Fan Art of Ryan Reynolds in Costume as the Green Lantern

July 19, 2009

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

It didn't take long for the Green Lantern fans to whip up some early fan art of Ryan Reynolds in costume as Hal Jordan for Martin Campbell's Green Lantern movie. It was confirmed just recently that Reynolds was officially cast. You might've already seen this art somewhere around the web, but if not, you can see both of them below. The first one comes from GeekTyrant and is a simple Photoshop job. The second one, which seems to be everyone's favorite, comes from SlashFilm and is a bit more complex. It was created by "Josh MC" and is a much more cinematic version of the Green Lantern than the one seen in the comics.

Ryan Reynolds as the Green LanternRyan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is the main character from Green Lantern, a test pilot who is selected to wear a very powerful ring after a spaceship crash lands on Earth. Jordan is chosen because he has the most willpower out of anyone on Earth, and thus is deemed worthy of wearing the Green Lantern. I think that art on the right is proof that Reynolds was a great pick to play Jordan. That mask looks a bit goofy, so I hope they decide to contemporize it with something like a facemask or otherwise. I know that might upset the die hard fans, but really, doesn't it look too weird for the big screen? Remember, this is just fan art, it's not from the movie!

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  • Hal Jordan is picked becaus he had the power to overcome great fear.
  • Nick
    the mask looks just a tad small but every thing eles is good
  • Quanah
    Not bad.
  • phil
    the fan art is good, but the idea of giving him a helmet is simply moronick
  • Fred
    no helmet! looks fine. i just hope ryan reynolds can play someone with will power and not be his typical goofy self
  • KenDoll
    I'm not even a die hard fan, actually I'm not even a fan at all of Green Latern, I don't dislike but I don't love the character and I still think a helmet is a really really retarded idea. The mask looks fine. Can't wait for this movie. Although I'm still a bit butthurt over the fact that Ryan Reynolds wasn't chosen to play the role of The Flash, which he was pretty much born to play, but w/e.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Alex reminds me of Seth Green in America's Sweethearts where Billy Crystal tells him, "Don't tell anyone you're in the movie business." Seriously, a helmet? Oh yeah, that's contemporary like all the other heroes with helmets like um...well there's...wait, I'll think of one here eventually. Well yeah! IRON MAN!!! So yeah, give him a helmet!
  • dennis eikenkötter
    give him white eyes like in the books and its perfect, i think nathan fillion should play hal jordan and ryan reynolds would be nice for kyle rayner...
  • carlos
    @dennis eikenkötter the white eyes comment is dumb even batman had white eyes in the comic they did not give it to him in the movie have anyone seen Green Lantern First Flight animated movie its great
    I love the mask they better keep it Green Lantern is a bad ass they better try for Dark Knight territory with this film so that I can respect both Ryan Reynolds and the film. As I have none for this project yet.
  • felix
    If they made his pupils like a glowing green that'd be cool. Or maybe not. I always thought Ryan Reynolds looked kind of cross-eyed most of the time anyways and knew he would look goofy in a mask.
  • Felix
    #8 Well, they didn't give him white eyes persay but his eyes does become white in The Dark Knight as a tribute to the comics. I'm not a fan of DC comics, I enjoy Batman and I thought the Watchmen movie was great (eventhough I personally wouldn't call it a superhero movie), I don't like Superman, not because of the latest movie but because I don't like the concept). However I'm going to watch and hopefully enjoy Green Lantern, I'm at an advantage that I won't be disapointed if it wouldn't be like the comics, I don't know much about it (other than green energy, a power ring and galactic stuff). As for the mask, imo it doesn't look all that right, however I think it is iconic for Green Lantern and so therefore it will have to be there.
  • Xerxex
    mask needs to be a little larger, but other than that looks good.
  • carlos
    @ #11 Felix yeah TDK had the white eyes for a little scene but not the whole movie. it amazing you dont like superman cause of his concept even green lantern concept is even bad some times. you should watch Green Lantern First Flight its the new animated movie coming from WB/DC that movie will helpyou understand the character and it will make you think how the live action movie could be
  • Deekam
    I still find Chris Pine would make the character better than Ryan Reynolds. Anyway i really love the fan art.. MAN!!!! how do people make it so believable...!!! Alex, from next time pls try to get the names of the artists of pictures(fan art) like this, many people(i suppose) would like to appreciate the work(especially me!). Thanks to
  • Deekam
    The 2nd is really a great work. MAN!!!! How do they make it so reall??!!... But i still find Chris Pine could make the character bette than Ryan Reynolds(ok m not tat stupid)..! Thanks to
