Promo Trailer for Kaare Andrews' Altitude Has Landed - Updated

April 11, 2009
Source: Trailer Addict

Altitude Promo Trailer

It was only three days ago that I featured a poster for a film called Altitude from first-time director Kaare Andrews. I wasn't expecting to hear about it again for a while, as I had thought it had just started shooting. Well, apparently a promo trailer has already been cut and released, and we have it for you right now. As a reminder, Altitude is about a rookie pilot and a group of friends who decide to take a small plane to a concert. When she encounters a storm, things go wrong and they're stuck climbing out of control, but then something else shows up. I don't think I need to say much more than that, so fire this trailer up now.

Update: Director Kaare Andrews sent me an e-mail regarding this trailer. "I just wanted to clarify that the promo trailer that has made it out into the web somehow was simply a promotional piece created to help raise funds for the final film. It was a quick little thing shot in a day on a real plane with no money. We now have money, are shooting for longer than one day and have an entirely new cast." Due this update from Kaare and the response to this trailer overall, I've decided to pull it from the site for the time being.

Altitude is directed by Kaare Andrews, who is making his feature debut after directing a handful of shorts previously. The screenplay was written by Paul A. Birkett, of Escape Velocity, Mindstorm, and Crash Landing previously. The film is being developed by the Escape Factory, but they don't have a US distributor yet and it's still actually shooting in Canada. Stay tuned for more updates on Altitude as they arrive.

