Discuss: What Was Your Favorite Trailer This Week?

March 6, 2009

Discuss: What Was Your Favorite Trailer This Week?

This last week was one of the most exciting weeks this year so far, as we unveiled a total of ten brand new movie trailers. They ranged from sci-fi to action to horror to comedy to even a few indies, showing us just a brief glimpse of what this summer movie season will be like. Did the Nine Inch Nails song in the Terminator Salvation trailer win you over, or was it Johnny Depp's suave in Public Enemies, or was it J.J. Abrams' music in Star Trek that got you, or did the comedy in Pixar's Up have you laughing? We want to know which of these trailers this week were your favorites? What are you now most excited for this summer?

We kicked off the week with an exciting new trailer for Terminator Salvation, then followed it up with a new trailer for one of my Sundance favorites, 500 Days of Summer. Next came Pandorum, then Michael Mann's Public Enemies. Following those we debuted new trailers for both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, as well as a first look at Jim Jarmusch's The Limits of Control. And finally on Friday, we debuted a teaser for The Hangover, the latest epic trailer for Star Trek, and lastly, the first full trailer for Pixar's Up arrived in the early afternoon as well.

For me, the best trailer this entire week was the one for Star Trek, hands down. Everything about it is perfect, and I've been playing it on a constant loop since it first hit. Of course I loved all of these trailers, but my allegiance lies specifically with Star Trek more than any of the others right now. What about you?

