First Look: Explosions & Green Hornet Costume On Set - Updated!

September 30, 2009

The Green Hornet

This new video from Splash News isn't that impressive, but it features our first look at Seth Rogen as Britt Reid, aka The Green Hornet, on the set of his new movie The Green Hornet. That first look at his costume pops up right around 32 seconds into the video, but besides that, this features a whole lot of explosions and action scenes that would give Michael Bay a hard on. And if I have to make a statement, I like the look, I think it's a fitting contemporary version of the Green Hornet costume worn by Van Williams back in the 60's. I'm digging the vest. Come on, did anyone think Michel Gondry wouldn't have great costume design?!

Update: Apparently that's actually Rogen's stunt double seen in the video above. However, JFX Online has some actual photos of Rogen in his costume without his mask on the set. I've included one of those updated photos below - click the photo to see a few more shots of Rogen in that costume.

Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is being directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and was co-written by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. The cast features Rogen as the Green Hornet, Taiwanese star Jay Chou as his sidekick Kato, as well as Cameron Diaz, Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos, and Christoph Waltz as the gangster bad guy. This film is currently shooting in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Sony is hoping to have it ready by December 17th, 2010 late next year, which is when it's currently scheduled for release. It was originally set to hit in the summer but they recently pushed it back quite a bit. Thoughts?

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  • bo
    damn seth rogan lost a shit load of weight, but I dunno about it yet, I wish stephen chow was in it, and I have a feeling its gonna have a retro feel to it, but if anything will get me in the theater to see this, it will be the fact that michel gondry is director
  • youngblaze
    that video is dumb cause thats not even Seth Rogen and Jay Chou thats their stunt doubles LMAO
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Seth Rogan has a huge head in that picture. It doesn't seem to belong to the rest of his body anymore, it's kinda out of proportion. >.< And the hat only adds to it. Weeeeird.
  • Marcos
    eternal sunshine OF the spotless mind.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    So did they start filming on St Patty's Day or something?
  • SS
    December 2010 sounds feasible.... barring some kind of production mishap or Sony Columbia rejecting the early cut. Looks a lot like the TV show.. but with more budget. Hard to tell from such raw footage what this is going to be like. Refreshing to see Seth Rogen pulled through with the massive image change. I am still bracing for the possibility whatever comedy is in Green Hornet is more from the situations and not from Rogen himself. I'm hoping the humor is more from the fish-out-of-water aspect of having a corporate person fighting crime (ala: Fun with Dick and Jane, except that one was about a stuck-up corporate person engaging in crime).
  • david
    you are all fooling yourselves if you think this wont suck.
  • teyhtr
    still a 'meh' so far.
  • Kalladin
    fucking Canadians lol that Splash News spot was so bad it was good. every single movie from now on should be featured like that. so when you get to the theatre you`re like `holy fuck, it`s like God herself (himself? itself?) touched the screen and this happened!` it`s all relative and it`s all about perception. best. movie. ever. lol seriously though if Seth and Evan wrote this it should be sick. looking forward to it... apparently #7 has read the script and traveled to the future to see the final edit! unbelievable! we need this #7 in the Black House!
  • Clover
    STOP THIS NOW! Rogen....YOU ARE and will ALWAYS be a HACK! Observe and Report 2 : The Green Hornet! Good for you #7.....could not have said it better myself. Epic Fail for our beloved Hornet! #8...spare us your Right Wing comments.
  • stoprogenatallcosts
    #7 could not be more correct. #8 could not be more wrong. ( and why are insane Right Wing comments allowed on this site when Rogen bashing is deleted?)
  • Um. He's chubby.
  • smacky63
    THis looks horrible. Stick to what you know Seth.
  • branden
    #10...Knocked Up? 40 Year Old Virgin? Pineapple Express? Zack and Miri? All funny movies. Green Hornet might not be Rogen's best movie, but he's not a "hack" by any means.
  • Hornet Fan
    Yea # 10.....those are great films! Oh and you forgot Observe and Report .IF YOU 12 YEARS OLD! Christ, with out a doubt, a talentless HACK!
  • Voice of Reason
  • SuicidalOptimist
  • DoomCanoe
    Ok Mr. Rogen... for a tall Leprechaun you look pretty slick
  • xerxex
    HA! My steadfast defense of Rogen and The Green Hornet seems to be paying off! Rogen will deliver on his role and TGH will become one of my favorite films come december! #17 confrim.
  • Oblong
    I'm just confused why Clover is far the Rogen bashers eat up all the news about him, could it be they actually like Rogen and are just too scared to admit it?
  • Lerioc
    I agree with the basher to some extent...I like Rogan...he seems like a cool guy that is taking from Hollywood while he can...I'm not a fan of his movies...they cater to a younger demo. I'm more concerned with the fact that most people dont know who the Hornet is and care. This is NOT going to be a crossover movie. Which means it's going to bomb... Sorry Seth, maybe you could write an Observe and Report/Paul Blart combination sequel.... two fat guys, two malls, small's a comic masterpiece!!!!




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