First Official Trailer for Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

September 2, 2009
Source: IGN

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Trailer

Brothers. Killers. Saints. They're back! IGN has debuted the first official trailer for Troy Duffy's Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. This is a sequel the fans have been crying out for ever since the first cult classic Boondock Saints arrived in 1999. Apparently there was so much excitement for this, the room at Comic-Con where this trailer first showed back in July was completely packed, with hundreds of people being shut out because they just couldn't fit any more. If you're a fan of the original, you'll probably be cheering watching this (like a Twilight fangirl). Its got as much guns and glory as the first one, if not even more. Check it out!

Watch the official trailer for Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day:

[flv: 598 252]

You can also watch the final Boondock Saints II trailer in High Definition on IGN

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is once again both written and directed by the crazy Troy Duffy, the Connecticut-born filmmaker whose only claim to fame is the first Boondock Saints. If you want to catch a glimpse of just how crazy he truly is, you can watch the making of documentary called Overnight about everything that went into the original. Sony Pictures will be distributing Boondock Saints II, although it's unclear if it'll get a limited theatrical release or go straight-to-DVD (I'm expecting the latter). Thoughts?

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  • jake
  • FireWaffle
    I have mixed feelings about the trailer, but I'm still very excited about the movie.
  • Andrew
    Looks cheap.
  • ebbie
    Did Sean Patrick Flannery get a facelift? He looks weird.
  • Adam B.
    Think it looks pretty epic. Only problem I have with it is trying to recreate the same feeling from the first. Boondock Saints is/was hailed as a cult classic because it's so memorable and there's not really any other movie like it. It's been so long since the original that even the brothers look very different.. it actually kind of jumped out at me. Really looking forward to it, but I'll just remain cautiously optimistic.
  • SpiffymanXD
    Looks awesome cant wait to see it in the big screen.
  • branden
    straight to DVD? What? Is it that bad?
    Didn't see this one coming. Awesome.
  • Chris W
    REALLY hoping this movie pulls through alright
  • Sigh
    Yeah, have to agree with Andrew. Cheap sequel-itis. Lacks the energy and cleverness of the original, at least from this little preview.
  • Greedo
    I thought the first one was straight-to-DVD.
  • cat
    All Saints Day will be awesome! I can’t believe they have a detective that acts just like William Dafoe from the first one haha!!!! But we all know there is no way the sequel lives up to the legendary status of the first movie. Tall task!
  • jim
    either straight to dvd or theatrical im watching this the first minute i can
  • sean
    I own the first... but... this looks cheap as hell. I don't know if I'll be along for the ride this time.
  • :O
  • Cody
  • Brandon
    Looks horrible!! And will no doubt be worse then the original. Troy Duffy really needs to stop filmmaking.
  • MadPizza
    Ummm...Remember how this movie was NOT GOOD? They let him make more of this? Straight-to-dvd sounds about right. WEAK.
  • Trey
    looks a straight to DVD....but I will go see it
  • swisschez
    boondock saints 2 = scam to take money from the fans of the first movie.
  • Dirty Dutchman
    #4 pointed out what I was thinking as well that Sean Patrick Flannery "new" forehead will distract me from this inspiring new story line.
  • Cody
    It lacks Dafoe, but I already knew that. Still wouldn't miss this for anything.
  • Brian Barajas
    #21 seriously what happened to him? i totally thought they had a look alike until it actually said his name
  • butliere
    Looks very cheap...exactly like the first....troy duffy is a bad director, took whatever the flavour of the day was at the time- 'tarantino' and mixed it with his own crap vision...
  • DoomCanoe
    my friends and i have been waiting along fucking time for this... seriously its like if the Grinch stole Christmas and kept it for 6 years. Im stoked
  • LittleAsianShlong
  • CL
    the trailer did say "coming to theaters" so i expect the former and not straight to dvd. does look cheap but still fun.
  • Shane
    The first one was absolute shit. This looks no better.
  • LOVE YOU THE FIRST>.. have concerns about this... but you are damned right that I will be seeing it.. on straight-to-DVD or not... WOOHOO.. The Saints are Coming
  • Before watching the documentary OVERNIGHT I would have wanted the best for Troy Duffy,but he was a complete ass and took for granted everything he was handed.Maybe he's changed I don't know and I don't care.
