First Short Teaser Trailer for Nic Cage's Season of the Witch

October 22, 2009
Source: IGN

Season of the Witch Teaser Trailer

Another Halloween-specific trailer has hit today. Lionsgate has debuted a short teaser for Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage over on IGN. You may remember hearing about this movie already because we featured some photos from it last year. This teaser is only 30 seconds long, but it gives us a glimpse at the tone and style and a bit of the creepy story, which involves Cage taking that sweet young witch seen in the beginning to be killed (or something like that). It doesn't look bad but I guess it just doesn't look that good either. Not sure why, maybe it's Cage's hair, maybe it's the horrific tone, or the weird creatures. Thoughts?

Watch the first teaser trailer for Season of the Witch:

[flv: 580 290]

A 14th century knight (Nicolas Cage) transports a girl suspected of being the witch behind the Black Plague to an abbey of monks trained in exorcising demons. Also stars Ron Perlman and Stephen Graham.

Season of the Witch is directed by Dominic Sena, of Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish, and Whiteout most recently. The screenplay was written by up-and-coming writer Bragi F. Schut, of the CBS show "Threshold" and only Charlie Thistle previously. Lionsgate will be bringing Season of the Witch to theaters everywhere starting on March 19th, 2010 next year, the same day as Hot Tub Time Machine. Will you be seeing this?

