Dan Brown's Next Novel 'The Lost Symbol' Out in September

April 20, 2009

Symbolist Robert Langdon

Six years after the release of "The Da Vinci Code," Dan Brown is back with another novel titled "The Lost Symbol," a thriller set during a 12-hour period featuring symbolist Robert Langdon. As we already know, Sony is set to release Angels & Demons in theaters on May 15th, Dan Brown's first novel featuring Robert Langdon. I'm sure they're already fleshing out the details to secure the rights to "The Lost Symbol" and get that into production following Angels & Demons. "The Lost Symbol" will hit bookshelves on September 15th later this year. Being a fan of Brown's previous two novels, I know I'll be picking it up that very day.

"This novel has been a strange and wonderful journey," Brown said in a statement issued Monday by his publisher. "Weaving five years of research into the story's twelve-hour time frame was an exhilarating challenge. Robert Langdon's life clearly moves a lot faster than mine." What I love about Dan Brown's novels, and subsequently the movies made from them (I'm thinking Angels & Demons more than The Da Vinci Code), are their tight knit, high energy stories, a lot like "24" or even Saw, in a way. As in, Langdon has either 12 or 24 hours to figure out what's going on, and I love how Brown works in those confines.

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  • woody
  • Doc
    In case anyone is as confused as I was, "The Lost Symbol" is the new title for "The Solomon Key". Apparently, 'The Solomon Key' was only a working title.
  • Chuck Norris
    This is awesome news!
    Hmm... As long as it's better than his other one... What was it called? The DaVinci Code. I hope they don't over-hype this one to death.
  • @Doc -- I have no idea. I remembered/heard that "The Solomon Key" was Brown's next book as well. If memory serves, it was/is going to have something to do with a puzzle at the CIA headquarters (Langley, VA) called the "Kryptos". Maybe once plot elements start leaking out we'll have a better idea.
  • L1A
    about time, he's been milking da vinci code long enough imo
  • Christopher M
    Ron Howard said on Bill Maher that he would make a third movie based on Brown's next novel..he apparently has already talked to him about it...I hated the first film, let's hope Howard can deliver an interesting film with Angels & Demons...
  • ...well its about FUCKING time shit. I will be picking up that book fer sure man lol Interesting how the plot is set within 12 hours...freaky. Should be interesting. But Alex, whats the plot, any news????
  • Fisherr
    24 and Saw mash up would be a really cool idea.
  • dave13
    every dan brown book is exactly the same. so will every movie of his. whats the point? oh, money. I forgot quality doesn't matter these days. but this is me sick of Dan Brown.
  • Lapu Marie
    The rumors of a plot leak from Dan Brown's newest book, The Lost Symbol, seem to be true. Doubleday Publishers confirm it. The new book will apparently center around George Washington and secret reason for the American reverses early in the Revolutionary War. Washington, a true and clandestine Tory, was secretly communicating Colonial war plans to the British via Benedict Arnold, Washington's secret illegitimate son. At the end of his life, Washington's conscience gets the better of him, and he write a confession that is buried with him in his tomb at Mount Vernon. A scholar discovers Washington's confession and is murdered by the CIA, who fear that his find will destroy the patriotic mystique of America's founding father and demoralize the country. The murdered scholar manages to contact Robert Langdon by phone just before his death, with the killer still in the room. The resulting chase takes Langdon across the Washington capital as the CIA and the FBI, having traced the call, close in. Langdon is contacted by a shadowy female representative of the Masons, a legitimate secret society of which Washington was once a member. Langdon discovers that the Masons based their foundation on a worship of King George III of England and his Queen, Charlotte Sophia, as Earth-bound divine figures with connections to the sacred feminine. The CIA and FBI, learning of the connection of the Masons to Washington and the truth of their country's founding, target both them AND Langdon. Langdon and his new female sidekick must go head to head with the forces of the American government in a desperate gambit to get the truth out to the country by televsion broadcast. Note: In the end, they do not manage to do so.
  • Krukhut
    Some people will do anything for a bit of publicity. Sheesh. Sounds like another Langdon story, but not Dan Brown's.
  • Sam H
    Totally fake. I saw this on another website, and Doubleday wrote back. Just someone dreaming with too much imagination. Good intersting effort. Strange.
  • jigar s patel
    Dan Brown is the best author i ever read to.......!!! can't imagine where he gets all these ideas from?.......looking eagerly forward for the next novel......he should published atleast one novel per year.....!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sumone
    Personally I don't think its that good. Most of his stuff his distorted facts based on others work and he possibly doesn't have a clue about most of it. Bit like von-daniken but in a sci-fi story, as for the Da Vinci code, possibly all the religious overtones were deliberately to cause controversy and promote sales. The digital fortress, again picks up a web browser does a few scans on a given subject and pours out a random mix of utter rubbish using jargon unfamiliar to him and unproven and distorted historical facts.




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