Don't Watch: First Trailer for Steve Carell's Despicable Me

July 14, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Despicable Me Trailer

This trailer is a bunch of bullshit. It's not actually about the painfully stereotypical ADD child that causes mayhem in Egypt. Instead, it's about a deplorable evil mastermind named Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, who plans to steal the moon. But a trio of orphan girls, named Margo, Edith and Agnes, are the one thing that could make him rethink his evil plan. That's what this is really about, but besides a Hitchcock-like silhouette at the end, this trailer for Despicable Me doesn't even show us what Gru looks like or any of that story. And considering I hated the rest of it, well, the only thing I can say is that it looks terrible.

Watch the teaser trailer for Despicable Me:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the teaser trailer for Despicable Me in High Definition on Yahoo

A trio of orphan girls cause the normally deplorable and evil Gru to rethink his plan to steal the moon.

Despicable Me is co-directed by Pierre Coffin (Gary's Fall), Chris Renaud (No Time for Nuts), and Sergio Pablos (Tarzan) of the new animation house Illumination Entertainment. The screenplay was co-written by writing partners Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul of films like Bubble Boy, The Santa Clause 2, Horton Hears a Who!, College Road Trip. Universal is bringing Despicable Me to theaters on July 9th, 2010 next summer.

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  • hmmm...meh its not pixar....pass
  • xerxex
    awful just awful.
  • taylor
    that was just dumb. it wasn't funny, gave no bit to the story and it failed to interest me. had to be one of the worst trailers ever.
  • Dylan
    Animation looks horrible. Not funny at all. Not Pixar. This is going to be horrible.
  • lolz, everyones so dis-proportioned.
  • David Wilson
    Decent enough. Certainly doesn't look awful. Many films do get a pass because they're animated. That's how I felt about Kungfu Panda. The writing and dialogue were horrible. It was so freaking cliche and the fight choreography was so damn mediocre. If Norbit makes a fat joke and isn't subtle about it gets panned, but if it's a Panda then I'll be damned. The best animated films for me are Incredibles, Ratatouille, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Iron Giant, and anything Miyazaki puts out. In conclusion: I'll watch it and Oobermind when they come out.
  • link1983
    I actually like the animation it's not too dissimilar to Monsters Vs Aliens. I remember you slating that as well. I actually thought the kid was funny. The mother will grate but hey don't they always. steve Carrell is a Genius and is funny in most things. On top of that you have our very own Russell Brand. This could do well here in the UK. Remember this is a Nation that likes Eastenders. We are used to the mundane.
  • wm
    #5...hahahah are you serious. that's the funniest thing I've read today. IT"S A FUCKIN CARTOON!!!!!! haha Weren't the Incredibles....a little 'dis-proportioned? man, too funny.
  • kingjimbo
    If you're going to post it with the headline: "Don't Watch," why even post it at all?
  • CookieMont4
    I kind of feel a bit strange to be honest, did I just loose my taste or something, because I really like the way the characters are animated, art direction feels a bit rough but it's ok. Generally i like this clip:) Waiting for more
  • CookieMont4
    hehe I really like the panic around the globe - Eifel Tower, Big Beer and The Great Wall shot's are quite funny
  • ericaaa
    im sure the majority of the people on here that posted comments are going to watch it. no doubt about that. i think its gunna be a catchy one.
  • miracle disease
    Alex hate this one so much that he mispelled GRU with GROO... LOL some pain reliever Alex? (see 2:31 you won't miss it)
  • Leiner
    naaaaaa, it's not that bad... it's laughable though, all the comments supporting Alex "oooh, awful!" "bbrrrrrr, it's a waste of time and money" "the worst trailer ever!" "pixar rules!" hahaha... get a life or at least your own opinion!
  • Leiner
    naaaaa, it's not that bad! it's laughable though, all the comments like "oooh, the worst!" "a waste of time and money!" "pixar rules and everthing else sucks!" Come on... please...
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebookme!!!)
