First Full Trailer for Solomon Kane with James Purefoy

September 11, 2009
Source: Trailer Addict

Solomon Kane Trailer

An official full-length trailer for Michael Bassett's Solomon Kane that stars James Purefoy has finally debuted online today. A Russian dubbed version of this same trailer hit a few days earlier this week, but we decided to wait, and this US version finally showed up just before the weekend. While this is showing here at the Toronto Film Festival (where I hope to catch it), it probably won't hit theaters in the US sometime until 2010. I think this looks great, it just looks like a darker, more refined version of Van Helsing, with some Lord of the Rings-like fantastical elements, great action, and that's about it. I'm looking forward to it!

Watch the first trailer for Michael Bassett's Solomon Kane:

A 16th century Puritan, Solomon Kane is a somber-looking man who wanders the world with no apparent goal other than to vanquish evil in all its forms. His adventures, published mostly in the pulp magazine Weird Tales, often take him from Europe to the jungles of Africa and back. Does this look interesting?

Solomon Kane is both written and directed by Michael Bassett, who's directorial debut was Deathwatch in 2002 followed by Wilderness in 2006. I believe this was produced independently and doesn't have a US distributor. It's playing at the Toronto Film Festival this month, so we expect to hear more about it soon!

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  • Hey, Christopher Lambert! I mean Tom Jane! I mean-- ah, you know.
  • -Peter-
    looks like it could be pretty good. hopefully it doesn't turn out much like Van Helsing. Because it looks kindof like a mix of that and Hellboy
  • Quanah
    Looks impressive. We'll see...
  • CatieLee
    It looks better than I expected.
  • Antioch
    Movie looks pretty sweet - not cheapy at all. Purefoy looks a little stiff though.
  • Trey
    acting looks a little forced...but down
  • Parker
    I predict a domestic box office take of 20 million, but they won't get any of my dollars.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I agree with #2. My thoughts exactly.
  • Vold
    Looks aweseome. Reminds me of Lord Of The Rings actually. Can't wait to see this.
  • jh
    looks more like a ripoff of van helsing and lord of the rings than anything
  • beavis4play
    looks good. i'll be watching it.
  • PinkSushi
    is SALOMON IN ANYWAY RELATED TO THE BELOVED VAN HELSING ? or was he simply kicked off The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen....
  • ray
    looks awesome, like a better version of van helsing..
  • N
    Van Helsing? Is that you?
  • Shelby
    there can only be one!
  • leiner
    wow! very cool... there is even an analog-lightsaber!
  • In_rainbows
    Who's Salomon? Fucking tard.
  • Kamish
    Has Potential...
  • Sabes
    Anyways, looks good. I'm interested!
  • This looks like it's made after the story in the game "DIABLO"
  • Trey
  • Batman
    i'm probably way off...but for some reason this reminds me of that french film, Brotherhood of the Wolf.
  • bubblesfun
    Looks pretty good.
  • Chris
    Uh-oh, Jason Flemyng. After seeing him chewing scenery on a season of Primeval, he's recently moved to my 'to avoid' list.
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf ruled, it's a bit like that with some LOTR and Van Helsing for good measure. Not for the flicks but will definitely watch.
  • d'Oh
  • Richard
    WOW I wasn't expecting that! Yeah he does have a bit of a Van Helsing looks but this looks more dark and bad ass then that, it actually looked damn good!
    Looks good!!!
  • ?????
    This looks like the movie that Van Helsing was supposed to be
  • Kevin
    Looks pretty cool.
  • Bauzer
    While he looks like Van Helsing again, this looks a HELL of a lot better than that shite.
  • TTEX
    I'm there. Looks sick.
  • Kenchi
    This looks very interesting, I want to see this.
  • PimpSlapStick
    This looks pretty good Purefoy to me always looked like the half brother of Hugh Jackman and Thomas Jane
  • Collin
    This is like Diablo the movie
  • Sebastiaan Vos
    I loved that nanosecond of devil that you saw Fucking trailers
  • teddy
    Looks fantastic, I'll be the first in line!
  • Fisherr
    My type of movie.
  • Ely
    Van Helsing, with some Lord of the Rings and a smidgen of Underworld. Actually, a Lot like Underworld. The action sequences, anyway.
  • Brandon
    I saw a Ringwraith! Not impressed, but better than I expected. Looks like a rainy day rent.
  • Robz
    First half of the trailer seems a rip-off from berserk (manga).
  • Movie Fan
    Rips off imagery from other media, agree with #41 it rips off Berserk a bit...
  • Will
    It's just a rip off of dozens of different things... Looks a bit lame.
  • scotty
    The recent film version of Van helsing was more likely a copy of Solomon Kane given that Kane was created in the 1930s way before Van helsing was turned into just a guy in a hat, who fights vampires.
  • D6
    #13 Ha ha, that's exactly what I was gonna say. :)
  • Bry from Chi
