Epic Full-Length Trailer for James Cameron's Avatar in HD!

October 29, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Avatar Trailer

It's here! Fox has finally debuted the epic 3 ½ minute trailer for James Cameron's Avatar in glorious high def today on Yahoo. This is the trailer we've been waiting for, the one that finally shows that there's more to Avatar than just giant blue Na'vi aliens, that it's a story about love and survival and the importance of life. And it looks absolutely incredible. I think this could be one of the best trailers of the entire year, it's truly epic, and truly exciting. Many of you may have seen this trailer in theaters over the weekend, but now is your chance to voice your opinion and see it again. Without further ado, watch the new trailer below!

Watch the theatrical trailer for James Cameron's Avatar:

You can also watch this Avatar trailer in glorious High Definition on Yahoo

Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine on the planet Pandora who, as an Avatar - a human mind in an alien body - finds himself in a desperate fight for his survival and that of the indigenous beings called Na'vi.

Avatar is both written and directed by Oscar winning visionary filmmaker James Cameron, of Piranha II, The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, and Titanic previously. He has been developing the technology to make this movie for the last 10 years. 20th Century Fox is bringing James Cameron's Avatar to both IMAX and regular theaters in 3D around the world on December 18th.

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  • LV 426
    i think i just touched cloth!!
  • Thor
    Awesome trailer, blows the teaser right out of the water. Can not wait for this.
  • Henry Jones Sr.
    FernGully with a multimillion dollar budget.
  • Jaf
  • esther
    It sucks that you have to be in the U.S to be able to see the trailer! I've been really looking forward to this.
  • ^ #5 - Fixed that, it can now be watched by anyone, even outside of the US!
  • Matt S
    How come every tiny bit of positive Avatar news is reported by you Alex, but I haven't even seen a sliver of mention to the Avatar "borrows" Paol Anderson's 1957 novella Call Me Joe? This is SO much more substantial than that Avatar/Delgo nonsense (esspecially taking Cameron's past plagarism into account). I know you're kind of obsessed with James Cameron, but not reporting this seems, I don't know, not right. That is if you are aware of the issue.
  • PJ
    Wow. Home run. Grand Slam.
  • jelipe
    cant wait for decemder 18th.ill be there opening day.
  • Antioch
    1000 times better than the first trailer~ Gives me a reason to be excited about this!
  • ryderup
    Looks good untill 1:35. Then it sucks.
  • joe
    Thanks for the trailer Alex .I think after watching this trailer if people aren't convinced then this movie is not for them and they should stop commenting about this movie.In my opinion it's the best trailer they could release it and it proves why this movie is such a epic and why James Cameron is still best in the business today also. I am going on opening night for this movie for sure in Imax 3d .I don't need to say anything more I will just go and watch it just like I did with Titanic there still people who hate Titanic but it's still the highest grossing film ever and won 11 Academy Awards.So online blog haters if you don't watch this movie it will be still a big hit.
  • krieg70
    Wow. Truly Epic. While I'm still disappointed and don't believe this is anything still looks like the best movie of the year. Can't wiat.
  • nick
    Now that’s what I am talking about .This is the trailer we have been waiting for great to see some Avatar Day footage mixed in too.This is a must watch in 3d it will not look animated or unreal in 3d I promise you that.Now it’s only up to the audiences to go and watch it and make it a big hit like Terminator 2.Remember Sherlock Holmes will not damage this movie because it’s gonna last at least 3d months in 3d theaters in Imax and it’s gonna be on a longer run than the other movies.So it will pick in it’s second and third week and make more money like his other movies did.I won’t go on the opening weekend and tell that if the movie open to 65 million that it is a flop it depend on the longer run.As far I am concerned Avatar won’t go easily out of theaters and people who don’t know anything about Avatar will a lot of time to come and watch it again and again.
  • darkhorse
    It sucks that you have to be in the U.S to be able to see the Yahoo HD trailer! I've been really looking forward to this.
  • Will Dearborn
    Fantastic. Movie event of the year.
  • prasad
    Finally the epic trailer is here .I have been waiting for this movie since it was announced .I just want to say that if you have not seen this movie in IMAX3D, you have no idea what it is like. I was lucky enough to watch 20 minutes of the movie and to this day I cant forget the experience. It was mind bending, colorful, one of a kind thrill ride. I actually got emotionally involved in every scene because I can easily say I was at Pandora. When James said you'll be inside of this movie and you'll be dreaming while being awake, he meant it. This will change the way you watch movies forever. And the CGI on your monitor vs IMAX3D. Those blue Elves become real, every emotion, movement and voices, it all comes to life. Just see it.
