Catherine Hardwicke Adapting Gayle Forman's If I Stay

February 24, 2009

Catherine Hardwicke Adapting Gayle Forman's If I Stay

Apparently Summit Entertainment and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke have resolved any major issues that originally arose during the shooting of Twilight, because Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Hardwicke has signed on to direct an adaption of Gayle Forman's forthcoming young adult novel "If I Stay" for Summit. The book is about a 17-year-old girl name Mia who gets in a car accident and in the blink of an eye finds herself watching her damaged body being pulled from the wreckage. She must decide whether or not she has the will to live. No screenwriter is officially attached to adapt yet either.

Before directing Twilight last year, Hardwicke previously directed Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, and The Nativity Story, a diverse line-up of films. While she didn't exactly do well enough with Twilight to continue working on that series, she will still most likely be remembered as the director who brought Stephenie Meyer's vision to life. Hence why I'm sure she seems like a good fit, in theory, for "If I Stay". Unfortunately, I already get the feeling that this is going to be one of those annoying "young adult" movies that is catered to a very specific demographic - one which I am not a part of. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Thoughts?

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  • Janet
    I think the plot sounds really interesting but I'm not sure about Catherine as the director. I definitely think this sounds like it has potential to not be like another "young adult" movie but who they pick as the screenwriter will tell more about the direction it will go.
  • With a movie based on a synopsis like this one, it will ride a razor edge between so depressing, I'll come out of the movie questioning my own will to live--and not feeling any pathos at all for the central character.
  • Wow, sounds like a really good idea. However there is a lot of ways this can go bad like how you said, too teen like. Even too depressing like the comment above, but you are forgetting that this is teen director of Thirteen so I have confidence in it.
  • Alison
    I read this book recently, and it is absolutely amazing. You see, I read the author's note sections too, and Gayle Forman wants this book to be not a book of a genre, but one that is so good that teens want to hand it over to their parents and have them read it too--it's not a strictly teen novel. It has a lot about family, dynamic characters (even those who died) and if Cahterine Hardwicke and the screenwriter nail it just right, it should be a movie everyone can go to (except for small children). I don't think it was utterly depressing; it was very sad, the situation, but kind of bittersweet--there was lots of hope at the end, and the characters, oh every single one of them just made the book feel that much better. I hope they get this right.
  • Lily
    I loved the book and I would love it if some one made a movie based on the book! I think you should so go with it! This is coming from a teen just letting you guys know. Don't you think the you should be asking the "young adults" about this? I believe it will help! We are gonna be the ones to decide if it's good or not. Right?
  • Ariel
    I really think this book should be turned into a movie. I'm a teen who just recently read it (a girl who usually doesn't read alot) but after reading this book it trully is amazing. It would be a top seller no doubt. The plot line and characters in the story are wonderful. This book is just something that is emotional and heartfelt that most teens and grown ups would love to see. If it brings tears to your eyes reading it (which it did through out almost for me) it for sure will for most everyone else as a movie. Me and many others i'm sure would LOVE to see this happen! (:
  • Charlie
    Okay, I love the book and think it'd be great in theaters but I would HATE if it sucked as much as Twilight did. Seriously, that book was okay and it completely RUINED the series for me. ((that and Breaking Dawn, which I did not enjoy)) I loved Catherine's directing in Lord of Dogtown however, so maybe she wouldn't completely mess it up. Hopefully.
  • Taylor
    I think this would make a amazing movie cause, let's face it, the book did. I like Twilight so I'm not gonna say that Chaterines gonna suck as a derector for this but I really hope she gives it everything she's got.
  • Shaylagrowls
    Everytime a book I like gets made into a movie, the movie turns out like total crap compared to the book. It pisses me off. But I don't know, I guess it would be totally awesome if it was just like the book, evefry detail. Unlike most movies. How about it?
  • socalnat
    These are great books and would be a great movie if like someone else said they have the right director. I am a Twilight fan but not necessary a fan of Catherines. I find her directing kind of wishy washy and weak sometimes. I wasn't a fan of her work with Twilight but was a fan of Thirteen. I say another directer could make this a good film.
  • Annabelle
    I dont like the facr that the same person who made the movie twilight(who also made the movie crap) is making my favorite book into a not liking this she is not a good director!!
  • Beth
    I've read this book three times, just cause it's an amazing book. The director of Twilight, did a great job. Yeah, some people complain about her direction of Twilight, but I think it turned out awesome! If she was to make one of my favorite books, a movie, why I would be open minded about it, and give it a chance!




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