Brutally Awesome Poster for Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell!

March 31, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Brutally Awesome Poster for Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell!

Ever since I caught an early screening of Sam Raimi's return to classic horror Drag Me to Hell earlier this year, I've been anxious to see how Universal would eventually market it to audiences. While I wasn't exactly blown away by the official trailer, I've been particularly anxious to see what the poster would look like. Well, ShockTillYouDrop finally debuted it tonight, and Universal definitely knocked this one of the park! This may already be my favorite poster of the year, although it's a bit too early to make that call, but I love this, I absolutely love the look of it! Smart designs are the very best, and this poster is truly fantastic!

Drag Me to Hell Poster

A loan officer (Alison Lohman) ordered to evict an old woman (Lorna Raver) from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse, which turns her life into a living hell. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her and her boyfriend to a breaking point.

Drag Me to Hell is co-written and directed by Sam Raimi, of everything from Evil Dead to Army of Darkness to Darkman to all three Spider-Man movies. The script was written by Sam and his brother Ivan Raimi, who has helped him before on the scripts for Darkman, Army of Darkness, and Spider-Man 3. Universal will be bringing Raimi's Drag Me to Hell in theaters everywhere on May 29th this summer.

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  • Master Yoda
    This looks cool C'mon Sam lets knock this out of the park
  • zetsu
    film title is fucking great,the film poster is fucking cool,hope the film is.
  • a horse
    I don't see how this is "brutally awesome." MEH
  • Fuelbot
    In a day when no one seems to be trying, its good to see an awesome poster. And lets be real, Alison Lohman is hot.
  • Zso
    I don't understand why some people go nuts for posters, both when they like them and when they hate them. Yay. A poster.
  • Dave Lister, J.M.C.
    Ivan Raimi helped "write" Spiderman 3? A curse on him, I say!! May his village cow give nothing but sour milk.
  • dom
    fantastic - on closer inspection, the background could do with some work..
  • Tom W
    This is F***Ing awesome cant wait for this movie
  • K
    Very cool! Can't wait to see this! And #4 you are correct she's very hot!
  • captain subtext
    what #3 said. nothing special about it.
  • Awesome.
  • I gotta say I'm pretty excited for this flick, especially considering how much I'm not into horror/scary films. Though I think they could have chosen a better photo of the girl. You gotta think if its from a shoot, they could have had a lot to choose from, but went with this. And yes, the girl is super hot. She's from Big Fish, right?
  • Bluthölle
    Looks amateurish to be honest, the background is messed up, the photo of the girl looks like from a tv spot of hair product, doesnt even look she is scared or anything..(cmon is a horror movie)
  • I was at the Drag Me To Hell screening at SXSW and I gotta tell you - this poster is perfect! It will look great in my studio.
  • Matt
    Movie looks incredible, poster looks sub-par. I high school student could have made this in a graphics class.
  • RoyMunson
    pretty cool. reminds me of THE EVIL DEAD poster. the one whre the girl is being pulled is under ground.
  • Matt S
    Alex, "Smart designs are the very best..." What does that mean? Am I missing something here? Is "Smart Designs"like the name of a poster design companyyou are fond of, or are you just saying that you think this poster has a really smart design? If it's the latter, maybe could you express why you think this design is so smart? I'm just curious, because all I really see is: a little description saying that this girl is going to Hell; a title saying "Drag Me To Hell"; and a picture of a woman getting dragged into Hell. Personally, that doesn't really seem like rocket science to me. What am I missing here?
  • she's trying to eat her own hair wtf
  • Daas
    She looks like shes um..."arriving"....
  • sleepykid
    #16 - yeah, maybe it's tipping its hat at the original ED poster. This one's okay, but still looks like something you glance over in Blockbusters.
  • eh
    #5 : you obviously aren't a movie buff. why are you on this site? however, i don't think this poster is that great. it gets the point across but i've seen WAY better posters.
  • Gullible Platypus
    Worst poster ever.
  • Ryderup
    What is awesome about this? Is this an april fools joke Alex?
  • alan
    im still not convinced cuz im going for (UP) but i will stay tuned for the review of both this and (UP) but yea interesting poster hopefully pixar does a better job than raimi
  • Tom
    It's not really smart, it's probably the most obvious, and only route they could go with for a film called Drag Me to Hell. Average.
  • Drag Me to Hell along with the movie Pandorum is something I cannot wait for. They both seem to bring some forms of tension similar to the way The Haunting of Conecticut did so. I can't wait to see them.
  • BahHumbug
    How is that brutal? It is tame if anything.
  • eh
  • kindbuddy
    @15 ... Matt a high school student could probably make ANY movie poster thats ever been made lol... graphics design is a helpful class... this poster is still good though
  • miracle disease
    wow! that poster screams orgasm! LOL the girls face is not even reflective of someone who is suffering (key word for brutal)... she looked like she's climaxing 😛 two hands holding her by the shoulder looked like a doggy while one hand reaching for her neck (could be slowly going down her breast) looked like carpet munching... LOL
  • twispious
    smart design my butt
  • A quick response for all you haters... First off, I guess I meant "sleek" design, more than smart. But I'm SO relieved to see an image that is not just Photoshopped heads or other promo photos from the movie slapped onto a poster. This is unique, new, looks great, and was made specifically for the poster! Secondly, why do I like this? Well, I guess it looks better having seen the movie, but I just love its gradient from the sky to the fiery hell at the bottom with the flames. I love the demon hands grabbing her. And it fits in so well with the story of the movie. It just looks great, sleek, well-designed, I can't say anything else besides just that!
  • Fisherr
    Love it.
  • Matt S
    @ Alex Billington Fair enough. Thanks for the specifics and clearing that up though.
  • Greedo the Rodian
    More like Drag me to the hair salon.
  • miracle disease
    how could someone scream (supposedly) and still maintains the smoothness of her neck... wow! no effort LOL
  • Tedious Ted
    Are you kidding me?
  • m4st4
    I like it. A lot. Tagline is great.
  • Jabramsfan47
    I thought that was Melissa George!
  • kastro
    man this poster is awesome its nice demon hands girl screaming very nice... all the haters of this poster just dont type a comment one wants negativity
  • Tyler
    Why was my comment deleted? I'm not allowed to say that you're the king of hyperbole?
  • I was expecting a campy/funny demon flick from Raimi for this, but a top notch horror classic would make me much more ecstatic. This poster seems to point more in that direction so I really like it.
  • Not Looking for No Trouble
    No release date on the poster? Uh,oh. "Coming Soon" is not very confident.
  • Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but the positioning of the arm (or lack thereof) seems a bit unnatural




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