Casino Royale's Martin Campbell to Direct the Green Lantern Movie!

February 5, 2009

Martin Campbell

Green Lantern fans rejoice, for today is your day! Director Martin Campbell is in negotiations to helm the Green Lantern movie that Warner Brothers is developing based on the popular DC Comics superhero. This is great news because Campbell is the guy behind not only GoldenEye, but also Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro, and Vertical Limit. Although he's only stood out with those two Bond movies, I've got a good feeling he's going to take the highly praised script for this, written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Michael Green, and turn it into something pretty awesome. I was excited before, but now I can't wait!

Campbell is replacing "Everwood" director Greg Berlanti, who was originally attached to this since the very start, but has now moved on to direct This Is Where I Leave You. Berlanti has only ever directed one small feature film before and I'm sure Warner Brothers was starting to get cold feet once they had greenlit this project and started hearing positive feedback and early fan buzz on the script (like we wrote). If Warner Brothers is on the same track, and if what we were told by producer Donald De Line in September hasn't changed, this Green Lantern movie will shoot starting in the next few months. Are you excited yet?

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  • Lukeyb
    Wow that's awesome!!! I wonder who they will cast a GL..any thoughts?? I would possibly cast myself Luke Banham lol (check me out on imdb) haha no seriously I would probably try to cast someone around the mid to late 20's age....or perhaps David Hasselfhof for the fun of it :)
  • Alex
    I wonder if he is afraid of sequels....
  • Jamie
    Yes, this is great news, thank you so much for the news, has put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.
  • NadaNuff
    As long as DC gets out a non-Batman, non-Superman movie, I'm excited. Besides, I like GL. Maybe we'll see this one next year.
  • avi
    Martin Campbel is a secure choice for a hollywoodstudio! It's always win-win situation for both sides! Casino royale was realy awesome!
  • zetsu
    goldeneye my fucking favorite bond film,casino royale loved when bond was getting tortured (getting whacked in the bollocks while sitting in the chair brutal.)the mask of zorro wasn't bad either,haven't watched vertical limit.very excited now knocking things over with my massive stiffy.hope it's a trilogy have the red lanterns show up at some point, cameo's of other dc heroes,now get flash,wonder woman,aqua-man (maybe) & justice league films made,then we can have a summer box office clash dc vs marvel,justice league vs the avengers who would own the summer(i think it would be pretty much even maybe few thousand dollars either way.)
  • Mark Davis
    Wasn't Ryan Gosling mentioned for the role of Green Lantern?
  • ballyhoo
    PLEASE cast Matthew Settle as Hal Jordan. Settle played Lt. Spiers on Band of Brothers and is currently on Gossip Girls. He looks EXACTLY like Hal Jordan.
  • Farris
    Really good news. Martin Campbell is great.
  • katC
    This is great news! Thanks for posting. Martin Campbell is going to be great.
  • -Peter-
    awesome! I loved Casino Royale. This should be a great superhero movie
  • Richard
    Eh I never really liked green lantern, his power was a ring that could conjure anything he wanted from what i remember, I think i remember a comic where he created a giant catchers mit to catch a plane that was crashing, ever since then I always thought the character was pretty stupid. Who knows who, I guess it could be ok, so now we have 2 "Green" DC superhero movies coming out at the same time huh, I hate it when hollywood does stupid crap like that.
  • Ivana Amantohugandkiss
    DAMN!!!! I thought this was going to be one of those failed attempts like Daredevil or Ghost Rider. But to hire the director that helped resurrect the greatest film franchise in film history not once, but TWICE???!!!! Wow, this thing looks like it's got a chance!!!
  • Lukeyb
    at number 2- Alex why do you think he would be afraid of sequels??
  • Cmurder
    #1, David Hasselfhof? Kill yourself for even mentioning that as a joke or not. And I looked you up in IMDB and had NOTHING under your about I cast my fist into your face? You suck at life. Think about that for a're just not good at it.
  • I wish the story was about Kyle Rainer instead of Hal Jordan...
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Good choice. Has the scope within the vision.
  • Vic
    David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan
  • Fisherr
    "Aint it cool" news.
  • darrin
    hey hollywood has done something right for once.
  • Spock
    I know huh Kyle Rainer so much cooler and modern
  • teyhtr
    16 and 21... just goes to show how much you know about Green Lantern 😛
  • moldybread
    Green Lantern is quite a diffferent character from most...if they would leave out the really thick cheese like giant catchers mitts and other cartoon style gimicks this could turn out better than expected...I would love to see this succeed....
  • Jamie
    I really hope they cast Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation). He's an up and coming acting from OZ. He will also be seen in James Cameron's new film Avator. He has the right look, plus check him out in the Aussie Crocodile film "Rogue".
  • bourneidentity
    I heard a while back that Common was gonna be cast as GL, or he was considering it.
  • JS Chan
    #25 that was suppose to be for the JL movie but i think they're not doing that any more and to #1 David Hasselhoff are u freaking kidding me!!!
  • Nathan
    according to ryan reynolds imdb, he is green latern




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