Don't Watch: Tucker Max' I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Trailer

August 4, 2009
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I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Trailer

Freestyle Releasing has debuted the first green band trailer for Tucker Max' I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell today and it's worst than I could've ever imagined. You see, this movie is an adaptation of one of the many disgusting stories told by Tucker Max, one of this world's biggest idiots who has somehow made it big by writing about debauchery and belligerence. Of course, by saying that, he's probably going to hunt me down, but who cares. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell looks about as amateur as anything I've ever seen. No wonder the studios all stayed away from this - it shouldn't have ever been made. Watch it only if you want.

Watch the trailer for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell:

A guy tries to patch things up with his soon-to-be-married pal after botching things up at his bachelor party. Based on Tucker Max's bestseller "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" which includes true anecdotal stories.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is directed by Bob Gosse, of The Last Home Run, Niagara Niagara, and Julie Johnson previously. The screenplay was co-written by newcomer Nils Parker and Tucker Max himself. This is based on Tucker Max' own book of the same name based on his real life experiences with women. Freestyle Releasing will be bringing I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell to theaters starting on September 25th.

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  • hale
    Never heard of him but that looks awful
  • The Clergy Ark
    His next adventure should be falling off a cliff.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Noooo, don't associate Frank the rabbit from Donnie Darko with this shit. Blasphemy! =P
  • twottle
    looks amazing i mean they should remake it into a foriegn film with subtitles
  • Tyler
    There goes another book ruined by being made into a movie.
  • krztov
    @3: good think theyre not: i thought he was lame in darko, was more amusing in nowhere/doom generation, then again thats not saying hes a good actor :)
  • I think i will pass on this movie, not going to even bother watching the trailer due to the title of the movie...
  • Garrett Harer
    I enjoy reading from the both of you. I've been reading Tucker Max's tales since about 2002. Your needless and uncharacteristic beration on him sounds like it's fueled by a personal problem. Granted, his target demographic is very different than the majority of people that read your movie blog (which I do love and read frequently also), but calling him "one of the world's biggest idiots" is just uncalled for. I'm not saying that that trailer makes the movie look good in any way whatsoever, but come on. Many actual, certified idiots make movies, but I'm curious to see how many of them make books that remain on the NY Times Best Seller's list for some 94 weeks. He managed to take what he loves doing, make a popular character out of it, and survive off of it for the time being. What an idiot.
  • Markmos
    To the people who made this movie...I hope that when you die and go to Hell you are forced to watch all the Bachelor Party movies ever made til Eternity!
  • scott
    Tucker Max aint an idiot, if u actually read the book, you'll spew laughing. Hate the trailer but don't hate Tucker
  • Bryan
    The Scott Peterson joke was the only thing I laughed at... But the rest of it was sheer CRAP!
  • j
    I am a huge Tucker Max fan. I mean huge. Say what you want about his stories, but they are genuinely hilarious. I completely agree with Garrett from above. The book is great and I have been reading his movie blog about this film for over a year now. I already have tickets to the premier tour that he is doing over a series of college campuses. That being said, this actually doesn't look very good from this first trailer, something that I am pretty upset about. However, there is no way that I won't be seeing this movie just because I am a huge Tucker Max fan.
  • Johnny
    How many other people think #8 is associated with the movie?
  • dumb
    Don't watch the trailer! .....wait it's on the same page.
  • Garrett Harer
    Not associated with the movie in any way. Real name. Real email. Real random person. I will still be seeing the movie to support also.
  • Alfredo
    This is one of those where if you're not the target demographic, you just won't enjoy it. Kinda like Bruno, or Sex and the City. I read a few of his stories and thought they were pretty hilarious... in a morbid type of way. Kinda like when you watch a movie and there's ridiculous amounts of blood, at which you just can't help but laugh.
  • Anonymous
    #13 hating because he can't develop a coherent argument for any of the points 8 made. GG re-re, way to out yourself on being as fascist as this whole review.