  • Nic
    Loved the first one, but this one looks like crap. Willem Dafoe made the last movie. If he isn't in this
  • Luke
    The first Boondock Saints was an extremely boring movie. Even though this trailer makes it look cool, I still doubt it will be any good (considering the trailer for the first one was also cool).
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    Looks OK, wont be better than number one though.
  • Bubba
    Oh I want to be in their numbers, when the saints go marching in.
  • jcyo
    Troy Duffy is such a huge douchebag I kind of hope the movie fails. Watch Overnight to see why is such a douche.
  • Holly
    I loved the first one, I rented it at random from Blockbuster when I was 15 and rented it over and over, then years later it turned out to be a cult hit, who knew? Can't wait for the sequel
  • TTEX
    Troy Duffy is a talentless hack who got lucky. That's it!
  • Dude
    They got ooooold, but the old father looks the same.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Fuck, that looks as bad as I feared it would. =( The first one was absolutely amazing, and I always hoped this would be one of the movies that will never get a sequel. It doesn't even come close to the style and tone of the first movie judging by this trailer. Of course, the movie could turn out to be MUCH better than this, but I seriously doubt it. I'm not sure if I wanna watch this; I wouldn't wanna "taint" the first movie with this potential failure. P.S.: Wtf happened to Sean Patrick Flanery!? I know they both got older, but...he looks like he had a facelift/botox accident. >.<
  • wrongturn687
    Wow! there is a lot of hate on this board for this movie, but I don't blame them since how overrated the first one is. I just recently watched the first and I honestly really enjoyed it eventhough it's far from perfect, but it's deffentially one hell of a fun movie. I'll see this one too and will probably buy a double pack dvd if they have one come out. Also Julie Benz is too effin HOT for words. The women still stuns me with her beauity in each movie and holy crap this looks like her hottest role yet.
  • harrison
    love the first one but this just doesnt look like anything special, straight to dvd looks about right
  • I am Ron Burgandy
    Dont give a shit what people say or if it isnt good compared to the first or other movies, Im Fn seeing this no matter what!!!. I missed these two bad mofos and want to see them kick some ass "all in the lords name ofcourse". The first one is Iconic in my opinion !
  • luden
    dual wielding desert eagles...............yah nooooooooooo. Pass.
  • Caanon
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaait a second... 2:00 ... that's... that's Rocko?
  • Caanon
    Crap, meant 1:37
  • Skyfire
    They had 10 friggin' years to write this, it better be damn good. Not impressed from the trailer.
  • Drew
    It absolutely boggles my mind how most people on here rave about how great most of the previews look, when they look like crap. This doesn't look great, but I will be seeing it as soon as possible. The thing that is even funnier is people talking about Duffy being a DB. That isn't exactly a rare thing in Hollywood. Crowe is a prime example of one of the biggest Douche's in the world, yet no one ever talks shit about his trailers.
  • Richard
    I saw the first one on many great reccomendations, and didnt like it, this one looks worse.
  • FSL
    #47, You are talking about Russell Crowe right? The same Crowe from Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander right? lol To even compare duffy is Crowe is fucking ridiculous. You my friend should just STFU. This movie looks absolutely AWFUL. How many slow-mo, gun shooting, retarded fake irish accents can we take in a fucking movie?!
  • Magnolia Fan
    This isn't as good as I was hoping. and I am a fan of the first.
  • Rusty
    Fan boy of the first for sure. A buddy and I were just planning on going as the saints for a couple college Halloween parties and this trailer shows up. I liked the first one so much, I've got to see the second no matter if it doesn't look as good in the trailer. I'm excited either way. As a recent example, Transformers:ROTF wasn't as good as the first, and so many more before that, but it was still entertaining. That's all I ask from my movie experience. Was I entertained? Could I suspend disbelief for long enough to enjoy the movie and be sucked into it? If it doesn't, I'll say it was crap, but I'm at least going to give it a chance.
  • mos
    #43, dual wielding is a way of life but i agree. You cant dual wield desert eagles. Still gonna see this though. Waited long enough
  • Clokwrk
    That doesn't entirely look like Sean Patrick Flannery... If it is he definitely got plastic surgery on his face hahahaha I mean really? The whole point to a cult movie is there shouldn't be sequels. At least that's my opinion. Not that I won't watch this, but I'm sorely disappointed that they decided to try and make more money off the memory.