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  • OCP
    Ill get you my pretty and your bad hairdo too
  • So wish this was a remake of Tommy Lee Wallace's Halloween III sequel.
  • L
    Who keeps letting Nicholas Cage make movies?
  • Mattyc
    so, I guess 14th century knights spoke in perfect American accents? Looks awful
  • Russell
    I see they finally made a sequel to Van Helsing...oh wait...
  • GR8
    "Who keeps letting Nicholas Cage make movies?" You do. All of us do. Anyone who buys a goddamn movie ticket.
  • Fethalion
    Nice, you've told us basicly nothing about your movie by showing us that... Heck, its not even worthy of being called a teaser trailer...
  • Robbie
    Doesn't look that bad.
  • qweqwu
    what the F?
  • -Peter-
    THE HEAD CUT OFF THE HEAD Oh Nic, mah boy.
  • Clover
    "The Head...cut off the Head!".......CUT!!! CUT!!! God Dammit CUT!!!!!! Cage can you not deliver a single line with a little conviction!!!!! This is why you are the worst actor in the World!!!!!! And NO WAY # 6... I do not waste my hard earned jake on anything Cage is in...( or Rogen, or Stiller). Don't blame me!!!!!!! Blame his Uncle!
  • Halloween Buttons
    To number 11, Bravo!
  • Fox
    After seeing this, BloodRayne is starting to look good...
  • Frank
    Ditto to #4. Why the hell is he still in movies?
  • Big Red Moose
    Looks like a bad re-hash of Army of Darkness, except without the awesome factor that is Bruce Campbell.
  • cinemafan
    Clover said it best LOL. He cannot act a lick!
  • buttons
    yay CAGE!
  • heN.rY.
    Dont let the hair plugs come off NICK!!!
  • Movieguy
    Ok, I wouldn't say Nic Cage sucks at acting, but he is one of those types that doesn't show emotion very well. He still is a good actor in my book just because he has been picking seemingly good movies that appeal to me. This actually looks entertaining but i most likely will forget about it and hear its on dvd or Bray soon enough.
  • bawitch
    The worst of all time. And if you cannot show emotion # 19 he is not a good actor. Re-read your post and think about the craft of acting.
  • Jmill78
    #11 your an idiot who dosnt like ben stiller
  • A teaser can make almost anything seem intriguing...but I'm really not liking Cage these days... Visuals good, Cage bad...pity
  • trustnoone
    Hey 21. So I am an idiot? I loathe Stiller as well. ( at least I can spell)
  • Man With No Name
    Didn't your mama ever tell you: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".
  • Colin
    pretty terrible teaser
  • beavis
    i thought it looked pretty good. i don't think it'll be a "classic" movie, but it has a creepy atmosphere and some wild looking creatures............hopefully the story will be decent. i think it'll be worth a watch.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I don't mind Nic Cage at all. He tends to overact, that's why he is awesome when he plays fucked up/crazy and/or violent characters, like Castor Troy in Face/Off, Little Junior Brown in Kiss of Death, Frank Pierce in Bringing out the Dead, or Roy Waller in Matchstick Men. And I think Bad Lieutenant will work just because of that for him, too. This one...not so much. He simply fails in mystery/horror movies. I mean...Knowing, Next, The Wickerman?!? "Oh god, the bees! Not the bees! Aaaah, they're in my eyes!" Terrible. Much like his hair in recent movies. I say he should go back to basics, and probably fire his agent. I mean...someone has to be responsible for his bad choice in scripts, right?
  • N.
    # 9 im sorry but i have 2 diagree brendan fraiser is the worst actor in the world no doubt about that and the movie doesnt look that bad im sure wev'e all seen worse...
  • N.
    sorry #11 not 9
  • Sabes
    Ah...Nic...*sigh* I guess it interested me a little, even though it might be bad. :
  • Heat Mizer
    I feel bad for Ron Perlman....
  • cinematruth
    I think Cage is the worst , and Rogen a close second!
  • Squiggly_P
    @15: How in the holy mother of god does this look AT ALL like Army of Darkness? What the fuck!? Army of Darkness? Are you serious? How the hell do you even make a connection there? There's not a single thing I can think of that would relate the two films in any capacity at all. You, sir, are spectacularly stupid. @29: Brendan Fraser is not the worst actor in the world by far. Have you seen Gods and Monsters? Crash? He's done a number of other indie flicks as well that let him play some interesting roles. His big stupid action movies suck, but ALL big stupid action movies suck. You're not supposed to act in shit movies like that, you're supposed to just be there so they can try to blow you up or shoot you or what have you. As for the rest of you retards, how the hell does three split-second shots and one line equate to a shite performance from cage in this film? He's barely in the fucking trailer, but you can all tell he sucks in it? Granted, the teaser isn't the best, but it doesn't do anything too stupid or anything. It could very well be a decent, creepy little flick. All of you fucks talk about big hollywood movies and how much they "suck" or "rock", when none of them do either. 90% of the garbage that comes out of Hollywood is just slick-looking, boring, shallow crap, but there is FAR worse out there and FAR better. It's just middle-of-the-road crap all the way around. Occasionally something pops up that somehow manages to do well at the box office regardless of the fact that it wasn't made with the lowest common denominator in mind (Where the Wild Things Are, The Wrestler), and yet somehow you all manage to be dumb enough to allow other great films to totally slip past you (Moon, Gomorrah and a ton of others every single year). There are - in a given year - a couple dozen amazing films that get released in every genre, and you all sit around talking about how 'great' garbage like Transformers and Star Trek were. It's great, I guess, that you can all be so happy paying your $10 to go see something that simple and dull, but maybe you should all go out every once in a while and see a movie without 'turning your brain off'. That's not possible, by the way. You can't "turn your brain off" for a movie. If you can do that, then odds are your brain was never "on" to begin with. To everyone who said "this looks like it'll be OK, maybe" - you're all sensible. Thank you.
  • Sabes
    I sense much rage in #33.
  • ClerksFan
    Squiggly_p did we catch you at the wrong time of the month or something?
  • DoomCanoe
    ah hahahahaha Squiggly_P... you make me laugh *thumbs up* and hey simmer down and take your frustration out on your boyfriend... ya know smack him around a bit? I think you two might really enjoy that. 😉 *cough butt pirate* *cough*
  • coswell
    what the hell is this crap. agree with #3!!!
  • Simone
    My god, cage is so far past his use by date. Without Uncle Francis, he wouldn't have gotten this far. We should all be so lucky to have an Uncle Francis.
  • pj
    @ #3 L who keeps letting people making crap "Halloween" or nightmare on elm street or final destination movies!!! stupid sequel/remake/restarts
  • I'd just love to see some alternate religion bashing like "Attack of the Bloodthirsty Christians" or "Jew Zombies that ate Miami."
  • cinematruth