  • butliere
    utter crapola...
  • VitaminD
    It's "worst" than you imagined? Also, It opens September 25th. It says that in big red letters at the end of the trailer. I take it you took your own advice, and wrote a review without actually *watching* the trailer?
  • Fuelbot
    It's so easy to call Tucker Max an idiot but the fact is, the guy isn't. He's an incredibly intelligent and talented writer who jut happens to be a huge douche-bag. At least he's up front about it. Movie looks horrible but I knew that when I saw the guy they casted as Tucker.
  • ClerksFan
    I read the Tucker Max stories but I don't think I'll be watching this film. It looks like crap. In regards to comments that some of you have posted attacking Tucker himself.... I look up to Tucker Max, he does and says what comes to his head. Although some of the things he says and does may be a little rude or obnoxious he never stops being himself without any thought of what other people think about him. How many people do you know who can truthfully say that they don't give a crap what anyone thinks of them. That takes balls...and apparently Tuckers got them by the truck load...
  • Robbie
    Stop putting the 'Must Watch'/'Worth Watching'/'Don't Watch' in front of the topic title! Other people may or may not like it. It's up to them to decide, not up to you..
  • DoomCanoe
    this looks awful and i don't care what you fanboy's say Tucker Max fuckin sucks.
  • dan
    really, really awful. i don't like to pass judgement on a movie solely based on 1 trailer.......but that was..............there aren't words to to do justice to how BAD that movie looks.
  • Garrett Harer
    @21 haha you ass. Have you just been lurking or are you posting again?
  • haloxxxmoshcore
    garret harrer #8 your fucking band sucks
  • Gary P.
    If this movie was any more of a dog, it would shed hair. Here's what a professional Hollywood script reader had to say: "Holy crap, It’s terrible. I’m talking Godawful. Even with the offensive factor set aside, it’s in my top 10 worst comedy scripts ever read (out of probably over a thousand). This thing is poorly structured, obvious and predictable at every turn, with flat, one-dimensional characters who ALL sound exactly the same and an ending that falls flatter than humorless girl in a Tucker Max story.... I love broad, juvenile comedies done well. I also love real, juvenile people who make juvenile jokes and know many comedy writers do this for a living in a way that is funny and smart. But funny and smart are operative words here. And the Tucker Max jokes aren’t. Often, they aren’t even jokes, just clichés recited at the expense of some bystander in a way that just makes you feel embarrassed for everyone involved." Source: The Tucker Max Movie: Idiot’s Delight
  • Syphous
    Looks like shit. I'll pass. Still I agree with 23, stop being the one and only person who can decide for people.
  • harrison
    as bad as this movie looks, why you bashing tucker? one of the best books ive read, and ive read a lot, sure hes a douchebag at times but his stories are brilliant. shitty actors and filler scenes is whats bringing it down
  • jason
    Burn the witch, burn her!
  • muggins
    already the worst movie of august, the summer, and the year-looks dated, tired and unfunny. i mean baking a quiche. wtf! planning lifes events around a beer table and going to a strip joint whoo hoo. lets make a movie.
  • Rorschach90
    This book was easily the funniest book I've ever read in my life. Of course men should never act like that or do any of the things he did. But he always winds up having something terrible happen to him to to even it out. Movie looks terrible, which is really sad. But no movie could do the book justice.
  • gary m
    i dont know what you guys are talking about because that looked histerical...sure its not oscar material but i bet its funnier than the rest of the shitty comedies that came out this year
  • It's like the "The Asylum" version of The Hangover... you know... like Transmorphers, Death Racers or The Day the Earth Stopped...
  • haloxxxmoshcore
    lol i got bant in the great cleansing early this year. you guys were sick in san antonio at 10for10. you still lurk/post?