  • L
    I wish the first one wasn't such overrated crap, I really do.
  • TheSaint
    Freaking Awesome. God I can not wait for this film.
  • PinkSushi
    finest example of why sequels are not a good idea for action movies
  • Broon
    #53... Evil Dead had sequels... and they were fabulous. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. The first one holds a place in my heart, even though it really wasn't an incredible movie. Just one of those ones that exceeds your expectations / comes out of nowhere. If you were lucky enough to see Boondock Saints without being hyped up by your friends, you probably LOVED it (unless you're just not a fan of that sort of thing). Definitely watching this when it comes out, though. There's not a thing they can do with the sequel that can ruin the first one, in my opinion.
  • Ben
    Watched this trailer this morning, bought the DVD at lunch, watched it tonight... a new favourite movie! Original, some very unique vision, great performances and loads of laughs. Really looking forward to this sequel now :) thanks Alex for posting this trailer, it has literally made my day.
  • The Boondock Saints, as great as it was, became a hit because it took everyone by surprise. I, like many of you, love that movie too but I think we might be letting our fanboy mentality tell us to like this moive despite the fact the tralier does look (as a few of you on this board point out) pretty cheap at times. And oh how the might have fallen. I actually thought it was Daniel Baldwin not Sean Patrick Flannery in some of the scenes...and the yeas have not been kind to Detectives Duffy and Valipopskalious... @56...I'll still see this but I think I agree with you more than anyone else here...
  • D'oh, I meant Greenly, not Duffy...but they all look pretty bad not that I watch it again:P
  • Ariel
    I've been waiting for this since I first stole the original VHS from my best friend.
  • Dan
    I'm excited for this, but not as excited as I should be. And I have to agree with you Alex, Overnight was the best display of self destructive tendencies, and an individual's inability to control them that I have ever seen. Troy Duffy is a douche, and basically had Hollywood at his feet and pissed it all away because he's such an arrogant prick. And I gotta echo the statement on Sean Patrick Flannery. He has not aged gracefully.
  • that guy
    they jewed him on the first one by making a straight to video release.
  • Jen
    OMG!!! I am so happy this is coming out!!! I have been waiting forever for this!!!!
  • Fubar
    Can't wait for this. Vigilantism is the shit, we all loved the movie becuase its about some guys doing what we all want to do in real life, kill all the worthless pieces of shit that inhabit the earth and waste all of God's good air. Fuck the justice system lol. Oh and the first one was awesome, simply because the dude playing Rocko made the movie, Willem Defoe mearly just helped. # 44 was the only one to catch it, but how the hell did they manage to bring him back from the dead. Unless its just some type of flashback.
  • Movieraider321
    Alex, if you wait til the end of the trailer it says it will be going into theaters......
  • A-B
    The first one was ok. This one looks well... kinda of LAME.
  • Gabe
    I think it's going to way weaker without Dafoe.
  • K
    Looks ok. Will be good for shits and giggles. Definitely won't be the same without Dafoe! He was awesome in the first one! I loved the original but this won't even come close. in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spirit?s Sancti
  • KONG
    Stand still and shoot! Don't worry about the return fire...It's impossible to accurately engage targets while double-fisting guns for any other reason than suppressive fire, let alone .50 Desert Eagles; it takes three hands to fire those. Details like these will be compounded by other rediculous acts of violence and make the movie suck. Especially since most people measure movies by confirmed great ones, and the first one having such a huge fan base, this flick has little chance of succeding. But, if I'm entertained by the implausible John Woo movies, this movie might be worth pirating.
  • Agreed - a cheap recreation of the original. I was okay with this movie not being as good as the first, but - c'mon "I didn't know he had a protege..." - Referring to the actress replacing Dafoe's Detective Smecker...piss poorrrrrr.
  • Will
    1:37... ROCKO LIVES!!!!!
  • jason k
    the first one was a fun movie with a good theme, this one looks like they are just trying to cash in but it should still be a fun movie to watch, duffy is a douche, yes, but considering he's broke and this movie was made on a shoestring budget it's probably gonna just be a shit movie with characters you love returning, meh I'll watch it high as a kite in theatres so i can sit through it if it sucks, I am sure it will make it's money back and then some what would be more interesting would be to see if duffy could make a whole new story
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Fuckin eh Bro!!!!!
