Chris Hemsworth Officially Cast as Kenneth Branagh's Thor

May 16, 2009
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth

It looks like we finally have our Thor! After months and months of casting rumors, Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has been cast as the Norse God of Thunder. You may not know Hemsworth by name yet, but if you've seen Star Trek, you know his face - he played Kirk's father George Kirk in the opening of that movie. Finke says that he got the role through some insistence on the part of his agent, and once he got on tape for a reading the second time, he was in. Hemsworth also scored the lead role in MGM's remake of Red Dawn that's also in development this year.

For the last few months, we've heard details off and on about who might play the role of Thor. The fan favorite all along has been Kevin McKidd, but then it was rumored in March that Alexander Skarsgård had been given the role. But now Finke confirms that Hemsworth has indeed been given the role. If I can say one thing, I loved that opening, and although he didn't have many lines, Hemsworth pulled off a great opening performance, and I can't wait to see what he does in a lead role. The last we heard, a few weeks ago, Kenneth Branagh was spending the rest of the year in pre-production with a start date set for January next year.

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    That's weird, I was watching Star Trek thinking "This guy might be an ok Captain America." Guess I missed the next logical step in the thought process.
  • nelson
    you cant be captain America if your Australian it is just not the American way LOL
  • DoomCanoe
    if they give him a huge nordic beard and long hair i can see it. and I'm not against it either.
  • Django
    I was rootin' for Skarsgard, simply b/c of the coolness of his name. I hope Branagh is able to make Thor a character driven film w/ action setpieces & some humor. It'll be interesting to see this guy get in verbal spats with Tony Stark. I think Star Trek definitely showed he could convey some depth beneath his jocular exterior. Maybe they'll still make Stellan Skarsgard Odin? Is Josh Hartnett still favored to play Loki? Cuz now I'm having some trouble picturing it. I feel like against this guy, Loki would have to be noticably uglier.
  • nelson
    Ralph Fiennes was always my top choice for Loki
  • Silver
    this guy is also gonna be in Whedon's Cabin in the Woods
  • cat
    who? who was he in star trek?
  • nelson
    read the article LOL
  • Justin
    Hmmm... he's an alpha / alphaero kind of guy, so I guess he'd make a powerful Thor.
  • Matt
    I like the choice. Just need to hear him scream "for Odin, for Asgard!" Please no Josh Hartnet as Loki.
  • I'm not against this guy - I liked him in Star Trek - but he just looks too All-American for Thor. He looks like a perfect choice for Captain America, quite honestly. I have doubts that a Thor film can make it on its own, then again who knows.
  • Darunia
    I can totally see it. And speaking about seeing him in Star Trek, when i was watching his stuff, all i could think was "Damn, they really went out and cast a dude who could pass for Kirk himself, just so audiences believed in the character, too bad he's going to die, what a waste". And now bam, the guy is cast in a big movie. Great choice imo, the guy has presence.
  • Wow, if he's getting all these parts he must have had a lot of acting lessons since he left Aussie soap Home & Away. He was unbelievably wooden and inexpressive in that show, one of the worst actors on it. Perhaps he was just depressed at having to say such dreadful dialogue...
  • Lazarus
    Coolness factor +10 for this actor! Loved him in Trek and now we get to see him shine!!! Great casting strikes once again!!!
  • midnightlight
    Awesome awesome move. It is great can't wait to see it. Helped get Star Trek off to a get start. Give this man a beard and some long hair and I believe a star is born!
  • Dean
    What's funny about this is the fact that I can see Chris Pine, this guy's son on-screen, being a perfect Captain America.
  • LSP
    I love that #2 argue he can't be the Cap but can be a Norse god cause being Australian doesn't mess that up either. lol
  • nelson
    because it doesn't LOL when you got "America" in you name you must be American simple as that you wouldn't cast brad pitt for the role of captain Britain would you?
  • movieboy
    @#18 Nelson they casted Chris Hemsworth an Australian actor to play Thor a Norse god Scarlett Johansson is playing Black Widow who is Russian in Iron Man 2 Tim Roth whos British played Russian soldier Emil Blonsky in The Incredible Hulk Wolverine who is Canadian and everyone knows that is been played by an Australian actor Hugh Jackman. so what if it has "American" in the name of Captain America it does not mean he will be played by an American actor it will be played by an good actor who looks like the character and actor like the character.
  • elessar
    A surprising but good choice. I thought he did a great job in the Star Trek opening. Unless I'm wrong, Thor never had a beard in the comics. Long hair, yes, but no beard.
    That being said, I like this guy's presence, I'm sure he can at least pull it off. Haven't seen him give much gravitas, hopefully he can play all of Branagh's big dramatic cues. Let's see if he can make a real character out of one of the most cardboard in the Marvel canon.
    Also, he's got a bit of the Swayze in him, doesn't he?
  • jh
    sorry 19, but i agree with 18 that captain america has to be played by an american, its not like those other characters because their nationalities arent as important to their personas, while captain america's is based so much around the fact that he is an american
  • Joanne
    Good luck with Hemsworth everyone needs a break. However I will not see this movie. Alexander Skarsgard would have been the perfect Viking God of Thunder. Also what bonehead director doesn't use an actor that has a huge fan base following, a hit HBO show. Who has charisma for both sexes and who is swedish. What.. that right Branagh. Good luck
    I think people of Scandanavian origin may disagree with you on that. That being said, what is American? And what is Scandanavian? Isn't an American just an Immigrant? And maybe Chris Hemsworth may be an ancestor of Scandanavians that immigrated to Australia...or maybe the immigrated from America....
    I think anybody can play anyone as long as they have the right skills for it and the right's acting, not Eugenics...
