Creepy Trailer for Virus Movie 'Carriers' Starring Chris Pine

July 1, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth

Carriers Trailer

Way back before Chris Pine had ever even dreamt of becoming Captain Kirk, he starred in a post-apocalyptic indie thriller called Carriers directed by two Spanish brothers. Paramount Vantage, which no longer exists, has held onto the film ever since it was shot in 2006. They're now finally planning to dump it in theaters this September, most likely because they know that it has some potential after Pine blew everyone away in Star Trek. The first trailer for Carriers has hit and it actually doesn't look half bad. It's hard to tell if it will be any good, but it has a bit of a 28 Days Later feel to it, set in New Mexico rather than London. Check it out!

Watch the first trailer for Àlex and David Pastor's Carriers:

Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic on their way to a secluded beach in Mexico soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus. Carriers stars Chris Pine, Lou Taylor Pucci, Piper Perabo, and Emily VanCamp.

Carriers is both written and directed by Spanish brothers Àlex Pastor and David Pastor, of only a few short films previously. This is their feature directorial debut, although they haven't directed anything else or lined up other projects. It was shot back in 2006 in New Mexico and has been in post-production at Paramount Vantage ever since. Paramount is finally releasing Carriers in limited theaters starting on September 4th.

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  • Quanah
  • matthew
    looks good. i just dont like how they made it seem that piper's character died because shes hot
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebookme!!!)
    I feel like this has been done a few times, but i could rent it ....
  • Sabes
  • Django
    I think the Zombies look better than most movies do. I'm all for subtlety, and this movie seems to have it as well as horror, suspense and action. I'll see it.
  • w00t!!!
    Meh...Piper Perabo is very hot though. This looks mediocre at best though, nothing great, and not theater money worthy.
  • LW
    Everyones got cooties
  • thumbsucker!
  • Sharkman
    Jeez, can we just take a break from zombie epidemic movies for a few years? There are other subjects of interest in Hollywood, are there not?
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Pfft! No such thing as "too many zombie movies". And the ones in this one look actually pretty good. I'll see it. Byaar!
  • Darrin
    chris pine was ok in star trek, he was awesome in smokin aces but he looks really serious in this one.
  • The carriers don't seem to be running around, are they like boobie traps? Reminded me a little of Rec for some reason. If the world was that messed up I'd rock a mouth shotgun sandwich, what's the point, we all know how it will end...
  • thejugfather
    looks awesome but not worth seeing it in theaters i'll wait for DVD
  • Phizik
    hmm nothing new but looks watchable.....DVD of course !!
  • RandyG
    #11: I agree. And DVD all the way.
  • dan
    i think this looks great. i like the moral dilemmas the cast will have to deal with............and the zombies too!!!
  • jaja
    eeehm 28 days later?
  • Frame
    I love me some zombie flicks! And Chris Pine's pretty awesome... hope he gets more work.
  • DoomCanoe
    the guy blocking the road is Detective Stabler from Law and Order:SVU. ill see it in theatres. meh why not
  • Ken
    I like the cast but tired of Zombie films...
  • Xerxex
    #10 is 100% right there will never be enough, but again nt a typical zombie flick, infection again which is good, I like it!
  • Matt Suhu
    this looks amazing, haven't been as excited to see such a movie since Rec.
  • PJ H
    World war Z should be shot like this.
  • ferm
    i don't get it
  • Tom
    This trailer gave away more than I think it wanted to. They start in a sedan, but eventually they're driving the SUV they encounter at the beginning of the trailer? That little girl that was in the SUV is also the one that infects the female lead--she was quarantined behind the cellophane in the back of the SUV. So obviously the dad with the wrench gets killed somehow and they take his black SUV for some reason with the little girl in it. I guess the female lead talks the male lead into turning around and "saving those people." Meh.
  • led display
    finally ..I cant wait ..!1
  • Noog
    zomg i love zombie type movies without the sluggish zombies, BRING IT ON!
  • Ellie
    I don't think this is a zombie movie exactly as much as it is a drama/pandemic/disaster flick. Which, to me, sounds GREAT. A movie that focuses more on the lengths people will go to for survival than on how gross the monsters can be? FINALLY.
  • Noog
    #25 Tom - Damn you Tom, you are being too observant, what you said will most likely be what actually happens. But I'll still see it anyways, Opening Day of course! I can't wait for Rec2, World War Z, and 28 Months later. LETS get down with the sickness!
  • grace
    What is up with meh???? Really !!!!!Annoying. And I dont care what you people do . Watch it at the theatre or rent it. Really! are you people so high and mighty that u are like meh my hard earned money from sweeping the floors at pizza hut is so not worth watching it at the theatres. Get a life people!!!!!MEH! Guess what I will see it at the theatres. So what do u think about that????MEH!!!!!!!!And with all of the remakes out there is movie actually looks different and u are all meh zombies.................the youth of today people!!!!!!!!!
  • birddog
    30 comments and no mention of the swine flu... "The rules are simple...#1 Avoid populated areas at all costs." There were lots of soccer games canceled when the outbreak happened. And those masks...this really did happen.
  • roni
    I have seen this movie review and got interested to see this movie. It was impressive movie and most of the times this movie was filled with enthuse and teens will love to see this movie for sure, the trailer provided alone with the movie was also quite interesting and it was a fine movie to enjoy in the future Source
  • Isabel
    Great movie. Please, take also a look at film "Entre la multitud" , which was David's first movie, with Sonia Gago




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