  • Liking this trailer A LOT better than the first one!!! Then again I remember how good The Phantom Mencace looked in the trailer:( I'm going to put my faith in Cameron's superior abilities but fear he may have Lucas-itis (too much effects development time and too little substance). This 'trailer' still looks really great...Fingers crossed for Dec 18th!!! Thanks for posting this Alex!
  • MK-Ultra
    wow, what a difference HD makes. this movie will definitely be an experience
  • Nithin
    A fantastic trailer to cap my day off. Thank you Alex.
  • M-Cat
    Sucks for the haters.
  • splinter
    action looks great but the movie looks like "Dances with Wolves" in space....with colors....yey!!!!...with bad CGI!!!!....yey!!!!!!!!
  • Bob
  • Fuelbot
    #7 - This is every story ever about someone trying to find their destiny, and finding it in the most unexpected of places. Cameron's not stealing from anyone.
  • Cory
    Once they are on the "planet" it still looks fully CG. Nothing really mind-blowing here. Like a bunch of Jar-Jar's runnin' around.
  • Mak
    It looks good if a bit more on the nose than I was expecting. I was hoping for a bit of grey area between the marines and the Avi. I think it was smart to release footage so early because I was able to deal with the disappointment of it not being "revolutionary" and now I've moved on. I'm just pumped for a cool space epic.
  • LetterJ13
    Really ?
  • areewwhu?
    ber de ber ber meh meh.
  • ChrisUK
    This looks so much better than the first trailer. The wannabe brave heart speech is a bit rubbish though. I hope Worthington is better in this that he was in T4. This trailer sets the scene well for a possible awesome film experience, colour me excited (up from 'yeah..ok'). Although, it could just be Return of the Jedi's The Battle for Endor' with lanky smurfs instead of furry midgets....that film got a ton of hate about the natives beating the Empire - surely Avatar will fall into the same trap unless the Na'vi have something REALLY special to fight back with.
  • hale
    I'll have to admit I wasn't to impressed with everything before but this trailer completely changed my mind. Looks great.
  • Sid
    I think I was dissappointed by the first trailer as it was suppose to be teaser trailer.But man this trailer rocks man this fucking rocks man count me in .I would like to what James Cameron done with the 3d thing.Will watch it in 3d now on opening night.Where were you James Cameron still now.
  • toom_ah_dray
    No thanks. I've already seen The Last Samurai.
  • Drama
    The fact that the HD-link at Yahoo doesn't work for me as a swede is above annoying.....
  • Adu
    If ever there was a movie worthy of a big screen viewing, this is it.Everybody is just gonna blow away when they see it in 3d.It should be watched on big screen in 3d and not in front of computer and then make your judgment.
  • PimpSlapStick
    J Cameron he done did it again
  • Mattyc
    wow - finally a trailer with substance. As amazing as Cameron thinks he is, he still needs to give us good reason to buy his product. Just because I like a particular restaurant doesn't mean I'm gonna buy everything on the menu. I still don't think this film will change how movies are made, but I do think it will be a fun ride.
  • Trey m
    Great...cant wait
  • Why is everyone so excited about this? It all seems a little gimmicky...
  • Robbie
    THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! The score of 'The Island' makes it even more epic.
  • arjones
    I saw the first trailer and wasn't impressed but this new one rocked it for me. Not to mention that it will be Imax? Mt neurons are snapping with excitement! Gotta love Giovanni Ribisi and Joel Moore. I would see it for them alone.
  • DEMC01
    This trailer it's for those who said that Cameron doesn't have it anymore, well, here you got, just like he said, wait until the technology necessary, and that's what you get from his hand, and epic picture like only him can pull.
  • Jamie G.
    I challenge anybody who says that this is bad CGI to give me an example of anything that is better. I will wager that every example used some trick to compensate for shortcomings. Download this trailer and just pause it on some scenes and you SHOULD appreciate it as truly amazing. Every director who has seen this work has been impressed including those who have had to work in this arena.
  • Rick
    Just looks great I am sold now I wasn't before the first trailer.This looks out to be a very good movie
  • SuicidalOptimist
    The more I see of this movie, the less I care. =/ I think I still wanna see it, of right now, I really don't know what to think of it.
  • branden
    Won't believe it til I see it. Trailers are the most decceiving part of the movie business.
