the new superman...but off the top of my head id like to see ... anne hathaway as lois lane billy zane as lex ..or even vin dissel..if u look at he comics and cartoons hes quite big anton yelchin as jimmy olsen zachary quinto as zod and alot more action!! didnt get hardly any in superman returns and bring n a better villion like zod/brainiac/darksied/doomsday theres sooooo much sourse material from the comics/cartoons to get and not fuck it up and give us such a crappy story lk in superman returns
  • PimpSlapStick
    Jon Hamm (Mad Men) Nuff said
  • PimpSlapStick
    #41 Anne Hathaway as Lois great pick, I'd throw in Arlee Emery (Full Metal Jacket) as Perry White and John Malkovich as Lex Luthor. Spacey in my minds eye was my top pick for Lex, but with the lackluster performance in SM Returns (Too which I lay all blame on Singer) We need a new vision of Lex Luther a batshit crazy brilliant, avant garde, genecidal super genuis, that wants nothing more than to push the boundries of science even at the cost of all human life on earth. Malkovich can bring that menace, tired of the campy Lex fuck that I want a bald evil megalomaniac Nikola Tesla of tomorrow.
  • Quanah
    Superman--John Krasinski Lois--Scarlett Johansson Lex--Philip Seymour Hoffman Think outside the box.
  • Last Son
    #16, I totally agree with you. If Tom Welling ever plays Superman, it should be based around the Smallville Universe with the same actors from that show1 As for Brandon Routh, there where 3 problems with him playing Superman! 1. (Looked more like Superboy than Superman) Tom Welling is actually older than Routh and welling is playing a younger version of Clark on Smallville. 2. (He is not Christopher Reeve) This bothered me right from the get go. When Singer made Returns he was trying to carbon copy a classic and to have an actor who looked like Christopher Reeve is insulting, plus he did not have the charm that Reeve brought to the role. 3. He played an ok superman, sorry I mean Superboy, but he was a really bad Clark Kent. I was thinking up until a couple of months ago that maybe Routh has matured enough now to play both parts in the sequal and then I saw his small part in Kevin Smith's "Zack & Miri Make A Porno", and his acting was terrible. If Warner Bros do decide to reboot superman they should go with Jim Caviezel. He is a well established actor and not an a-list star, so he is not that well known to most movie goers!
  • Lazarus from Sparta
    Tom Welling will never do a Superman movie...he's fine doing the Smallville version until it's final season. Brandon was perfect, but had nothing directing wise to add to the role. He was a perfect Kal-El but was week as a Clark Kent/Superman. The Lois they should of gotten should of been Erica Durance from Smallville...Hot & Sassy...that's how I like my Lois Lane. Lex Luthor was Kevin Spacey doing a Gene Hackman 2006 version of the character...not his fault, blame the writers+producers+director. Parker Posey...I love her to death...not In a Superman movie...but in a Blade flick I'm fine with that 😉 Jimmy sucked in the movie and was a douche for being trapped in the 80's with that god damn bow tie...dude I mean it was 2006 for god sake... Superman's son......three words....Hancock_Unrated_version...See it you'll get it! and finally...New Krypton as a plot point in the movie for some land Lex can sell....Yawn...I'll go read DC superman comics thank you very much! I loved the visuals, the shots were great...I saw it in theatres twice...The movie made 300+ million...but it wasn't the Superman film i was told it was going to be. A reboot will make the franchise Donner or Singer residue...Give us a Superman deserving of a true great film...He is the first North American Super Hero...he needs his due...M. future director...whoever you are...ask yourself...WWSD! (what would superman do)
  • Routh Is Out!!
    "....and invovle brainy-ack (might be spelled wrong) in my opinon brainy-ack is the best super-man villian" Thank you for your well informed "opinon" "brainy-ack"......indeed.
  • Routh Is Out!!
    "Parker Posey…I love her to death…not In a Superman movie" I reckon Posey would've made a better Lois than...what's her name. The one who seems to be obliged to appear alongside Spacey in every movie he makes lately. Bosworth. If Singer was supposedly continuing the Donnerverse, Posey looks like Margot Kidder's daughter. It was all wrong. Singer's Lois had her as a Pulitzer Prize winning Journo. Donner's couldn't spell "rapist", but still got the stories.
  • led display
    he is a supper man ..i
  • stephen
    #20 Maybe i missed something in he last 30 years but how on earth (pardon the pun) could it possibly be based on Krypton and provide great acton scenes? 1. Are we talking Kal-Els Foetus vs Zod? 2. last I knew krypton didnt have a yellow sun so how the hell would any of them have powers to have this epic fight scene...they have no more powers than us on their own planet...Jor-El was killed by a big block of ceiling/ice remember..not exactly super powers Overall the movie wasnt terrible, just OK. Anyone of my age having seen the first film while still at primary school (7) will struggle to see past anyone but Reeves but got a slight excited chill at the safest way to fly quote practically in Reeves voice so I'd say Routh did well but was directed to be Reeves playing Kent. Spacey could have been a truly evil serious villian and overshadowed any actor playing Kent but should never overshadow the actors portrayal of Superman..this isnt Dark Knight, we want our Superman to dominate every scene he is in.
  • steve dunetz
    Tom Welling is the only Superman in any movie! In the long run Warner Bros. will get hurt for not casting Welling (money wise) . Wake up W.B. and smell the coffee!!!
