Dakota Fanning Officially Joins Twilight's New Moon Cast

March 9, 2009
Source: People

Dakota Fanning Officially Joins Twilight's New Moon Cast

Not that this will really have any major impact on the eventual box office totals for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, but it looks like 15-year-old actress Dakota Fanning will indeed appear in New Moon after all. It was first rumored in January that she was interested in joining, but confirmed only recently by People magazine. Fanning will play the character Jane, a sinister vampire with an angelic exterior who works for the Volturi. Fanning as a bad girl? Okay, maybe I am more interested in this than I should be? But then again, I don't know anything about the Twilight series at all. Is her character really that bad anyway?

Production on The Twilight Saga: New Moon will begin in Vancouver this month for a November 20th release later this year. Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale in the film, also told People that "we're shooting the rest of the films back to back." Of course, Summit Entertainment is not only trying to save costs (by shooting that way), but trying to capitalize on the hype, so why not put them out in rapid succession before everyone gets older and salaries get more inflated? I'm actually quite curious whether Fanning's involvement will help the box office (I really doubt it) or just bring more attention to the whole thing?

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  • pj
  • Fuelbot
    Is it just me or is Dakota Fanning sabotaging her own career? Push, then this? The girl had Oscar contender power a few years ago. I'm hoping her phase of doing stuff that she thinks is fun and doing stuff that plays to her strengths meets in the middle somewhere soon.
    Doesn't really change anything I still want to to see New Moon.........
  • This is awesome! Dakota can only help. Plus the new director! And, yes, Jane is pretty badass. :)
  • TrapKick
    I think she will do pretty good. My only fear would be if she can pull off the evil that is Jane. I think she could look like a cool evil little girl. I could see Dakota in a corner of a dark room crouched with her arms around her legs swaying forward and backward with her hair covering her face. . . That would be Freaky Fanning
  • Daniel
    This will not hurt her career; it takes a lot to ruin your career and I don't think that just starring in a vampire flick is going to do that. Also, there's now a new director manning this, so I have a little more hope that this won't suck as much as Twilight.
  • Conrad
    TrapKick - HAHAHA!! awesome
  • chris
    To be completely harsh i think she's doing well to land ANY acting jobs after her crapfest performance in War of the Worlds. But to be fair she seems alot more grounded and mature then most of the other teen stars (ie she isn't posing for her boyfriends camera in the shower!) so good luck to her, she was decent in Push.
  • DK
    Liked her in Push, but honestly -- WTF? I finally broke down and watched Twilight and the dialogue/writing's every bit as terrible as I thought it would be. Perhaps worse. Off-topic though -- nice Photoshop work, superimposing the Twilight logo over the Coraline poster behind Fanning...
  • Josh
    hmm. maybe an actual GOOD actor will make these awful movies based off of awful books a movie worth seeing...uhh... no. it wont. not even fanning can make these movies bearable
  • Ozzy
    nononononono dakota suks shes not even a good actress fans are gonna disappointed dam u dakota!!!!!!
  • Sadie K
    I actually think this is exactly what Dakota needs. We all picture her as the cute little girl who screams a lot but I think this will show everyone how shes starting to grow up in not only in life, but in her career.
  • Zach
    ...*shrug* i could care less i'm saving myself the $9 and the moronic little middle school tweenie atmosphere by renting the 1st one on DVD this one isn't going to be any exception, although the new director gives it a tad bit more appeal
  • please, no. no. NO!
  • feohatestheworld
    Behind closed doors, Feo is EXCITED!!!
  • staceee
    awesome! can't wait i think she'll do a great job. I know a lot of people hate her as an actor but i think she's great
  • Kevin
    One more reason why I won't be seeing this crappy movie.
  • Lacey
    I think Dakota fanning is a fabulous and as for new moon i will see it no matter what! im just super excited now!!!!!
  • FritzHatesAlex
    Awesome! Dakota is awesome, and her addition to this film will only help the movie's cred.
  • Tabitha
    personally I think she will be great in the role if she can get sadistic down. I can't wait to see it I hope they do something at comic con for it this year like they did last year cause I already have my tickets :)
  • Dorothy
    UH YEAH Jane is pretty bad, she tortures people with her mind, realy tho they arent actually hurt she messes with the signals in their brain and makes them think theyre in pain... pretty bad ass if i do say so myself... still tho i think the collest power any of the vampires have doesnt show its self till Breaking Dawn but im not gonna ruin it for ppl who havent read it....
  • twilight_freak
    dakotta fanning is not going to be a good jane! she is a good actress but jane is mean and dakotta is a goody good and all sweet jane is a BUTT! i hope she does good but idt she will
  • twilight_freak
    look i no its mean but jane tortures ppl and dakotta cant do tht! WHO AGREES! respond to this if ya do!!!!! 😀
  • aziale
    ahm...jane is a kind of a mean character, but she's so cute....i think dakota is a good choice, she's a great actress...i think she can play the character of jane fantastically....'s just a movie role....she doesn't need to be a meaner meaner in true life...she's a good choice you know....very great choice...
  • twilight lover
    I know dakota will do great! For all them haters don't start judging. U'll never know until u watch da movie first. Plus like u could even do better.
  • joan
    I think she will do her very best in this film...that's all we can ask of any of the people in this movie...and if everyone will notice...most of the movie haters...are guys who don't understand movies like this...oh if they could only understand....I love the books....and love all the characters in them...good luck to Ms. Fanning...this will be a good test of her acting ability!
  • Nicole
    I always thought Dakota looked a lil scary in the movies by the shape of her face n everything. She's just a scary little girl.Her being a sweet little girl in movies just doesn't fit her. She has glaring eyes. I think she can do it.Plus she used to scare me when I was younger. She has a scary air about her. No offense but she just isn't all that sweet looking.
  • airforce_wife23
    I think to all you haters that you have notthing better to do with your time is to put down other people to make you feel a little better about your own fucked up life, I think twilight is a damn good movie and I think that dakota will prove that she can be a villian because she is a very talented young lady and anyone who plays jane is pretty lucky to even be in this movie. So fuck off to all you haters!!
  • twifreak
  • MC
    I don't want Fanning in New Moon whatsoever! I think she's going to KILL it (no pun intended)
  • againstbashingmoviesnwebsites
    i wonder what all these people that come on here just to bash movies all day have going on in the real world. get a life! like bitching about something on a blog on a website that controls nothing in the movie world is gonna "spare you the agony" if you don't like it then why do you even come on these articles about movies and book series you don't even like. just focus on the movies you want to see and leave the rest alone.
  • Nicole
    okay no one cares that you hate it when people say stuff about the movie. I wil say whatever I want. I could care less what you think of me.
  • jessica
    I think it is great she is playing jane... when i first saw her in "Taken" i thought she was phenomenal! this girl is nothing but talent. when i first heard of her playing jane i got goosebumps thinking of the possibilities! im so excited for the new movie. i think its going to be amazing... since they are doing 2 sides of the story... unlike the book they are going to be showing what edward is doing the whole time he is M.I.A.
  • Anom.
    I think she fits the look of Jane, but I can't see Dakota Fanning NOT being in the limelight of a movie. Shes kind of bratty and a little irritating and I just hope they don't give her a bigger role because of who she is... I don't want or plan to see Dakota Fanning more then twice in this movie. Afterall, Jane doesn't have a large part at all.




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