  • pipo
    You know what disturbs me the most? The similarity of this planet to our earth...WTF!
  • Rick
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    i've just white washed my boxershorts,this looks fucking amazing,james cameron delivers nearly all the time(titanic).LET HIM DIRECT THE AVENGERS.
  • ceviche
    While I understand #43's defense of the quality of the animation, that it is technically far superior to anything yet seen on the silver screen, and has been praised by industry experts, that still can never discount the only important thing: what do normal, everyday people think about it? What's their first response? This movie is not being made as an artifact to be handled delicately and praised by a select group of computer artists in new zealand. Its being made for me. And for every other movie goer in the world who is there for one reason- to be entertained, and moved, and inspired. That's how Avatar will be judged in the end. No one will turn to their neighbor in the middle of the movie and whisper "well that dragon looks about 80% better than the creature Obi Wan rode in Phantom Menace. I mean technically." If it looks like a cartoon, it's a cartoon. If it doesn't look like it was shot in camera, it will take people out of the movie and strip emotion from the scene. I do have a feeling however, that we can not give our full judgement until this movie is viewed the way it was meant to- on a big screen, in 3D. That may change everyone's mind about what exactly Cameron has achieved here.
  • Daniel Sharp
    I'm impressed, movies have almost caught up with the xbox360. Honestly tho, I'm sure the techniques used are amazing and will lead to great things. But this? Really doesn't look much better than any of the Final Fantasy movies. How much are you being paid to promote this so much Alex?
  • zibo fricka
    EPIC Movie Cameron Rules #50 - you are a noob...get wrecked.
  • captain subtext
    Still looks like a videogame to me. Can't dig that at all. Also: Quicktime links on yahoo never work. NEVER!
  • Gomes
    This movie will make it's mark .I think all these years we have been hearing about how good it is now it's good to finally see a epic trailer.Looks like James Cameron wants to back with a bang.
  • Nick S.
  • kocium
    Smurfs: Resurrection
  • Al
    still doesn't look real, but I'm definitely interested again. (and I dont want people to tell me its just a trailer, and to wait for the movie. Of course its a trailer, thats merely all im judging right now.)
  • Dale
    Looks horrible. I just don't get the excitement over this movie. But then again people paid the money to make Revenge of the Fallen one of the highest grossing films. If you put a big name with some CG and a marketing campaign people will pay for it I guess. The acting looks wooden, the story line looks like and Alien rehash of a Vietnam war movie (big bad military being stood up to by a less powerful, less armed population) and I think I liked the CGI better when it was called Myst and you could play it online. The only time the word 'epic' should be applied to this movie is 'epic fail'.
  • wHiskey Tango…
    Now that all the Teaser hatred is out of the way, we can now let the movie speak for itself. Great trailer. Can't wait til Dec 18th. I hope the pre- release movie haters will "enjoy the unfried side" of Crow when its all said and done. Everyone's entiled to their god-given opinion, but withold judgement til you see the finished product!
  • Davis
    Not really impressed but the trailer kind of felt underwhelming.
  • Al
    56: I was thinking the same thing, haha.
  • Korm
    A giant step up from the first trailer!
  • Al
    59: but no one is judging the final product. we are judging just the trailer. I'm certainly not saying the film is going to be bad, just saying that the trailer itself isn't appealing. Merely a reaction to their preview.
  • Colin
    their sure are a lot of cynical nerds that browse this website
  • Patrick
    I still don't get it why everybody is so hyped about this movie. It looks great, and by that I mean the CGI and stuff. But the story doesn't seem to be too original and it certainly isn't a new storyline . Just because it's directed by James Cameron (who surely did some awesome movies, T2 ftw) doesn't get me all psyched. Please people tell me, what is so groundbreaking/awesome/ fascinating about this movie? Greez
  • You know that trailer was much much better, I agree with the folks saying that. They really need to pull the "not in kansas anymore" line from the trailer, and the movie -- I can't think of a more clichéd line... my eyeroll was pretty much involuntary.
  • Dan the Fan
    Although I could sit here and pick apart bits from the trailer that I didn't like, I will say that this film seems to convey a good solid message. It looks like it will be entertaining and I'm sure a delight to watch. My only beef really with this trailer is how it serves as James Cameron's resume. Really, if people aren't aware who he is already, flashing which movies he's done isn't going to change anything.... only to repeat his name again at the end. This movie should sell itself. *should*
  • D.
