Clash of the Titans Adding More Gods & Maybe Going 3D?!

December 19, 2009
Source: Hero Complex

Clash of the Titans

Normally when we hear about reshoots, it's usually a bad thing (e.g. The Wolfman), but this time it could be a very good thing. Hero Complex is reporting that Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans will be doing some extra shooting starting in January. Geoff Boucher caught up with Sam Worthington at an Avatar screening last night and got him to openly chat about what's going on. So why are they doing reshoots? "We're going to be going back and shooting more scenes for it, they cut loose with some money so we can add to it." One of the many reasons I love Warner Brothers - they really care about the good movies they've got coming up.

Even though it's a few more months of extra work, Worthington is very enthusiastic about WB's decision, although it is very late in the game. "We're going to be shooting more scenes in January, so we're going to be right up against it -- the movie comes out in March." How are they going to pull that off? Are they going to have enough time to add the new scenes? They're going to have to make sure it gets done or we're not going to have a movie in March. Maybe they'll delay it until the summer? Worthington thinks all of this is a sign that "Warners and the producers are setting their sights higher for the film." Here's the best part about it:

"There were some creaky parts but they are the parts that we knew were creaky and that we knew were going to be creaky going into it. The studio is also letting us add some gods and scenes. And they're talking about making the movie a 3D film."

Since we don't know too much about the script, it's hard to figure out exactly what he means by "gods and scenes" but I'm definitely excited to see more action, if that's what they're adding. As for 3D, I honestly don't think they'll have the time to add that. Remember Cabin in the Woods was pushed back an entire year so it could be converted to 3D. Is Warner Brothers really going to try and convert Clash of the Titans to 3D in only three months while adding the new scenes shot in January? I doubt it. But you never know? Maybe the success of Avatar and the buzz over its 3D is making them reconsider spending money to add it last minute.

I probably know what happened. Warner Brothers didn't initially think anyone would be interested in this remake. Typically their late-March movies are either hit or miss (300 being a hit, 10,000 BC being a miss) and they were unsure. But then they put out two trailers, both of which were very well received by fans, and now they're thinking this could be a hit. And now they're thinking about giving them a bit more money (that they made from The Blind Side this past month) and letting them reshoot to fix some trouble spots and add more "gods and scenes." Doesn't sound too bad to me. And as for the 3D, we'll let you know if that happens.

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  • Nithin
    I guess its the after effects of Avatar. I saw the original movie, assuming the story for this one is on similar lines, maybe they are gonna have more scenes with the gods. I dont see any action scenes with the gods though.
  • FancyMonocle
    I'm sick of 3D. Especially after Avatar.
  • Mike
    Fancy, you're in a small boat.
  • tyrascilee
    I'm going to buy a pair of ray ban 3D sunglasses.
  • lego
  • samuel j
    if 3D is going to push the release date then they shouldnt do it. i want to see this movie as soon as possible.
  • The Man With No Name
    Adding more high-quality scenes sounds like an excellent idea. Bravo!
  • Fisherr
    They should bring this move without 3D, everything doesn't have to be done the same way.
  • Movietweeter
    3-D tits and ass wohoo!
  • Shannon
    I'm all for 3D as long as it isn't schtick. I had my problem with "Avatar," but at least they didn't overdo any of the 3D aspects of the film. I think with a movie like this, if done right, it could only add to the story.
  • Fearl3ss
    Good on WB, although the CGI doesnt look real and the classic version was incredible in them days. Well theres alot of CGI done, they need the 3D scenes done on the creatures and they have already done them scenes. So what new scenes they will add in 3D about 2? I wouldnt go to a 3D cinema just to watch them scenes. I think theres no point in 3D.
  • jake the snake
    sounds like an excuse to cover up some bad editing. but, i hope this movie rocks. the original was awesome.
  • Garth Marenghi
    I expect what he means when he refers to making the movie 3D is an IMAX re-release later in the year if the 2D version is a hit in the spring. Maybe to tie in with the DVD/Blu-ray campaign? In any case, if the studio are upping their investment because they have more faith in it after seeing an initial cut, that can only be good news. I normally hate remakes and have fond memories of the original flick, but I'm quite optimistic about this one.
  • loci
    Its so far apart from the charm of the original...i wouldn't be surprised to see guns and helicopters added. "fu*k yeah pegasus, lets kick some kraken ass"
  • Madnezz344
    the 3d glasses need to get fixed big time i saw avatar but it was only because the movie was so good that i was able to put up with the dizzyness and the uncomfortable plastic rim at the nose, in my opinion if they keep throwing 3d with every movie i suggest a spongy or soft aplication at the rim of the nose for the glasses other wise this uncomfortableness will catch on
  • name
    This is getting ridiculous. Do people think this 3D BS is making their movies better? Or is it because they can charge higher ticket prices?
  • Frightened Inmate #2
    I dont think it improves the film. Glad Iron Man 2 isnt 3D!
  • taylor
    I kinda want them to push it back another 2 or 3 months. That way it hits in the summer it would also have a better chance. And as far as 3d go's I say if you can do it in time go ahead and if i feel it would be better in 3d i will go see it (just saw avatar today my first 3d thought it worked good because it was more of a tour then a movie)
  • JimD
    I hope some of these producers and directors realize Avatar's 3D was effective because Cameron utilized it very well. Just slapping 3D on your movie isnt neccessarily going to make it better.
  • agentX
    Really?? Its done 3D scenes, i agree with #12 comment. Its a pure cover up, to hide bad editing, and the scenes done in cgi, is pure fake. Cant they make "autobots" robotics mechanical machines??
  • hale
    Not a fan of the 3D since most of its for schtick and I really dont like hundreds of people wearing the glasses right after another when they dont clean them....I dont want some unwashed persons grunge on me
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    i personally like how the film look's already,why does every fucking film coming out of hollywood have to have the fucking 3-d treatment.
  • Pee23
    cant wait for this movie
  • Cineprog
    I doubt they will they will add 3D to clash of the Titans it will take to mutch time if Reshoots start in january i doubt weather there would be time for adding 3D you could only had 3D to the Digital shoots anyway live action they cannot do unless it was shoot in 3D from the Start. its ? 😉
  • I am also so excited to see this movie! I hope that the 3D adds to the movie and does not detract or distract them from the original story.
  • "David Webb"
    3D is just an excuse for higher ticket prices.
  • xerxex
    even though "Avatar" is doing great, I still against 3-D in cinema, and I see no reason to put a hard action-adventure movie like C.O.T.T in 3-D, "Avatar" was good and it did a decent job in 3-D but that is the only movie that works in 3-D because Cameron envisioned it in 3-D, not Clash of the Titans.
  • Gilly
    Looking forward to this, im watching the original on Netflix as i type. why are ppl complaining about 3D? There is always 2 diffrent showings....3D and Regular, If you dont like 3D dont watch it in 3D.




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