First Badass Trailer for Pierre Morel's From Paris with Love!

September 16, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

From Paris with Love Trailer

This isn't the official trailer that Lionsgate wants you to see, but SlashFilm has found the first full-length trailer for From Paris with Love, which is Pierre Morel's follow-up to Taken. John Travolta stars as an American spy who hooks up with a young embassy employee in Paris. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays his new partner and Amber Rose Revah stars as the love interest. We actually debuted an early promo trailer for this late last year, but it only had raw footage. This looks a lot more polished and a lot more badass. I really love how this takes a huge turn at the end, can't wait to see what it's all about. Looks like it'll be another hit!

Watch the trailer for Pierre Morel's From Paris with Love:

We also featured the official poster for this back in June after Lionsgate picked it up for US distribution. We'll hopefully be seeing and hearing more about this sometime early next year. What did you think?

From Paris with Love is directed by French filmmaker Pierre Morel, an ex-director of photography and cameraman who went on to direct both District B13 and Taken previosuly. The screenplay was co-written by Luc Besson (Fifth Element, Angel-A, Taken) and Adi Hasak (Shadow Conspiracy). This was completely filmed in France in late 2008 and was only picked up by Lionsgate for US distribution earlier this year. From Paris with Love is already set to hit theaters everywhere on February 19th, 2010 early next year.