    Stunning!! All the complainers are just trying to find something to say... Well when you don't have nothing important to say, dont's say anything.
  • xerxex
    as long as the acting good and the story better I can over look the CG, hopefull when I see this in IMAX it will look better, I', just happy I didn't get into all of the hype.
  • Z.
    So many movies are following the "Main character thinks his side is good until he experiences the supposed bad side, then in turn, fights against his original side" formula these days. I kinda want something new.
  • ben chacko
    I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS...i wish it was december already! avatar is gonna be fucking amazing!
  • l.
    i thought it was pretty horrible.
  • Patrick
    @ nr 70 word! the story is being retold over and over again! All that changes from one movie to another is the looks...
  • Jazzperous
    LOL, why the heck to they put down "True Lies" among Cameron's movies? It's absolutely nothing to brag about :)
  • Nathan D.
    Reminds of The New World, and the story of Pocahontas. It's one of those classic mythological hero stories. For this reason, I think the acting will most likely be flat, because the characters are basically archetypes that have been recycled from countless other 'epic' movies in the past. But I don't a see a problem with this whatsoever. The original Star Wars Trilogy worked, Lord of the Rings worked and The Matrix worked. Judging from the trailers, the main draw for the film is obviously the effects and the visual experience. With this in mind, I absolutely love the close up shots of the Navi. The facial expressions and mannerisms are very realistic. One thing I didn't really appreciate was the listing of James Cameron's filmography. I don't know him, but what I've read about him being somewhat egotistical reads through in the trailer. If no one knew James Cameron was directing this movie, I wonder if that would made a difference in the people's response to the trailers... Note: Even from the trailers you can hear Sam Worthington's Australian accent.
    This trailer is surely very impressive and goes a long way to convince why there is so much internal hype over this film...this I think this may be a hard sell for the everyday Joe...who makes up a majority of ticketbuyers...I hope that it will be huge, looks like a lot of creativity and intelligence went into making this film....btw, is the best site for movie updates so frequently and doesn't really miss a thing, good job guys!
  • :)
    fuck my life what has cinema become just trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash after trash. Ugh.
  • John
    Jame Cameron + Battle for Terra + Excessive use of the color blue = Avatar
  • Chewp
    I'M NOT WATCHING IT.... BITCHES. I want to be completely surprised and hopefully blown away by all the visuals and what not on the BIG SCREEN. I'm not ruining it for myself now. Hahahamutherfuckas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Morpheous
  • kindbuddy
    @ 26 - Cory, the 3D is supposed to be mind blowing. Now did you just see a 3D trailer. I don't think so. So, far the movie does look epic though.
  • Yekim
    I WANNA WATCH THIS SOOOOO BADDD!!!! But i agree with numba 78! The teaser was enough for me to get me to go see this shit, and i dont wanna reveal anymore plot points. i KNOW for a FACT that this will be....... THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bitches...
  • Dirty Dutchman
    I am going to pay to see this film just to be proven wrong that it does not suck... I hope my curiosity serves me well, just like the time I discovered how much porn is on the internet.
  • shredder
    theres this restaurant where i live called "the jungle cafe". this movie reminds me of the jungle cafe. and it also reminds me of video game trailers. its cool people seem so psyched for this. im glad they enjoy it. i just really really realllllllllllly really really dont get it. i mean isnt it just corny? there are others who think this, yes?
  • Jock
    Does nobody see how the human vehicles are ripped right out of Halo? It's cool, but also kinda cheap. You would think that the art team would have known that. I mean futuristic space marines, on an alien world, killing blue aliens. Bungie should sue the shit out of Cameron for that.
  • Rick
    I'm sold. Looks like it's going to be epic
  • Love you James!
  • arjones
    I could see a Jurassic Park 4 done in Imax3d like this. That would be fantastical.
  • Smakatac
    Wasn't really into Avatar until i saw this trailer it looks awesome and i don't know about you guys but i enjoy a bit of escapism and enjoy a film for what it is - entertainment! If you can do better, get a multi-million pound/dollar budget and show me your effort, lol :)
  • Doc
    wow... just... wow... Good work Eric!
  • Mark
    I'm disappointed. I don't want to be, but I am. Sorry. This feels like so many movies I've already seen, and I didn't like any of them. And the speech... Oh God, the speech... If I can't listen to the whole thing when it's truncated in a trailer, I know I won't survive the film. Unless this gets at least 80% at Rotten Tomatoes, I'll wait to rent it on Blu-ray. At least then I can fastforward that moment and enjoy the rest of the film (I hope, I really hope).
