Eminem Starring in Shady Talez, a 3D Anthology Horror Movie

November 6, 2009
Source: Screen Daily


Aww shit dawg! Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, will star in Shady Talez, his first feature film in seven years (though he did appear briefly in Judd Apatow's Funny People earlier this year). The project, with a style described as "The Twilight Zone meets Creepshow," is a new 3D anthology horror film. Marvel will be publishing a four-issue comic book series based on Shady Talez in 2010 as well. Mathers will produce and star in multiple roles in the film, which will give an "urban wink" to genre classics such as Christine, Aliens, and The Lost Boys. The film is being produced by the newly formed D.J. Classicz/Davis Entertainment.

According to Screen Daily, where this news comes from, the script for Shady Talez is being co-written by Dallas Jackson (who is also writing The Last Dragon remake for Sony) and Kevin Grevioux (creator of the Underworld franchise). They didn't reveal much else, but I think it's best to keep the rest a secret, as this sounds pretty damn cool and I don't want to spoil it all this early. I actually just watched Creepshow for the first time a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it, though I prefer Trick 'r Treat when it comes to anthology horror. I just love that stuff and that's why, even though it's Eminem, I'm interested in this. Thoughts?

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  • J Taylor
    This sounds terrible.
  • what the hell. he did an EXCELLENT job in 8 Mile and didn't screw up his small role in Funny People, and he chose THIS to follow it up with?! So dumb... this sounds horrible.
  • Daniel
    Just like Snoop Dogs Hood of Horror. Buts hes white. So he might do good.
  • Sabes
    I don't know....
  • Kevin
    My how the mighty have fallen...he'll be on Dancing with the Stars in a couple of years.
  • AT
    The fact that Tales is spelled with a Z at the end is enough for me to pass.
  • AT
    Also the fact that it's in 3D.
  • AT
    Also you can't feel the rings.
  • Richard
    I think it would be kinda great, hes defiantly a twisted individual and so I bet he could come up with some awesome horror stuff.
  • Tristan
    We live in a world of haters, apparently.
  • zach
    Okay everyone know eminem is a sick fucker so ANY kind of horror movie he makes will be amazing his two movie roles he did he was perfect at! Uh chuck liddell was on dancing with the stars and has made more money than you ever will! If em wants to do that show it will just so he can be Humorous. This sounds great cant wait
  • Blackstar
    What will be amazing is if Eminem can keep man-butt out of his face. Oh right, he can't...
    • V3nomisVip3r
      who says man butt
      • BlackstarBSP
        Same people who reply to 2 year old comments.
  • Colt
    dude I liked snoop's hood of horror. campy and awesome
  • beavis
    this has DISASTER written all over it.........and i'm not hating - this just sounds awful.
  • xan
    He has the potential to be a really good actor if he'd just make a real movie and not ...this. This sounds terrible no matter who's acting in it.
    • V3nomisVip3r
       He did make a real movie and it was called 8 Mile
  • Roberto Planto
    This should be an actualy horror movie though.
  • mxr5150
    No thanks.
  • Kman
    At 6, You clearly did not understand Relapse or listen to Forever.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Can definitely go either way...I don't get too excited for anything anymore though till a trailer.
  • sumonesumtime
    WORRD #6
  • hehe Eminem and video:)
  • hehehe Eminem and videos:)
  • Squiggly_P
    Is putting a "Z" at the end of every other word supposed to be 'urban' now? I thought people had had enough of that crap back in the early '90s... I'll hold opinion until I get something to go on, but I truly think Marshal Mathers could be considered a great fucking actor if he'd just do it more often. 8 Mile was surprisingly good, and he was surprisingly great in it. I was afraid that film would be nothing more than an excuse to cram his music into a movie, or turn out like that Vanilla Ice flick "Cool as Ice" or something, but he took it seriously. And the first Creepshow was pretty decent, so if they're using that and the old Twilight Show series as inspirations (and not the poopy movie), this might actually turn out to be a REAL horror movie and not some shitty gore-fest torture-porn that passes as horror these days.
  • Trick 'r Treat better than Creepshow? Yeah, maybe if you were born in 1990 or something like that. Creepshow was far superior than Trick 'r Treat. Hell, the old Tales from the Crypt TV show was creepier than Trick 'r Treat. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to like Trick 'r Treat, but after watching it, I just don't see what the fuss was all about. It was quite meh for me. This has potential, but the Z and the 3D make me think they're trying to slap the lipstick on the pig well in advance. I did like Marshall in 8 mile and I do dig his music for the most part, so I think he'd take it seriously. Jury's still out I guess.
  • You have to be pretty desperate to have a piece of trash like eminem in your movie....
    • V3nomisVip3r
      How is he a piece of trash? 8 Mile was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.
  • that guy
    I'll watch. Not in theatres though.
  • This is why I never come to FirstShowing, because all the readers are morons. Say what you will about Eminem, that being you don't like him or think he's too outrageous or what have you. BUT have you fucking nerds been awake for the past six months? #6 says, "My how the mighty have fallen…he'll be on Dancing with the Stars in a couple of years." Oh yeah, I'm prettys sure it's Eminem who has the #1 rap album of the year, a VMA award, 4 AMA nominations, a hilarious cameo in Funny People, everyone in the music industry sucking his dick in an attempt to get a collaboration, and Relapse 2 coming out in a couple months. Yeah...what a washed up has been. I agree that I would rather seem Mr. Mathers take a more serious/badass role. BUT THIS IS SLIM SHADY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE! Slim Shady makes Rob Zombie look like Reese Witherspoon. If there's anyone who would be perfect to create a disgusting, horror anthology's Eminem. Oh classic haters.
    • V3nomisVip3r
       Haha this is the comment ive been looking for. All I see is haters on here. I bet you this movie will be good because he is good with horror and things like that and he is a good actor and I bet this movie will have alot of humor because Eminem is just hilarious.
    • Sarah
      Hell yeah !! Slim shady
  • guh
    i love eminem and i think there's a possibility of this being a good movie, but i HATE 3-D
  • Fed Up With Hollywood
    OH.MY.GOD! I say we take off and nuke Hollywood from orbit. It's the only way screw it.
  • kaleigh
    ok, 8 mile was like one of the best movies. but i think he should stick to rapping its what hes best at. he's my all time favorite person. i love him to death, just cant picture him doing a horror movie
  • Joe
    No matter what you say, this movie is going to make millions, and all of you who are draggin it down will watch it aswell. And 8 ,lie was the most legendary film ever made, and all because it had eminem in it. This will be a hit too.
  • Nic Toronto
    Are u all spun This movie is going to be cool, eminem man are u a fan or not haha I got my motherfuckin ak, and I'm gonna spray, everymotherfucker from around ur way
  • Nic Toronto
    Are u all spun This movie is going to be cool, eminem man are u a fan or not haha I got my motherfuckin ak, and I'm gonna spray, everymotherfucker from around ur way
  • V3nomisVip3r
    Basicly people you think it is going to be bad but he is funny and he is good with horror stuff and a great actor. You never how this movie will be until you see it and if you say its gonna suck and your not gonna watch it ill laugh in your face when you actually watch it and think it is good.




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