Don't Watch: Stan Bush's 'The Touch' Transformers 2 Version

May 15, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Stan Bush's The Touch

Those of you who are hardcore Transformers fans are more than familiar with the classic (dare I call it that?) Stan Bush song "The Touch" that is featured in The Transformers: The Movie from 1986. It was, uh, great at the time, or at least, it was hilariously awful and so cheesy that it could be an easy replacement for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Worst of all, for no good reason, Stan Bush is back and he has remade "The Touch" for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Please don't tell me this song is in the movie at all?! I can actually listen to the original 1986 "The Touch", but this remake, wow, this is just awful!

Thanks to our friends at SlashFilm for pointing this out. Or maybe, it wasn't good that they ever mentioned this. If you're curious, you can read the back story behind how and why Stan Bush decided to remake this right here. Though, because this new version sucks so much, do yourself a favor and go watch the original music video! Thankfully, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will arrive in theaters in just over a month from now, on June 24th. The good news is that Linkin Park has written a new song, which can be heard online already right here as well. Anyone else got the urge to watch The Transformers: The Movie now?

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  • nelson
    song is'nt bad what made video not so great is those middle aged fat men smiling lol
  • Jesse
    That's fucking Awsome!
  • Ryan McCarthy
    Um please someone.. anyone... WTF are we doing remaking a animated song? Lets Remake or remix... Hakuna Matata... Ok Hollywood and the records labels... just make crap...just take our money and time away.. where is my Megatron Gun? Thanks FS
  • C
    Does this mean Michael Bay intend to do what the G1 movie did and kill off Optimus Prime?!!?!?! This will be nuts!?!?!?!
  • MonkeyMowse
    Song isn't bad, and the guitar during the chorus is nice. Works well with what they use from the movie.
  • Watching this video made me feel as if I'd just been raped in the face.
  • FamousJuan
    Are they gonna use the Marky Mark version of the song from Boogie Nights? That was the song him and Reed Rothchild sang while cutting their album. "You got the TOUCH! You got the POWER!"
  • Hughe
    the hell is this rapping bs doing in it?
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    The white buck-toothed rapper sank it to a whole different level of suckitude; and I didn't think it could get any worse.
  • Nick
    It doesn't make any sense that you make posts titled "Don't Watch" and then precede to post the video, you should be posting things people do want to watch >.>
  • You've got the touch, you've got the pooowwwwer! Sorry, but I can't hear those words without thinking of Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C9Bng7NPPY LOL. Are they killing off Optimus already? Did they get a Jonas brother to play Rodimus Prime? Hahaa...
  • AD
    I'd be pretty surprised if this is legit. It sounds more like he redid it in hopes of getting it into the film. If this was an official sountrack kind of thing I think you would have seen WAY more Revenge of the Fallen footage. Instead we get a lot of shots of the band, a ton of clips of the first transformers movie, and then a few random Revenge of the Fallen Clips that can easily be lifted from any of the trailers that are online.
  • Fisherr
    Sony not bad, the video sucked big time.
  • Jimbone
    alex, shut up. "oh god, so awful, it sucks in so many ways, i wanna cry myself to sleep at night because this song might be in a movie, and then i'll write about it and love it." c'mon.
  • The video is dreadful - so cheap and amateurish - which is a shame, as the song is a reasonable update of some classic cock-rock cheese. Apart from the godawful faux rapping, of course. If they had just edited together footage from the film without revealing themselves to be a bunch of overweight middle-aged fellas it probably wouldn't seem so bad. It would be a fun nod to the fans if the song cropped up in the new movie, perhaps playing quietly on a radio in diner or something, but I think I'll stick with the fabulously dated original version.
  • hoohah
    nah, I think it wasn't that bad at all. Then again, i am a fan to begin with, so yeah...XD
  • The Delightful Deviant
    oh god i think i hate the original now too.
  • Tedious Ted
    Jesus....painful to watch but funny
  • DinoChow
    The original is a GREAT song. FUCKING BRILLIANT!! For the eighties...but it works perfect with Transformers, and it should be in the damn movie, like the actual freaking theme song! But yeah, this remake sucks ass.
  • Stan is better than Linkin Park
    Err, I don't need to watch the video. Your opinion of any type of music went out the window when you said "The good news is that Linkin Park has written a new song, which can be heard online already right here as well." Sure the song is the top of what was wrong with 80's Pop; but Linkin Park (except for the occasional good riff from Rick Rubin) should have quit a long time ago.
  • Lazarus
    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL......OMG.....I usually write somethin' in these comment boxes, but I'm still on the floor laughing LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Stan Bush keep on rockin' !!!