  • revolutionary? i think not
    cliche cliche cliche
  • Sabes
    This looks pretty good. The story has been done before, but what basic storyline hasn't? It's all in how you tell it. I've been pretty sick of all the Avatar hype, but this renewed my interest in this movie.
  • Jimbone
    "FernGully with a multimillion dollar budget." LOL
  • snickers
    To all the haters: Transformers 2 had next to no storyline and look how that turned out. This at least has a recognisable story. This is a surefire hit at Christmas.
  • ?????
    Ok there we go. Now I'm feeling better about this movie.
  • alan
    holly wowowowowowowowowwowowowowowow and i agree with joe # 12 100 percent wowow this wniter sure feels like summer block buster season cuz with so many awsome movies including this duhhhhh....
  • Jordan
    I can't wait. =) Looks awesome!
  • PinkCollar
    I'm only here to direct my comment to #56... True Lies was great!
  • 'Outstanding' ¬_¬
  • xerxex
    I just want 3D dead, but I'll see this.
  • Wow. That's one great looking video game...oh wait it's supposed to be a movie with an ORIGINAL story...yeah right...
  • Scott
    haha, this movie is gonna be huuuge. Everybody needs to STFU. Trailer ruled, and everyone is gonna see this thing
  • I really love this trailer way better than the teaser, because it spells out the entire film plot in an easily digestible 3 minutes, has explosions and shit like that. They really do have to retard proof the trailers these days eh? I think I'll wait til the South Park version comes out, should be funnier.
  • Dan
    I'm with you PinkCollar....True Lies was great
  • Fuelbot
    They listed True Lies because regardless of the comedy, the film has some of the most incredible action sequences ever. Not to mention, it was Digital Domain's first project. And seriously, if you hate this trailer you're probably waiting for the next Wolverine to come out.
  • Major Kusanagi
    how come blue aliens speak english......
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    WOW. This trailer just made the movie look that much better.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    "That WE!!! ARE!!! SPARTA!!!" Oh...wrong movie. From the guy that director all those awesome special effects movies comes something that might appear on Nintendo 64! Ferngully 2: AVATAR. Oh wait...yeah. That looks like shit, worse than the teaser. I love that Crapola said it spelled out the plot in 3mins because there we go...that's it. I've heard of unoriginal stuff but board games becoming movies is more interesting, in how the heck they are gonna do it. This...this has been done oh so many times and on top of that, they though in the huge fights scene which will probably be like 30 mins so for the other 2hrs and 30mins I'm bored watching ugly cheap CGI looking aliens make out and swim naked. Sorry man, if I didn't even know this movie, that trailer sucked. I would call cheese right there and it is. It's pure cheese riding on people willing to spend $15 or more a ticket for the "true affect"
  • James Cameron is Michael Bay for adults. Did #51 seriously call someone a noob?
  • Squiggly_P
    People are comparing this to shit like Revenge of the Fallen and I have to stop you right there. Micheal Bay assumes that people are incredibly stupid. He took what should have been a relatively cool action movie for families and turned it into a vulgar pile of crap meant for the bottom of the barrel. And look what happened. IT BROKE RECORDS. What does that say about us? Cameron, on the other hand, assumes that his audience isn't stupid. While they both make the same sort of film, Cameron actually makes GOOD big action movies. You can watch them without groaning through endless shitty jokes. The characters generally tend to be more than just one-note cardboard cutouts (I'll ignore most of the cast of Titanic here...). Hell, some of his films are flat-out brilliant. While this might not be as good as The Abyss or Aliens, it's sure to be better than most of the other big-budget blockbusters that have been made in the last decade or so. I've seen both of the transformers movies. A friend brought it over the other day on DVD because he hadn't yet seen it, and I couldn't sit through the fucking thing again. That movie is just stupid. I could watch any of Cameron's films again and again. That's the difference between him and Bay or Emmerich or most of the action directors. Even the people hating on this film will end up seeing it - even the ones that hated Transformers like I did - because they have to realize that this does look better than some Micheal Bay crap. It looks AT LEAST like it'll be a fun movie. A fun movie for people who don't want to have their intelligence insulted every five minutes with asinine 'jokes'. And so fucking what if it 'looks CGI'? Does it matter? Didn't it just suck when The Incredibles didn't look 100% real? Was it so impossible to enjoy it. Aside from the fact that I think you're a moron if you think it looks THAT fake, this doesn't look any worse than any other big-budget film, and probably looks a lot better - especially on a big screen. Fucking movie websites are all full of mouth-breathing Micheal Bay fanboys and pretentious assholes who can't allow any popcorn flicks to slip past without them cocking a condescending eyebrow and sneering.
