First Look: Soundwave from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

January 29, 2009
Source: Empire

First Look: Soundwave from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

We know this isn't an actual photo of the real Soundwave from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but it is our first look at the official toy, via Empire. Soundwave is a fan favorite and I certainly know I'm not the only one excited to see him making his debut in this sequel. Die-hard fans already know that Soundwave transforms into a cassette player, with matching cassette tape transformers like Ravage and Laserbeak stored in his chest. Unfortunately since Frenzy turned into a small CD player in the first film, they've made Soundwave into a jet for now, as you'll see below, and it's unlikely we'll see Ravage or Laserbeak either.

Soundwave Toy from Transformers 2

Soundwave Toy from Transformers 2

That alternate jet version we mentioned is the lower of the two photos. However, I've got a feeling that we're actually going to see Soundwave as some sort of boombox or jukebox or something in the actual film, and they're just keeping it a secret. Back when the first film came out, USA Today polled fans to see which classic Transformers characters they'd like to see. Soundwave won the poll, taking 20% of the votes, compared to Devastator with 16% (it's rumored that he might even show up, too). If we get to see both Soundwave and Devastator in somewhat authentic forms, I don't know if I'll be able to handle the geek overload.

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  • Ryderup
    Why even have soundwave in, if he's completely changed? Haha.. this sucks so much. (Not the film, but the part about Soundwave)
  • Cant wait to watch this one. Wonder when the trailer will be out.
  • Fish
    The toy shots of Soundwave and Bumblebee in Empire are the 2 PRE-RELEASE toys for this year's movie line. The Soundwave in particular is his cybertronian version which apparently also has a satellite mode, but is not really in the movie that much anyways. It's basically a toy just like the "cybertronian" versions of Prime and Starscream that were released before the first movie, and then even in the actual movie you only see Prime's mode for a few seconds... so for the love of god, do NOT be pimping this out to actually be final movie Soundwave, BECAUSE IT'S NOT BY ANY MEANS.
  • Rich
    And, er, Ravage has already been confirmed (by co-writer Roberto Orci, I believe), Alex.
  • Ravage is in the flix and he is badass! These eyes have seen him in his full glory.
  • Fuelbot
    The trailer is supposed to play during the Super Bowl, supposedly.
  • SS
    That is not a jet plane. That looks more like... a satellite.
  • Aravena
    It makes sense to anyone that stops and thinks. They're coming from space, not earth. Therefore their initial vehicle modes would not represent anything on earth. Now let's talk marketing. Sell the cool space jet transformation or the cassette player one? I'm still looking forward to this very much and thank goodness Watchmen comes out before this or I'd forget about this movie.
  • Soundwave as a jet? LAME! He'd better show up as a boombox at some point - even if it is a technological anachronism at this point. It's not Soundwave otherwise.
  • Matt
  • mortuus
    you know this isnt him this is the toy model. probably not how he will look in the movie. stupid thing to report.
  • Canadian
    I heart is broken....
  • SlashBeast
    The toys often look radically different from the movie incarnations with most tie-ins. Keep in mind this is his Cybetonian form so it might change during the film to fit into the human world.
  • TCox
    Everyone should just calm down and take deep breaths. I can't see Soundwave being any type of "boombox" or "cassette player" in the movie. Since Frenzy was a CD player, Soundwave would have to be something much bigger. Judging by the toy, I'd say his Earth form will be something completely different, and a more relevant to today's technology. It doesn't have to be mobile, because his original version wasn't until he transformed. Any ideas?
  • Cody
    #14. I bet he'll be an iPod.
  • Stephen
    They might as well call him Jetwave instead. Oh well i feel a Autobot and a Decepticon aerial battle brewing. I mean come on we all know Jetfire is going to be in the movie and I' sure Starscream is going to comeback.
  • Sean
    They like the Decepticons to be military so he should be a military surveillance vehicle or police surveillance truck in human form
  • craig
    hope the trailer is still scheduled to be shown at the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!! they are being v. hush hush about it!!! fingers crossed till sunday........
  • An iPod sounds about right for the times...I'd bet on that too, though it's too small compared to the sizing they established in the first one for the smaller bots and the larger-vehicle-sized bots. Alex may be right in guessing a jukebox, or maybe some turn tables? But I agree that a jet would be super stupid.
  • DinoChow
    why are they turning everything into a jet? Megatron as a jet was boring enough, but soundwave...stupid Michael Bay...
  • reaperslogic
    #9 - Soundwave as a jet? LAME! I though he was one of the boomerangs you use to buy from Nerf...
  • The Delightful Deviant
    why is it always jets? Megatron was turned into a Jet now Soundwave?
  • Michael Bay is not stupid! He's a kick-ass director. And you guys need to be more patient and wait for a trailer to see what the movie is about. And why do you guys care so much about why soundwave must turn into a boombox? What does a boombox do? I'd rather see him in robot form fighting anyways...
  • miracle disease
    Soundwave will appear as a JBL Theater Surround Sound System (the works!) and Soundwave junior will appear as an iPod Dock... LOL
  • One of the points of making a movie like this is to cash in on people's nostalgia. If you switch him from a boombox to a jet, it kind of takes away from those childhood memories.
  • jono
    hey no 2 watch superbowl if your in the usa and u will see 1
  • Fisherr
    The Movie with or without soundwave or devistator will rock anyway.
  • Drake
    the trailer is coming out on sunday, at 9p.m
  • Ray
  • miracle disease
    Soundwave a Jet?! Hmmmm Jets have tremendous SOUND and when it passes by, you get to WAVE at it... makes sense! LOL
  • Rob G
    oh chirst, time for whiny fanbois to come out of the wood work. Thanks Mr. Bay
  • David
    Its copying SALVATION
  • Jeep Fu
    Soundwave better be a fricken boom box (or else)...but I will admit that jet/satellite/whatever version looks bad ass! I'd buy that and put it right next to my (equally bad ass) Vector Prime figure.
  • Steve
    Cool, looking forward to seeing Soundwave in any form. So how about Shockwave....any chance of him being in Trans 2?
  • stupid people
    reading through these comments... have you people not been keeping up whats been going on?? you read one article that is written by someone obviously not keeping up with it either and make snap judgements and comments. go get up to date would ya, cripes.
  • maybe soundwave as a jet is refering to him breaking the sound barrier =P
  • okay soundwave is a satellite. he cant be a radio or boombox or cassett player or whatever. because frenzy was. why would they repeat. and it makes sense for him to be a satellite sense he communicates with the decepticons. just stop complaining and go see the movie when it comes out. what ever form any of them are going to be in will be awesome. i just hope that michael bay doesnt kill off arcee like with jazz. she better survive the whole movie and have a good amount of face
  • Stryke
    Soundwave in the movie looks like some mechanised angel of death during his screen time.




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