Kristen Stewart's New Look as Joan Jett for The Runaways

June 11, 2009

The Runaways

This isn't an official photo, and we're trying to stay away from the gossip, but a paparazzi shot of Kristen Stewart sporting a jet black mullet hairdo for The Runaways has made its way online at Jezebel (via SlashFilm). Stewart plays singer and guitarist Joan Jett of the 1970s all-girl rockband band The Runaways. The biopic is being written and directed by Italian music video director Floria Sigismondi. I don't think anyone doubted that Stewart would be able to pull off the look, but it's great to see her looking nothing like Twilight's Bella at all. That photo above is of the real band, you can see the photo of Kristen Stewart below.

Kristen StewartJoan Jett

In addition to Stewart as Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning will play Cherie Currie, Stella Maeve will play Sandy West, and Alessandra Torresani will play Lita Ford. The Runaways were a rock band from the 70's best known for songs like "Cherry Bomb," "Queens of Noise," "Neon Angels," and "Born to Be Bad." The group was active for roughly four years and disbanded amidst money and management disagreements in 1979. The story in the movie will center on Jett and Curie specifically and detail the rise and fall of the group. Shooting will start next week, which must mean Stewart is done working on New Moon. Does she pull it off?

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  • Ana
    woah she really looks the part! Good to see that she's trying different roles.
  • Caitie
    I'm interested to see how she can go from her awkward quite roles to being Joan Jett. This will be the point in her career to see if she can branch out acting wise.
  • Dave S.
    The Runaways are not best known for "i love rock and roll"....that is Joan Jetts solo career...NOT w/ The Runaways...thought you should know
  • calliope
    I Love Rock and Roll is not by the Runaways. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts recorded it in 1981, two years after The Runaways broke up.
  • Thanks for the notes guys, made the correction above (used a different song).
  • Jas
    I really like Kristen Stewart. I think she's very intelligent and unique amongst young Hollywood starlets. It'd be good to see how she can differentiate herself from Bella in this film. In my opinion, THIS film will set her career in motion. Yeah Twilight helped her get noticed but The Runaways will get her respect.
  • leng
    Yeah, filming will start next week. Cool, well actually, I didn't really like her new hairstyle but it's a need for her to cut it off for her role as Joan Jett. But that doesn't stop me from loving her. But truly, she still looks cute and beautiful cos this is something I cannot lie about. I agree with Jas that this film - The Runaways will really test her acting abilities as it's not an easy job to do a biopic and to make it convincing and true, it's even harder to achieve it. However, I think Kristen will be able to pull off the character just as well. From her cutting of her hair, I can tell that she's really giving in her very best into the movie and that's just Kristen, fully committed into her film again even if it means sacrificing her beautiful hair. But like all of you guys had mentioned, she can always go fro hair extensions or a real-looking wig when she is gg to film Eclipse. I truly can't wait for the filming of Eclipse. Go, Kristen!!!!!!!!!
  • -Peter-
    I really have a thing for Kristen Stewart, so I can't to see this. Especially since it'll have a bitchin' soundtrack I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT MY REPUTATION
  • JimD
    Heck just have Joan Jett play Joan Jett. Have you seen her lately she looks great.
  • xerxex
    Hey...looks pretty good.
  • Joan Fett
    I'd tap her, yo. I heard she has really bad toe jam odor though, so maybe not.
  • d1rEct
    This is looking interesting.
  • iztim1
    Twilight was not Kristen's first role. She was great in The Land of Women & Into the Wild. As Tracy in into the Wild she even played the Guitar & sang. She can really sing. It was great!!! She even sounds like Joan Jett. So, you will all see that she can play the part. It's gonna be awesome!!!!
  • kstewrox
    i bet when kristen first saw her hair in dark black and short she went overly NUTS. but as a serious actress, she sticks to the character pretty damn well. from bella to joan jett. isn't her year great?
  • Cody
    She looks just as emo as her Twilight characters. Is it her sole purpose in her career to make teenagers cut themselves? As for Joan Jett, why? There are so many better people that deserve a biopic. I do agree with #9 and #11. I got a pretty good look at her while everyone was leaving the stage when she was coming on and said, "Damn." That's one good-looking 50 year old.
  • I don't know why people love this girl, she is not a good actor, has no real screen presence, she should not keep getting these roles.
  • #16 i totally agree. she is boring to watch.
  • DoomCanoe
    i was going to say exactly what #16 said. so... instead ill just say this seems like a waste of time and money.
  • Curtis G
    Gotta agree with the last three comments. I am not a Stewart fan at all. Won't be seeing this one.
  • Agent Manders
    Ha. Like others have said. Twilight is not her first friggin role. I hated the Panic Room but she didn't suck in it. She also didn't suck in Adventure Land.
  • john vanderslice
    for those of you who havent seen adventureland that is where her true breakout happend twlight wasnt acting a soap opera if you will into the wild has a good part for her too.....twlight my be her down fall GULP
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    "Hello Daddy...Hello Mom ..I'm your ChChChChCherry Bomb"! Runaways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job #4! Just ask Kim Fowley!
  • alina
    that's awful ...
  • Jim
    I dont give a shit who says Kristen Stewart was not or is not, a good actress, not fun fun to watch(has no real screen presence) I have seen pretty much all of her movies, I do not think there was one that I did not like. Most atresses that are as gorgeous and talented as she is only do a good job in certain movies But, so far in ever movie I have watched she has been fenominal, there has not been one dull moment yet where she was boring. I am estatic about seeing this film, I am a huge Runaways fan and I love these kind of biopic movies. Just recently I was reading this artical about Kristen Stew. and this really pissed me off, where do these assholes get off calling Kristen Stewart a Junkie. I mean wake up she is playing the Role of Joan Jett, of course her eyes are going to be a little baggie and I think the only reason these AssHoles are saying this because of an entire new kind of Assholes started a this shit from something that someone else might said and they most definatley mis-quoted and this is why I hate the Fucking news. It sybolizes one thing, a mirror of the worlds` uglyness. (I found the whole Kristen Stewarts a Junkie on google)
  • Melanee
    Nice hair.. it's so ugly.. you look like you are about to go rotten.. and ugghh.. me hate you bad..
    hey lacy and craig! shut up! both of you..kristen is a nice and good actress.. do u know the word INSECURE????? hahaha..both of you are just insecure!..just do your thing girls..if u dont like her,then dont comment and say bad things to her...just get up and kick your ass both of you!
  • They have the song cherry bomb
    I remeber the runaways song cherry bomb from the Dased and Confused Soundtrack. Check out the runaways playing to a live audience on youtube. They were a cool band of totaly hot jail bait rock chicks. They rocked hard and that is also what made them cool. Kristen Stewart is a cute girl and I hope she can pull off playing Joan Jett but it seems often plays a shy, inteligent, pretty girl next door. To play Joan Jett and do it justice she is going to have to be in an your face, wild, party, rock and roll chick. As far as Dakota Fanning she is a great actress. I think she can fit the role of a jail bait rock chick.
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