  • Brandon
    Looks entertaining, but not the most epic movie ever, like all this hype attempted to make it sound like. Definitely will be one hell of a adventure. I'll see it. Can't go wrong with Space Marines and Indigenous Aliens, right?
  • me
    everyone do yourself a favor. read a book.
  • Jeremy
    "Does nobody see how the human vehicles are ripped right out of Halo? It's cool, but also kinda cheap. You would think that the art team would have known that. I mean futuristic space marines, on an alien world, killing blue aliens. Bungie should sue the shit out of Cameron for that." Uh, I assume you've never seen James Cameron's Aliens? Halo's dropship, Marine design, hell right down to Sgt. Johnson comes right out of his 1985 masterpiece. Halo rips from James Cameron, not the other way around.
  • epic... I'm speechless ... so sad few can understand the meaning of all this though
  • Gomes
    This will look a little cartoonish in 2d but believe me friends once see it in 3d and onces you are in their world you are in their world of pandora and while watching 2 and half hours movie you will stop questioning the CGI ascepts of the movie that's for sure. This is built for big screens not for some computer screens.
  • Movieraider321 this doesn't change my opinion about this movie at all. This still doesn't look nearly as good as everyone hypes it to be. CGI still looks subpar, normal by today's standards. Story has been told countless times. The General pisses me off because he IS EVERY GOD DAMN CLICHE GENERAL EVER! Bring me something new for jesus christs sake. Just not very impressed, I'll go see it sure, because I like Cameron's films but this hype is so not necessary.
  • Marty Martin
    Can't decide how cheesy and/or cool this looks. Epic, cheesy, video game, etc...? Ugh, I can't figure it out!
  • Wylles
    Oh. My. God.
  • James
    Wow. Visuals look good (3D will be even better I assume), but could this story have any more cliches and obvious allegories? If you're going to all this trouble to create such a "ground breaking" movie, why not put some effort into the plot as well?
  • zeldaprimed
    I usually don't do this as I appreciate all movies and their own Genre and whatnot..... buuuut, I really don't like this anymore than the Teaser...Stupid Smurfs going Halo... I consider this = to Transformers...except Revenge of the fallen is better...(ponder and argue nerdists) District 9 trailers better than these shall be an equivalent, District-9 Better and don't even have to watch Avatar to compare...(sci-fi, not story-wise, please don't jump to conclusions) as for those that say that Halo ripped from Camerons previous stints...maybe so in the modeling, but helluva better story (Halo)... as for RotF...It is a Hasbro are people still complaining about it being it on bluray on a 55" HD-Equivalent...looks oh so beautiful...(these smurfs are gonna look god-awful in 2-D when I bring it the fuck can I concentrate on the story when blue overweight Jack Skellingtons are walking across the screen... I feel like a Twilight hater, except I am hating on my fellow brethren because they are taking the same attitude as twilight supporters.....weird...
  • Quanah
    Looks like an entertaining sci-fi with some substance. Should be a fun watch with a moral to the story. I look forward to reading some reviews and watching it to develop my own opinion as well.
  • Shige
    Wow. After seing the teaser I was hoping for the story to be somewhat interesting but here it is, a crapfest that has been told too many times before. People who think this looks better in HD should watch ANY PS3 game movie sequence and the CGI will be better than this blue crap. The aliens look even more fake in HD.
  • Michael
    >>there's more to Avatar than just giant blue Na'vi aliens, that it's a story about love and survival and the importance of life.<< Well, that's also nothing very special. Let's wait for the reviews.
  • Jon The Rob-ot
    @110: The difference between the Incredibles and this one is that you know you are seeing a cartoon; here they are trying to create the illusion of being real with cartoons. Don't confuse the two.
  • Filmfan1111
    LOL. I guess they had to put those movie credits in the trailer otherwise everyone would be laughing at this overhyped movie. Their may have been a decent movie here if it wasn;t for the obsession of cgi/3d rammed down our throats.
  • L
    I'm with the majority here now. The teaser pretty much made me not want to see it. Now that I saw the actual trailer, Im pretty excited for this. While the CGI still isn't perfect (and I personally this CGI looks like crap on anything living), it does look a lot better.
