UPDATE: Disney's Prince of Persia NOT Coming in Digital 3D

September 13, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Prince of Persia

Disney just keeps the hits coming out of D23. Casting bits and project announcements galore have filled our pages, but now a project that is already in post-production gets some big news. Disney's big upcoming video game adaptation Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time will be given a full fledged 3-D release. This was first brought to the attention of the folks at ComingSoon when a poster for Prince of Persia appeared on a display highlighting all the 3-D Disney release coming up. This was confirmed by on-site Disney reps, but it's important to note that since the film was not shot in 3-D, this will be done entirely in post-production.

After the huge box office success that Disney's G-Force had with the added bonus of screening in 3-D (the Bruckheimer production has score $169 million worldwide to date) I'm sure that Disney is ready to shove just about everything into the third dimension. Studios should be careful moving forward though, because I can see people getting bored with 3-D if everything under the sun will be flying at our faces in theaters. 3D needs to add something to the moviegoing experience and not just be a schtick that we'll get sick of soon. Especially when most people already get tired of wearing glasses for 90 minutes. What do you guys think?

UPDATE: We just received an e-mail from a Disney representative who says the Prince of Persia is NOT going to be released as a 3-D feature.  It seems strange that the poster image was included on another poster with all the other Disney 3-D releases though.  We're trying to find out if there's anymore to this story, so we'll keep you posted as it develops!

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  • Rorschach90
    I think casting Jake Gyllenhall caused Prince of Persia to lose any type of respect it could have had. Maybe it's because I can't stand him, but I don't think most people care for him all that much. He seems miscast in this role
  • lego
    i concur. too much 3D. this gimmick will run its course unless it gets perfected. that may or may not happen in the near future.
  • xerxex
    Why? 3D is a gimmick...This film is slowly degrading. Is that an actual picture from the film? If so why teh blue blazes is he wearing a LEATHER JACKET!!!!!! and LEATHER PANTS!!!!!!
  • ?????
    I'm already sick of 3D. I think its just a ploy to charge an extra 5 bucks and make more money. 3D really didn't do anything for me when I saw UP and Ice Age 3 in 3D.
  • ray
    #1 honestly , i think ur wrong about people not caring about him being casted, he is a good actor and i hear the same from lots of people... on topic, i havent seen a 3D movie, could care less about it, give me a regular screening as long as its a good script and good acting over it any day
  • Ron
    Now we know the REAL reason for the delay in the release of the movie. I don't think the technology has been pushed far enough for it to be worth watching a movie in 3D. I am told The Avatar does but who really knows if that movies is actually entertaining to watch at the end of the day?! I think I will stick to the regular, 2D version for this one.
  • xerxex
    Slowly degrading was a little harsh. But is he wearing a leather jacket and leather pants?
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Xerxes, it could be cloth pants and jacket, imo. But apparently there is a lot of water involved in that scene. Maybe that's why it's so shiny and appears leathery? One can only hope. >.<
  • yes
    why the hate towards gyllenhaal? he's a decent actor...and the role of the prince of persia doesnt require much, other than being fit and looking persian....he qualifies, no?
  • Sabes
    I think it's just because he's wet that his jacket and pants look like leather. I won't make an opinion till I see a trailer. I happen to like Gyllenhaal though.
  • Lana
    I'm willing to put aside the fact that Gyllenhall is about as Persian as I am, because frankly, Hollywood's been casting white people as *insert ethnicity here* since the dawn of cinema, who expects them to stop now? If we really want to be picky about movies like this, we could ask why aren't they pulling a "The Passion of the Christ" and filming it in the Persian language. But, seriously.... what is up with his outfit in that picture? I am seriously worried for this film now. He looks like an Indiana Jones knockoff from a porn film.
  • me
    just saw a much better trailer for the twilight sequel new moon....its probably just edited good, because i thought the first one sucked, but this one.....i dunno check it out....
  • Peter Parker
    I have had mixed experiences with 3-D. While it seems to increase the quality of the images, I absolutely hate having to wear those glasses. I wonder if there are any negative physiological effects caused by 3-D movies. Whenever I put on those glasses I just keep thinking about the movie "The Jerk" with Steve Martin, and how his invention has some unintended side-effects.
  • Nighthawk
    aint that the guy who was in "take-it-in-the-ass mountain"?
  • xerxex
    SuicidalOptimist I think you're right, I was a little afraid for a second, whew!
  • Stevo
    I agree #3. He looks like a back up dancer for Cher.
  • TKaihea
    It's not leather its because it's wet I'm pretty sure... All that aside I'm going to reserve judgment until it gets released or at least a trailer of some kind.
  • Fearl3ss
    I think maybe newcomer 'Anton Kasabov' would have done some justice who will be seen in Tekken Movie as Sergei Dragunov. He looks WAY better than the guy whos playing it now. Perhaps they could get him in Assassins Creed film!!
  • branden
    Seriously, it's one freakin picture, shut the eff up. 3D is a stupid fad that will hopefully wear off soon.
  • Jon the Rob-ot
    This is actually good news. As #1 said, Jake Gyllenhaal is sadly miscast as he normally is in most moving pictures, and by miscast I mean wrong career.
  • Dim_one
    Good News!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kevin
    that photo is ridiculous... it looks like a fashion ad
  • SS
    But Jake Gyllenhaal DOES look like the Prince of Persia in the video games.
  • wep
    He was a real prick to Gemma. FACT.
  • no3dforyou
    Good. I'd rather watch regular movies instead of gimmick ones.
  • Jacynta
    Guh. This might have been good if it were 2-D... if it had some sort Aladdin like style. Or even Live action would have been awesome. But ANOTHER frickin' 3-D craptaster-piece? The story had better be amazing.. because most Prince of Persia games don't have one in the first place, and 3-D is not going to save it >_>
  • SkyNet
    i think the main reason dont like jake as the prince of persia is the fact that he took it up the ass from the joker? lollz
  • iknowyouregay
    So when are YOU coming out, SkyNet?
  • Nick
    Thank God!!! 3-D is so dumb it completly ruins movies!! I personally hate 3-D and cant wait for this 3-D fad to go away.
  • fangirl
    Rorschach90: What are you talking about? Jake Gyllenhaal is the hottest guy on the planet, and a great actor, too. You live in a fantasy world if you think he's not popular.




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