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  • Lil Wayne is killing music
    Looks ok, Travolta looks different.
  • brian barajas
    that was awesome! ive been wondering about this since the grainy promo trailer, ill be seeing this.
  • McManus
    Fuck Yeah ... LUC BESSON!!!!!
  • marv
    popcorn shit movie for masses
  • ...I think Travolta based his character on Howie Mandel...
  • marc
    #4 please go kill yourself. Taken was amazing, a popcorn movie with a clever plot and fantastic performances. Also, Fifth Element was an amazing cult classic. This has the makings of a great movie. Just because it looks exciting and has action scenes doesn't mean it's shit. No Country For Old Men was an action movie that won Best Picture.... and John Travolta is a legend.
  • tw
    god forbid someone makes a movie that more than a million people will like or kids like #4 will cry little crocodile tears all night long because its isnt some artsy fart movie, hey guess what buddy, more people appreciate these types of movies and thats why they get made, because the masses will enjoy it and the masses are what matters not bitter little film schoolers like you who make pieces of shit. Seems kinda training day ish anyone else gettin that vibe?
  • D.
    "The next time i tell you to shoot the fucker, shoot the fucker!" Great!!!
  • hamish
    6 - wake up and smell what you're shoveling...Travolta a legend? He'll do anything that comes his way. 7 -you don't know your asshole from you elbow... totally agree with 4, this movie looks average.
  • splinter
    #9 it seems you know exactly where your asshole is , your head is up it!- get over it, the movie looks pretty good, and Travolta has a nice list of movies he has been in that have given him i would not say legendary status but he is iconic.
  • MiKeDeEz
    #10- HAHAHA, damn that's what's up!
  • mossy
    sweet ass movie with travolta. i smell oscar?
  • Antioch
    Don't care what anyone says - Travola is awesome and he can be funny as hell- as shown in the trailer. I'll be seeing this one!
  • smacky63
    Wow. Another opportunity for Travolta to look like a big daddy queen. What a clown.
  • Nate
    I'm with 4 and 9 shit steaming boring shit
  • Janny
    Its hit or miss with Travolate... you may like him Saturday Night Fever, Grease (not my kind of movie but can't deny the classic nature of it), Pulp Fiction You may be indifferent Sword fish, face/off, The taking of peltham 123 i guess or you may be left wandering why would anyone with a decent rep take the job Wild Hogs, Battlefield Earth But given the track record of entertaining movies of the director and writers I would assume this movie will turn out fine. The trailer makes it look like it will be faced paced enough to even notice its travolate... I know i'll watch it
  • Antioch
    @17 - Wild Hogs was awesome
  • #7 I kinda got the same vibe.
  • gplongwood
    I love America and freedom of speech. We all have the right to our opinions which means the right to not agree with others opinions. When did this become about any of you. It's just a movie. Grease is the word:-)
  • seanathan
    wow, VERY training day-ish. i mean he even stole the goatee AND the badge necklace thing. unlike training day, this is NOT oscar material (really, kids? oscar material??). travolta has never figured out how to play the villian, and i'm pretty damn sure he never will (and before you cite vincent vega, that was a good guy doing bad things. saving mia wallace's life qualifies that), and i assure you rhys meyers will find a way to bore the hell out of the male audience that would normally see this flick, while bringing in just enough of the female audience to label it another crappy action movie a la swordfish.
  • Sabes
    I might rent it or something, but I'm not going out to see this. I did get a Training Day feeling from this. You people need to calm down, calling each other names and stuff. >:O Get over yourselves. Everyone is entitled to their own damn opinion, jeez.
  • Nate
    ** SPOILER ALERT for PELHAM123... don't read blah blah ** I dunno about you guys, but I thought Travolta died in Pelham 123. He is obviously still alive in this movie. ** END SPOILER ALERT **
  • D.
    Is John Travolta doing the Bruce Willis thing... meaning instead of aging he gets more bad-assed?
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow
    @ 23 I feel you, Bruce doesn't age....he gets even... But this movie looks like Bad Boys 2 mixed with Training Day then sprinkle in some Die hard.... I'll watch it.... ~Stan
  • Jon
    This looks pretty sweet, definitely interested.
  • DoomCanoe
    uhh... this is fucking Training Day
  • moldybread
    Training Day??? nah, Training Day sucked and wasnt any fun...THIS IS FUN!!!!!! pure, unadulterated fun...who needs a believable plot?? this is stricly for laughs and looks damn good...cant wait....
  • Darrin
    wanted meets training day
  • wrongturn687
    Well I for one think it looks awesome and after Taken I will basically see anything this Pierre Morel dude does. Taken is still one of my favorite movies of the year and yes I know it wasn't perfect, but hell it was the most fun I ever had watching an action flick. But, can this top Taken ? probably so because it looks like it has alot of potential.
  • wrongturn687
    Well I for one think it looks awesome and after Taken I will basically see anything this Pierre Morel dude does. Taken is still one of my favorite movies of the year and yes I know it wasn't perfect, but hell it was the most fun I ever had watching an action flick. But, can this top Taken ? probably so because it looks like it has alot of potential
  • Cody
    Meh the action looks awesome...thats about it.
  • corholio_by_the_sea
    dont be whiny fu*kers...this is an action/comedy...and it looks like a damn good one...does it really need a plot with some moralistic philosophical bullsh*t attached to it???? HELL is fine like it is....sit back and enjoy....
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    Loved Taken, and while I'm not a fan of pointlessly violent films I do think they have their place. Everyone needs some escapism some of the time! For that reason I love GOOD pointlessly violent movie's like Taken....and most likely this one. (and anything with Jason Statham) As for the trailer....I hope they recut this and make a better one before releasing it in theaters. It needs to say "from the director of Taken" (which I'm sure it will!) and this trailer kind of annoyed me. It seemed like every other seen was Rhys saying "Wax!" Kind of repetitive. And obviously all the f-bombs will have to go, but even for a red band trailer what they showed wasn't an....entertaining use of the f-word. Not complaining about the swearing, because like violence I think it has it's place....they just didn't use it well in this trailer. It was just there for the sake of swearing to make the movie look cool....and for that it gets a big fail in that area. Aside from that this trailer is just kind of a mess because it lacked pacing and build up. Lets hope this is just a rough draft.
  • Joo Hunter
    who is this john travolta guy?
  • eh. looks entertaining, not entirely sold on travolta channeling denzel washington from training day...
  • Kevin
  • SkyNet
    I think John Trevolta is doing what makes him happy, due to his son dying. He going back to what really makes him happy. It's allowing him to cope with life better imo. Props to john for pulling through.
  • Greedo
  • Conrad
    This looks just like Taken. - Which sucked too. Lots of expertly handled handed to hand combat and sweet aiming with heavy weaponry, but a shaggy storyline also where no one cares about the characters. I'm w/ #4 -> "popcorn shit for the masses"
  • jason k
    i'd rather watch rush hour 4
  • Shelby
    seriously training day?! Training Day consisted of 2 dudes driving around getting into shit. this on the other hand has explosions, doesnt take place in california like any other david ayer movie, and he actually shoots the fucker!!!! im not saying i dont like training day, harsh times , and street kings . those movies kick ass but i seriously dont know how you can compare training day to this.
  • Spage
    Training Day was bollox and dull the only reason it actually won an oscar was because good guy Denzel played a bad guy, and every so many years the academy feels it must reward a minority or against type this whole years oscars was a joke!! when we all truly know the outstanding performance of that year was sean penn in I am Sam which actually deserved an oscar! TRavolta no matter how you rate him is worth a watch and i actually love him as a bad guy...its cheese but looking forward to it!
  • Fed Up With Hollywood
    Looks fun.
  • nocsyn
    im all about a good action movie but this looks cheesy as hell. Half the trailer is Meyers running around yelling Wax. Looksss awwffullll
  • ModernROck
    Reminds me a little of Training Day. Looks good though.
  • dqniel
    Meh. Travolta is no Liam Neeson
  • Kim
    NO! This is not like Taken! Taken was the best! This is just cheesy...




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