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  • ben chacko
    public enemies was amazing but i have to say the star trek trailer was the best of the three.
  • Dan
    Terminator Salvation was the best in my opinion. Star Trek a close second, and Public Enemies in third.
  • Diego
    I'd have to choose Terminator. I thought the music they picked for it fit so well, I'm still watching it at least 5 times a day. I can't wait for that movie to come out.
  • Star Trek and Terminator... lol but also Up is great.
  • Carthik
    It's ridiculous, they can tie them all together and make a ton of money... too many great movies comin out this year! but for me, the top contenders were terminator, public enemies, star trek... public enemies wins, with terminator beating star trek for me... x men then and harry potter was great was up. it's cruel to mention just one...
  • Darrin
    Star Trek hands down. terminator salvation needs to improve the cgi
  • Warren J
    FIVE HUNDRED DAYS OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Matthew
    EASILY DA TERMINATOR!!!!! @6 or whoever can answer... how and what is wrong with the cgi? I hear this a lot, but I don't have any quarrels with it, perhaps you can use another movie as a good comparison, but as it stands it looks fantastic to me
  • Jon Von Noibauten
    Star Trek was by far the best one this year.
  • Josveta
    most excited for public enemies but i have to say the trailer for Terminator has made me actually want to see it now! So, good trailer from Terminator but Public Enemies is going to be great!
  • Jamie
    As much as I can't wait to see Star Trek, the Terminator trailer wins hands down. They showed a lot more new stuff in the Terminator trailer and star trek was pretty much a recap of what we have already seen. Both movies will kick ass regardless of this though. Bring on the best Summer of movies yet.
  • Ian
    In this order: Terminator Star Trek Up Public Enemies Still plan to see them all. :)
  • K
    Terminator Salvation! That NIN song just absolutely set the tone of the movie for me. It just gave me that feeling of "the end of the world". You were watching the extermination of humanity. Friggin brilliant!
  • Terminator Salvation gave me goosebumps...but just because I'm more inundated to the characters. Up was pretty impressive too now that we've seen the dog and a glimpse of some of the action sequences.
  • Florian
    In Order : 1. Star Trek (great trailer best! best!) 2. Harry Potter 6 (very dark one and still great, the best yet) 3. Terminator Salvation (better than the other one) 4. Up (hey! it's Pixar) 5. Public Enemies (interesting) 6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (cool)
  • Ian
    I'm changing my list...Terminator, Up, Star Trek and Public Enemies. In that order.
  • SmartGuy
    Every movie trailer shown so far has exceded my expectations. All except for Public Enemies, if it wasn't for the amazing actors involved I would've been completely turned off by the cheesy looking " digital videography look" used by Mann. It reminds me too much of a cheap history channel reenactment.
  • BLM
    TrekTrekTrek meets 500 Dates? I'd like to see that... --- BLM
  • kindbuddy
    every trailer was good but i'd go w/ public enemies and terminator salvation...
  • Jessica
    Ninja Assassin, but out of the trailers Public Enemies
  • Lacey
    I'm overjoyed for the new Harry Potter and 500 Days of Summer. My most anticipated flicks of the year.
  • Lacey
    Additionally, the trailer for Up was hysterical!!!!!!
  • at #8. Try watching Transformers. That has awesome CGI... The first Wolverine trailer that came out was what I thought was the best. then Star Trek, and Terminator.
  • moviekidmike
    Public Enemies
  • bltzie
    Terminator Harry Potter
  • Star Trek, Harry Potter, Terminator, Public Enemies. What a great summer for movies.
  • jono
    terminator public enemies harry potter star trek up wolvie
  • s
    STAR TREK!!!!!!! yes yes yes!! I want may to be here now, but that would mean watchmen would not be in theaters anymore.
  • Zso
    Terminator Salvation
  • ?????
    I adored them all but I think Harry Potter's captured the tone and spirit of the movies in its trailer the best. With that being said, Up and 500 Days of Summer were both high up on my list because they were very funny. Again, I really liked them all and I'm excited for all of the movies this summer.
  • Andrew
    I'd have to say Terminator Salvation. All of these trailers were fantastic, but I was already fully convinced that Up, Star Trek and Public Enemies would all be excellent movies, and the new trailers simply enhanced it. But the new trailer for Terminator resonated with me the most. Before I was still feeling uncertain about the perceived quality of the film, but this trailer skyrocketed the movie to near the very top of my must-sees this summer. It was just so perfectly executed, and really showed just what the movie would be capable of (it also helps that the song playing over the trailer totally rocked!).
  • skywarp
    Public Enemies by far.
  • A.B.
    #6 ur my friend but a real @$$. the tailer for Terminator salvation was great. my list goes: 1. star trek 2. harry potter 3. up! 4. terminator salvation 5. wolverine and also a special mention to 500 days of summer. while not on par with the rest (no CGI), looks awesome!!!
  • Marqwest
    #31 You couldn't have worded it better...I'm with you all the way! I'd have to say that I couldn't stop telling others that they had to check that trailer out. It's not been for some time that a movie trailer has fit so well with a music track (with the exception of the earlier Watchmen trailer featuring Muse). Had Nine inch nails not written that track some time ago I would have thought that it was scored for the film. The track fit the films tone and direction so well. Terminator was number one for me. All the others are very promising to say the least. It's going to be one hell of a summer for moviegoers!
  • -Peter-
    Terminator. It showed a completley different side to the story. Changed my thoughts on it. Public Enemies was a close second, because I was waiting for a trailer for it. I want to see it bad. The Star Trek trailer was not so great. Showed more story, but it didn't have as much cool footage as the last one
  • Timothy
  • RPD
    It was Terminator Salvation until I saw Star Trek. Wow. The Limits of Control looks interesting, as well...
  • tehstaton
    I've never been a fan of Star Trek, but FUCK. That's the best trailer I can remember this decade... I would have paid 20 dollars to walk out of Watchmen and watched Star Trek. Terminator looked great, and I liked the new perspective. Public Enemies didn't seem to flow... Needs a bit more polish on the final trailer.
  • Itri
    All of them were great, especially Public Enemies. That said, the Wolverine trailer was pretty awful and I don't think it will be a good movie. Singer brought a certain feel to the X-Men that made the whole premise work and not feel goofy. Here, its very goofy despite being a more serious movie and ultimately seems unimportant to watch. I don't know, just count me unexcited for that when it comes out in May.
