Creepy Trailer for Lost at Sea Psychological Thriller 'Triangle'

July 16, 2009
Source: Empire

Triangle Trailer

I don't get excited for that many horror movies, but this one has piqued my interest. Empire just debuted the trailer for Triangle, which is short for the Bermuda Triangle. It's a lost-at-sea psychological thriller that looks like it gets crazier as time goes on. It starts out with a group of people, including the beautiful Melissa George, sailing on a yacht on the open sea who get caught up in a major storm. Once they make it out, barely alive, they come across a cruise liner, but once aboard they discover that it's completely empty. From there things get really twisted. It looks like it could be pretty good, so check out the trailer below.

Watch the trailer for Christopher Smith's Triangle:

The story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.

Triangle is both written and directed by British filmmaker Christopher Smith, of horror films Creep and Severance previously. This was made for a modest $18 million and was shot in Australia last summer. Icon Entertainment is selling the film but hasn't found a distributor for the US just yet. Hopefully we'll see this sometime later this year, at least on DVD or otherwise. I'm looking forward to see it no matter what.

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  • PJH
    Finally! This trailer has bin online for months and I've been waiting for FS to pic up on it. Im really looking forward for it
  • Cody
    Meh dont know need a better trailer...reminds me a bit of a stephen king movie I saw on TV once with the abandoned cruise liner.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Right about one thing, "everything you see you have seen before" Seriously Alex, go take a week off and catch up on some movies and see how many times this has been done. Exciting? Thrilling? Twisted!?! About as Twisted as an M Night movie.
  • Spider
    This IS pretty intriguing! This looks to be a cut above the standard horror flick! I'm there!
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    "When I have a bad dream, I close my eyes and thin of somthing nice." Aren't your eyes already closed when your having a bad dream?
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    "You know what I do when I have a bad dream? I close my eyes think of somthing nice." Aren't your eyes already closed when your having a bad dream?
  • Sancho
    looks worth a "rent".
  • ocp
    #6 people still rent?
  • leiner
    pretty much the usual horror-standard-flick
  • OG
    Wasn't there an X-Files episode about this?
  • Matthew
    The whole starting over thing reminds me of Hypercube.. but I very much doubt the reason it is happening on the Cruiser is the same as in the Cube
  • dan
    #7........ever hear of netflix and blockbuster? lol on topic- this looks good. i'm looking forward to seeing it.
  • -Peter-
    this has potential
  • scm1000
    Lord of the Rings Nazgul music in a trailer? Pass.
  • Cody
    THATS WHERE I HEARD THAT FROM...thank you 13
  • Bob
    Hang on, isn't this 'Death Ship' & 'Ghost Ship' being remade again? Regardless..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • PJH
    there is a 3 min trailer for this somewhere.... ah here it is enjoy
  • the trailer addict version is muuuuuuch better.
  • Shelby
    The trailer addict version does get a lot better until it starts to give too much of the ending away
  • wm
    i bet it's all a dream in the end hahhahahahahhahahahaha
  • DoomCanoe
    i bet it has to do with Aliens! anyways the trailer was pretty bad, didn't seem like they knew where they wanted to go with it. and it seemed like they just threw it together. ill still see the movie though, looks kinda badass i guess
  • Cody
    Gotta say the 3 minute one that PJH posted is 10 times better I actually want to see it after watching that one.
  • xMort
    This trailer is full of spoilers, but better than the last one, which shows nearly everything. And it looks too simililar to great spanish movie Timecrimes, but with changed exteriers.
  • MK-Ultra
    Everything I saw I have seen before. Haunting.
  • :(
    sigh ugh fail
  • zth
    Everything I saw I have seen before...Final Destination???
  • Ariel
    Oh yeah, the Trailer Addict version was much better. WTF was with a flipping car though? I thought this was a movie at sea. Anyway, I usually hate horror movies but I'll be looking forward to this one.
  • that guy
    did anyone else think that the mask looked like the Scarecrow mask from Batman? Mas Puto!
  • Colin
    Groundhog Day 2: The Triangle
  • Greedo
    Timecrimes on a Boat Everything you've seen before. How true. Also, looks exactly like the layout on the X-Files boat.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    #30 Haha, I was just about to say the same. Wasn't there a haunted cruise boat movie a while ago? Ghostship or something? Because that's what this reminded me off. Oh, but this one has Scarecrow in it, nowai! OMG! <..>
  • Lar
    The VO turned me off, cause that's the same one from the Sci-Fi (now Syfy, lame!) channel.
  • Big Red Moose
    This looks like Vantage Point meets Ghost Ship meets The Strangers, with a little more crap thrown in. I know you seem intrigued Alex, but I am not by what.
  • Tether
    @23 and 30 exactly what I was thinking. still, I'll check it out either matinee or rental.
  • L1A
    one thing we know for certain. it can't be as bad as transformers 2, right?
  • Jon
    that three minute traileraddicts trailer is MUCH better, i'm definitely interested in this one
  • Fc
    watch Time Crimes. it just repeats over and over again. >____> dude, i even bet that the person in the mask is her. or something.
  • Reminded me of a funny and artistic X-Files episode... with Nazis and Bermuda's triangle.
  • lego
    she'll wake up, realize it was a dream. exactly. till she realizes that she's still on the same boat traileraddict trailer was pretty nice tho. cept for that random car flipping. -.-
  • AprilCoolsDay
    Reminds me of mathematician Terence Tao's thought experiment where Lara Croft stacks the corpes of her copies in order to reach a certain switch.
  • Trey
    that was "timecrimes" on a boat all the way




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