Check This Out: Empire Debuts New Hobbit Cover

January 28, 2009

Check This Out: Empire Debuts New Hobbit Cover

Okay, okay, I know this is just Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, but I get a chill realizing that we'll see be seeing Middle Earth again on the big screen in two years time. Empire has debuted their latest cover, which features everyone's favorite CGI wonder, Smeagol, looking quite happy. Why is he on the cover if they haven't even written the script or started shooting The Hobbit? "We feel it’s our duty to cheer you up – and what better way than by presenting to you our brand new issue… inside our special feature, you'll find a one-stop shop of information on the films that may be the most anticipated of the next few years."

Empire Hobbit Cover

I haven't picked up the latest issue yet, but Empire claims their article on The Hobbit will "tell you how the film finally became a reality after years languishing in tangled rights hell; why Peter Jackson stepped aside from directing; what might be contained in the mooted second movie; and just what director Guillermo del Toro has in store for the whole shebang." Here's a sneak peek at a quote from del Toro: "Whatever The Hobbit ends up being, it has to ultimately blend seamlessly into the first movie of the trilogy. We have to respect the cosmology and the canon established by the trilogy and follow it." Sound good to you?

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  • Scott McHenry
    I really am not worried about these two additions to the Middle Earth saga. Del Toro seems to know that they need to fit seamlessly into the trilogy. Plus it's not like Jackson won't be there. The only rumor that scares me is the whole cast of hobbits returning for these which doesn't happen in the book at all. But Jackson did add stuff like the elves helping Rohan at Helm's Deep and it worked. So I open to whatever they have up their sleeves.
  • Keith
    Sounds like a great article, can't wait to read it
  • Cody
    After seeing hellboy 2 i just hope del toro wont make it a FX showcase and stick to the book...Because every battle and scenario in the book can be perfectly rendered. Especially the misty mountain/ goblin encounter really looking forward to actually seeing Smaug also.
  • Smeagol looks WAY too happy on that cover. He looks like a cartoon!
  • dave13
    Oh my gosh, the goblin encounter would be so amazing to see on the screen! I have faith in Del Toro to create a visually stunning movie with a good story. He hasn't always succeeded in the later, but that still wouldn't stop me from seeing it. He's succeeded more times than many other directors in both regards.
  • I'm pretty excited about the Hobbit. My primary school teacher read us the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings every day at the end of school for 2 years, it had a big impression on me. I don't see how all the Hobbits could be in this, but we'll see. Either way, can't wait. Also my teacher would play songs from middle earth on a harp and get us to draw the characters from the stories.
  • fanboy d
    smart. that'll sell a gazillion copies!
  • D-9
    Thanks for some good news today Alex, since you crushed us all with the Green Hornet and Rogen disaster. Can't wait for this.
  • zetsu
    gollum,del toro & jackson this is gonna be fucking awesome.
  • dexter
    Alex thanks for the info, I can't wait to see this.Gonna be freaking awesome!
  • REAL6
    Im very worried!!!
  • avi
    the onley one who can do it is del toro! I've seen pan's labyrint and the orphanage and must say:they where awesome!
  • Logan
    Where can you buy Empire? I've never found it anywhere.
  • D-9
    Logan: Borders is always a good choice and if you have a Hastings in your area try there. Problem is the min/max. Most locations sell out fast. I think they get the min. which is 12.
  • Redilicious Buttons
    Some public libraries get Empire. Also try university libraries, especially the arts library. They always have movie magazines, Film comment, sight and sound, etc etc.
  • Logan
    Thanks D-9. I'll be sure to check there this afternoon, if I can.
  • @4 Thats cause in this movie he still has his precious. hehe ^.^ Never got to read the trilogy, but I did read The Hobbit. If they just stick to the book like Peter J did, they should be fine.




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