First Italian Trailer for Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol

July 18, 2009

A Christmas Carol Italian Trailer

Disney still hasn't actually released the US trailer for Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol, but thanks to the Italians (via Rama's Screen), we have our first look at the Italian version of the trailer. Unfortunately this trailer is so low quality (it was bootlegged with a video camera) that I'm not even going to include it in the trailers section. I can tell you that this the very same trailer that they will show in the US at some point, as Disney showed this to me a month ago. Isn't it a bit interesting that the movies they mention in relation to Robert Zemeckis are Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, and The Polar Express. What about Beowulf?

Watch the first Italian trailer for Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol:

An animated retelling of Charles Dickens' classic about a Victorian-era miser named Ebenezer Scrooge who is taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions.

A Christmas Carol is both written and directed by filmmaker extraordinaire Robert Zemeckis, of everything from Back to the Future to Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Forrest Gump to Contact to his past CGI movies The Polar Express and Beowulf previously. This is based on Charles Dickens' classic story. Jim Carrey stars as at least four different characters in the film, alongside of Gary Oldman, Robin Wright Penn, Colin Firth, Cary Elwes, and Bob Hoskins. Disney will debut A Christmas Carol in theaters on November 6th this fall.

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  • Jonathan
    They didn't mention Beowulf, because it was a god awful abomination of cinema. Terrible, terrible, terrible. This looks okay, Jim Carrey seems good...but oh my god is the animation awful. I know this is a camera rip, but still, it looks like I'm watching cut scenes from a Play Station game. I thought the animation in Beowulf was bad, but this is even worse. Maybe it's not rendered all the way? Who knows.
  • ian
    im pretty sure i saw this trailer before public enemies.
  • ian
    or ice age... one of the two
  • scm1000
    I actually liked Beowulf and thought the animation worked well, but this just looks weird. I'll refrain from judgment for awhile though.
  • Kevin
    How can the Italians say "Jim Carrey as Scrooge" if it's dubbed?
  • PinkSushi
    actually kevin, #5 the actors dont just put there voice anymore but there wear those sensors that sync their movement (specially facial) on to the computer to make the animation much more realistic. so yeah jim carrey as scrooge
  • Betterchill
    They didnt mention "Beowulf" because "Back to the Future" and "Forrest Gump" are much more important films in cinematic history. If you think "Beowulf" was good you should eat a big fat one.
  • #7 - I realize that, I get that they're important... But when I see titles like this on a trailer, I want to see them in relation to what we're seeing. And Zemeckis' last two CGI films, which were both fairly successful, were Polar Express and Beowulf. Just because he did Back to the Future, to me, doesn't instantly mean that this CGI movie is going to be amazing... Or at least that's why I'm asking that question!
  • JL
    disney brought their xmas carol train tour to town, and there was a presentation on how this film is being made. motion-capture, or mo-cap (whatever the hell they'd like to call it), seems BLAH in my opinion. this was actually my 1st 3D experience too (they showed the clip when scrooge's dead partner warns scrooge of what's coming), and even 3D didn't impress me. besides being really loud, the film looks okay. i'll steve nash (pass) on this one, though.
  • nelson
    so is that guy planning on returning to making movies with humans?
  • Chris
    We have this Christmas Carol trailer running before Ice Age 3 at the Cinema I work at. It's in 3D and looks fairly decent.
  • MB
    They didn't say Beowulf because this is a PG film targeted at kids and families, why the hell would they mention a movie about a monster that tears people in half and drinks their blood? Come on, people, a little common sense?
  • Cody
    This is almost like the despicable me situation just because its not like the normal animation people see in a usual pixar film. They jump on the bandwagon that it automatically sucks...the animation isn't that bad and neither was Beowulf. Plus the lighting was horrible considering its a bootleg I couldn't really see any definition of there faces. Geez, something a little different from the norm comes along and people curse it. Honesty I kinda liked Beowulf there I said it. #7 You forget about opinions just because YOU didnt like Beowulf doesnt mean its plain fact that it sucks you should go suck a big fat one.
  • Xerxex
    Well if I was trying to promote a film for kids I wouldn't place Beowulf in the line up, might throw people for a loop. oh #1 Beowulf is great the acting was superb minus Winstone's constant yelling but even his acting was top notch. So if you didn't like Beowulf dan't bother commenting.
  • Bahumbug
    Re #11 Um.... I've seen the english version of A Christmas Carol trailer before two movies already. And yet I'm having trouble finding it on the Internet.
  • Sancho
    looks ok, if nothing else is showing ill go watch it.
  • This looks absolutely terrible, jumpy jerky, badly rendered crap, that Polar express was horibble looking too. Beowolf was okay, but even still the look of it was weird, and not in a good way
  • David Banner
    Bah, humbug
  • Tristan
    What ever happened to purely cartoony animation? Oh well, this looks like shit.
  • Betterchill
    Hey Cody, are you a guy or a girl? Well that's besides the point anyways #13 all I was saying was that Back to the Future and Forrest Gump are landmark American films. Forrest Gump won a few oscars, and Back to the Future is one of the all time great American Science Fiction/ Adventure films. If you think that Beowulf is an important film then I dont know what to tell you. I didnt say it was a bad film I just said its no where near as good as the other two. But you should suck a big fat one for trying to start a fight with someone on the internet. That is absolutely pointless.
  • Jason
    Sorry, sorry wait hold on... am i the ONLY PERSON who is sick to death of a bloody christmas carol?! How many times can the one book be made into a film!?! I for one have certainly no interest in going to see this film. It looks (visually) as bad as Beowulf... and that's saying something!! Why is this drivel constantly being churned out?!
  • quez
    THANK U #12 i waz saying that the entire time i waz reading the comments but i saw the trailer during ice age and it waz good wit me im definetly gunna c this (maybe)
  • Timothy
    This actually looks surprisingly good. Granted, I really really hope they have lots more rendering to do on the animation, the scale of it and everything else looks quite good.
  • Ab
    PASS.....Beowulf was ruined by stupid plot changes and this just looks stupid, boring and weird.
  • Clover
    Cody knows nothing about lighting. TRUST ME! And Jason, yes...you are the only one. Christ.
    waiting for this............
  • sedna
    it's all fine w/ Zemeckis experimenting w/ 3D and animation, but I wish he could at least make a live action film in between. Would've been great to see another sci-fi in the veins of Contact from him.
  • Dan
    I'm not a big fan of Zemeckis i think that although his movies can range from magnificent to not very good his character as a person leaves alot to be desired.
  • This film seems to promise a lot of thing. I like the trailer and german oposter was very good: http://www.soloparolesparse.com/2009/07/una-candela-per-a-christmas-carol/ We will see if the film will be so good as seems to be.
  • Fuelbot
    This looks like garbage. Zemeckis is ruining his name. The only good motion capture film he's done was the one he didn't direct -- MONSTER HOUSE.
  • nocsyn
    did he say hum biaggio?
  • Bryanmakeup
    @10 - I'm sure he will. But it's nice to make a film, be creative work from 10 to 6 and still see your children grow up. Trust me shooting on location is not always fun.




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