  • m4st4
    Finally! Haters are silly and this looks BEYOND EPIC!!! Like I didn't knew Jim will nail it, once more...
  • Link1983
    I'm Sold! I can't wait to see this movie next summer when it finally hits UK theatres LOL
  • n
    The trailer makes it pretty clear what you will be served up in the cinema. Therefore, if you don't like the look, don't go and see it. For those of us who like the look, then we'll either be disapointed or blown away. Either way, I want to see this movie on the big screen.
  • greg
    120 million opening weekend
  • Florian
    Absolutely STUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!! That just blew me away ! Fantastic ! I'll see it 16th december, here in France! Just can't wait !!!
  • Citizent K
    The problem with this film is that I have already now the plot. It will be like watching a movie for the second time. Amazing stuff for sure, but at the end is the story what matters, and let´s face it, this is The Last Samurai remixed with Pocahontas.
  • arjones
    #112 Thank you for that! You caught me unaware and I chuckled out loud.
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Nothing epic from this film...I think I saw this STAR TREK episode when Picard and data....
  • Farce
    Now well be stuck hearing and seeing Worthington in the next 20 sci-fi films or so and I'm tired of him already. What the hell is up with his accent? Slips from Aussie to American and back, then to something else. I don't see why this guy is supposed to be so great that we have to see him in EVERYTHING. Must work cheap, most Aussie actors don't make enough acting to soley act.
  • Dr Phaust
    Looks good but I think the SFX peeps having been playing a little too much World of Warcraft 😉
  • S
    I will say this trailer looks a lot better than the teaser. The part of the speech in the trailer really annoyed me, though. You're not a Na'vi and this is not your planet, you self-righteous prick! I did like how they explained away the complaint I've often heard about why if they can make "avatars" they can't fix his legs. Though, this trailer began to make me wonder, what exactly is the air on this planet made of that they can't breath it but it's okay for their skin to be exposed to it? Is there just too low a concentration of oxygen?
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    what the fuck going on i watched this two days ago,now can't watch at all.
  • JayC
    was able to view the trailer this morning and now I am no longer able to watch it... what gives?
  • Ajax
    Whoa! The SFX are truly great, the Na'vi do look extremely real. I'm just worried about the story, because it looks chliched as hell...
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Wow....even after watching this a second time it's still YAWNNN for me. Well I'll see the whole thing on Decembre 2009. Hopefully the exposition in the film will not bother me...
  • coyo
    well definitely won't be watching this in our crappy theaters.
  • Bishop
  • Madnezz344
    meh i guess its alright
  • Dan
    Most.Epic.Trailer.Ever. A shame only that Cameron and Fox had to show so much from the movie to convince us. And then they released the internet featurette and gave aways so much of the creatures and set pieces. I hope I´m wrong, that there are at least five more creatures ans vehicles and set pieces we haven´t seen and that Cameron only showed the tip of the ice. To Fox I say: no more footage until release. You have done a great job with the trailer. Don´t ruin the movie for us by spoiling all the cool money shots.
  • coyo
    HD? :/
  • splinter
    #116 AMEN!!!!!!!!!i totally agree with you!!!!
  • Jeremy
    Why wouldn't they release this in the summer? Amazing by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mike
    that is great movie we hope to see it soon:)
  • ?????
    still have mixed feelings but this is makes me want to actually see the movie.
  • this trailer is much better than what they showed months earlier
  • Cody
    Fuck all haters that was fucking amazing.
  • Can't bloody wait!!!
  • EJP
    I waited to see the trailer on my HD TV on the NFL pre-game show this morning, and it was fantastic. Any haters need to watch this on something other than your small computer monitor. I can't imagine how great this is going to be in 3D on a huge screen.
  • opahk
    A thetrical trailer in it's purer form. Not only does it give us a very clear view of this incredible movie and 3d animation mix, but it gives us an amazing view and a hunger for more with these beautifull backgrounds. Incredible and amazingly well done I want to see this movie right now
  • Marianne
    Looks amazing! Can't wait to see it!1
  • Chris
    hmmmm - were WETA involved?
  • Cutty Sark
    I already know what the "leaders" of society does to make more money I'll pass, thanks. Go Go Torrent!