    Insensative comments by Squiggy. You actually used the word retard and not banned? To all of you that can see through Cage and his Uncle's influence, he is a horrible actor and always will be. Funny how Uncle Fran WILL NOT direct him in a feature. Kudos to you all who can actually view talent.
  • Cody
    HAHA that looks just awful and lol at all the rediculous comments.
  • Cody
    HAHHAHA @33 thinking hes so awesome an smart when really hes just a whiny little bitch who needs to change his tampon. Honestly people arent as stupid as you make them seem at least not 90%. More like 60-70%. There are lots of people out there who know good films maybe you shouldn't expect them to be on sites like these. O yeah and for me, I go to a movie to turn my brain off, get out of reality a little bit stop thinking about life and philosophical bullshit and just watch people get there heads blown off and some good explosions. If I want to see a good film or have heard one is a good plot or story ill see it. Im just sick of there being a minority of moviegoers like you squiggly who think that there better then others because they see better movies. But arent movies entertainment?! Maybe a movie you think is the worst POS ever made someone else thinks is a masterpiece. Because with movies its all in the eye of the beholder. The way you talk like "and you all sit around talking about how 'great' garbage like Transformers and Star Trek were." Maybe they thought it was good..I for one loved the CGI and action in transformers and Star treks character development was remarkable. But just because you simply thought they were bad doesnt make them that way. Stop generalizing and stereotypin THEN getting pissed off at something you did yourself in your head...all your doing is getting pissed off (which is very evident in your bitch on a period like post). PS IMO Nic cage is just fucking awful..I mean did anyone see Next?
  • arjones
    I think I'll wait for it to go to dvd and then check it out. Cage to me used to be a decent actor but it seems he's lost his focus on better roles. It seems alot of actors have fallen that way and some just were'nt that good to begin with to me. Tom Cruise and Paul Walker fall under the latter. Hopefully Bad Lieutenant will redeem Cage to me as an actor.
  • CatieLee
    #43 misogynistic prick
  • SlashBeast
    Nic Cage is an automatic fail.
  • Antioch
    @29 - Brenden Frasier is awesome. And Channing Tatum is the WORST actor in the world... by far. This movie looks like a popcorn flick. It won't be a masterpiece, but probably easy enough to get through.
  • Squiggly_P
    Most of the comments previous to mine were "Nicolas Cage sucks!". Who's the whiny bitch? At least I had an actual comment, not some lame single line of jaded pop-culture angst. @43: Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? NO! It's the fucking point. I was apparently way over your head. Lemme repeat the comment in a way that will allow you to understand it: It's OK to like Transformers and Star Trek. Hell, I liked Star Trek, but I don't really give a shit about Star Trek. That movie could never have been made and I would not care. It was fluff. It was trash entertainment. Film is an artform. Star Trek is not art. It's fluff. There's a lot of craft involved, and it's a credit to the film makers that the film is entertaining and does it's job, but that's all it is. It's just a popcorn movie and aspires to nothing more. Hence: garbage. The point is that I have no problem with these movies, but apparently everyone has a problem with the suggestion that some of you fucking idiots go see something meaningful once in a while. Forgive me for assuming that you wanted any intelligence or reflection in anything at all. Fuck knows you probably sit around watching TV when you're not on the internet. That's what most people do. So what do you do? What's you're logic? "Im just sick of there being a minority of moviegoers like you squiggly who think that there better then others because they see better movies. But arent movies entertainment?!" 1) I'm not allowed to be sick of a majority of people, but it's fine for you to be sick of people like me. How fair. Your opinion matters more than mine, I'm sure. 2) I never said I was 'better' than anyone. That's the most common way to argue this point. You're the one saying I'm better than anyone - or that I think I'm better than anyone. I'm pissed off about people embracing their ignorance. Celebrating it, even. I can't believe how many people attack me because I want them to be smarter. WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO LEARN ANYTHING!? 3) Movies aren't just fucking entertainment. They are an artform. Again, this is generally the opinion of an ignorant person. You know nothing of film, art, life or anything. 4) THINKING a film is good is an opinion. That is subjective. You liked, Transformers. That's great. That doesn't make it a well-made film. There are bad films that I love. I love Megashark vs Giant Octopus. Love it. It's one of the shittiest films I've ever seen, but I enjoyed it more than Transformers. I have no problem with people liking films. It upsets me that the culture of ignorance that exists in the US has caused the vast majority of people to refuse to watch anything that isn't wall-to-wall action. This problem has forced many films that could have been great - Hancock for instance - to be dumbed down and fucked with to the point that it loses itself to all the hollywood fluff bullshit and ends up being a film that appeals to no one. It's not enough to make a good film, now. You have to make it stupid. Proof: How many old films do you watch? Name some of your favorites. What about foreign film? Probably one or two if any at all. But whatever. Just ignore me. I shouldn't even come here anymore. The 'articles' are crap and this site lately has just been ripping trailers and news from other, better sites.
  • beavis
    to all of the nic cage haters: why do you all feel the need to show up in EVERY forum for every movie he does to spam the hate? does it make you all feel important?..........i know it's getting old trying to have discussions on a movie with this type of spamming going on. i'd rather discuss the movie than read all of this nonsense. i think sly stallone (at 60+ age) is making a fool of himself trying to do action movies, but i'm not going to show up in every thread about every movie he's in saying the same shit over and over.
  • FekketCantenel
    People getting thrown across rooms, random slash-shots, and Nic Cage . . . So, it's a raunching comedy movie? I know teasers are meant to tease, not tell, but come on. I know less now than I did before. #49, I appreciate your frustration, but honestly, watch the original Wicker Man. Then watch Nic Cage's. Are you surprised that he drags down the credibility of any DVD that has his face on the cover? Squiggly_P, at the risk of feeding the troll: Anyone who calls the whole room 'retards' with no provocation deserves no respect. That's able-ist language and you should be ashamed.
  • dqniel
    The head! Cut off the head! The bees! Not the bees!
  • David
  • JQ
    I think Battlefield Earth may be better than this movie.




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