First Official Trailer for Sex and the City 2 - Carrie On Ladies!

December 22, 2009

Sex and the City 2 Trailer

New Line, or rather Warner Brothers, has debuted the first official trailer for Sex and the City 2 starring the same four girls as before: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. Given this is the sequel, we already know what to expect, so don't start complaining guys. This is mainly a movie for the ladies and they even sell it that way with the "Sometimes, you just have to get away with the girls!" line at the end of the trailer. It certainly looks as glamorous and glorified as the first Sex and the City movie, but I'll leave that debate to those who are actually interested in seeing this. Watch the new trailer below!

Watch the first official trailer for Sex and the City 2:

[flv: 598 324]

You can also watch the Sex and the City 2 trailer in High Definition right here: 480, 720, 1080

Sex and the City 2 is the follow-up to the first feature film from 2008. That original film was inspired by the phenomenally popular, award-winning HBO series that's based on the writings of Candace Bushnell.

Sex and the City 2 is again both written and directed by showrunner Michael Patrick King, who previously wrote, produced, and directed last year's Sex and the City movie and also worked on the show when it was on HBO. Warner Bros (who now runs New Line Cinema) will be bringing Sex and the City 2 to theaters everywhere starting on May 28th, 2010 next summer. Get ready for another box office hit, that's for sure!

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  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    please fucking kill me !
  • Shannon
    Not impressed. :(
  • arjones
    I think my eyes are hemorrhaging..... wow that was awful.
  • Mark D
    The chemistry between the actors has always been great on the series. I saw some of the first movie and it's not hard to watch if you know the characters a bit. I got sucked in by an old girlfriend during season 2, and it became one of my fonder series. It's no Sports Night (Damn I miss that one, give me a movie!), but it was fun. Don't be so hard on it guys, take your girl and plan a nice dinner after, she'll repay you later :) :)
  • beavis
    i'd rather have nails pounded into my eyes than watch that crappy trailer again. first that "karate kid" nonsense and now this.......on the same day? well, at least we also got the great "hit-girl" trailer and the decent "knight and day" trailer.
  • beavis
    mark D, i just had my girlfriend watch this.............she thinks it's garbage too.
  • JimD
    This is like Iron Man 2 for the ladies.
  • Shelby
    I don't see the appeal, for men and women, of watching a movie about rich people buying expensive clothes, and going on vacation.
  • big789
    what the fuck? not this shit again
  • big789
    oh shit what the fuck? not this again
  • eric estrada
    alex i hate you for making for posting this. just kidding but it does look just as horrible as the first, except what the hell is the story this time?
  • Zachy
    they ruined jay-z
  • movie mike
    ummmm....ya y were they in the desert, knowing these spoiled bitches its just a patch of dirt on the side of the road, and they WILL STILL COMPLAIN!!!!
  • harrison
    how does horse face continue to get work? listening to her voice is like sticking a power drill in your ear canal and looking at her is then sticking that drill in your eyes...
  • Ben
    I knew they were going to use that Jay-Z song even before I started playing the trailer. Looks awful. Didn't think anything could look as bad as that Karate Kid crap.
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    This trailer made me wanna kill myself.
  • Solo Dolo Polo
    Really? that was one weak trailer.
  • NadaNuff
    .....and the hatred continues. I'm not a fan of the series, but I knew what to expect. The worst I can say is that the trailer revealed absolutely nothing about the plot. Other than surprises.
  • Ryan
    So is this attached to Sherlock (god help us) or It's Complicated?
  • Quanah
    My wife will drag me to this...And as soon as the ending credits roll my balls will drop again.
  • Cineprog
    Will someone rip the Toe nails from my feet, pull my teeth will a pair of pliers before i see this pile of women swagering shit... I would burn my eyes out first before seeing this all so watch the Adverts 20 time over and over again (Womens Flick) Enough Said. :(
  • I don't know what to say. They took the dead horse that George Lucas was beating and dug it up and beat it's worm ridden body again and again.
  • blue & orange ny
    Lol, it’s funny to see the fellas comment on this… # 4 Mark D has it right, this movie is great CREDIT LINE increase with your wifey/gf. Make it surprise evening, dinner, then the movie and you’ll see your credit line increase just in time for the summer boys…. #7 JimD I was rolling on the floor with your comment, you hit it right on the money. As we all were jumping out of chairs, tackling the walls, and breaking shit because of IM2 trailer. This is the ladies version lol. #12 Zachy they didn’t ruined Jay’s song….the intro with the city sights, it’s a given you put the Empire State song with it….that’s money and I’m good with that….Once Carrie comes out, I said that’s a wrap, cut it, back to reality it’s a female flick lol #23 Crapola….speak of the devil I read an article about how Lucas was thinking about another trilogy. With the timeline of Sta Wars being so big there’s many possible stories. The y were mentioning 2 possible moments either the Old Republic times or simply right after Return of the Jedi stories…
  • janet
    I'll see it and I'm sure I'll enjoy it but I don't really care for the trailer.
  • Kyle
    Fortunately boys we have our antidote in May 2011, in the form of the sequel to The Hangover. This could start a battle of the sexes in R Rated Comedy In the women's corner Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall, Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker And in the mens corner Justin Bartha, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper
  • Film Fan
    Alright....with all due respect....these four old broads are walking side by side in the desert!? Please tell me that's a dream sequence. Otherwise, oh my God!
  • Frank
    I literally just punched the first person I saw after watching that. I got up out of my cubical, looked around, walked up to a guy, hit him in the face and told him that was because of the Sex and the City movie. He was mad at first and then said "I understand." As much as Iron Man is fantasy, this movie is fantasy for women, The only difference is that men know Iron Man just isn't happening. Women on the other hand think that they could go out and party like this ugly hags. And on a side note, Sarah Jessica Parker is the ugliest freaking chick in on film. When will Hollywood stop trying to convince us that she's hot?
  • ilovesexandthexity
    Er, thanks guys. Good to know that I have fans. SJP xx
  • Sarah (Jessica) Parker
    O-M-G You guys are such fff-reaks like can u get a liffeee. Stop hate'n just cause i'm a sophisticated, sexy, successful mother-with-a-beauty-mark-like -no-other. Anyways you guys are just jealous. For my real fan March 28 2010! Check it out ya'll and make sure to bring your girlfriends along Mwaz! xo xo




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