  • "The song is the top of what was wrong with 80's Pop." 80s pop music is great! What are you talking about?! 😉 On another note, just looking at that freeze frame picture of Stan at the top of the page makes me giggle.
  • Silence
    I hope Linkin Park knows they are ripping them off haha. This wasn't bad though. These guys should have had some younger dudes mouthing their words. Old men singing songs for Transformers just creeps me out.
  • D
    Adding rap metal to it, thats so late 90s. what a dork! LOL . I love Transformers the movie and the soundtrack, all but the Stan Bush songs.
  • Drax
    The fuck is this shit? Huh?
  • Tyler
    I feel like I am in 1989 again.
    I agree this is terrible. But Transformers(original and the new ones) is a terrible film so it's fitting.
  • Squiggly
    This video is fucking awful, but the song itself isn't really that bad. If it weren't for the rapping bits (which - let's be honest - is very rare to get right in rock / metal. Rage and Beastie Boys are the only ones that really got it IMO), I'd actually like this. You can tell he modeled this version after Linkin Park, but the chorus and the tune aren't bad. I like his voice. But then, I'm a big metal fan, and just about any kind of 80's metal will do it for me. I prefer stuff like Opeth or Mader Mortem, but some nice, radio-friendly rock/metal isn't beneath me. But yeah, the video is fucking terrible. They basically made an 80's video with modern equiptment. It's a neat idea for a throwback, but jesus... it really didn't work at all, did it?
  • Bobby
    Nobody else thinks that this is an INTENTIONAL Linkin Park rip-off intended as a joke? It's hard for me to imagine that it's anything else. I mean, the production quality alone...
  • Celeste
    WTF?! Is that Linkin Park? Jesus toe tapping christ when he said that the song was updated I didn't think he meant that badly.
  • You beat me to the punch Cleste! This is exactly ANY and EVERY Linkin Park song.
  • Doom
    The original version of this was GREAT for the end of the REAL Transformers movie. Anyway, when I see the Micheal Bay Versions of Transformers, the only thing that comes to mind is the 2007 film LOST the Academy Award for "Best Visual Effects" to the talking polar bear film "The Golden Compass". As for music to this year's Transformers, they should of got Flo Rida & T-Pain to do a dance song, with the Transformers dancing like bitches! That would be SO 2009!!!!
  • JimD
    What can you say. Cheese goes with cheese.
  • LSP
    I've seen amateur videos that are better. lol The song isn't bad, still could be better and cleaned up a lot with people that can actually sing still and "rap". I'm with #29 though. The guy even looks like one of the members of LP. I hope Stan Bush has a sense of humor.
  • Sk1ds
    I don't like the remix...but Linkin Park sucks as well, as well as most of the songs from the last transformers soundtrack.
  • avoidz
    Horrifyingly bad.
  • EvOiSGooD
    Sorry Stan Bush but I prefer the campy 80's version that you did and wats up with those lame facial expressions in that new video remake song of yours?! WTF is also up with the rappin' and Stan Bush slowin' it down on this new version? FOB would probably do a cover for this version and totally rock it! LOL. Thanks for sellin' out on ur campy 80's hit Stan Bush!
  • A-Dog
    You people who liked it fucking suck ... This video sucks ... Linkin Parks sucks.
  • Last Son
    I didn't really get to listen to it, because I was laughing my ass off. WTF was Stan Bush thinking. It was bad enough back in the 80's and now it is 100 times worse.
  • Gord
    thanks for singing on me to rap. its been a hell of an 11 years and i made 31 and 7 months. i might be the next transformers star writer. you might of asked me to not masterbate and write generation 1 right now because my time should be now. sorry i have to wait until 33 years old when my training is over. i liked the rap. perhaps maybe some people might misunderstood the rap. its ment for me to smarten up and go to holywood. the body slap is uncontrolible at this age
  • Gord
    the music ment for me is fathers son falling a chance you take and the touch, everyone needs a hero. people that got offended its not you its me. i'm the new g1 writer and stan lees relitive thats why. i'm still under training. if i'm under 33 the music hits me fast and hard. if i die the 1930s grade 12 graduates die i'm the only mega genius left that can write g1 and execute macgyver. thats why stan bush sung on me.
  • germs
    Um, I really hope that the video is a fake, although it doesn't look that way. Everything about this is terrible beyond words. The original song is awesome in a 80s way. Oh, and linkin park should just stop making music. Didn't they get the memo that rock/rap numetal is dead.
  • gabe the Accuser
  • dan druff
    sorry mr. stan bush ... you made the greatest song ever for the death of optimus prime/ rise of rodimus prime . this really breaks my heart to say that YOU LOST THE TOUCH!
  • bret
    lmao holy bad rapping
  • Doc
    Myspace.com has the debut of the Linkin Park video for the new Transformers song on it's homepage today. It's called the New Divide and features cuts from the movie.
  • brokenblade
    That rapper,... I'm guessing the guitarist just couldn't keep a straight face watching him do his thing. Must be that new martial art Ka-Rap-E. I mean he was so cliche, the arm flailing, the expressions, the head shaking. It looks like he took himself way too seriously.




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