  • Jay
    #23 & 28 What are you guys talking about???!!!! This is this person's blog..they can do things however they like (Which is the benefit of one having their own site) guys have ever right to not like it, but telling them to stop is really kind of silly! This is to #8 especially let's not get soft and have the mindset of going easy on Tucker Max because ...quote....."He managed to take what he loves doing, make a popular character out of it, and survive off of it for the time being" ....SO WHAT!!!!! I am glad the guy is making his money but we still have the right to call things as we see it. How many Hollywood artists do guys like us "crush" or lambast day in and day out because we think something they did sucks. Heck I am surprised guys like George Lucas and Michael Bay can even get up in the mornings after the daily bashings from no Tucker doesn't get a pass!
  • HSB
  • Dustin
    I love his stories, as fucked up as they are, but I want that 2 and a half minutes of my life back. It looks like a very bad The Hangover knock-off.
  • Holy shit this looks so awful. Never heard of it before this.
  • justincredible27
    Awful, but there is a place for this film, its on the 5$ movie rack at Wal-mart sitting next to The Happening.
  • Kevin
    I wouldn't call Tucker Max the world's biggest idiot...I'd call him the world's biggest douche bag. He's like Barney Stinson, but not witty and he doesn't wear suits 24/7. This movie looks awful.
  • I don't think it looks THAT bad...I mean, I wouldn't spend $8 bucks on it to see it in the theater, but it looks like it could be a fun movie to rent and watch while your sittin around drinking some beers with the guys....
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    Looks funny!
  • Xerxex
    Jesse Bradford how far have you fallen!? I don't think I can emphasize this word enough: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • RandyG
    I loved "Tucker's" reaction shot when the guy said he may have lost his fiance. This is definitely worth a rental.
  • Dusty
    hhahhaha... #38... Dustin and Dusty are on the same page here... It does feel like a Hangover knockoff.... and ...I will admit, it will be getting some of my money... at the discount rental location 4 weeks after theatre release.
  • Tom Arnold
    #29 Hes just angry more people visit his site than this one. Thats why hes bashing tucker
  • tom
    This trailer may be awful, but the book and Tucker Max in general are both great. No need to hate him just because you can't get any ass yourself!
  • Andrew
    Man I think Tucker Max is funny, I got his book signed by him no less (and man is he unimpressive in person -- but a funny writer, man!), but this trailer is definitely crap to the max.
  • Garrett Harer
    @Halo yeah I resumed posting a little while ago. Email me @Jay #36 The right to call things as we see them? Absolutely. Horrible movie? Definitely. A douche bag? Without a doubt. One of the world's biggest idiots? I refuse to believe that's the way he or anyone else actually "sees it".
  • Chris Szaraz
    Straight to DVD, Tucker Max is good fairy tale writer but this movie looks terrible.
  • twispious
    for once i agree with alex, read the book-the guy's a huge asshole and to say he's one of the world's biggest idiots is a kind understatement
  • LOL
    Uh, they should have put Paul Wall in the beginning of the trailer so I didn't have to waste 2 minutes of it. Just showing him would have told me thhis movie sucks huge fucking balls.
  • Captain Lies About Everything He Says
    This looks really good! I can't wait to see it. Tucker is not a douchebag. He is really cool. And this trailer showed all you up! He is god.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    man I love this guy's stories. I'll watch this on Netflix, no way would I pay money for it, but never the less, his stories are awesome. true or not, it's no different than high school or college and listening to other people's outrageous stories. Someone worse is the person that said another movie that destroyed a book? How is that? Tucker was in on this, so apparently he ruined his own writing? No wait...
  • Korm
    I was about to post about 54 until i realized his great username.
  • BVDR
    I love how an article titled "Don't Watch" get more comments than one titled "Must Watch"
  • This looks terrible. I have nothing else to say.