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  • Corey
    Epic low budget.
  • Markmos
    I'm expecting a Gremlin on the wing, call this a miss! Also, call it Kids in a Plane with Attiude, Dude
  • ?????
    bermuda triangle?
  • jh
    wow that was lame
  • Josh
    so....this looks good because...? the dialogue blows. the acting, so far, is awful. and im pretty sure the special effects looked like a power point presentation. but to each his own
  • -Peter-
  • tankmaster
    Beyond Stupid!!!
  • Scifi movies style
  • Travis
    I wasn't gonna give up on this until I saw the guy hanging out at the very end. WTF?
  • Jesse Gouldsbury
    The dialog seems pretty meh and the plot was is a little bizarre but I liked the trailer. I wasn't expecting it to look like it has some super high budget so that part didn't really bother me all that much. The trailer was pretty well cut together, got me interested.
  • mrmr
    really? hanging on the side of the plane, really?
  • when i saw the poster a few days ago i was like "awwww sweeet!" then i went to the website and everything was incredibly low budget and looked horrible.this made it even more worst.
  • dan
    for all of cloverfields hype...........this ALREADY looks better than J.J.'s pile of garbage.
  • Matt Suhu
    Re-watch the trailer at 2:03. In the upper left-hand corner, we can see something like a tentacle that grabs the plane and then lets go.
  • Caesius
    not that I was a big fan of this, but it's funny how everyone on this site shoots down every article up here. 1) to # 12, "even more worst" isn't correct grammer. 2) to # 13, You're probably not being sarcastic, which is what's sad, because you're an idiot for that comment, and anyone who isn't clouded by "i hate cloverfield" would agree. everyone on here is so picky and no one likes anything that is posted. There's always something that they'll point out, something minor, and they go "movies garbage, look awful" For christ sakes, there's people that left comments here saying "low budget, looks bad". So what? Low budget? You can respect film for the idea? for the art? Low budget? Are you being serious? You don't like movies if you can't watch or like low budget films, so you might as well get off the site. The best is when, which this is most cases, when people just say it looks bad and don't offer explanation, at all. Which leads me to believe, and I wouldn't be surprised if I was right, that they're just following the crowd of comments.
  • IT looked pretty awesome apart from the point we find out that there is "something" out there. Whether the plot or narrative needs it is one thing, but blowing such a major part of the story arch of what will probably be quite a straight forward movie is foolish, pointless and un-needed. How about we start getting less spoilers in trailers so we have a bigger "wow" factor when we are in the cinema.
  • Bryan
    Yeah. at 2:03 there is like, a tentacle that grabs that guy. Looks really low-budget. Bad acting, poor dialogue, and a shaky plot. How could two hours of a bunch of teenagers being trapped on a small plane be any good?
  • Zso
    Personally, I didn't have any problems with the dialogue in this trailer, but the effects look like they belong on Lost or something. I like it. It shouldn't be a wide release in theaters or anything, but it's definitely better than any of the crap the SciFi Channel spews out each month. By the way, damn the SciFi Channel for rerouting the funds that paid for MST3K's movie rights into making original movies! So far (emphasis on the "so far"), I can see myself owning this on DVD. It really depends on what the monster ends up looking like.
  • Johnny Crow
    Ok so at first I thought it would be awesome. Then I realized, what could really happen on a tiny plane for 2 hours? I mean at least with Snakes, it was a huge jet with lots of room. I think ill pass after seeing this trailer.
  • Lego
    lawl.....bad long episode of goosebumps?
  • Hey Ya
    ^Quite. lol I'll watch it on Netflix. Heck, I'll watch anything now with Netflix. The pilot seems to be the best actor and I knew from the start the kid beside her was going to me annoying. He'll have a connection or something. Predictable script but I still look forward to renting it. I love horror films from B rated to A listed!!!
  • BahHumbug
    I'll look at in a second but Andrews is a fantastic artist. Wonder if that translates to his directing.
  • Tedious Ted
    Good God this looks like a stinker!
  • Cody
    like the story has some very cool potential wtf kind of octopus sits in the sky have no idea..bbut they just gave so much away. #15 totally know what you mean fucking 3/4 of this country are mindless lemurs. P.S. 13 suck a dick that was the best monster movie ever made maybe if you actually watched the movie for what it is and didnt expect something else, you wouldve appreciated it.
  • jay
  • Scott McHenry
    that was retarded
  • Boris
    "...or we're all gonna DIE!" Bum bum buuuuum All I could think of was the smoke monster from LOST
  • I must say that i love the work of Kaare in comocs, but this feels like a home made short film, i don't think he knows how to direct actors.
  • robotron
    no thanks but in 2.11 that scared me and vertigo
  • harrison
    besided the fact it would be too loud in that little plane to talk to each other without mic's, the terrible script/acting, and yes i thought that kid was overly annoying as well, it might be a rental
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    Honestly I agree, this will be a bit too low budget for me. I'd be surprised if it actually hits theaters. But on a positive note the plot of this movie could make for a good film if it were done correctly. I think it would be better in a big plane, not a small two prop plane. That's just not enough space for an intense film in my opinion. Sure it's got that claustrophobia element, but you'd still have that element in a commercial airline as well. A plane loses control and climbs so high into the atmosphere it encounters a hidden alien life....not a bad (albiet cheesy) plot for a good popcorn sci fi film. Think of how many sinking ship disaster flicks there are? The only plane one I can think of is Turbulence (ignoring Snakes on a Plane). If this does make it into theaters and get a decent buzz (which I HIGHLY doubt), you never know....this could be the film that kicks off another round of disaster flicks in hollywood.
  • CK
    the moment i saw those no name teenage actors i was like "fuuuuuck" but a survival movie that is set on a small plane looks interesting UNTIL the mist/hp lovecraft tentacle thing came and turned it into a completely different movie. and how bad did it look when the kid was outside of the plane, completely sideways and still LOL
  • Squiggly
    Come on. Yeah, this looks bad, but it looks like it will be so much fun to get drunk and watch. Just imagine all the unintentionally hilarious shit that must be in this movie. You guys are too jaded. Transformers 2 will end up being boring as hell, with mediocre everything and some neat fight scenes. This looks like it'll be fucking awful and hilarious with terrible fishing-line effects and cheesy-as-hell acting. Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather see this in a theater than a lot of the big-budget, luke-warm shit that gets pumped out of Hollywood. Snakes on a plane was borderline. They tried too hard to make it good. You can't make a movie like this and expect it to be a good movie. "Kids on a plane going to a concert and they experience a problem. But instead of crashing, they can't get down! Oh, and by the way MONSTER!!!!!!!!1!#4OMGWTFLOL!!!" Looks hilarious.
  • bassbin
    help this movie by not watchin it
  • I dont think this will have enouigh content to stretch into a 80 min film... looks like the trailer is most of it anyways... if it was the trailer alone i'd say i like, but otherwise forget it
  • max
    HORRIBLE! wtf
  • dan
    hey caesius at #15............ the opening (and BORING) 30+ minutes of cloverfield is a bunch of people at a party that goes NOWHERE!! cloverfield is a waste of time and i think YOU are the idiot.
  • watcher
    Really? a horror movie on a little plane .
  • Blake
    Pass. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Kevin Baughman
    I think I've seen all I will ever need to see of this.
  • Xerxex
    wow, now I've seen everything, and a respond with a yawn...
  • PJ H
    Stupid trailer is stupid.
  • Fishboy
    Contrary to what the article claims, this is NOT the real trailer for "Altitude". It's a promotional piece that was shot in one day on a miniscule budget as a marketing tool to help raise the money to make the film. Obviously, it worked. Expect a real trailer later this year.
  • Shaun
    everybody is so critical of this little movie. Sounds like brats spoiled by years of high budget crap fests. Sure the movie doesn't look that great, but who doesn't enjoy a little cheesy low budget fun sometimes. Besides how the hell else can a guy get a break into this industry. Sometimes you have to pay your dues and direct a low budget shit storm (pun somewhat intended) of a movie. I agree with everyone who says this should be on SciFi, but with that said I commend Mr. Andrews for getting a little more than a midnight showcase slot on the SciFi channel. Maybe I'll see this, maybe not, but I won't condemn it on 2 minutes of footage... and who the hell really cares about Cloverfield at this point? It came. It went. Stop living in the past. You like it, you like it. You don't, you don't. Get hobbies. Get lives. Do something.
  • B-Han
    "bye bye miss american pie, ha ha." lost me right about there.
  • Nick
    This should've been on the SciFi channel
  • Tedious Ted
    @#46 ditto
  • Fisherr
    Was having the same thought as #4 Could be, why not ?
  • dom




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