DreamWorks Unveils Official Monsters vs Aliens Poster

February 3, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Monsters vs Aliens Poster

Alien Problem? Monster Solution! Believe me, I'm not that enthusiastic about featuring yet another new poster today, but I have to run this one. DreamWorks has unveiled the official poster for Monsters vs Aliens, which I might normally be excited about, but after what happened at the Super Bowl (read all about that here), I could care less. My only reaction to this poster is just, "Really? That's the best they could do?" But then again, that goes for anything that DreamWorks puts out, be it a poster, trailer, or feature itself.

Monsters vs Aliens Poster

Monsters vs Aliens is directed by DreamWorks filmmakers Rob Letterman (of Shark Tale previously) and Conrad Vernon (of Shrek 2 previously). Oddly, DreamWorks never revealed who the writers were, which makes me a bit worried that this was a studio-wide collaboration. Paramount will debut Monsters vs Aliens in both IMAX 3D and regular theaters on March 27th, 2009 this year. See everyone in theaters!

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  • Daniel
    It's not a half bad looking poster, in my opinion. Maybe you're letting the Superbowl trailer taint the film a little too negatively?
  • Maybe true... And I'll certainly be seeing this as soon as I can (in 3D), and if it's really good, I'll gladly admit that I was wrong and write about it... so look forward to that. :)
  • Paul
    Or, you could stop judging a film by posters/trailers and wait 'til you have seen the whole movie before you make statements as cruel as the ones you make, like a good film critic should always do...
  • Chris
    Yeah, it does seem that by saying "But then again, that goes for anything that DreamWorks puts out, be it a poster, trailer, or feature itself.", you're simply searching for reasons to dog on them all the time.
  • I'm with Alex... I was excited about Monsters Vs. Aliens until Dreamworks screwed the pooch with that 3D Super Bowl spot. Those shitty glasses damages the film by putting the idea that the 3D on-screen when the film is released will be just as bad as it was in the TV spot. Now, rationally, we know this is not true. But the perception is there all the same. Personally, I'm excited to see the movie. But I'm hedging my bets on whether or not I'll throw down an extra $2 or $3 to see it in 3D on the big screen.
  • viral
    Kung fu panda and the Shrek 1 and 2 were fun... stop generalising and try and be objective with your criticism
  • Ironmonging
    It's a shame that they never come close to Disney, but that's life.
  • Alfredo
    Oh geez, Alex is not being a critic, he's just reporting the news and giving his opinion, and it's not like his disappointment has no base. I myself hated the Superbowl trailer as well.
  • kindbuddy
    ironmonging they'll never come close to disney... disney is built from generation to generation... they started making classics a long time ago... its kind of hard to follow that
  • feohatestheworld
    more mindless dribble from kindbuddy
  • Red Color Buttons.
    What is the company behind waltz with bashir up too? I am interested in what that company will belt out in the future. Considering WwBashir was such a great trip.
    WOW, why are you so violently anti-Dreamworks? I think being dissapointed by kiddie movies is like burning your hand when you dip it into hot water. What the hell else did you expect? Of course this is targeted at small children, just like Shrek 1-3 and Shark's Tale and whatever else they've put out. Are you going to start bashing Sesame Street, Barney and Friends and Telletubbies next? Personally, this movie does look like it's targeted at the 5-12 demographic, but it looks entertaining enough...what did Dreamworks deny you an interview or something? Steal your first born? Wasn't Kung Fu Panda pretty decent? Most of my friends loved that film. I know it stole the Annies(who cares?). but it doesn't make it any less good.
  • Dave
    C'mon, don't paint with such a broad brush. The original Shrek was a good movie. And Kung Fu Panda is the first Dreamworks animated feature that holds it own with anything out of Pixar. Tai Lung's prison escape is an incredible sequence.
  • Movie Fan
    I'm with #10 on this. It's just a poster, geez dude. Check your blood levels for our sake.
  • Hey! Where's Insectosaurus on this poster? Frak it Alex! With all of your 81tching, you've gone and scared off Insectosaurus!
  • Conrad
    This actually looks really really good. I haven't been jazzed about an animated movie coming out since Monster's Inc and that was great! I like the storyline of this one. It sounds like its going to have some promise to it...
  • Ross
    I have to ask. Has anyone taken a good look at the 'NEW' 3D glasses? Or own a pair? They don't look like the traditional glasses. Back when I first saw 3D, the glasses were 'red' and 'blue'. When you watched it, there were red and blue lines around everything. The new glasses look more like 'ruby' and 'lime'. Which makes sense, since everything had orange and yellow around it, now. It didn't look like the traditional 3D, from the olden days, without the me.
  • Moevin
    OK, I saw a few minutes of this movie at the CES show in Vegas a few weeks ago.. on a 3D Plasma with polarized lenses.. and it looked absolutely awesome. I have always been really excited about 3D but hate the red/blue glasses (amber and purple annoy me just as bad... maybe more). I always love watching the 3D shows at Disneyland.. and this was very similar to that.. only it will be a full-length movie.. So as for me, if they are handing out polarized lenses.. I will definitely go see it in theaters.. but if I find out they're handing out the crappy glasses they used for the Superbowl commercials.. I probably won't go.
  • Dreamworks makes pretty good animated films. Granted they aren't award-winners, but are audience pleasers and usually not terrible.




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