  • calamity
    i met some of the people behing this movie, as well as the author and i can tell you first hand that they are very douchey
  • Tempest
    "I don't think it looks THAT bad…I mean, I wouldn't spend $8 bucks on it to see it in the theater, but it looks like it could be a fun movie to rent and watch while your sittin around drinking some beers with the guys…." Yeah...not lame at all. I would never waste beer to watch a movie with "the guys" - you ever come up for air when you all do that?
  • Tempest
    "#29 Hes just angry more people visit his site than this one. Thats why hes bashing tucker" AHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, there are more posts here than on RMMB. Wait? You mean you didn't see that Viral Video on Youtube! The trailer has 100,000 views...lame. Cats playing with toilet water get more views than that.
  • nocsyn
    omg they go to a strip club?? scandalous! the production value on this film is looks like garbage. welp some frat guy will jerk off all over this sooo yeaaa
  • Zach
    Keeping a book on the NY Times Bestseller list for four years does not involve intelligence, it involves finding an audience as dumb as a bag of nails. I don't care whether or not the guy is an idiot, he still can't write for shit. Not to mention that his stories are not particularly funny. It's like having a conversation with a retarded frat boy for five minutes; he's utterly convinced of how awesome/funny/intelligent he is, and yet he lacks any subtlety. Basically, his stories are as funny as seeing someone get kicked in the nuts. There's no subtext, you're basically being beat over the head with a hammer:"omg guys how funny is sex? this one time i got so drunk i tried to fuck a chick but ended up vomiting on her instead lol sooo funnny" Unless you're a drunk frat boy dickhead, you won't find this appealing.
  • Hey Zach that's nice pal, now you can please go shut the hell fokk up and keep it shut. I'm no drunk frat boy and I sure as hell ain't no hyper sensitive geek, and I think this movie is going to be funny as hell and that means I'm going to damn well see it. Don't even get up off the floor about who you're talking to. I aced my A++ certification exams, in college and outside of it, to literally build computers & software programs from the ground up. As well as take them all apart, re-construct all the code, and make top dollar doing it. I used to program databases for a major software house, at over 115 words per minute on average. I don't give a damn how smart you say you are, you aren't smarter than me. I aced Algebra level 2 with nearly straight As across the board, it didn't help me obtain the job. Street smarts is what did that. I'm the average guy. The average guy is going to see this movie in droves and that's what the target market is, and that's who counts and pays the shots. I play sports and I'm smart, sometimes far too smart. So maybe I'm an intelligent jock or some other hacknyed definition, point is its all bullshit, all these descriptions are meaningless anyway. Tucker worked his ass off to get where he is and that means that, yes his movie's going to be a big success. It will either completely take top honors for a week or be a slow burn through-out the latter 3 1/2 months, but no matter what, it will be a successful movie. He earned it and yes the content of the movie is top notch, as not all lessons are based on numbers and bullshit fairytales.
  • "welp some frat guy will jerk off all over this sooo yeaaa" How the hell was American Pie not a far stupider movie?!? People complain about jokes being lame or targeted towards somebody. Well have they watched American Pie lately? I hear praise for the movie all the time from the weirdest folks, and it's the exact same shit, it's FAR FAR worse than anything Tucker has written. Tucker is a great, dare I say artful writer. His talent transcends stereotypes and they're making fun of all those so called "jokes" you complain about. These folks did that on purpose. Unlike the writer of that Bruno film and similar shallow comedies like how to lose a guy in 10 days, where the raunchy jokes are mostly offensive; and not in the least bit tasteful. Also Max wrote a novel of a book that is loved by an enormous fan base worldwide which utilizes the art of sophisticated ad hominems. Perhaps you had best brush up on your judgments of him and his work, that is before you tear down someone.
  • Zach
    @LameFokkerNomey You may not be a drunk fratboy, but you're certainly a dickhead. Your use of the phrase "novel of a book" seriously throws into doubt the claims you made regarding your intelligence, and also explains why you find Tucker's writing "artful." Also, for fuck's sake, huge fanbase != quality work.