    is it cool to laugh @ fat retarted kids.....I did....
  • Janny
    The trailer isn't all that bad... it isn't really a trailer but more like a teaser. The track record of the people involved isn't stellar but who knows and just because it isn't pixar doesn't automatically make it suck... if you think that go watch dragon hunters by made by futurikon
  • BVDR
    You realize tagging a trailer with "Don't Watch" is more enticing than "Must Watch"? Maybe use reverse psychology for the next film you support. Just a suggestion...
  • Oblong
    But what happens when we laugh at skinny retrated kids #14? Most people get offensive right? However nothing really shows that this kid is retarted, it seems to that the parents lazy inconsiderate asses who'd rather put there kid on Ritalin and a leash and not try being good parents. This movie seems like it wouldbe good for a few laughs nothing more. I could be wrong though.
  • jman571
    Wow, that was actually the worst trailer I've ever seen. Holy fuck.
  • Joshua Cookingham
    Actually, I found my interest piqued by watching this trailer....go figure. Seriously, what about this is so terrible?
  • Cody
    Love how one person says something and everyone jumps on the bandwagon what #13 said it wasnt that bad. If pixar was smacked on the end of it you would all be saying "AW MAN THEYVE DONT IT AGAIN...AWESOME FUNNY". Lemmings we be.
  • mdargis
    so everyone can tell a movie is going to be horrible by a trailer that didnt show the main character, the main villain and just grazed the plot? You should all invest in crystal balls instead of computers then. I seriously doubt all those big names would have jumped on the band wagon if this movie's script looked like crap. I think this looks good and the premise seems original enough.
  • I'm sorto with Cody on this one, it looks like Pixar really, just more jolly cheesy jokes and shiny animation, the actual movement is a bit crap, but it just looks like that usual style. Shit. I say it all the time that Pixar are over-rated, but I don't want to live in the 1950's. I think animations like are much more interesting, made by a relatively small team too, just with 'real style'. Not that shiny 3d cheese.
  • Xerxex
    After a second viewing I've found amusing maybe it will be a sleeper much like Meet The Robinsons, but as for this teaser nothing seems that great to really get excited about so I'm sticking to my original post. unless the actual plot grabs me in the end I'll put this on the back burner. Hey Cody just look at Pixar's track record everything minus Cars has been great, so most of us love a pixar flick. But there are so many underrated animated films out like Surfs Up, Meet the Robinsons, Monsterhouse etc. So who knows this could be something.
  • Chris
    Why does the article refer to 'Groo' since the trailer says "Steve Carell is Gru"?
  • Paulo
    Summer 2010 looks weak.
  • Cinemassive
    Did Steven Soderbergh direct this? It looks creepy like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I can't wait to see what Zach Snyder does with his Milk and Cookies movie!!!
  • luden
    I laughed......
  • Buggy166
    at least its not pixar...jesus i can tell what happens in a pixar movie from the first 3 minutes. The last brilliant pixar movie was incredibles in terms of fun and storyline, and the best looking was rattatouille. Then they moved onto shiny metals (ez mode) in wall-e and with up the biggest problem was balloon rigging. Meh. The best part in UP was the first 5-10 minutes. Then it put me to sleep. I just came from seeing Ice Age 3 and my cheeks were hurting from laughing sometimes. It doesnt take Pixar to make good movies, it takes a few good story tellers and directors to iron out the direction of the movie before it starts production. Thats what it comes down to. This movie "looks" great but it'll end up with an average storyline, judging by this, much like monsters vs aliens was. I'm up for something different and hopefully less pixar-ish stuff will start coming out.
  • Leo
    theres a lot of stupid moments in this movie and i dont like it.
  • 2+2=4
    I disagree. It has its moments, but as children's movie it's good. What you didn't like the stereotypical representation of the fat American family? So fucking what? It's just a movie for kids.
  • hale