  • Drunkimus
    Routh was good as Superman, luthor total waste we need some villan with real power that give SP a hard time(nearly to kill him). The other thing i didnt like about the movie was the "S" too small
  • Ajax
    I thought Routh was great and should stay. But if they do decide to go the re-boot direction, then it would be acceptable if he left. Spacey was the best of the bunch, but I do know he had conflicts on set and probably won't return. Plus, I WANT BRAINIAC!!
  • zubzwank
    I know there are a lot of Smallville fans out there, and I want to be respectful, but... It is my understanding that the show has a "no flights, no tights" rule. Well, no flights no tights will never, ever be Superman. It may be a great show, it may have many elements of the DC universe (including other heroes who do wear tights)), but it is not Superman. Sorry. I have no idea if Tom Welling would be a great S or not. I don't know what he looks like or if he can act. I'll take your word for it if it would get the movies up and running again. A great storyline could be the original Brainiac one in which B shrank and stole Metropolis, including Clark, to add to his collection. In the outcome, S obtained Kandor to add to HIS collection of cool super-stuff in the Fortress. This story has: * a strange alien villain much cooler than any Klingon; *exotic locations including Kandor, outer space, Brainiac's saucer--yes, saucer-- and the FOS; *plenty of Metropolis scenes including many in a bottle; * real danger for a microscopic S; *a trip through Kryptonian culture; #50, you feel it's difficult for anyone of your generation accepting an actor other than Christopher Reeve. There is another (large and narcissistic) generation--they are often associated with an explosive noise--that had to get over George Reeves. CR did it. So can somebody else. How many Batmans (Batmen?) have there been?
  • Meatcarnage
    superman is a boring concept... get with the space-pirates already!!!
  • Sam
    I think they should keep Bryan Singer, but not as a director. Maybe he can be the guy who goes and gets sandwhiches for the cast. There is no way he can screw that up! . . Well, after seeing X1, X2 and Superman, maybe he can. Spacey and Routh werre good in my opinion. But if you are going to start from scrath and pretend the last movie didnt exist, you need to get a whole new group of actors...
  • steven dunetz
    Tom Welling has proven himself over nine years that he could draw a crowed to the movies and with Smallville on nine years we have a hit! Wake up Warner Brothers ans smell the coffee!
  • The best thing about Superman Returns is Brandon Routh....
  • sam
    routh was a good superman for the first movie but the movie suked bad just dont bring back brian singer plus i heard singer and routh are both back for the sequel superman the man of steel
  • SlashBeast
    Fuck this Reeves' clone. There is only one Superman, and his name is Christopher Reeves.
    • ben
      yeah moron ,we know it
  • Gyropilot
    "Superman Returns" was an OK movie, not a great movie. I thought Brandon Routh did a great job in the role. And, although Kevin Spacey is a very good actor, he didn't seem quite right for Lex Luthor. In my opinon, the problem with "Superman Returns" was the very weak storyline. I was very unhappy when the "magic Kyptonian crystals" started doing their thing. At that point the movie just became ridiculous. On the other hand, the scene with the airliner was outstanding. I, for one, would be very happy if Brandon Routh played the Man of Steel once again in a movie with a fitting storyline.
  • jared gussie espino
    no pls................dont change Brandon Routh ..............pls dont change him I dont agree with that ! i think Brandon Routh give the best and superb role to superman if u change him many people where not going to idolized superman anyMORE ! dont change!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jared gussie espino
    pls................don't change Brandon Routh pls...........................! :( (Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!) CRYING !
  • jared gussie espino
    Dont Change Brandon Routh pls.......!
  • Anna Wyn
    It sucks that he's not going to be in the next movie. I thought he actually pulled playing superman off very well, and did a damn good job. I think re-casting him was lazy. Give him another chance guys! He got praise for his role and he deserved it. It's a shame that's all. If the next guy doesn't step it'll be a total waste of a reboot, and a total waste of ignoring such a fine portrayal of superman.
  • Cogiebenjh
    he really a good superman believable by what i saw the strength and serious look in her eyes , rarely an actor can put actions and speak by using his eyes only i know his good actor just wait and see  and brandon is still good choice and  if he will given a chance again i bet it would be more bigger than earlier superman movies its a matter choosing the right context of story to support what superman movie is all about. then it will be block buster
  • i want BRANDON ROUTH to be the superman again because he is really amazing when he played the role of CLARK KENT and SUPERMAN...and if theres any new movie of superman... I WANT HIM BACK!!...DON"T CHANGE HIM! Everyone loves Clark Kent and as simply BRANDON ROUTH..Don't change him PLEASE...
  • Al Suryoprabowo
    He's the perfect one for superman figure after Christopher_Reeve. I can't believe that he's no longer a superman. The new guy, he just doesn't have that look a superman should have. So sad.....
  • Peach
    I will never watch another superman movie if brandon routh is not the superman.. Im a superman fan since i was 4 years old.. Now im 31... I love christopher reeve and the superman he did... And i know that brandon routh is the best superman next to christopher reeve.. They also have this resemblance...
  • Torian
    I think he should come back for a possible Superman tv show the future. He deserves another chance. Maybe remake of George Reeves's Superman.




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