Could Common Be Cast as the A-Team's B.A. Baracus?

May 9, 2009
Source: IESB


Yet another casting rumor to keep things exciting this weekend. IESB is reporting that Common is Fox's top choice to play B.A. Baracus in their upcoming A-Team movie. As a potentially painful reminder, Mr. T played Baracus on the original show. Late last year, we were hearing that it could've been Tyrese Gibson who was going to play Baracus. But that was before director John Singleton left the project and Smokin' Joe Carnahan stepped in to replace him. Common did say that it "would be an incredible character to play" in an interview with IESB, however he didn't completely confirm (or deny) the rumor. But will it even get made?

Common went on to talk briefly about how they'd have to update the character. "It's a new day, you just got to give it something new. The kids don't know that B.A., so you wanna bring something new to it and you want to pay respect to B.A. and the way B.A, was created, too." And let's say he was cast as B.A. Baracus, what about that iconic Mr. T mohawk? "I can't do the mohawk, but we got to do something, we got to find something to make it work." Remember, this A-Team movie has had quite a few problems over the last few years, and I'm much more curious to see if Fox will ever get it greenlit more than I am to see who they cast.

Is Bruce Willis still involved as Hannibal? What about Woody Harrelson? All that we seem to know for certain is that Joe Carnahan will be directing this. Hell, does anyone even want to see an A-Team movie?

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  • geneguru
    of course we want to see an A-team movie could be actually good alex giv it a chance!!!
  • harlem shake
    only one person can do B.A. ... and thats ICE Cube...LOL OR they could use
  • harlem shake
    crap, i was gonna say they could use Kimbo slice...LOL
  • K
    I think he would be a good choice, he's actually a very good actor. He'd have to beef up a bit. #2. Good call, never thought of the Cube. He's be a good choice as well. And he's already a good size. Although I prefer Common's acting. Looks like we have a dance off. Common vs Cube.
  • Al
  • movieboy
    it should be Terry Crews or Lester Speight oh alex i think alot of people want to see a cool A-Team movie but im worried cause this is done by FOX
  • Spider
    An "A-Team" flick would be cool. The filmmakers just have to get the characters right and have a really good script! That said, is there any reason why they couldn't get Mr. T to play B.A.? Just like "Star Trek" pulled off a great reboot; getting the characters right and blending the old Spock with the new Spock, this flick could also work by bringing back an original character--in this case Mr. T's B.A. Baracus. Anyway, Mr.T and Bruce Willis aren't that far apart in age and Mr. T still pretty much looks the same as he did back then. This would be inspired casting if it'd materialize! I can just imagine the buzz on that one nostalgia factor alone-- that every reboot needs to have!
  • MonkeyMowse
    No to the movie and no to Common for the role.
  • Smiffy1
    The cast of Three Kings for the A-Team. Think about it.
  • Caleb
  • zubzwank
    Is there really A-Team nostalgia? Gee, I hope that's not the best TV memory some people have from their youths. Talk about underprivileged children...
  • Dresden
    # 9, yeah but who would play HOWLIN' MAD Murdock?
  • Dan W
    It's funny. When I first started listening to him, when he was still called Common Sense, I never thought I would ever see his name in the cast of a Terminator movie. Or any other movie he's been in for that matter. It blows my mind. I think he's a pretty good actor though. I'm trying to think of any other rapper/actor that was any good..... L L cool jay was ok in that shark movie, 50 cent is terrible, eminem is alright but he's an actor in real life anyway. Tupac might actually be better an actor than common. Not a big fan but he was a better actor than common is.
  • harlem shake
    jim carey as murdock!
  • harlem shake
    George cloony can be hannibal... or even face... crap even Brad pitt can be Face.
  • Drived
    Who the hell needs an A-Team movie???
  • Lawyer
    I vote for O.J. Simpson as Baracus!
  • rjp
    cube would be good for the role.... but i'd rather see terry crews...he's a guy that can play Baracus..
    Bruce Willis - Hannibal Common - BA Barracus Colin Ferrell - Face Dane Cook - Murdock NUFF SAID, MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!
  • tommyturner
    How about doing the crazy Hollywood switcheroo and making B.A. a WHITE guy? Chuck Liddell already has a mohawk. If not, how about Ving Rhames? Why not make it all geriatric? Clint Eastwood - Hannibal Tommy Lee Jones - Murdock Robert Redford - Face Fred Williamson - B.A. Now there's a movie I'd pay for!
  • Spider
    #11 Of course there is! Don't you think there was a nostalgia factor for "Star Trek"?? To the tune of what, 76.5 million!!!!! It was the perfect mesh of the old and the new!.......And with a good script too!! IT ALL WORKED! That's the formula an "A-Team" flick needs. Who the hell needed a "Mod Squad", "Starsky and Hutch", "Beverly Hillbillies" etc. etc. We got them and yet, they were not done right! They stunk on all levels!! ***Underpriviledged?? Look in the mirror!!
    #20 you are a goon, what a shit list...what I want is the A team , not the Senior Citizens Team
  • zubzwank
    #21, no offense, but... I knew Star Trek, and The A-Team is no Star Trek. It ain't even Starsky and Hutch or Baretta. Pretty much a waste of celluloid.
  • 98championsmvpjbs
    Only Mr.T can play B.A. I will never change my mind. The same thing with the other 3 from the show...Dirk, Dwight, and George.




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