  • Erica Allen
    I watched the trailer. It sucked. Isn't the point of the trailer to make you want to see the movie. I almost ma--- eh, I can't waste any more words on this crap.
  • College Grad
    I've read a few of the stories and his blog, and I've got to disagree with the idea that he's just all about "being honest, even if it means being a douche bag." It actually seems that he acts like a douche bag to get attention, and then plays it off as him being vilified because he's "honest." (Hence benefiting from everyone that hates him as well.) His stories are actually often repetitive machismo tales of his "experiences" with women and alcohol and debauchery, which he uses to establish himself as an "alpha male." I think people seem to find him empowering because he represents what others can't be: pure douche bags with (seemingly) no remorse. People believe he is "honest" because he portrays himself as a villain. Nine times out of ten people will believe something negative over something positive as being "true." Look at everyone who thinks that when things get darker and grittier, then they are more likely to be described as "the way things really are" simply because of the negative connotations attached. Personally, his writing style is pretty bad and childish. But arguing with his fanbase is like arguing with the Twilight fanbase; neither group wants to concede that their idolized author actually sucks at writing.
  • Erik
    I actually just finished his book today and while I did find him on occasion to be somewhat hateful (really just the part when he throws the overweight girls clothes out the window so she doesn't meet his friends) overall I thought the book was very funny. BUT... that is the shittiest trailer I have seen in literally years. And I don't see them salvaging the film at all, it just looked god awful. Super bad. Like the Van Wilder sequel bad. Or a Twilight movie.
  • Corina
    I hope they serve beer in hell is a gothic novel. Fratire doesn't exist.
  • Mike
    I do not know who Tucker Max is, never read his book..........but it is hard to imagine his book was any good from watching this trailer. All of the one-liners in the trailer are not funny, nor original, nor that offensive (which I think they were trying to do). This is a fail in every way imaginable, except that they actually made a movie that more than 5 people will probably see (but not much more than that).
  • tucker nut hugger
    to all the armchair warriors/virgins/ugly people hating on the guy because you dislike his style of writing or sense of humor. sure you are entitled to your own opinion, but i think i speak for tucker max and likely most of his fanbase when i tell you to "suck yourselves"
  • Slick Rick
    I reviewed the movie for a Canadian governmental film board. Funny as shit. Its funny how the rating of 18A we gave it, was arrived at about 30 seconds into the movie. LOL good stuff Tucker, good stuff.
  • tucker is a legend
    you are an asshole for judging tucker..if you dont like it just say it dont say judgemental things behind his back..he knows hes an asshole and admits it but he doesnt need ppl he doesnt know calling him the world's biggest idiot...he obviously knows his humor is offensive he was a duke law student but you are a sensitive prick who puts themselves on a pedestal like you are some perfect human being w/o any flaws or has never driven over the speed limit or did anything harmful or had a bad intention ever in your life and bc of that think you are cut from the thread of higher quality people above all the normal ppl that in your mind dont measure up to your high moral standards and the perfect way you live me a favor and get over yourself and stop being so full of shit that you defame someone you dont know personally and never met..yea he must be an idiot since he was on the ny bestsellers list for 3 straight years and is making a persona that he can make a living off of targeting an audience that is nowhere nearly as large as the mainstream media that is pumped with millions of dollars to sell the same sex, debauchery, belligerence and idiotic nonsense that you write abt...if you really want to be useful try writing and protesting about how everything in mainstream media is selling dirty humor and sex and profiting millions a year off of it dont blame the little guy who found his niche in the business trying to make a buck in a recession
  • gavin harvey
    the film i hope the serve beer in hell is one of the best films ever made better then american pie and other films on the same context, tucker max is an ideal to any male out there including my self, the book and movie gave me ideas which in conclusion ended up sleeping with a striper and running with a "little person" so tucker max you in my eyes are god send to a once quite person and beer is the way forward :)




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