  • that guy
    #73 You are a FAG! I shouldn't say that because I wouldn't want to offend the gay community by lumping you in there with them, for that, I apologize to the gays. You still suck donkey nuts. Who the fuck are you? Did you even see Overnight? Duffy got the shaft hard for his bad ass idea and now he's got a bigger budget to expand on it. You on the other hand have nothing except a dick in one hand and yours in the other, using your own tears as lubricant as you reflect on your meaningless pathetic life. Fuck you very much and do everyone a favor and jump off a bridge, remove that dick from your ass first though, wouldn't want to drag someone else with you.
  • that guy
    #73 You are a FAG! I shouldn't say that because I wouldn't want to offend the gay community by lumping you in there with them, for that, I apologize to the gays. You still suck donkey nuts. Who the fuck are you? Did you even see Overnight? Duffy got the shaft hard for his bad ass idea and now he's got a bigger budget to expand on it. You on the other hand have nothing except a dick in one hand and yours in the other, using your own tears as lubricant as you reflect on your meaningless pathetic life. Fuck you very much and do everyone a favor and jump off a bridge, remove that dick from your ass first though, wouldn't want to drag someone else with you.
  • Jesse
    Nobody gives anything a fuckin chance anymore. You seen a 2 minute trailer already putting it down, fucking typical. Those guys are around 40 yrs old i'm sure everyone on here is gonna look like shit when they're that old. I've shot a 50 cal smith and wesson with one hand, which is not far off from the power of the desert eagle, so yeah you can if you're not a pussy. And idc if you're moving you can still hit your targets with a gun like that if you're good.
  • Ricky
    Cannon: It sure looks like Rocco.... This trailer along with all the aged actors and over done plastic surgery does make me nervous as far as the integrity of the movie, but I do say the first was amazing and in my top 5 movies of all time. I hope they pull out a surprise for me....
  • AllmightyKeim
    I think the movie will just be the same movie as the first with some same jokes and action stuff. It will just regurg the 1st one. But then again we have waited so long for it, we may be expected a lot more then what we will get. I will for one see it at least twice to make sure if I love it or hate it.
  • seanathan
    geez... to make it clear what kind of fan of the original i am before i get into this, lemme state credentials- i have the vhs, dvd, and spec ed dvd, signed copy of the script, a rocks glass with il duce on it that no one else is allowed to touch, AND i saw the damn thing in the theater for the one day rerelease. uber fan. i say that to say this- this movie is gonna be kinda bad. i want to even say it will suck, but i can't pull myself to utter that word lest i commit blasphemy. bringing in a "third" saint with clifton (solid actor) is like adding a fifth beatle, but he's just playing the role that all of our nerdy asses wish we could be, so i can't totally blame duffy for adding him. and bringing back rocco (imdb gives him a credit, so i can only assume they know what they're talking about) is just fanboy fodder. but the whole "who knew he had a protege?"- what the fudge? i know dafoe was 'unavailable' for the sequel, but that protege crap is worse than killing a character off screen. and what happened to flanery? did he have an allergic reaction to sequels? are they shooting the Old indiana jones chronicles now? i'm not one who should be talking, but seriously, what happened, man? all this aside, i will be there on day 1, quoting the original out the ass, and loving every over stylized, poorly acted minute of this movie just like i did the first. is it gonna suck? probably. but i'll be damned if duffy didn't give us exactly what we asked for- the brothers are back and kickin ass. p.s. to #49, i think #47 was talking about cameron crowe. but still, yes, he should stfu. #63- jewed is not the preferred nomenclature, dude:). and #70- it's called suspended disbelief. accept it, and move on.
  • CookieMont4
    I totally agree with You Seanathan
  • DiR3ct
    The original just went up to the top of my must see list
  • Christopher Sullivan
    This trailer came right out of nowhere. I remember my good friend and I were talking for months about a sequel but that was years ago. Suddenly this comes online and I wasn't aware it even got the green light. Being a Bostonian myself and becoming a huge fan of this first movie I have serious doubts about this one. Sure, its great the got the duo back AND Billy Connolly but I highly doubt they can recreate what the first movie did. Yeah, and was the Roc in the trailer (1:37)??? I thought he was DEAD?! Please don't tell me there are going to do some type of flashback in the basement suddenly revealing he's actually alive. If he is back they better make sure the continuity is good and he's missing some digits. Let's see what happens.