  • John J
    #18 why not Brad Pitt play Captain Britain. If the guy can pull off a remarkable gypsy accent in Snatch, I wouldn't see a problem. Does it matter where an actor comes from as long as he/she fits the role?
  • movieboy
    @#24 jh and #18 Nelson ok so you saying Captain American should be played by an American right. so i guess Prince of Persia should be played by a Persian not an American actor Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Last Son
    #2 your are spot on. It would be dumb as hell to have an Australian play Captain America What would they be thinking. Next thing you know they'd have a U.K. actor playing Batman and Australian actor playing the part of Wolverine. Wolverine is canadian, so they should get Mike Myers to play the part. Oh hell yeah Baby! I'm gonna claw you and then I'm gonna shag ya baby yeah! WTF Seriously. It doesn't matter where you are from. If you can act then your in. There have been many Australians cast in these films. Eric Bana was a great Hulk and Hugh Jackman is a great Wolverine. Maybe they should cast an amazing american actor like they did when they cast Ben Asslick in Daredevil.
  • avoidz
    Dude has been in Aussie soap Home & Away for years. I guess that makes him qualified for this role.
  • splinter
    #1 I THOUGHT THE SAME DAM THING , but i also could see him as thor, But Captain America above all is my favorite character so i hope they get someone good.
  • avoidz
    Maybe they can get Alan Cumming for Loki again :)
  • Roberto Dinamite
    First they had The Mexican with Brad Pitt and now we have The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise? Maybe they'll produce my film, The Last Nigga on Earth starring Tom Hanks.
  • Roberto Dinamite
    or the Australian dude in Captain America!
  • sean
    Who honestly gives a fuck about THOR?! When did he become a "superhero" the people cared about?
  • Voice of Reason
    cheers #36...'Guess it's just too bad this movie will blow beyond belief anyways?
  • Chris H.
    #36 - When it meant an Avengers movie coming one step closer. Also, I had no idea this guy was cast as the patrick swayze character in Red Dawn. Kick ass.
  • terry
    @34 Roberto Dinamite that comment you said about "The Last N-word on Earth starring Tom Hanks" is funny but Paul Mooney said it first
  • elessar
    #25: Just because an actor has a sizable fanbase doesn't mean they'd be any good for a role. I don't recall RDJ or Ledger having a sizable fanbase advocating their casting. In fact, there were sizable groups disparaging both choices. I think it shows guts on Branagh's part. Plus, Branagh is a better director and actor than any grumbling fanboy could ever be.
  • Ryderup
    I don't see this movie making much money.
  • S
    What about the guy that plays Benjamin in Lost? I think he'd make a good/creepy Loki.
  • mandarin
    I dunno. Too squeaky clean.
  • Roberto Dinamite
    @39, really??? Paul Mooney said it? noooo way!!
  • @17,18,19 i'm sure he was being mildly sarcastic =)
  • @17,18,19 i think #2 was using sarcastic humor =)
  • tiredofchickenleggedsuperheros
    wow, what's with all the cardio geeks being cast as superhero's these days. I know chicks in my gym with bigger guns than this guy, and he's supposed to be a god? I think they really missed the boat on this. I hear they are trying to do a Conan remake, they are considering Sasha Baron Cohen for the lead...
  • carlos hernandez
    I agree, he is going to have to put at least 30-40 lbs of muscle in order to pull this off; enough with the boyish good looks, it’s getting a bit sad, everyone looks too normal or too good looking. We go to the movies to watch movies that contain characters that are above our world, what is the point of seeing a normal cut dude with 30lbs of cloth and a hammer. Super heroes are just that, above normal "SUPER", super bodies and super strong, not all heroes are good looking it makes it more realistic.
  • atticus
    @48 Yeah if only Hollywood could create digital effects. Maybe one day, eh mate?
  • brandon2179
    Are they gonna give this guy steroids? I mean wtf?
  • matador
    thor should be about 6-6'4 and built like a tank not the whimpy young captain kurt
  • Meg
    Chris will be perfect for the role! I have recently seen him on TMZ and Just Jared, he has gotten so much more buff! He said all he does is drink protein shakes and go to the gym to get in shape for this role! He def deserves it !
  • Meg
    and also for all the others who are saying that he is wimpy and weak, what about Taylor Lautner for example, everyone sai that he would be crap because he is to wimpy and little for the role.. Look at him now!! He hs gained 30 Ibs and evryone loves him! Give Chris a break. People need to prepare for their roles. No one would be cast of their roles if they looked like they needed to on their movie on the day of their audition. Fuck sake.
  • Thor? I think that the rush of comic book movies is getting a little out hand. I only hope that this actor proves to be a good hero and the film does well.
  • BlackestBreed
    I really don't care about his ethnicity, but he seriously needs to pack on some muscle for this role. As far as Brad Pitt goes, he's been a British vampire, an Irish gypsy, and one hell of a Jesse James. So, why not? I had thought Orlando Bloom would have been great for Prince of Persia but Jake seems to do some justice. Guess we'll just have wait and see.
  • Maggie
    Ummm 'blackestbreed' Have u seen Chris lately? He is buff. They really only have old photos of him, but he has gotten so massive lately. He will be perfect for the role.
  • BlackestBreed
    @ Maggie- I have honestly searched for recent photos, but have turned up empty handed. I shall take your word, though if you could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I have friends that have vowed to not to see the film, if he does not look the part. Thank you.
  • maggie
    Blackestbreed - Have you seen the Thor photo of Chris Hemsworth. I can honestly say that he looks the part 100%. No one could have been selected better then him. He looks tank in that photo. Look at his arms!! But that will be a shame for your friends to miss out. Although they shouldnt judge the entire movie from Chris.. I have faith that the movie will be a huge succes..
  • maggie
    Also Chris Hemsworth is 191cm. So @matador you should stop complaining, because he fits the criteria perfectly.




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