Check This Out: Movie Monsters Size Comparison Chart

July 19, 2009

Movie Monsters Size Comparison Chart

I've been known to post random articles with cool content that is somehow related to Cloverfield (like this one). While this chart I'm featuring today does include Cloverfield, that's not the only monster on it. Our friends at GeekTyrant found a great chart comparing some 11 notable movie monsters and their sizes. It starts with Chucky from Child's Play, believe it or not, and also includes the Wicked Witch of the West, Tyrannosaurus Rex, King Kong, the Rancor from Star Wars, Megatron, the 50 Foot Woman, Mr. Stay Puft from Ghostbusters, the Tripods from War of the Worlds, Godzilla, and, of course, the Cloverfield monster.

Evil Comes In All Sizes

You can actually buy this very design on a t-shirt, if you're so inclined (but it's only available in the UK via teepay). I dig it because it's so unconventional and they choose such an odd collection of monsters. Why not include the new snow monster from Star Trek or other classics like Frankenstein or the Kraken from Clash of the Titans or the ants from Them or Bruce from Jaws or the Statue of Liberty from Ghostbusters II or the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings? It's still a great design and I give my compliments to whoever came up with it, as I'm not sure who to credit. Lastly, for the sake of discussion: Who is your favorite movie monster?

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  • Your the biggest monster (looser) if you actually buy a t-shirt with this design
    • Nysj63
       crabby likes it up the ass,like father like son apparently......
  • Big Red Moose
    Best movie monster is Jaws. Hands down. No contest. No other monster still scares people today the same it did 30+ years ago, if only because Jaws is the only monster that is tangible. Somewhere on this planet he exists. That is always in the back of your mind when your swimming pretty much anywhere not in a pool. Honourable mention should go to Gustav from Primevil.
  • Big Red Moose
    To #1, CRAM IT!!! People like you are no fun.
  • nerdherd
    mr stay puff
  • ronnicxx
    lol #3
  • jasonmd2020
    I'm kinda dissapointed my fave monster's not on it. The first Alien film scared the crap outta me when I was a lad.
  • taylor
    who would win in a fight Godzilla or the clovefield monster? my money is on Godzilla. that thing is more mobile and has a better arm length. though Godzilla can to a lot of hits, breath fire and if he needs to he has a bunch of hidden powers(flying and nuclear power ability's). the cloverfield monster can probably dodge most attacks but most hits would do some damage. the clovefield monster could let loose the little drone things and have them cover Godzilla like fire ants. Godzilla may be able to shoot fire at him but the clovefield monster can take a lot of fire damage. it sounds like an equal fight.
  • Janny
    the rancor seems a bit oversized to me... seems like it should be the size of the T-rex that is on there. unless skywalker fought a baby one
  • Xerxex
    love thathte Rancor is on it! Just don't quite understand why Chucky is one it, Why not Jaws or Alien, or even The Predator? Sorry I'm just nit picking...other than my useless complaint its awesome!
  • Clover
    remember....Clover was the baby.
  • Where is Brüno? That would be my favorite monster. :)
  • Mark
    Awesome random chart. Saved.
  • Sabes
    I feel nerdy...because I would buy that on a shirt. :\ lol
  • Robbie
    I'll go for the Cloverfield monster =)
  • FiendishMonkey
    Sweet design... I should just remind people of the monster at the end of The Mist though. That thing was so friggin epic, that it didn't even pay attention to the people...too small and insignificant for it.
    Godzilla would burn these other guys to the ground. And King Kong would somehow find a way to make the 50-foot Woman his lady.
  • Ariel
    My favorite monster was Shaq from Kazaam.
  • Cody
    Yeah what 10 said that was the baby imagine the god it would own a city with one arm. Lol 7 let me continue this while godzilla does have alot of weapons remember when they stealth bombed it and did nothing I honestly think it would just walk through anything godzilla threw at it and bite his head off with one chomp....not to mention those creatures or maybe even the monster himself can cause beings head to spontaneously blow up. Also like you said its arms length it would use a building as a shield then just swoop and claw godzillas face off. Very fun thing to think about though. I honestly wish some people wouldnt hate on cloverfield so much it was stunningly original and freakin intense...not that anyone said bad about it here but I see people saying it was horrible all the time.
  • DCompose
    ... The Statue of Liberty from Ghostbusters II? Really?
  • Nick S.
    clover's larger than big G? really? i love how king kong looks like a lil b*tch... god i hate that guy.
  • th3thirdman
    now I think the newer godzilla you know the on from that movie that was all fast and shit would PWN them all unless you get the most badass of all monsters in the mix............. James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
  • Eric
    Favorite monster: The Thing from John Carpenter's The Thing.
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Im not sure if Jaws still scares people to this day....I even watched it with some young cousins and they dont seem to be scared of it. But if i showed them Alien, i bet you they would have some type of nightmares, i know i did...for 10 years!
  • AprilCoolsDay
    My favorite monster is a small cute pet who would spawn small evil monsters upon water contact. What was the name of the movie?
  • Gremlins!
  • quez
    idk my favorite monster would be................................................................ my dads belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Daishin
    #24 Gizmo from Gremlins
  • The damn thing that ate the fairy in the movie Pan's Labrynith. The movie that was in spanish and was too fuckin lazy to put in subs when it was released on dvd. Still, that thing. Should had the Terminator. Or- something from resident evil. The Tyrant.
  • Joe Ho
    Wicked Witch? Really???? she gets wet and dies. Go Clover!
  • Xerxex
    #22 The Thing was the most F'd up thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That next to the face hugger!!!!!!!!
  • Phase
    Man, this chart is so off. They have the T. Rex at about ten feet tall, when it can reach twenty. And the Rancor is nowhere near that large.
  • Wait - you list "King Kong vs Godzilla" under Godzilla's appearances, but their size is so disparate -- I expect perfect continuity between different films and studios!
  • I agree with #8 and #31 in that rancor is too large. Rancor clutching a human in it's hand should be roughly equivalent to a human clutching a 7" figurine, which is about how big King Kong is, although his size seems to vary wildly depending on which scene of which movie you are watching. +1 for replacing the Wicked Witch of the West with a xenomorph from the Alien series. Way more badass.
  • que bueno seria ver una pelea entre Clover y Godzilla
  • you know what screw all of you. Godzilla would beat the crap out of anybody.
    U KNOW WHAT. Screw the T-rex, 50-foot bitch, & that wicked witch. Add Jaws, an xenomorph, the sandworm from dunes, & the claw and this thing would be epic
    also screw megatron, hes a hero not a villain.
    & the rancor. WTF is a rancor!?!?!? I don't watch star wars. It's like adding the death star to a list of planets.
  • godzilla rules
    you are a stupid if you think the godzilla vs king kong moive had the right sive of kong and godzilla! godzilla would kill them all!
  • manny




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