  • jason k
    #75 you are the fag, if your clit of a brain could read you could see that I have probably watched Overnight since I DID address the fact that Duffy is a douche, and if YOUR dickless ass actually watched Overnight you would have known that he was already blacklisted when he started working on Boondock Saints part 1, and considering all he had was HIS dick in HIS hand he did a pretty good job for part 1 and he's probably broke so he probably HAD to make part 2 just to eat, BUT AS YOUR PREVIOUS POST SHOWED ALREADY, you haven't watched Overnight AT ALL if you think Duffy is getting a shitload of money to make this sequel. #75 take your meatless crotch and come by so one of my homies can tag you so you can say you got tagged by a black man, you talk shit without knowing anything at all, like most emo fags here on earth you're a pussy who likes to hear the sound of his own voice, when push comes to shove your kind run like bitches. Go rent Overnight you fuckin fairy lol then post a comment you internet gangster
  • KONG
    Stand still and shoot! Don't worry about the return fire...It's impossible to accurately engage targets while double-fisting guns for any other reason than suppressive fire, let alone .50 Desert Eagles; it takes three hands to fire those. Details like these will be compounded by other rediculous acts of violence and make the movie suck. Especially since most people measure movies by confirmed great ones, and the first one having such a huge fan base, this flick has little chance of succeding. But, if I'm entertained by implausible John Woo movies, this movie might be worth pirating.
  • jason k
    people here are saying this movie is going to be unrealistic because they are duel fisting desert eagles and killing people and wont watch because of it; so just wondering, did any of you guys watch a movie called District 9 and complain about the fact that there are aliens in Africa running around with guns only an alien hand can fire? just wondering...
  • The original Boondock Saints was a great cult film that delivered all its intents and more but i didnt get the same vibes from this sequel i havent watched the whole flick yet so all i hoping is that they dont ruin a perfectly cult film :(
  • Restless
    I really liked the first movie, but this trailer doesnt seem to take them as seriously as in the first movie, now it's less dark and more like action hero on some fake shit that doesnt happen in real life type of sequel, i hope they stick to the original dark tone of the 1st movie, but it doesnt show in this trailer.
  • CJ
    If you watched the first and iddn't like it, why are you leaving your remarks on this site. This is obviously for fans of the "Saints". Loved the first and looking forward to this one. We'll see if it's as good as the first, which I doubt, but maybe it will find a special place in my heart...especially if they gear up like last one thing you'll need a rope for? All I'm saying is it's a trailer and I personally haven't seen to many terrific trailers but I have see some damn good movies.
  • Nyk
    Loved the first... can't wait for the second. But has anyone noticed that the Hail Mary tattoos on their necks are gone... well, at least you couldn't see them in the trailer at all... hope they're there cuz I hate when producers/writers/directors forget to pay attention to detail in their own damn movies. Hope they didn't forget other little details that totally made the first movie and will help the second immensely.
  • Lani
    OMG So excited...They boys have aged but so have we all! They waited too long. I hope it will be as good as the first and that it does make to the big screen near me. I watched the original recently and commented too bad they never made a sequel! lol
  • Whitney
    This one is going to just as good as the first if not better. It will be an instant classic. Been waiting for this a long time.
  • cazycelt
    If they are holding the .50AE then there's no way. If they were .357 then you could, it might not feel to good, but you could.
  • robdog31
    first is the shit. the could be the same. cant wait to see the second one
  • The other guy
    After reading a few of these comments I realise that if most of you wish for a perfect film go make one. That being said, Boondock Saints 2. Dude. Anyone that loved the first we are all a bit worried but hopeing. I'm stoked. I'm going to see it first minute of opening day. If it sucks ass yeah sure at that point I'll swear and curse about it like the rest of you, but you guys must be visionarys to actually know how horrid a movie is before you even see it. Congratulations anyone that is bitching and moaning before hand, you are all now prophets. Sit down, shut the hell up, and enjoy the show.
  • D Mamma
    Sean Patrick should have never gotten a facelift and if it's not a facelift he looks washed out. Screws up the integrity of the character. That's gonna jackup the reviews. I'm sure the acting will be fine. Either way I expect something close to the last movie. It's about time. -D
  • binner
    I see all this negativity. Just like b4. I bet not one of us actually saw the first one in the theatres...And I know we all love it. Live and learn. Ever since I heard about a court case and all the BS surrounding this one.... Ive been impatiently awaiting. The build up will be almost good enough for me. But this extention of a true classic is sure to be a good one. Im sick of Boy meets gal, boy gets gal, boy loses gal and then boy gets gal back movies. My point is we see the same crap over and over again. This one is original...enjoy.