    Yep, I'm with #13 and #45. It immediately took me to Van Helsing, but a better version. Like the trailer. I'm interested.
  • PJ H
    If he really is a puritan, then saving someones or you own soul is impossible. Puritans believe in predestination, so pretty much god chooses if your saved or not when you are born and you can't do anything to change it. History FTW
  • Clover
    ummm....Purefoy is Brilliant! We need NA Distro NOW!
  • jin
    the finale looks like a boss-level in god of war. bah... why are movies TRYING to look like videogames now?
  • Considering the basic design concepts for Van Helsing were based on the SK looks, this actually has a certain promise of living up to the legend behind it and may actually be a nice two hour experience. looking forward seing the film since it has been some time we have had that dark ages mood on the screen 😀 cheers
  • Robert E. Howard
    Solomon Kane has been around from the 1920s onwards. Those of you comparing him to Van Helsing / League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are laughable. I'm hoping this movie turns out to be a faithful reproduction of one of the biggest badasses of literary history. Find a few of Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane stories, if you like Conan, you'll love Solomon Kane. I plan on seeing it in the theater when its released.
  • NadaNuff
    Nothing I haven't seen before. Not impressed.
  • Nate
    I might watch the first 30 min on TNT or something like that.
  • sam
    This is how I pictured Waylander to be set up except with better action scenes, his double winged crossbow and more bloodshed........and another actor......Oh well
  • dave13
    I see Solomon vs Hellsing in our not too distant future. 😛
  • FYS
    STFU or GTFO you NU-FAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "oh it looks like Van Helsing" Hrrrrr ima Drrrrrr, despite the fact that Van Helsing is actually an old man in Dracula etc, and was a fucking doctor who was no young leading man hero bullshit, and them nu-fags who made the 2004 RIP OFF of Solomon Kane called Van Failsing r again NU-FAGS!!!!!!!!! one they probably knew the majority of stupid little nu-fags(who here made comparisons) never read or picked up a book in there life to understand the simple fact that Solomon Kane is fucking famous in the Literature World and inspired most fantasy you people watch. IT ALSO MAKES ME RAGE AT THE FACT HRRRRRRR VAN HELSING WORKS FOR FUCKING ROMAN PRIESTS BULL SHIT AND ALL THAT OTHER SHIT AND SOMEHOW HAS ALL THESE ADVANCED WEAPONRY WHEN HRRRRRRR MOST RELIGIOUS PEOPLE AT THAT TIME BELIEVED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WAS OF THE FUCKING DEVIL ETC!!!!! AND KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE OVER IT! Secondly Solomon has only a sword, a pistol, his wits, and at one point a staff to help him, sooooooo that obviously is like Van Failsing with his 100 weapons etc, also the hellboy comments, Robert E. Howard was one of Mike Mignola's idols and was a bit inspired by Solomon Kane seeing as they both are written similar and again hrrrrr it deals with hell, hellboy obviously deals with hell, point out an irrelevant point. Lord of the Rings bull shit im like.....REALLY CAUSE I SEE ELVES AND DWARFS AND ORCS BULL SHIT AND HOBBITS in this CHRISTIAN 16th CENTURY WORLD GAH!!!!!!!! KNOWING YOUR TIME PERIODS, U R DOING IT WRONG! Oh and if i get a comment about "well there is like a giant fire monster so it has to be lord of the rings, nothing else can have that without being a rip off"......hrrrrrr usually hell has surprised like most demons have something fire related, seeing as hell's description is fire and brimstone..and the oh looks like a rip off of a God of War boss, all movies seem to be doing that now.......go fucking hang your self u fucking idiot. And people in here probably only know of the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, not the fact it was a 21807602318756938576248971X better book series and it was FOX fucking over good material again, and inb4 the only reason that comment was made is because Jason Flemyng is in there hrrrr. And Diablo deals with hell, only similarity to the two. and again again again this was not touched by any faggotry film studio like namely *cough *cough FOX *cough *cough. So my confidence is high with this film and so r expectations, and i did lol at the half brother of Thomas Jane and Hugh Jackman, i thought that too.
  • Christ
    nice trailer, the movie seems to be pretty good.
  • Eric
    Frankly, comparing this movie to Van Helsing ,or anything else is insulting and uninformed and basically shows off the ignorance of any one who does so! Van helsing was a name that they took and slapped on a manufactured,cookie cutter,commercial character to be spoon fed to the masses. Solomon Kane is an established ,intruiging character, who doesn't borrow from anybody or anything!Read a bloody book for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • red923
    i really really really want to see this. love james purefoy. please let it come out soon in the US.
  • Jill from London town
    Oh James, why the farmer Giles accent?




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