    It wasnt that bad, love the bandwagon jump. @alex Why do you say you hate that this teaser doesnt show anything but praise Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Teaser for not showing main footage. Being a bit hypocritical . And if you all remember when Up's first teaser came out it didnt show anything either
  • JimD
    Didnt look that bad to me. Nothing WOW inspiring but not as bad as you make it out to be.
  • scm1000
    I don't know, I liked this trailer. It was a lot like Pixar teaser trailers that just introduce the idea and/or the characters without actually giving away the plot. I think you're being waaay too hard on this, Alex. Of course, the movie doesn't look Pixar quality, but it looks like it could be quite funny. And yeah, the trailer spells is "GRU" not "GROO"
  • scott
    this looked great!! What is everyone bitching about??
  • CookieMont4
    #18 mentioned "reverse psychology", I'm quite convinced this whole don't-watch-post is a trick!
  • Geiger
    I'm fed up with trailers that give away the ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! Trailers SHOULD be teasers... something for us to want us to go see the movie and watch the story ... like this example for Despicable Me. it was perfect. I loved it. Cant wait to see it!
  • Fox
    Actually, it's "Gru".
  • Movieraider321
    It doesn't look horrible, Alex makes it sound like it's the worst thing since fucking cancer, but who knows maybe it will be. I think the concept is overdone, I'm assuming Gru likes to steal really cool shit, next the moon. So I mean yeah been done yadda yadda, but wouldn't mind seeing it for free.
  • Fuelbot
    It's a silly trailer, but it's definitely not that bad and it's a lot more interesting that the trailer is a full on scene. Alex makes everything not directed by Chris Nolan or Pixar sound like the worst thing ever, so take it at face value.
  • Orli
    It certainly doesn't look that bad, I thought it would be much worst. Hopefully the second trailer will reveal more of the story.
  • Jazz
    this does not look horrible plus people need to stop riding on Pixar d!ck all the time their is other animated film studios instead of Pixar i.e. Imagi Animation Studios who did TMNT and up and coming Astro Boy and Gatchaman
  • K
    Your opinion is not the end all, be all. Why are you trying to convince us that this is "bullshit"? Looks absolutely fine to me! It's a children animated film, who cares! Kids will without a doubt find it amusing and I'm sure a lot of adults will gets some laughs out of it too. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning mr grumpy pants!? Hey Alex... remember Old Dogs!? HA HA... That makes me laugh thinking about how you go tore a new one! LOL! So you hate this trailer/movie but yet you still post it. The power of christ compels you!
  • 9mm
    This movie has Danny Mcbride in it. It has to be great.
  • K
    WTF FS! Removing comments and it wasn't even offensive. Unbelieveable!
  • I agree, this is Madagascar & Ice Age bad. I'll avoid this until MAYBE dvd.
  • Jonah
    Personally I am offended by the stereotype that all news anchors have big hair. When will newscasters get a fair shake in this country?!?!?! This is a teaser teases the, whether we think we want to see it or not, we are looking out for another trailer to see team mission accomplished. Plus any parent will see this, say oh good animation, and plunk down their shekels to keep their kids occupied for a 90 minute period.
  • Fercho
    Is not that bad, remember that this is a "kids only movie"´s only focused on them, not like Pixar's movies that kids enjoy due to good animation & caracters and adults can enjoy due to the good story an message that they have. We should give a chance to other animation studios...That's why PIXAR DVD's are so expensive..."If it's not PIXAR, sucks" C'mon...
  • Jason K
    why do the egyptian guards have indian accents? I'll tell you why, racism and ignorance lol