  • dr panda
    This most likely will not live up to the first one, but Jud Nelson is in it!
  • dr peper
    The first one was great i loved it actualy but i hope that the second one will be good too. but why is it getting realleased straight to dvd it makes me wory if it will be good but still i can wait.
  • Hwall
    This is going to be amazing
  • SkylarRain
    Everyone is talking about the sequel like they have seen it already. It's a f&*king preview! Seqvels don't normally live up to the first, everyone knows this but stop talking shit from a preview. Get over the movie, don't watch the movie and then leave your commentws AFTER you've seen it! #95...well said!!! Can't wait to see it!
  • i dont care wat any body says bout boondock saints it is the greatest movie ever i mean two irish guys killing a bunch of low lifes kickin arses and takin names and i hope it does go straight to dvd so i dont have to wait and buy it cause i wantt to watch it a crap load of time may the irish live long
  • jdd
    I am really excited about this!! I loved the first one!!!! #28 if the first one was such shit why did you bother coming to the sight to look at the 2nd???
  • laromana
    In '06 Sean did a photoshoot for Playgirl where he looked fine (as usual), resembled himself, and was aging well (not hyperaged like in the BS II trailer). Unless he's aged 20 years in 3 years, there's no logical reason, outside of bad, unnecessary plastic surgery, why he should look so different in this film. My question is why would Troy Duffy film Sean (a major character in this long awaited sequel) when he obviously looks NOTHING like himself? I agree w/ the commenter who said that it screws w/ the integrity of his character, greatly distracts from his decent acting, and could affect the success of the film.
  • Chris
    it will be in theatres, however mainly in new england and CA. There are no showings within hundreds of miles of me, so I'm hoping for dvd release; or that it'll do well enough to be shown here.
  • Chris
    if you want to make sure it's even showing in your area, go to the sony pictures website for listings.
  • Bryan
    Why would they consider anything but a normal theatre release this would be a blockbuster
  • jeff matteson
    7 times when without the N gives you whe whe whe whe whe whe whe, we were made to be winners not whiners,to the social retards who admit to not liking the original I highly recommend turning on the option that allows you to read spoken words in the movie, that irish accent is hard for some to understand and you miss out on some cool lines because you can't understand what is being said, that being said when my son asked me if I had seen the original and I answered "No" he drove straight to Walmart and bought me a copy and we went straight home and watched it. Now I am a B.S., A.S. That's Before saints After saints!!!!!! The first one was so good I hope they make ten more, nothing will ever take the smile off the face of an original Boondock Saints fan!!!!!!!!! Nothin.
  • skull187
    are you kiddin me!? i mean are you all smoking crack? or do you just not have any thing better to do than talk down about one of the best films
  • Scallywag
    A trailer is a trailer. I loved the original and for that reason alone I will see this. I am also a Star Trek fan and was standoff-ish about the remake and was pleasantly surprised. So I can't really see judging the movie without seeing it, so I'll post a an Awsome\Sucked afterward. I read some of the posts and became quite amused at some of the reasons why some thought this film will make it or tank. You can't fire an M60 with one hand either and spend 250 rounds without holding it straight up in the air and warping the barrel yet, we all, at one time or another, loved Rambo. It's just a movie, my car doesn't turn into an alien robot either nor do people in prison get their eyeballs shined so they can see in the dark but I'm still a Transformers and Pitch Black fan. If you want reality watch the History Channel. I'm sure if I had the money I would try to slake Father Time also but, as it is I must age as God intended so who cares if Sean got his coconut worked on, it's still the same guy. Most Directors in Hollywood are Dick Heads so Duffy is just one of the crowd. He don't pay my bills so I could care less how he acts, it aint like I got to hang out with him or anything. I am Irish and can tell that no accent in this movie is Irish, Connelly is Scottish actually and if your Irish you could tell the difference. So what, it's just a movie. They are none killers either so are you only going to watch movies with real killers that are really Irish? Gibson isn't Scottish but I thought Braveheart was a great movie, Tom Hanks wasn't really in WWII either, imagine that. Go see it first and who cares about the rest, either you'll like it or you won't. Trailers never do movies justice, good or bad.
