First Full Trailer for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

March 24, 2009
Source: Trailer Addict

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Trailer

This officially debuts tomorrow morning, but our friends at Trailer Addict have already launched the newest full trailer for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. With DreamWorks Animation's Monsters vs Aliens opening this weekend, all the other big studios are launching trailers for their own upcoming animated movies. We saw Summit's new Astro Boy teaser earlier today, and now we've got Fox's Ice Age 3. Although I loved the first Ice Age, I've completely lost all interest in this series, and probably won't even see this in theaters. I feel like they've stretched the story and the characters way too thin, but that's just me.

Watch the first full trailer for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:

We will update this trailer with our own high quality version as soon as it's available!

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is directed by Carlos Saldanha, who co-directed Ice Age and directed both Robots and Ice Age: The Meltdown previously. This film is a Blue Sky Studios production, the animation house responsible for Ice Age, Robots, and Horton Hears a Who most recently. Fox will premiere Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in theaters everywhere on July 1st, 2009. Will you be seeing this in theaters?

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  • watcher
    hopes it's better then part 2.
  • jono
    hopefully public eniemes destroys this on opening weekend
  • David Wilson
  • Mr j Money
    I agree with alex. The first one was great because it was a bit of a sleeper and the saber tooth's moral dilemma carried the story. The 2nd one was all over the place. Granted it's a kids movie, but it's no Toy Story.
  • I am Ron Burgandy?
    Agreed... first one was great , 2nd one was blah. Odds are stacked against this one! Will rent this oand hope for the best.
  • Last bit was funny. Second one was a drop from the first and this one does not seem that great. I'll see it to see how the 3D is. This will probably top PUBLIC ENEMIES though opening weekend because it is a well-established franchise and PG.
  • teyhtr
    hahahahhaha I'm actually looking foward to this one! Didn't care about the first and second.
  • Danny
    i like both and will watch this one opening weekend over Public Enemies. Come on Midnight showing whos with me and I'm serious!
  • sng. Sheep
    ahaha, hope they edit out scrat..ette....for gods sake
  • Zso
    As I watch this I just can't get over two things. First, the idea of some dinosaurs still being around and thriving in a remote underground area at that point in Earth's history. Sure, it's a kid's movie and who cares if they do impossible things, but you know this is going to confuse a bunch of them for years to come. I'm sure there will even be a bunch of adults who walk out thinking this is realistic. People are just too stupid these days. Second, almost every single one of the jokes and gags in the trailer have been done to death across all mediums.
  • Orangutang
    I agree with 10 The jokes have been done to death, and that's the problem. With kids movies they can do the same jokes over and over. Because, they can safely assume that kids will be seeing them for the first time, or they will just laugh anyway. This is no different to any other franchise, it will be great when there are more original ideas for animation and someone to challenge Pixar, until then. Pixar is God.
  • ?????
    love these movies!
  • DoomCanoe
    oh lame... Journey To The Center Of The Earth anyone? since I've been seeing the huge cardboard cut out in the lobby of the local 1$ theater for the past year and a half i was really hoping this would turn out to be better. but what can ya do
  • Timothy
    At least this one has dinosaurs. Which means it can't be all bad, right? :)
  • Susana
    lol i thought 2 parts were funny. "that's not johnny" "well, better than nothing" and "i thought you were a female!" haha
  • Jaf
    Normally I have a big threshold for suspension of disbelief but how in the hell do all these characters survive through 3 time periods
  • Jaf
    Normally I have a big threshold for suspension of disbelief but how in the hell do all these characters survive through 3 time periods P.S. - Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!
  • Syphous
    Video has been removed for copyright infringement.
  • 9mm
    Its been removed either temporarily, OR permanently? lol... thats pretty obvious. What else could it be?
  • Everwen45
    I love the first "Ice Age", I think the second one was unnnecessary but it was kinda cute, but this, this just looks like one of those lame "The Land Before Time" sequels.
  • alan
    wowo this looks preety good i dont no what you guys are talking about i liked but got scared cuz you guys rammed it ps "i thought you were a feamle and little johnny was hillarious" i loved it i watching this
  • biznatch
    This is garbage. It doesnt make any sense....anyone with me???? Terrible!!! ICE AGE = NO dinosaurs.....FUCK
  • leva
    This is garbage! Animals can't talk! It doesn't make any sense....anyone with me????Terrible!!! IDIOT
  • Darren
    umm the timeline is so off. the ice age was after the dinosour age
  • Nick
    The teaser trailer with Scratt and Scratte was hilarious!
  • Fisherr
    The trailer is hilarious i like this series.
  • viral
    what !!! why the hate.... yeah yeah no dinosaurs.... so wat who said it was a lesson on anthropology or biology or zoology or anything. this looks like a tonne of fun and am gonna be there when it comes out.
  • Peter T'Sas
    it's a fantasy thing, what's the fuzz about 'the timeline'. Remember the spaceship in the last starwars with everyone 'sliding off' when it turned on it's side? complain about that. Ice Age is cool. And yes, Pixar is better.
  • PS
    Hey Alex come on, don't tell me you did't laugh or at least smile, when you saw the trailer for the first time... It seems that Pixar made you blind...
  • gon
    so they survive the ice age,and the thaw and now go back to the age of dinosaurs which the start of the ice age ended?Did ambassador spock accompany them?
  • jhon
    where did the humans go




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