  • Chris
    Okay - I think I have my answer - it was filmed here in Wellington, New Zealand - home of all the good movies nowadays - so - reasonable to presume that it was Weta Digitals work and technology picked up by Cameron. Another triumph for Weta Digital
  • Jake Sully
    WOW, this is going to be EPIC, all the hype is true, expect the world to tremble with cheers as the "King of the World" returns with a truly groundbreaking, revolutionary, and incredible 3-D movie
  • stan
    I sense that Avatar won't be as big in Britain as it's released against St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold.
  • sMITHY
    If it is half as good as T1, T2 ans Aliens then it will be a good movie, dont like the CGI
  • eric
    James Cameron is trying too hard to do to CGI what Robert Zemeckis did 20 years ago with drawn animation.
  • Göran
    looks Like a Pocahontas Movie in Space!!;) nuthing wrong with that though..
  • Looks and will be awesome!
  • i can't wait to see this awesome movie. amazing work james C
  • DJ
    I was interested by this movie(I wont lie it was because of James Cameron, T2 is still my fav movie), so anyway I decided I would check out a trailer, my google search took me here. My First impression, I was not impressed by any of it. I mean what took em so long to come up with the tech. to make this film. There are already much better looking CGI movies, so im not going to say any more about that. This classic storyline has been used many times, however this time it doesnt seem to add anything special or new to it, this movie is drowsy. Thumbs down. Ill probably still watch it however. P.s For those that are thinking the following: ( Dont be foolish you cant judge it on a 42" HD 1080p plasma, you Gotta see it in 3D on the big screen, R1d1ng in a helicopter, while upside down wearing crazy glasses, as Paris hilton shines yur Knob, it will R0x0rs" ) Shut the fuck up.
  • eric
    St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold will kick Avatar's ass in the UK. Avatar lacks 2 main selling points; star power and brand identity. Those are 2 things St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold has plenty of. Here's the proof: Rupert Everet, Colin Firth, David Tennant, Russel Brand, Gemma Arteton, Jodie Whittiker, Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud and Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs are all big names in Britain, world wide in the case of Rupert Everet and Colin Firth. Sam Worthington? Zoe Saldana? Michelle Rodriguez? Who the hell are these guys? Avatar isn't a sequel to any film franchises. It also isn't based off any books, games or toys.
  • Bob
    THAT'S GREAT! Thank you Dear James, you making our dreams ALIVE! James Cameron is Winner just like pasts. but i hope some freak guys stop bullshit talking about AVATAR, they are confused from amazing trailer and shooting in the dark with their rubbish ideas! just shut up and see the AVATAR!
  • eric
    #169 type in Fritton's Gold Trailer on youtube and you'll see what I mean about starpower and brand identity. The mystery with Avatar is this: What is Avatar's big selling point? Is Zoe Saldana a bigger celebrity than Sarah Harding? Is Sam Worthington a bigger celebrity than Colin Firth? The St Trinians franchise is a British Institution. Originally came out in the 1950s all the way through the 70s, St Trinians girls entertained brits for 30 + years. In December 2007, St Trinians was given a reboot and was the most sucessful movie in british cinemas, despite competition from The Golden Compass, Enchanted and I Am Legend. On 18th December 2009, St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold come out in all UK Cinemas. St Trinians 2 is a bit of fun, and that's what we need at Christmas time, not some Lord of the Rings/Star Wars hybrid featuring 6 foot smurfs, directed by a Robert Zemeckis wannabe
  • jack frost
    It looks to me like Mr. Cameron has hit the skids with this one hoping his past will bring in those people who enjoy cartoons but they are 30 to 50 years old still thinking in grade school emotions. Cheers
  • Looks great! Really, looking forward to see this film.
  • Yak
    Ah you kids you grew up on video games while we did on Jim Cameron.
  • nano X
    ---Half a billion dollars for unoriginal, over-produced, circle-jerk techno-slop like this? --in 2010? ----huh? Cameron's been long rich -and pobably taking financing from the direct heirs of the most awesomely genocidal regime in history ---across the Pacific. ---I'll bet!
  • As adventure movies go, it is impressively new in every way except the way that matters most -- storytelling. Its look will last. But its heart won't go on .
  • Why do people miss the fact that movies aren't all about story but rather about the experience. If you just want story, read a book. If you just want visuals, go on the internet, or to an art gallery, or buy some books and you'll see some great art. Movies are there for overall entertainment, and this movie here ( avatar ) is an entertaining experience. I don't even think of it as a film to be honest, but something you are allowed to experience. Anyone who won't see this movie for political reasons, or because it might have a slightly weaker plot than they expect are totally robbing themselves of a wicked experience.




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