  • Sancho
    yeah the mask looks dumb they should have them wrap around like glasses or something
  • Johnnie Walker
    There won't be a mask. It's the first comic booky thing that should go in adapting GL. Unless it makes sense like Batman/Superman/Spider-Man, comic book characters on-screen don't need secret identities. Plus, who'd want to cover up his handsome mug?
  • Fisherr
    The one on the left i hope it becomes official as it is.
  • Fisherr
    Edit: The one in the right.
  • These are fun little bits of fan-art. I think I like the first one better than the second because the second is too "armor"-like. To go a little fanboy-ish here, Green Lanterns don't need armored bodysuits or metal gauntlets because their rings supply any/all of that stuff. Also, I don't like how dark the second one is. The Green Lantern Corps are basically the police force / SWAT team for the universe - they are supposed to be bright emerald green and either white or black. They're supposed to be bright and easy to spot (the same reason most police wear those godawful baby blue uniforms). They're not friggin' Batman, there's very little stealth work for a GL. I'd like to see a little more white in Hal Jordan's costume, and maybe an illuminated chest symbol because the chrome one looks too 1990-ish. Something more like this: (keep in mind I'm not a concept artist or costume designer) I don't even know where to begin with the mask. The domino mask looks ridiculous (gives me creepy Batman and Robin Chris O'Donnell flashbacks), but it's kind of iconic to the character so it has to remain in some way. *shrugs*
  • Brett
    A helmet?! What are you thinking?! That's the dumbest suggestion I have ever heard. GL is supposed to have the mask to conceal his identity. I know that might seem really 1950's, when the Hal Jordan character was created, but it looks fine. That's what the character looks like so I think they will keep it that way. Also, I think we can all agree that if they have a mask it will look much better than a photoshopped image of one imposed onto Ryan Reynolds. Don't worry the mask will look fine come movie time.
  • Robbie
    I gotta admit, it looks pretty neat =p
  • carlos
    @Pete the Geek you dont know what you talking about the second one is great plus the domino mask is great you forget the comedian wore one and no one complain
  • Eric
    i most likely won't watch this because of Ryan Reynolds being Green Lantern. Unfortunate, since it's one of my favorite superheroes.
  • DoomCanoe
    haha oh man that mask is gayyyy
  • Borid
  • Borid
    check out that link above. he has the gloves on with a little different costume design.
  • Borid
  • Ariel
    i think the mask on the left looks better.
  • Costume design is cool on the right, but overall concept and mask looks better coming from the right. Well done for both!
  • PJH
    I think John Goodman should play Kilowog
  • Farris
    I think Jared Leto would make a great Kyle Rayner.
  • Movieraider321
    umm no helmet 😀
    A helmet, OKAY Billington lay of the fuckin crack...Keep that idea to your self
  • Cody
    LOL Love how everyone jumps on Alex....I was gonna say the exact same thing. Looks really, its weird seeing Reynolds with a serious face on instead of his smartass smile...didnt see wolverine so wouldnt know how he did in that.
  • Ajax
    Maybe the mask should be bigger, like Kyle Rayner's.
  • Quaked2023
    The script says that the mask is going to make his eyes white
  • Da Man
    The mask should fit his face like it's painted on and make his eyes white to enhance the otherworldliness. It wouldn't be for protection or concealing his identity or anything, it'd just be Hal Jordan's theatrical kinda nature. They shouldn't over-stylize the costume or anything like in the second pic. It shouldn't be like armor like Batman or something, but more like regular cloth. Maybe the black parts could be shiny or something, but nothing too crazy. It has to look comfy. it's a uniform, you know?
  • Kurokub
    Screw this film, screw ryan reynolds, and screw the gay ass green lantern.
  • This is Free Reyes of GeekTyrant (AKA Creator of the image of the left) I can't help but laugh at the comments; I spent 1 hour mocking this up for fun. I would like to address a few things. 1. White Eyes: I tried this originally with different levels of glow and transparency. He looked vacant and not human, for a portrait this was the wrong tone. I wanted you to connect with the man behind the mask. If this was an action pose i think the white eyes would be appropriate and cool. 2. Mask Shape/Size: Do a google search for the green lantern and you will see a different mask on each image. I just did what felt right for ryan's face in this photo. 3. Color Tone: He's in partial silhouette with the power of the ring glowing around him. I would have the white gloves but the cropping did not allow for it. That said I'm happy with my 1 hour effort; with more time... Anyways. My "helmets" off to Josh MC and his effort.
  • Big O
    El arte quedo muy bien el problema esta en que Ryan Reynolds o sea Deadpool de Marvel Universe es tambien Green Lantern de DC Comics!