  • laura
    All these haters need to find something better to do cause they have no idea what they are talking about! With that said I have been waiting for this movie ever since I saw the first one. The first one is one of my favorite movies and can't wait to buy the second one. Only wish it was playing somewhere around me so I could go see it now but either way I will be watching it and own it.
  • Max Power
    Sean Plastic Flanery.
  • rob
    I watch the first one six times per year, have been pissed off that a second movie has taken this long the idea or concept lends itself to being a weekly show this second movie is a good start.
  • Mo
    You to watch the first one without any expectations. That is why it became such a hit, no one knew how it was going to be after they rented it. This one won't live up to the first, because unless my eyes deceive me I' pretty sure Rocco is in the preview. (1:37) Rocco is cool as shit, but how do you bring him back from the dead. Still gonna see it,not expecting much though
  • The first part was awesome... this one looks cheap... :-(
  • Goose
  • coran
    Just watched the trailer dont know the brothers look so different and sound different to but will wait till ive seen the whole movie before i decide.Waited a lond time hope its worth it?
  • playdead
    its not that to get a part two its just a movie and Sean Patrick Flanery got ten years on him but he is a good actor i saw it at 420 and it doesn't suck
  • venom_menace
    the first movie was full of impossible, never really happen type of stuff too, who could walk into a courtroom, hold the defendant hostage and blow his head into clam chowder and then disappear? NOBODY!!!! but thats what made the first movie so incredible, the fact that they were almost above the law DID make them super heros to a point. who cares what the dudes forehead looks like???? is it REALLY going to distract you if the movie is good?? I dont think so... Im not expecting it to be better than the first one, but if it even comes close ill be just as happy. High expectations usually lead to upset people, so if Troy Duffy understands the amount of hype for this movie, which im sure he does, its almost imperative it lives up to its name and honestly, it almost HAS to come out in theaters to be taken as a serious movie.
  • i recently watched the sequel. i admit its no "Boondock Saints",the original, but it was not that bad either. the whole gang is present (and the BS:ASD has a surprise at the very end) it also has quite some revelations, character development and some twists (pretty mild but they are there :P) some nice shooting choreography (shoot i spelled it wrong but what the heck πŸ˜› next time i will do it right ) but it looks like Troy has set himself a triology goal for BS πŸ˜€ and i gotta admit i liked the surprise at the end πŸ˜€ i ll rate this 7,5/10 (the first one was 9,5/10 in my book) cheers
  • bryon
    im Irish. you lads should list your sexual orientation before you comment. im not sure if gay men know a lot about action films.
  • Movies rock my World
    Waited along time.......saw it ..loved it..Still bad ass Irish bros and lots o Fire power! SPF facelift....didn't like so much! was it vanity or an accident correction? can't find info anywhere??
  • jake the snake
    # 122 Movies rock my World he was in a major car accident and had to have facial reconstructive surgery.
  • Allister Garrett
    All the ones who said them mean things about the movie and Sean. You're all dumb sh**s!! He's not that bad, and the movies rocks! Everyone ages, and he's still Sean. He probably wont want to make another one because of all the comments called him a man with a face so ugly even a mother couldn't love it. The movie is quite good, just as the first one was. it's a good brother movie, with lots of action, and does what a lot of people would like to do, make the world better, and stop the criminals.
  • Jan Dulin
    Sean, sweetie, if you ever read these comments about your "new" face, I know you'll wish you had left such perfection alone. I've followed your career since I first saw you in "Simply Irrisistible" and thought, My God! he's gorgeous! What ever possessed you to erase those adorable laugh lines and dimples, I'll never know. Find yourself another, qualified cosmetic surgeon and "get your hot self back.
  • Julie
    I'm still not sure its Sean Patrick Flannery, even with his name on the credits at the end haha. His eyes usually are blue, and they're not in the film. He just looks like a completely different person. Freaks me out




Alex's Top 10 - 2016
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2. Paterson
3. Arrival
4. Captain Fantastic
5. 20th Cent. Women
6. Pete's Dragon
7. Jackie
8. Kubo & Two Strings
9. Everybody Wants
10. Wilderpeople
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Jeremy's Top 10 - 2016
1. Moonlight
2. The Handmaiden
3. High-Rise
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6. Kubo & Two Strings
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8. Jackie
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