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    I'd give this one a chance. This is just an awkward trailer where they show a scene from the film, but they don't give anything away about the film. Kind of like the beginning of that gay Fast and the Furious trailer where Paul Walker is chasing that guy through the streets. If they had stopped that preview at the end of that drawn out scene and not showed a quick montage of action scenes afterward it would have made that movie look about as a pointless as this. But it's got a good cast, and you can from the few brief scenes here that this movie is going to have a quirky sense of humor to it. They cleverly made fun of American stupidity in 3 big ways in a very short preview (getting a picture holding the pyramid, kids on a leash, and the guy guarding the giant beer can). The way they've presented Gru kind of reminds me of how they always presented Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget. He's just an ominous figure....but you know, considering Carrels the biggest name on the docket that he'll have a fairly big role in the film. My only complaint with what I could see in the preview is this is another "kids movie" that is too full of adult humor and content. Based on this preview regardless of whether I think this looks good or not I wouldn't take my kids to see this film.
  • nocsyn
    trailer wasnt great but I would see it... Pixar doesnt impress me
  • MIke A
    This looks more like a teaser... meant to gain some interest in the whole idea of this movie.... so far we got on this website 53 posts so i think they have succeeded.... i thought it was a bit funny... but i guess we have to wait and see
  • PJ H
    I cried so hard while watching this. why? because this trailer was god awful but the cast is AMAZING. jemain clement!!! Russle Brand! Its such a good cast. but its going to be such a bad movie.
  • Chicagoman
    Has Hollywood forgotten how to make a good, forget great, movie any longer? We get "Special Affect" movies with all action. Anti-American movie. Dumb ass ones by Micheal Moore. Yep go to Cuba next time you need surgery. Now another CARTOON movie. Plus the trailor, oops mean trailer, had MSNBS Olbermann character in it. Waste of money and time.
  • Jake
    It doesn't show you anything because its a teaser. Why don't you wait until you completey right off the movie - oh wait, it's Billington.
  • jaja
    haha this was awesome!! LOVED IT 😀 CANT WAIT!
  • Fisherr
  • Michael
    I hate to say it because I loved him in Arrested Development, but is Will Arnett ever going to be in something watchable again?
  • Barb
    Jermaine Clement AND Russell Brand!!!!!!!!! I am SO there!
  • The_Kid
    It actually wasn't half bad, it had it's funny moments in the trailer and Pharrel do a song for the movie was pretty smart. It's actually pretty catchy, once I see more from it then I'll make my decision.
  • Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large
    "A work of art is never beautiful, by decree, for everyone. Criticism is, therefore, useless; it only exists subjectively, for every individual, and without the slightest general characteristic." Tristan Tzara - Dada Manifesto "Any fool can criticize and many of them do" Brendan Behan Whats 'a matter, bunky? Wouldn't they give you a hat at the press junket?
  • Annie
    What the heck. this trailer told me NOTHING about the movie...I mean, seriously? Despicable me? what does that have to do with this fat kid bouncing off a fake pyramid blowup? And besides, those inflatables don't have such sharp angles, pixar. Bleh. Looks horrible.
  • Yoo Hoo
    What I don't get is, if they're gonna bother with filling a kiddie cartoon with adult humor with a few potty jokes thrown in after (you've seen it!), why not just drop it all and make an adult cartoon?
  • James
    It seems that every non-Disney and non-Pixar animated film has Will Arnett in it. Why not try someone like Billy West or Maurice LaMarche for once?
  • max s.
    stop whining about it its a frickin kids movie meant for KIDS!!!!!!! I liked when the redneck took out the shotgun and was guarding the big beer
  • Charlie
  • Farmer Jones
    I'm going to watch that movie just so I can see the redneck gaurding the Big Beer on the big screen!
  • Ender
    Whys everyone hatin on this it looks pretty good I know I'll be seeing this.
  • cipher61
    ok im sorry if i get anyone mad but you ass holes are judging this movie by the "cover" and thats the most fucking retarded thing ive heard be adults you ass holes when it comes out on DVD rent then you can judge . by the way for those who commeted on the top, just because its not pixar you say NO!! YOUR THE MOST FUCKING IDIOTIC PEOPLE I KNOW. and im sorry if this sound like im repeating myself but this is only to those people. again i apologise i just needed to let off some steam.
  • Appa
    what is the big beer?




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