  • Holy crap people, it was a suggestion! And what I had in my mind is a sleek new awesome helmet that I've seen on the set of a movie recently! Can any of you actually think of a mask seen recently that looks cool? I mean, even Batman's "mask" in TDK is a lot more of a helmetish thing. I'm not saying a helmet like in the way most people are thinking, but something sleek, like the ones from Star Wars, who knows? Of course, I get picked on cause I'm the guy who wrote about it. I was simply making a suggestion because I do NOT like the look of the mask he has on in either of the fan art photos above. And what else can they do besides use a mask like that? It's just a thought...
  • dennis eikenkötter
    maybe the mask on the left with tiny spiderman like white eyes in the way of a sunglass just in the shape of eyes and @ carlos my suggestion is not dumb but your comment was. Green Lantern has white eyes Hombre so just relax and keep your hating for yourself one last thing...a Helmet???
  • Tim
    Isn't green lantern supposed to be more powerful then superman?
  • Blue & Orange NY
    as they keep it true, which I have faith WB/DC will.....the fan picture is awesome, great job regarding the idea of helmets or helmet style, PLEASE NO... regarding the eyes, hmmmm I look at it this way and all that comes to my mind is the Green Hornet type of look (chin up) has be with the white eyes, something to that same visual effect will only make it true
  • Harm
    let the mask be CGI and make it using the power of the ring.
  • Ray Palmer
    Ryan Reynolds? Really? The poor man's Chevy Chase? As a huge GL fan since 1976, I say Bradley Cooper was about one-hundred times better to play Hal Jordan. What a mistake! All we can do is hope for the best. )c:
  • Chris H.
    If the upcoming Deadpool movie is done right, I'll look forward to a Deadpool movie franchise a lot more than a Green Lantern franchise.
  • Scott
    Ryan Reynolds is the best actor for any comic book dude. Ryan is hilarious and funny, yet can be serious like in Blade and Chaos Theory. Im more of a Deadpool fan and look forward to his Deadpool movie over Green Lanterns, but I just want to see Ryan Reynolds in action! Gosh, He makes movies the best. All those who don't like Ryan Reynolds go do yourself and then jump off a cliff. 😛
  • moldybread
    gee...and I thought the Village People were all washed up....totally gay...this cant be happening...
  • Scott
    #51 your a freaking loony.
  • Damn. This is gonna be hot!
  • Cliff
    Ryan Reynolds is perfect!!!
  • David
    Hal has always been my favorite GL, so I'm glad their doing a Hal Jordan Green Lantern. now for the topic at hand , is Ryan Reynolds going to make a good Green Lantern. Dam right , Ryan is a flexable actor and I believe he will make an fantastic GL. Give it your best Ryan
  • Chris F.
    First off! Fuck Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake and Chris Pine. There in 2 or 3 movies and all of a sudden you jerk offs want them to headline as 1 of the greatest super heros of all time?!?...I have an idea. after they get done with christian bale or if he deccides to go get that throat cancer checked out why don't you get bradley cooper to play him....or! Better yet when Brandon Ralph Deccides to take a nude modeling career why don't you get Justin Timberlake to play Super man. I have to say if it was up to most of you douch bags this movie would look like Purple Rain. Jesus Christ! I still can't believe you ass clowns droped Chris pines name. Yea that's a great idea lets have Captain kurk play Green fuckin Lantern. Do me a favor and once 96% actually get a Girl freind and stop jackin off to hentai or wonder woman porn and actually get out of ur parents basements, get a life and leave this shit to the pros. Ohhh and by the way who ever called Ryan Reynolds "the poor mans chevy chase" is a dumb shit Chevy Chase is the poor mans chevy chase!! The mask is awesome the fan art is awesome keep up the sick work dude ur a hell of an artist. And leave this burllington dude alone....its not his fualt he's British.
  • 56# I do agree with a lot of your comments on the choices that fan boy and fan girl wants for theses superhero movies. They always seems to choice the same usual suspects that are either to old, to young, to ugly (Cooper and Nathan Fillion ), or someone already in a movie portraying an iconic character such as James T. Kirk. But, hack, this is the freedom to voice ones ideas. The blame is with the studio executives who are without knowledge and are clearly lazy. If the 3 actors that were up for the part was correct then, then yes, Reynolds was the right Hal Jordan. Fan boy checkout Eric Winter's website and you may think he would have been a far better Hal Jordan. New face outside of that dam box. Deadpool is Green Lantern, or is Green Lantern Deadpool? Absolutely stupid!!!
  • Jordan
    KEWL Ryan Reynolds friggin rocks
  • Alex
    I'm a die-hard fan and the fact that Reynolds was chosen to play GL was kind of upsetting. He doesn't have the right stuff for Jordan, and he's already got Deadpool: he should only get ONE super. I think the person every fan wanted to be cast (Nathan Fillion) was a better choice. As for the costume, I think it looks great. The mask works too (just not on Reynolds face).
  • dude
    Jamie Foxx as GL!




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