  • CLerksFan
    I'd have to say that the Star Trek trailer was the best. I had no interest in watching that movie until I watched that trailer.
  • mike jones
  • Dan W
    Terminator. Final answer.
  • Leonie
    Star Trek was the best Trailer :)
  • dom
    Gotta go with Terminator looks awesome. Terminator Up 500 Days of Summer Public Enemies Star Trek ... Transformers 2 lol
  • Riyadh
    Well i have to say im absolutely dying to see up (except it comes out in england in october *sigh*) but im also super excited about 500 days of summer :)
  • ocp
    star trek
  • Fisherr
    After watching these trailers or most of them numerous times the Ranking is as follows for me: 5-X-Men Origins:Wolverine (Although its my favorite character and i have been awaiting this movie from a long time but i didn't buy it with the last trailer) 4-Public Enemies (Depp and Bale is something different Depp will own as i said before,one of the best in this business) 3-Pandorum (Maybe the idea is old but portraying it is a little bit different) 2-Star Trek (Looks Different than the old ones,and please nobody says that Star Wars is better or Worse than this movie i believe both are totally different plots as well as events,No faces of comparison) 1-Terminator:Salvation (I loved the idea of the post apocalyptic event and the image of how the world will be in the future after Skynet taking over...I wanted to see that since the first T movie)
  • Although I hate the show, I choose Star Trek's trailer. It was so amazing that I'll watch Star Trek the first time of my life. Really loved it, great sound.
  • Terminator Salvation trailer was so huge, it was too good to top. However the new Star Trek Trailer did have its own sense of awesome included. Public Enemies, could have been alot better. It didn't sit too well with me.
  • harrison
    personally enjoyed the public enemies overall, and it had the best music, but terminator and star trek are a very close second
  • rblitz7
    I loved all of them except wolverine. I have a feeling wolverine is gonna bomb.
  • David Wilson
    1. Terminator Salvation 2. Up 3. Star Trek & Public Enemies 4. 500 Days of Summer 5. X-Men Wolverine
  • lau
    1. PUBLIC ENEMIES!!! 2. Terminator 3. Star Trek 4. X-Men
  • Nick
    favorite trailer was public enemies but I am most excited for 500 days of summer
  • Timothy
    @38 For me, I think the Revenge of the Sith trailer is the best ever. Fond memories.
  • duh duh daaaah
    Public Enemies looks like the best movie of the summer to me (not 'best summer movie' which will be Terminator because of all the explosions and crud) and the trailer only made me want to see it more, so I'll go with that. P.S. Terminator does look good
  • Jonah
    Man...... Star Trek changed my opinion, I gotta watch it now. Termintaor was off the hook too I dont know I consider it a tie
  • Mario Tenorio
    The Limits of Control. I almost always get pumped up over a trailer that shows off great cast. All the others were alright.
  • matt
    All these trailers were pretty amazing. But the one that stands out the most has got to be Public Enemies. Recesion or not this summer should take in huge numbers at the box office
  • Kevin
    Public Enemies, just because we hadn't seen anything from it yet. Star Trek is a close 2nd...looks awesome. Terminator? Eh...looks like we've been there done that.
  • markers
    500 Days of Summer Public Enemies Limits of Control
  • donna
    My favorite is Public Enemies. I also like Wolverine (both trailers). Terminator is also interesting. I am not interested in Star Trek (the trailer looks good) Harry Potter looks good ( but I don't care for the movies) Watchmen movie was pretty good my daughter saw it Friday. The only movies I will probably see are Public Enemies, because I am Johnny Depp fan (for 25 Years this year) and I also like Christian Bale. Wolverine Hugh Jackman is awesome and Terminator for Christian Bale and Helena Bodham Carter.
  • Cinemassive
    Public Enemies looks weak. Step away from the RED cam.
  • Chris
    Rankings: 1. Star Trek (that trailer was probably the best I've ever seen) 2. Harry Potter (the darker, the better) 3. 500 Days of Summer (wasn't even considering seeing this one til I saw that) 4. Terminator (but it looks to much like Transformers) Wolverine looked bad IMHO. Real cheesy.
  • Will
    Hmmmmm, tough call, but I'd say Public Enemies. Cause, unlike Star Trek and Terminator, it looks just purely entertaining. Relying on good performances and plot instead of special effects and robots. I'll obviously still go see the others, just Public Enemies looks the most promising to me.
  • Luke
    I'd have to say Harry Potter, Up and Public Enemies.
  • tbone
    PUBLIC ENEMIES will be awesome . Mann is a great director. He did the great "Manhunter" and "Heat" . Can't wait to see Depp playing Dillinger.
  • Rod Tidwell
    Star Trek and Terminator looked amazing. I think it's just me but it seemed like Public Enemies is gonna suck. Why Mann decided to shoot the movie in that pseudo-Collateral 120hz cinematic view, I have no idea. Maybe it's just his style. Hopefully the next trailer with diffuse my skepticism.
  • Tom
    Star Trek...the best trailer i've seen since Sin City. Terminator...most improved trailer since the first one. Public Enemies...I'll see it. Trailer very good.
  • werdnafaz
    Star Trek.... Terminator... Thankyou Jesus!
  • m4st4
    1. Star Trek (MUSIC!!!) 2. Terminator Salvation 3. Up 4. Public Enemies 5. Harry Potter 6
  • Brandon
    Public Enemies closely followed by Star Trek.
  • Branden
    I thought that the "Star Trek" trailer was badass.
  • I'm pumped for a lot of these movies but the Star Trek trailer really is something else. Rather than a promise of what might be and just as a two minute piece of entertainment, Star Trek just rocks. Sacrifice, responsibility, epic, epic music and that wonderful final shot as the camera approaches the Enterprise. Brilliant. For me it's like the 300 trailer last year which similarly I couldn't stop re-watching.
  • JL
    Okay, if you were one of those who didn't say Terminator: Salvation was the best trailer, you must be a complete and utter fag. Sure public enemies looks like it'll be awesome, and with an all-star cast and a director like Michael Mann, how can you go wrong? Terminator: Salvation looks FUCKING EPIC and will smash every other fucking movie this year.
  • Mark
    Terminator Public Enemies 500 days of summer(zooey Dechannel melts my man Heart) pixar's up This will be a spring into summer of happiness and energy , not so much vigilantes and terror. Can't wait!
  • Bee
    Purely based on the movies that I will DEFINTITELY go see: Wolverine, Harry Potter, Terminator
  • Bender
    The Hangover! I was sold at that Mike Tyson/In The Air Tonight knockout joke.




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